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Cum Swappers 1 (Hustler)

Cum Swappers 1 (Hustler)

Studio: Hustler
Category:  Cumshots , Straight
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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picman's ratings for Cum Swappers 1 (Hustler):
Overall Rating 4 stars
Cum Swappers 1 (Hustler) overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Cum Swappers 1 (Hustler) Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Cum Swappers 1 (Hustler) Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex Cum Swappers 1 (Hustler) Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Cum Swappers 1 (Hustler) Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Cum Swappers 1 (Hustler) DVD Extras rating 2 stars
Audio/Video Quality Cum Swappers 1 (Hustler) A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by picman  on  12/17/2004
Prologue I've heard about Kat Slater's work for Hustler but never viewed it until this video. She's taken on a popular genre in cumswapping and amassed a formidable cast, from the hardcore angels Lauren Phoenix and Selena Silver, to the achingly beautiful Nikki Loren and Marie Luv. This could be very good.
Kat Slater catches Selena Silver and Nikki Loren rubbing up on each other. She asks if they're going to fuck her man, and they reply in the affirmative, and enthusiastically. Kat shows off Selena's butt, which as far as I'm concerned, is world class. Nikki lends a hand and then her tongue playing with Selena's ass and eating her pussy. Nikki's body goes on display and Selena gets to play with her tight ass and puffy vag. Nikki's tits are freed and everybody admires those wonderful mammaries. Selena looks like she's going to devour Nikki while she's tweaking her nipples and whispering sweet nothings into her ear. They're talking about what they intend to do with Kat's man. Nikki checks her pussy for moisture and pulls out a very wet finger. She spreads her pussy open and Selena plays with the clit. They kiss a little. Kat produces a bottle of baby oil and they grease each other up, rubbing bodies together for some extra tease. Selena laps at Nikki's pretty fuck hole and Kat fingers her from behind the camera. Is it just me, or does Nikki strongly resemble Taylor Rain, both facially and voicewise? Kat's man, Kris Slater is introduced and instructed to fuck these two hot sluts. Kat handles his cock a little before handing it off to Nikki and Selena for some sucky sucky. Both work on getting him in their throats and tease him with dual licking of his shaft. They work him in tandem and kiss each other as they come off the top. Kat jerks him in their faces and Selena rides his hard piston in CG. Her pussy is foaming in no time and you know she has to lick that stuff off of Kris' cock. Nikki tastes it too, and jumps on in RC. She really looks like she's riding a horse, too. P2M for Nikki and a taste for Selena as well. Selena gets on top of Nikki and Kris fucks the stack. Kat pulls Selena's hair while she's being railed and Nikki licks her tits. Cut to Selena eating Nikki's pussy and Kris preparing her ass for the inevitable. Kat helps him probe her asshole and invites Nikki to join the exploration. Kris warms up by slam fucking Nikki in doggy and then the same for Selena. Back to Nikki and then Selena eats her wet pussy as a red vibrating anal probe is used on her ass by Kat and Kris. Nikki takes over the sodomy and sucks her pussy a little. Kat has her bury the vibe and then they gape her. Kris slides his cock into Selena's more than ready sphincter. He gets going and Selena cheers him on and she's talking about an anal creampie. Kris reams her ass as Kat plays with the pussy, first by hand, and then the toy. RCA is next and Nikki provides the technical DP with the same toy. They play with Selena's very juicy asshole and then cut to Kris spanking it in the girls' faces. He scatters his cum all over both girls' mouths and they play with each other's mess. Kat wipes their faces with her hand and feeds back what she picked up. More cum kisses and they fade away.
There's a brief, sexy scene with Lauren Phoenix and, I believe, Jean Valjean. This deviates from the format of the video, so I guess Kat just decided to throw a changeup in there to keep us off balance. It's pretty hot tease anyway. Lauren gives Jean a lap dance that bends the rules a bit, with touching and even kissing. We regain our senses with Kat caressing Jean's jean covered crotch and telling him she has two sluts to fuck and she wants to watch. She unbuttons his fly and Lauren is all over his hard cock. Lisa Marie comes into the picture and joins Lauren in sucking the cock as Kat holds it for them. The girls trade off sucking and kissing Jean. Lauren has to ramp up the nastiness by having Lisa spit in her mouth, and then in turn, she spits on the cock she was sucking. Lauren gets into some hot trash talking while she gives Jean a masterful bj. She and Kat are bantering back and forth while Jean concentrates on Lisa. Lauren's pussy is super wet as Kat finds out with her fingers. She drops her ass over Jean's cock and undulates her awesome body while riding in RCA. A2M and back on. Lisa is forgotten by the camera, just snoggling with the dick donor in the background. Lauren remembers she's there and smacks her ass, promising some cock for her. Kat has them kiss while Lauren grinds away on Jean. He pounds away at Lauren while Lisa strums her clit in an effort to get her off. A2M for Lauren and she passes it off to Lisa for more cleaning. Cut to Lauren rimming Lisa while she sucks Jean. She sets up in a piledriver position against the couch and both Lauren and Jean lick her holes before she's violated by cock. Jean plants his pole in a reverse position. Lauren does P2OGM and Jean re-plants. Lauren's providing a narrative, but she's much better when she's getting fucked herself. More P2OGM as Lauren inhales the cock and fucks with Kat some more with their dirty banter. Lisa cums and licks her juices from the cock. Cut to Lauren fish-hooking Lisa's mouth and forcing it over Jean's cock. She adds some extra nastiness by spitting in her mouth and sucking some cock herself. Lisa is picked up for a flying fuck and we're really up close watching her wet his cock and slide easily over it with her tight snatch. Lauren's cheerleading, stroking and cleaning cock from down below. Cut to Lauren sucking Jean for all he's worth and Lisa waiting in the wings. Kat strokes the load into Lauren's mouth which she dutifully shares with Lisa. Kat wants to take them home with her and the scene fades.
Here's a study in contrasts. Blonde, buxom Daphne Rosen and the tighter bodied spinner Emily DaVinci. They look lovely together. Even their skin color is complementary. Pale Daphne and finely tanned Emily. They both enjoy similar style sex, especially anal. Kat checks out their asses and says they're going to fuck her man. She has them go into a shower for some lez play and Emily gets right at Daphne's sumptuous body. Just some quick tease to warm them up and get them good and wet. Kat hands Emily a blue butt plug to warm up Daphne's ass with. Kat stops the proceedings to send them to her man, Brett Rockman. He whips off his towel to reveal a semi hard, curved cock that the girls attack. Daphne sucks him but Emily devours the cock, taking it to the balls in one stroke. That's a big cock, too. Daphne tries to deep throat him too, with Emily and Brett lending a hand. Emily shows her how it's done but Kat has a bad top angle for it. They keep blowing him in tandem. Emily shows her skills again and this time Kat's right there with the camera. Brett fucks Emily in standing doggy while she works Daphne's nether region over with hands and mouth. Cut to RC for Emily while Daphne sits on Brett's face. Emily smacks her clit with his log and squirts. She does it again by request. Brett seems to be having trouble maintaining full wood from what looks like an awkward position. Emily squirts again and licks her juices off of his cock. Cut to Daphne riding CG and Emily fingering her own ass next to them. P2OGM for Emily and some light rimming on Daphne's ass. Cut to the girls on their backs, side by side and Brett sliding between them. Cut to Emily getting ass fucked in mish while Daphne warms her own with a purple vibe. A2M and back to mish anal. Daphne gets into the act strumming Emily's clit. Cut to Daphne in doggy anal and Emily swatting her ass and cheerleading. A2M for Daphne and back to doggy anal with Emily playing the pussy. Brett pulls out of Daphne's ass and streams a small load into Emily's waiting mouth. She, in turn, drops it into Daphne's mouth, who then provides Brett with some PCH as she swallows the load. Everybody's happy and Brett is proud of his partners.
Naudia Nice and Shy Love are sitting in matching easy chairs, side by side. Naudia owns up to being a dirty little whore. I'm not surprised. She looks like Belladonna's baby sister with that cute gap tooth smile. Shy has her own unique orthodonture. She's kind of buck toothed. Both girls are hot to trot and ready to burn Kat's man down. Randy Spears is the latest body from her harem. Shy wants cock and fishes Randy's right out, sucking and sharing with Naudia. Both of these women are very good at sucking cock and Randy really sounds appreciative. Kat remains hands on and plays with Shy's pussy and ass. Naudia gets the same treatment. Naudia gapes and winks for Kat. Randy looks to be ready and Kat strokes him for the girls who spit lube him. Shy wants cock and Randy laps at her pussy before inserting his rigid member in missionary. Naudia just plays with Shy's naughty bits while Randy slams her into an orgasm. Shy cleans his cock and he face fucks her. Naudia wants her turn, but first she has to suck some cock. Her ass is sticking in the air so Shy gives it a tongue lashing. Kat fingers Naudia's pussy while Shy rims her and generally fixates on her ass. Naudia is really down with this and the banter is cute. Naudia slides down Randy's pole in RC. It all looks so easy and her pussy is really wet. Randy sees Shy's ass near his face so fingering and licking are on his agenda. Naudia and Kat are getting into some trash talking and Shy tries to lure Kat into the scene, calling her a tease. Cut to Naudia stroking a blue glass dildo into her ass with Kat telling her what to do. The camera moves to the right where moaning is heard and Shy is pounding her ass down on Randy's peg in RCA. She's really working it and giving Naudia a sense of purpose with the dildo. Her turn comes in an up and over doggy with her fat pussy lips framing the shot nicely. Shy works those lips as Randy goes balls deep. Cut to mish anal for Naudia as she eats Shy, who plays with her pussy. Shy wants cum and Naudia wants her to share. Kat again has the honor of stroking her man off into another woman's mouth. Shy takes the load and spits it into Naudia's mouth, who swallows everything. PCH for Shy to end the scene.
Gorgeous Marie Luv and cute spinner Stacey Cash are conversing with Kat, telling her what they're going to do, and what they want. Kat plays with Stacey's tits. She calls in Seth Dickens and the girls look pleased. He is one of the best looking male performers I've seen in a while, so I'm not surprised. Some kissing ensues and Stacey finds his already hard cock sticking out of his pants. The girls work him over orally as a team and Marie shows some skill by deep throating him. Seth licks Stacey's pussy and Marie sucks some tit and then goes back to his cock. Stacey is impressed with his skill and tells Marie she has to try him out. Listening to Marie's deep moans is enough to get me crazy and Seth's tongue is doing the job. Stacey's following Kat's instructions, playing with Seth's cock. Marie wants cock, but Kat asserts herself, making Marie beg. Kat gives Seth the ok and he fucks Marie in mish. Stacey gets some affection from her, but wants something more, asking if there's a dildo laying around. Kat has one and gives it to her. I guess Stacey realizes it's going to be difficult to get Seth's dick out of Marie. Stacey hammers away at herself while Seth makes Marie moan. Kat uses the dildo on Stacey and then orders Seth to fuck her. He licks her horny hole in doggy with Marie spreading the ass cheeks. Kat puts his cock in her pussy for a doggy fuck which goes to up and over. Marie laps at his balls. Cut to the two of them stacked and Seth sliding between them. P2M for Stacey with Marie sharing a little. Kat gets offered a taste, but all she wants to do is wank. She feeds the cock to the girls then cuts to Marie in RC with Stacey sitting on Seth's face. Marie really rides for her pleasure now and then we cut to spoon with Marie still getting off on the cock. Stacey gets down to lick and Kat lends a hand, but it's all about Marie now. Seth unloads a stream onto Stacey's face and she gives it to Marie, who swallows. Some post cum kissing and the video closes out.
Epilogue I was pleasantly surprised by this video. The women were great, the performances lively with some sexy banter and trash talking. Kat Slater's shooting style is different. She effects a POV perspective, but as a non-participant she's free to explore positions from any angle she pleases. Kind of a best of both worlds type scenario. Sometimes it got a little too close as any blemishes or skin eruptions were all too clear. Sometimes camera lenses are too good. I thought that Lauren and Naudia put on great performances, relishing the give and take with the director. Ms. Phoenix really is a dirty girl. It's too bad she didn't have the stage to herself, but that would have defeated the point of the video.
The Disk A slide show, BTS and trailers. There's not much to the BTS and all the rest of the so called special features is advertisement. Kind of mediocre.
Recommendation This is a good rental and a buy at the right price.

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