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Studio: Red Light District
Category:  Anal , Cream Pies
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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MASAMUNE's ratings for Cumshitters:
Overall Rating 3 stars
Cumshitters overall rating 3 stars
Female Looks Cumshitters Female looks rating 3.5 stars
Male Looks Cumshitters Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex Cumshitters Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Cumshitters Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Cumshitters DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality Cumshitters A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
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Reviewed by MASAMUNE  on  4/23/2005


No explanation here. I think the title says it all, yea? So onwards! "But, soft! What light through yonder window breaks?
It is the east, and cumshit is the sun."


SCENE 1:  Tyla Wynn & Courtney Cummz VS. Steve Holmes, Michael Stefano, Tee Reel

Rehearsing for their roles in Seabiscuit...

Anal, DP, ATM, ATOGM, Anal Creampie, Anal Creampie swallow, Cumswap

A sexy shot of stacked ass starts it, and then we see it's Courtney riding Tyla like a pony. "You like being a lil' submissive bitch don'tcha?" Courtney teases and smacks Tyla's bum with her leather paddle. Then the guys come in and Tyla quickly gets impaled with cock in reverse cowgirl while Courtney hungrily feasts on cock. Soon Courtney is getting her bum reamed while Tyla gets her cunt pummeled in missionary. Meanwhile, both girls are wailing loudly in lust, exuding mountains of sexual energy. The positions change swiftly, and Tyla gets a doggy inspired buttfuck before pulling out to devour two rods simultaneously. She sucks them madly in a lustful frenzy and afterwards gets double speared on twin shafts. On the other end of the couch, Courtney gets power-drilled too and we can hear her begging, "I wanna cum...I wanna cum." She diddles her clitty to the strokes and we see her finger wedged deep between the folds of her slit. Then it's a double missionary fuck for the girls and Tyla gets rammed so good her arm starts to wrack in involuntary pleasure. Then the girls do the bunny bounce on cock and soon enough Tyla has her fuck-holes filled while Courtney bucks like a fiend on her boytoy. Then Tyla starts to lick one of the guy's assholes and then its more mish for her as she gets her ass parted with two fingers probing the depths of her pussy. Some brief ATOGM here followed by some more double dicking for Tyla and then two of the guys cum up Courtney's bum in doggy. She squats over her friend's face and Tyla licks the spunk out of there, blowing a large bubble with the cream. Our last guy spews his passion into Courtney's mouth and she drools it into Tyla's mouth who gulps it down.    
Commentary:  It's hard to describe the action here there is so much going on and the positions are so numerous and change so quickly. The energy level skyrockets through the scene, and normally that's a good thing but things got so chaotic that the action wasn't filmed well. Too many limbs scattered all over the place to maneuver around so in the end we only get closeup shots of faces and fuckholes getting bludgeoned. I needed to see more of the girls' bodies. Its a hard task but the body positioning needed to be directed better so the performers open up. Courtney delivers some excellent, psychological dirtytalk and both girls give raw, sexual performances. Great performances but the technical aspects were lacking.     
ENERGY:  4.75



SCENE 2:  Katsumi VS. Manuel Ferrara

Screw me if I'm wrong, but I could swear you were Julia Roberts.

Anal, Anal Creampie

Manuel welcomes us to his movie and wastes no time- he plunges face first into Katsumi's crevice and eats her bum and pussy out. Next, Katsumi gets onto her knees and arches all the way back to get her face fucked upside down- amazing flexibility here. Then Katsumi turns around to suck in the normal position and Manuel jams his cock all the way down her throat and holds it there until she damn near panics. Out of breath, Katsumi gives herself over to Manuel's tender kisses. Manuel disrupts this with a quick slap to her face and soon enough, Katsumi is fucking his brains out in cowgirl. Some bum spanking here and then Manuel sits up to hold her close as she grinds on him. Then its mish as they gaze deeply into each other's eyes and kiss. Faces close, bodies melded, they fuck and Manuel plunges into her bum in spoon position while he rubs wild O's into her clit. Her passion escapes her lips in her language of love-French- and then she hops onto him in reverse cowgirl. "We, we!" she cries and the eye contact is never broken as she peers over her shoulder at her lover. They walk outside and Manuel pounds her in standing doggy, building up his speed until Katsumi is overwhelmed with the intensity and starts to tremble. Back inside, she eats Manuel's ass and he moves over her to drill into her bum as she lies flat on her tummy. Anal spoon, then anal reverse cowgirl and Manuel explodes into her naughty hole. She expels the fluids from her ass onto Manuel's belly and then she licks him clean.       
Commentary: Manuel is always able to connect with his partners. With that said, he outdoes himself here. Together, Manuel and Katsumi have the intimacy of true lovers. The passion is there, but make no mistake about it, this is hardcore sex. So we get the best of both worlds here. Strong eye contact, real meaningful kisses, true embraces, an honest exchange of words (in French), its got this all on top of the hardcore, raunchy gonzo sex people are accustomed to. The best part is where Manuel takes Katsumi outside and fucks her so hard that she trembles- extremely intense! Still, something about the scene didn't quite click for me and I can't help but point fingers at the camerawork and lighting.        
ENERGY:  4.25



SCENE 3:  Zoe Angel VS. Steve Holmes & Erik Everhard

The word of the day is "legs." Let's say we head back to your place and spread the word.

Anal, stockings, DP, gapes, double vag, Anal Creampie, Facial

Zoe jumps right in, servicing two dicks and she does a good job here with moderate paced sucking and steady handjobs. The guys egg her into deepthroating them but try as she might she can only down half their lengths and soon enough they are fucking her mouth greedily. She reclines on a couch and Steve rips her fishnets open so he can devour her girlhood. Then he plunges into her hole as Zoe continues to suck Erik and she lets out some muffled moans. Erik starts drilling into her pussy with her on her side and we get some great heated purrs here. DP is next, and Erik adds some fingers into the fray, rubbing her lovebutton hard and fast. Animalistic moans emanate from Zoe as the camera moves between her naughty holes and lust-stricken face. Then Erik draws out and to impale her throat repeatedly and we get some nice, erotic suction sounds here. Back to DP and the action lingers here for quite a bit- Zoe never lets down with her enthusiastic moans and sexy facial expressions. Erik spanks her bum and then eases his cock into her pussy to accompany Steve's dick and Zoe seems to like this even more. Next, the guys withdraw and Steve devours her pussy. When the camera pans down to her pussy from her face we see that she's soaked the couch with her girl squirt. Some more ass reaming follows as the guys cum in her butt and then Zoe expels a stream of it onto the floor. Steve cums once more, this time on her face and the scene fades out.  
Commentary: I find Zoe to be the sexiest girl in the movie. She has a lovely face and I reckon her moans were probably the most animalistic. She puts in a fine performance here but the great weakness of the scene was that there was no variation in the positions. Nope, no cowgirl, no reverse cowgirl. We pretty much get a long drawn out BJ sequence in the beginning and two DP positions, Zoe facing up and Zoe facing down - that's it. The action would linger on these forever and there were no changes, the camera basically moving back and forth between DP closeups and face closeups. All the limbs were blocking her body too. Steve had both arms wrapped around her, or her thigh would be in the way so I guess this forced the camera to the face and DP closeups.
ENERGY:  4.25



SCENE 4:  Tiffany Mynx VS. Manuel Ferrara 

Beer flavored nipples. Proof god is a man...

Anal, Anal Creampie

Tiffany flaunts her ass to the camera and Manuel starts to eat her bumhole from behind. She pushes her ass against his face as he licks and then Manuel lays down so Tiffany can squat over him. Tiffany mashes her bum and pussy into his face and starts to grind on it as she purrs deeply. Then she starts to bounce up and down, impaling her bum on his tongue. Some kissing ensues and Manuel starts playing with her boobs, grabbing it roughly between his hands and then Tiffany starts to lick her left nipple. Manuel joins in on the licking and we see two tongues attacking the nipple fiercely- very unique. Then we get a missionary fuck with deep eye contact and Manuel takes a break to finger her bum and lick her holes. Its back to mish and afterwards we get an aurally rich BJ with long ropes of spittle drooling all over the place. Tiffany kneads her spit into her boobs working a nice glossy sheen into it. Cowgirl follows and Tiffany spreads her bum wide apart as she rides. She hops off so Manuel can finger her cunt roughly and its a pleasing sight to see his hand disappear between her legs. Next, he eases into her bumhole and his fingers find their place back in the warm and wet nether regions of her cunt.  Manuel mounts her again in missionary and pops up her butt. She expels a good stream of cum which drips down the crack of her ass but no, the action isn't over yet as Manuel continues to work her. Tiffany does a bit of female on male ass rimming and then she gets on Manuel's dick in reverse cowgirl and has a greedy ride- eagerly finger-fucking herself too. Lastly we have a doggy ass reaming and Manuel spews another load up there which Tiffany ejects.     
Commentary:  I'm not too big on Tiffany. She has a lot of experience under her belt but I didn't grow up watching her as a lot of other porn fans probably did. I'm younger than most porn viewers too and therefore I'm more attracted to the younger, fresher girls. With that said, she gives a good performance here- the connection between Manuel and her is blatant, although not as strong as in the Katsumi scene. All of her choices are good, the lust is real. But once again, I must reiterate my qualms with the camerawork. 
ENERGY: 4.25



SCENE 5:  Genesis Skye VS. Steve Holmes, Erik Everhard, Michael Stefano

If I flip a coin, what do you reckon my chances are of getting head? o nevermind!

Anal, DP, gapes, Anal Creampie, Anal Creampie swallow

"What are you doing?" the camera guy asks Genesis. "Shaking my butt," she replies and indeed she is. She smacks it once and dips a finger in there and proceeds to taste it. Next she crawls over and we get a brief POV blowjob before she moves on, crawling up the stairs to two more dicks. She goes to work, oral work of course, eventually stuffing both dicks up her mouth casually. Steve lays down and Genesis spears herself on his rod. Then one more cock comes into view and Genesis does her best to bounce on Steve while simultaneously stroking and sucking two more dicks. Then Genesis gets onto her hands and knees and gets her pussy fucked like a dog as she sucks cock with wet gagging noises. Michael gives it to her anally and on the closeup we can see a frothy mess oozing from her cunny. When Erik plunges into her bum, she can't help but wail out in shock, "O my god, O my god!" and soon after she gets a double pistoning up her slutholes. One more cock fills her mouth and Genesis is fully stuffed, muffled and gagging moans resonating from her with lust. She gets a fierce spanking and as her bum turns a deep beet red, Erik pummels her harder making her scream obscenities. Then its pussy to mouth, ass to mouth and then Genesis' mouth to Steve's ass. As she rims him she gets her ass reamed out roughly by Michael and he draws out of her so she can do some more cock-cleaning. Quickly afterwards, it's back to the DP action with a third dick in her mouth. Aerial DP and we get some sweet, long strokes here as Genesis bucks up and down on the cocks like a rutting slut. She moves back to the couch and its more of the same action from before with different variations. For the ending, all three guys pop in her ass and we're treated to some large gapes between cumshots. And alas! She cumshits a thick, generous goop of cum into a wine glass. We even get a loud and nasty "pulnnnkkk!" sound as it oozes out of her bumhole. She gulps it down like 7-up and this finale finally gives credence to the name "Cumshitters."    
Commentary: This is by far the best anal creampie in the movie. In fact, I would say the others are rather disappointing but this is the one that does deliver. Very nasty and very perverted. Genesis gives an enthusiastic performance here with the highlight being the aerial DP which breaks up the monotony and films better.  
ENERGY:  4.25



Photo Gallery, Behind-the-Scenes (18:00), Stripteases with all the girls except Tiffany (17:00)


Despite hot sex the film doesn't work out as strongly as it should. The sex gets downright powerful at times: The Manuel/Katsumi match-up radiates a rare case of true intimacy blended with raunchiness. Tiffany Mynx's scene emanates an honest lust. Genesis delivers a gooey glob of cumshit which she eagerly downs...


Yet I wasn't impressed.


I think what it comes down to is the lighting and camerawork. The camerawork was adequate but didn't settle into the right angles, didn't flatter the body positioning. It's a stark contrast to the striptease sequences in the Extras (see first group of screengrabs)- these were filmed expertly. I know there are less factors to worry about here, and thus, it's a lot easier to film but the real action didn't seem to have the same care put in. Correct body positioning can compensate. For example, standing fucking films a lot better and it's also a matter of leaning forward more in reverse cowgirl and keeping the limbs from blocking the breasts and midsection in any of the horizontal positions. Also, the scenes were under-lit at times and there were bad shadows being cast.


I'm not enamored with any of the girls here, but for fans of any of these girls, this film will be right up your alley. I recommend this flick for enthusiasts of anal creampies and raunchy, raw, animalistic sex.  The Genesis scene has a cumshitting experience you won't soon forget. 



MASAMUNE's funny quote for today: "Death is caused by swallowing small amounts of saliva over a long period of time."

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