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Cum Tales 1

Cum Tales 1

Studio: Madness
Category:  All Sex , Cumshots , Straight
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , ,
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Linus's ratings for Cum Tales 1:
Overall Rating 3 stars
Cum Tales 1 overall rating 3 stars
Female Looks Cum Tales 1 Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Cum Tales 1 Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex Cum Tales 1 Sex rating 3 stars
Plot/Acting Cum Tales 1 Plot/Acting rating 2 stars
Extras Cum Tales 1 DVD Extras rating 5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Cum Tales 1 A/V Quality rating 2.5 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by Linus  on  1/26/2005
Cum Tales 1

Initial ThoughtsI'm half happy and half let down by this one. One one hand we have great looking girls,occasional hot sex for the most part, and fantastic extras really bring the whole thing together nicely. On the other, there is a bit of shady production and some other frustrations I'll get into as they occur below, and it just takes the edge well down on an otherwise pretty solid effort. I was familiar with Madness pictures before I got this disc, but this one is the first all sex title I've checked out by them, it's a good effort, but this title is a pretty good example of how poor editing choices can really alter the finishing product of a movie. Numerous times cuts are made that really interupt the flow of things and attempt to pull the wool over our eyes on certain acts, and it gets frustrating quickly. Overall though this one does a fair bit right, it has some excellent extras although they are part of the claimed two and a half hours on the box cover.

Technical thoughts Picture quality is pretty fuzzy sometimes, and color is kind of lackluster, camera work is OK, but has a few instances where I would have liked to crack him on the back of the head. sound is decent, and lighting needs a little work but isn't too bad. Menus are well done and easy to navigate, with a nice simple style to them.

Condom Usage: None

Scene Breakdown

Scene 1: Roxanne Hall

Roxanne struts her sexy body down a long staircase, and looks fantastic in a black latex two piece outfit. She walks down to her guy, and the start to touch each other and kiss a little. They strip each other and stop for some kissing and licking of the body as they go, Roxanne works her way to freeing his cock, and gives him a pretty passionate blowjob, with some ball licking, a little tit and face fucking, and a good attitude. He fondles her breasts and goes down on her very quickly, and soon gets her in doggy and gives her pussy a good high energy workout, with her slamming back on his cock. He soon switches to pounding her ass, and she does some ATM, but it's false ATM, they cut between the pullout and her sucking his cock. She rides him fiersly in cowgirl with her pussy being the hole of choice, she slows it down a little and spins around and gives him an anal reverse cowgirl ride. Roxanne does some real ATM this time (so why the hell did they cut the first time?) and then hops on for some high energy anal RC again, more cut ATM and then anal cowgirl, then real ATM again (what is the deal?) then back to cowgirl anal, they move to doggy anal and missionary anal, and the two really seem to have some decent chemistry as they slam away with each other, he pumps a load in her ass, but there is no visible cum leakage despite her fingering, this makes me doubt he actually came, she sucks his cock, and thats it. This scene had a lot going for it, but that cutting crap and the bad ending really took away from it. Duration: 22:26 mins

Scene 2: Ciera Sage and 2 guys

Ciera gives a hot little strip and dance in a hallway, and then walks down to a room where she gets a chance to masturbate a little, but before long 2 guys come from nowhere and stick thier dicks in her face, everybody is nude, so she just goes to work and sucks thier dicks. Pretty good energy here, but they have a little too much of a jerky flow to things, and Ciera is very often only with one of the guys. The position switches keeps up the variety, but they fail to get into a good pace, and often stop and go with things. Reverse cowgirl, doggy vag, doggy anal, a cowgirl DP which we only see a closeup of, a break, then reverse cowgirl which we agian only see a closeup of, then back to a cowgirl DP, but by this time Im getting tired of the closeups, so what do they do, go to an extreme closeup. Ciera is a cute girl, and they redeem themselves a bit with her scene, by having this one end with a very good facial for her, and some nice post cum head. Duration: 21:17 mins

Scene 3: Jessica Darlin and Roxanne Hall

The veggiematic gets going here, and Roxanne starts things off by massaging Jessica's tits, both girls are oiled up and completely nude, and look great, Roxanne sticks her tit in Jessica's ass cleavage, and then does some finger work, spreading and playing with Jessica's pussy and labia for quite a while before going in for a taste, They grope each other and fondle a bit before Jessica takes over and fingers and licks Roxanne good and plenty, Jessica has lots of energy, and she slaps Roxanne's ass and gets some spit going too. The toys come out soon, and Jessica works a long spiral glass dildo in and out of Roxanne's pussy before the girls play some more with groping and foot play, they go into a sixty nine, but never really get into heated oral exchanges. There are some hot looking moments in this one, but the girls never quite really get going on each other, they have some chemistry, but you get the feeling like neither really want to do each other, it's more of a slow grope fest than a real sexual encounter. Good teaser stuff though. Scene Duration: 19:54 mins

Scene 4: Shy Love

Shy and her guy, play a little pool to start, and soon we find them both nude in a chair with her sitting is his lap and stroking his cock as they kiss each other. She gets down and gets on her knees so she can suck his dick. She gives him plenty of eye contact, and tries to go deep a few times, she keeps a hot and sensual approach and spits on his shaft and jerks his cock before he puts her in the chair in missionary and slams her pussy as they kiss, Shy does some PTM, before they go back to missionary and then go to cowgirl and then very shortly after reverse cowgirl, Shy gets in a pretty good pace, and seems nicely into the scene. She does some more PTM on a couple of occasions, and then she gets in doggy so the guy can have a go at licking her pussy before sliding his cock in for a good energetic doggystyle fucking with more PTM from Shy. They move back to missionary one more time and the guy just pounds away on cute little shy while she loses herself a bit in the scene, and before you know it, he pulls out and shoots a good wad of sperm on her pretty face, while she strokes and sucks him dry. Nice scene. Duration: 23: 50 mins

Scene 5: Jessica Darlin

Probably worn out from her earlier encounter, Jessica takes a nap on the couch as this scene opens, a guy walks in and goes to her, but she is out like a light, so he decides to start to kiss her and have a gander at her form. She wakes up a bit and starts to kiss him back, but still remains a little groggy, that suddenly changes though when he pulls his cock out of his pants, and sweet little Jessica perks up enough to sit up and put her mouth to work. She gives him a very hot, slow and sexy blowjob, with some cock teasing and great eye contact, he returns the favor and goes down on her tasty muff and gets Jessica going a little more before he slides his cock into her pussy in Missionary. Jessica looks fantastic, and she does a seemless transfer into reverse cowgirl without his dick ever leaving her pussy, they get some energy going into thier fucking, and Jessica puts in a good performance, and does some PTM before they switch to anal doggy before side saddle anal, and she gets gaped a little in anal piledriver before he shoots a meager load on her butt and into her asshole, not a creampie finish. Duration: 25:12 mins


Extra Stuff

Behind the Scenes: 11:09 mins of good behind the scenes stuff, some breast flexing, lots of makeup work, and just a general good look at the cast and crew going about what they need to do to make these films happen.

The Nastier Side: A 29 minute long female masturbation segment. Jessica, Shy and Ciera and Roxanne each do a great full on masturbation scene, with dildos and holes to mouth off the toys. Each girl does a solo, so there is 4 mini scenes, good stuff.

Bloopers: Some funny outtakes, and a few sexual accidents shall we call them 4:49 mins.

Photo Gallery: 87 pics of sex action from the movie, and around 7 minutes long.

Trailers: There are trailers for the following Madness releases. "Getting Stoned", "Legal Tender 3", "Malibu's Most Latin", "Valley Girls 2".

Other Extras: Web Access

In The End

This is one of those discs I would put in the "needs a little work" bin. They did quite a bit right here, and delivered some pretty decent sex footage, but there were several areas that I went into more above, like editing, and solid technical aspects, that could have made this disc a lot better. I know since they did deliver the promised time, that they are not really doing anything wrong, but personally I think your misleading the unknowing porn buyer a bit when a studio claims a time on the box cover, and then you have to go through 45 minutes of extras to get that time. I don't mind all that much cause I like extras, but some people will feel a little ripped off to find the feature drastically less than they expected from the cover, and there is no need, either post no time or just a feature time like many good gonzo companies do. It's maybe worth a rental, and probably caters more to the raincoater thant he couples crowd, but some couples may like it. If you have questions or comments about this review, please contact me at Thanks for reading.

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