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Cum Swallowers (Hustler)

Cum Swallowers (Hustler)

Studio: Hustler
Category:  Cumshots , Gonzo
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , ,
Released on: 
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Linus's ratings for Cum Swallowers (Hustler):
Overall Rating 4 stars
Cum Swallowers (Hustler) overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Cum Swallowers (Hustler) Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Cum Swallowers (Hustler) Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex Cum Swallowers (Hustler) Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Cum Swallowers (Hustler) Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Cum Swallowers (Hustler) DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality Cum Swallowers (Hustler) A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by Linus  on  7/12/2005
Cum Swallowers

Directed by: Kat Slater


Initial Thoughts: A lot of your enjoyment of this disc, depends on your outlook on what you expect to get from it. With a title like "Cum Swallowers" you or atleast I did expect some fairly outrageous stuff, and I got this disc, mainly because I am a swallowing fan, and I like the cast. Now to my way of thinking, swallowing is mainly about how well the girl enjoys it, and pure gobs of how much she can take down. Series like Brandon Iron's "A Good Source of Iron" and Jules Jordan's "Feeding Frenzy" and Mike John's "No Cum Dodging Allowed" are by far the heavy hitters and the top of the mountain for the genre in my view, so coming into this one, those were the titles I felt this one would need to measure up to to be a real swallowing contender, but after seeing a couple scenes, it became obvious that it is no where close to that kind of movie, and that isn't a bad thing, it's just different, and not really about swallowing to the degree that the title would lead you to believe, each scene features a swallow, but this disc is more about style, costumes, teasing, and Kat Slater showing us her point of view on the idea, and the swallowing is taken down to a much smaller scale than those mega series I mentioned. For what it is, this disc is actually suprisingly good, Kat does a few things that are a little bit different, and mixes things up a bit and for the most part from my point of view, they work. I would call it a little more of an artistic style, and while the extras could have been a little better, it holds up well as it's own genre in a way.

Technical Considerations: Pretty stable in the technicals. Kat kind of did some things with the camera work, switching from a normal approach, to her POV, to a little bit of voyeurism style of camera work, and a few times stability could have been better, but generally good. Picture quality and sound were sharp and clear, and lighting was actually quite good, not much of any issues for me, so a pretty big achievement there. Menu's were nice rolling motion style, and were very well layed out.

Condom Usage: None

Disc Duration: 155 minutes

Feature: 128 minutes

Extras: 27 minutes


Scene Breakdown


Scene 1: Ariana Jollee and Jazz Duro, Tony De Sergio

Duration: 30:08 mins

Position Chronology: Ariana teasing, hot outfit, she plays with Kat's hand, and get's fingered by it, she rubs her pussy and does some finger PTM, POV oral on Kat, both guys enter, she blows them, deepthroat, dual BJs, they finger her ass, they finger her pussy, missionary vag/BJ, ball sucking, titfucking, face fucking, reverse cowgirl anal, reverse cowgirl double penetration, ATM/PTM, reverse cowgirl double penetration, facial, BJ cleanup, second guy cums on her tongue and face, BJ cleanup, she gets enough into her mouth to swallow, she cleans up her face some and eats it. Tease to the camera, more POV oral on Kat.

Scene Rating: 4,5 stars

Scene Thoughts: Well now, this was something a bit different, Ariana is in some great tan colored lingerie, and looking just killer on the bed, and she chats a bit and teases to Kat behind the camera, Kat get's in the fun a bit, and even has Ariana eat her out a bit in POV, this is really something you don't see too often, but sadly we really see nothing, just Ariana's eyes or face a bit, but the idea is interesting. The scene itself is pretty damned good, Ariana is her usual fantastically fun self, and she get's the best out of the guys and they get the best out of her. Chemistry is alright, but the energy is fantastic, Ariana is just a little spirit of energy, some good action all the way around, nice sloppy oral, a good bit of anal, although well balanced and not the dominant act of the scene, I liked to see the tittyfucking, but more would have been nice. As for the swallowing aspect, this is where the scene really falls apart, but I could care less here, because Ariana get's very nicely splattered with a big facial. She does get some cum to swallow, but if your looking at this scene based on the title, the swallowing part is a bit lackluster, but I loved the scene.


Scene 2: Missy Monroe and Marcus London, Jazz Duro, Tony De Sergio

Duration: 25:32 mins

Position Chronology: Missy alone in a glass booth, very hot outfit, chats with Kat, she masturbates a little, posing, she let's Kat finger her ass, the guys surround her, circle BJs, face fucking, double oral, she get's eaten out and fingered, while sucking the other two, doggy vag/BJ, she squirts, missionary vag/dual BJs, she squirts again, missionary anal/BJ, ATM, cowgirl double penetration/BJ, ATMs, reverse cowgirl double penetration/BJ, circle jerking, the guys cum one by one into her mouth and onto her face, she gargles the cum, swallow,

Scene Rating: 4.75 stars

Scene Thoughts: Seeing Missy in this outfit she has on, is almost worth checking this scene out alone. She has on a full body chain metal fishnet lingerie/bodysuite/some damn thing. Anyway, she looks incredible in it, and puts on a little tease show before losing it later on in the scene. Again a little play between Kat and her in front of the camera star, not as much this time around though. We get treated to a mini gangbang in this scene, and soon Missy is swarmed with dicks, and she is just that kind of girl that seems right at home with loaded pecker after loaded pecker, just staring her in the face. The guys do a good job of keeping her busy too, and she has just about all three of them to play with at all times, which suprisingly is not as common as you would think in these 3 guys on a girl scenes, so nice job there. the set here in general is a bit unique, they use a metal shined up slab to fuck Missy on, and seeing her naked body on there is pretty hot, there is a nice shot to see her wonderful chest sway back and forth as they guys hammer her too in missionary. This time round the guys are much more on target, and she gets a decent mouthful of slop to gargle and down like it was her favorite drink. Hot scene.


Scene 3: Alicia Rhodes, Nomi and Pascal St. James

Duration: 23:49 mins

Position Chronology: Both girls in lingerie, chatting with the camera, they caress each other, Alicia and Kat finger both of Nomi's holes, the girls kiss, shared BJ as Pascal enters, ball sucking and deepthroat, he poses them and strips them some, standing doggy vag for Nomi with PTOGM for Alicia, Nomi licks Alicia's slit, cowgirl vag for Alicia, PTOGM for Nomi, cowgirl anal for Alicia, reverse cowgirl anal for Alica while Nomi fingers her, ATOGM for Nomi, ATM for Alicia, shared BJ, reverse cowgirl anal for Nomi, ATOGM for Alicia, Alicia licks Nomi's pussy, doggy anal for Alicia, ATOGM for Nomi, piledriver anal for Alicia, doggy anal for Nomi, ATMs, he strokes off into Alicia's mouth and on her face, cumswap between the girls, Nomi swallows, the girls kiss.

Scene Rating: 4 stars

Scene Thoughts: One of the reigning queens of nasty is up next, Alicia Rhodes is sexy as hell, but she can do some things that would make Max Hardcore blush, well maybe not, but you get the idea. Her buddy for the day is the lovely Nomi, and suprisingly, they do relatively little to one another, which suits me fine. The work well together, and are a great cock draining team, and they have enough interaction and affection for one another to make things nice and interesting. Both girls do some fingering of the other one and are not shy to have a lick here and there, and I think that really keeps up the flow of the scene well, but they never really veg out on one another. Chemistry is pretty good, I think at times Pascal is kind of a meat stick, instead of a dominant force in the scene, but that's alright. A nice high energy level, especially from Alicia was good to see too, she was pretty much the star of this one, and deservedly so, she gets a decent load, and the swap was pretty hot. Good scene.


Scene 4: Jessica Jaymes and Marcus London

Duration:25:00 mins

Position Chronology: In lingerie, she walks over to Marcus, they caress and kiss, she teases to the camera a bit, Kat fingers Jessica's box a bit. BJ Jessica on her knees, tit fucking, more pussy fingering with finger PTM, doggy vag, missionary vag, he has a lick of her pussy, reverse cowgirl vag, kissing, cowgirl vag and a little anal probing, PTM, BJ, she strokes him off onto her tongue, BJ cleanup.

Scene Rating: 4 stars

Scene Thoughts: Christmas in porn town, what a special time of year, well maybe not Christmas, but there is a Christmas looking tree in a all white room, and Jessica is giving out the good kind of presents and all decked out in a red suit, well red lingerie anyway and her breasts can't even fit in it, she looks fantastic, and is the cover girl of the disc by the way. So anyway she struts on over to Marcus who is more than ready to have her sit on his lap and have a little fun with her, and this takes off into a reasonably passionate scene, once again Kat has a little dabble into the scene, and makes her presence known. Jessica puts on a nice show, although there are some times where I think there was too much focus put on her teasing Kat and the camera instead of just being with her partner. I would say energy is on the moderate side of things, with it being more of a methodical and plotted out pace. The scene itself works pretty well despite a few bobbles, but the swallow and popshot are again pretty much a bust, she get's barely enough to coat half her tongue, and it just isn't much of a swallow.


Scene 5: Gia Paloma and Randy Spears

Duration: 24:13 mins

Position Chronology: Gia teasing the camera and fingered by Kat, she poses, BJ as Randy enters, ball sucking, face fucking, he and Kat finger her snatch, missionary vag, PTM, cowgirl anal, she strips as she rides him, ATM, reverse cowgirl anal, doggy anal, she licks his feet, he strokes off in her mouth, swallow, she plays with some cum on her face and fingers her mouth, chat with Kat.

Scene Rating: 4 stars

Scene Thoughts: We have now come to the final passage in another story of tits, ass, pussy and dick, and how the relationship among them is carried out. To tell the final tale, Gia Paloma appears in a heavenly white room with blue lingerie and black fishnet stockings. She teases for Kat a bit and Kat again puts herself into the scene at a more than innocent bystander with a camera level, and again it's nicely done. This is another good scene, Gia is so perky and pleasant here that it's just fun to watch her have fun, and her and Randy work well together, there is definately a little spark between them, but the way the scene gets shot, that doesn't come through as clearly as it could have, again a lot of time is spent having Gia tease the camera and smile for Kat and those type of things, at a few points, it is almost background that Randy is there hammering Gia in the ass, personally, I think it takes away from the heat of the scene after a certain point, especially since Kat is a known presence in the scene, if it were played out more like Gia was teasing us the viewer, it would have been a little hotter, but we just see Kat's hand, but yet she is integrated into the scene. It's not a bad thing, some me even like the idea, I just didn't prefer it the way it looked. As for the swallow, a decent load and right on target and Gia makes a nice spectacle of it.


Extra Stuff

Behind the Scenes: Chatting with Jessica Jaymes in her box cover outfit, Ariana tries to find out how many fingers it takes to get to the center of her colon, censored displays of dick and ass, the director uses her feet for something more than walking, Ariana identifies the pussy scent, Gia has a couple of snacks, and makes a mess, Alicia and her chain lingerie wearing buddy chat in wardrobe, Alicia and Nomi both have a little interview. more fun with Jessica. 6:16 mins. lots of good stuff in a short time.

Bonus Scene: Gia Paloma and Randy Spears. Gia still in her makeup and fishnet and blut top outfit, Randy fucks her shoe laces (yeah, you read me). He plays with her feet and she gives him a foot job stockings on, it's really just some extended tease, and not really a scene at all, but good stuff none the less. 4:31 mins.

Slideshow: 24 full screen hardcore shots of the action from the feature, run on a continuous clip.

Trailers: "Cumswappers", "Take it Black", "Hard Currency", "Black and Wild 14", "A Touch of Pink", "The Harder They Cum".

Other Extras: Phone sex adds, info and Hustler Hollywood info.

Final Thoughts and Recommendations:

Well as I said in the opening, it really depends on your view as to how much this one is what your looking for. I enjoyed this disc on a couple different levels, there is a lot to look at, the outfits and backdrops of the scenes are really quite nice, they are not super lavish but add a definate niche to the scene and are nice and away from your average bedroom/bathroom/living room settings that are the norm in adult videos. The style is pleasant, and the inclusion of Kat in the scenes was a bit interesting, I did not always like the way she included herself into each scene, I did think it occasionally pestered the chemistry, but a few times it really added to the scene and it was an interesting suprise here and there. If your looking at this by it's label and your a fan of stuff like AGSOI, Feeding Frenzy and NCDA, and you expect that level here, than this will be incredibly frustrating for you, but if like a little flash and scenery in your porn, and you like some varied sex settings and scenes, and just like to see the girl swallow the load no matter the quantity, then I think you may be pretty happy with this one. I say give it a rent and see what you think for yourself. If you have questions or comments about this review, please contact me at Thanks for reading.

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