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Cum-Spoiled Sluts

Cum-Spoiled Sluts

Studio: Jules Jordan Video
Category:  Cumshots , Gonzo
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , ,
Released on: 
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bono-ONE's ratings for Cum-Spoiled Sluts:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Cum-Spoiled Sluts overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Cum-Spoiled Sluts Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Cum-Spoiled Sluts Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Cum-Spoiled Sluts Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Cum-Spoiled Sluts Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras Cum-Spoiled Sluts DVD Extras rating 4.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Cum-Spoiled Sluts A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  3/21/2009
Greetings fellow porn fans, got a new dvd here from Jules Jordan Video and we are in for a treat today as it's also the first time Jenna Haze will be directing for this company that she's put out some of her best work for over the last couple of years. She's assembled a top notch cast too and you know with that we'll have to make these girls cum spoiled sluts which is a perfect title for this one! Let's hit some highlights.

Jenna Haze:

We open with Jenna directing herself in a scene and hey it's your first project why not set the tone you want for it right away with a bit of yourself fucking! The opening shot is pretty cool, a hallway awash in white with Jenna at the end of it and the view slowly winds towards her and it appears she's wearing white lace too, I do love a sexy girl in lace lingerie. You can see Jenna but it's not totally clear, almost like you're dreaming this but thankfully it's not a dream and you'll soon have this amazing girl fucking live and in technicolor! It's a given for most out there she's a beautiful woman so this extended tease is a great way to get us into the title, and yes they make sure to work in her ass in the shots. The colors start coming in and she still looks amazing. Jenna makes her way over to James Deen and her fellow Performer of the Year winner makes good use of his tongue to eat her ass, oh yeah!!! Keeping the good oral going we have Jenna over to a mish shot and the legs are spread wide open so James can dive in, he's also working Mr. Happy up to speed too. Jenna Haze + a cock = AWESOME!! That should just about cover the blowjob don't ya think. They hit cowgirl first for the sex and with that ass you know they left the shot there for awhile, there's anal delights too before James blows his load and it's a long one up her body and you even see a splooge shot hit the couch behind her, now that's a powerful blast!

Riley Evans:

Well the bar was set pretty high in the first scene but I've seen Riley work before and she's a very solid cum spoiled slut. They open with a shot fixating on her titties and the pink top is perfect with the cleavage it allows to spill out, no mystery there, this woman's got tig ole bitties! Riley's working the fuck me eyes too as the shots move around her, the boobs come out and you might be tempted to pop there but slap that cock and keep on jerking! The frayed skirts then lifted so you see a bit of her ass then she makes good use of the glass table pushing her boobs down on it while the camera slides under to document. They use some good ground shots too showing off the boobs and also Riley's fingers diddling her pussy. Ahh Jenna then gets in on the fun but it's behind the camera as she chats with Riley, sexy g/g banter! Jenna like any good shooter gets both a frontal shot and then has Riley turn around so we can oogle that ass too. Jenna's brought in a good guy here to fuck Riley, Mick Blue and the two have a few get to know you kisses but we soon have those pretty lips of Riley's wrapped snuggly around Mick's cock. Good clear picture too so nothing's missed. Riley's got that good all around bod with the boobs and ass both smoking hot so all shots here sexwise worked from cowgirl to doggie to mish to reverse-- there's great anal sex captured here when they hit this. The doggie anal to finish up yields a strong load from Mick to this sexy blonde's open mouth plus there's cleanup, another solid scene from Miss Evans.

Jenna & Nikki Rhodes:

The party keeps rolling along and this time Jenna's bringing a friend in on the fun, the cute redhead Nikki Rhodes. The scene here begins and the girls are enjoying a little downtime it seems, reading a magazine, listening to some music but something is missing, ahh some sex! The girls are definitely in need of something to pick them up and Jenna's got just the trick and it's a J-- I think you know of what I speak,hehe. Well she lights up but we don't actually see them smoke this 'joint'. Jenna's like yeah that was something to do because it was over with so quick, I think some good ole fashioned lesbian sex just might make ya both feel better. Jenna finds a video recorder so of course it's turned on and we start to get some naughty tease shots from both girls as they lose their clothes. Johnny Sins then comes over and the girls naturally get him involved as the camera keeps rolling. The cock is brought out and Jenna's the first to go knob diving but she soon turns the camera over to Jenna so she can get a few licks in too. Johnny then gets to hold the camera as the girls start in on each other and continue to swallow his cock. Try this shot, Nikki's head bobbing up and down his cock while Jenna's brought her ass up over Johnny's face giving him something to munch on plus we're seeing that ass for ourselves. The girls then take turns being nailed by that long schlong. Another hot shot, Nikki riding Jenna's face while Mr. Sins is nailing Jenna's coochie. Some spoon to end it with a pullout and pop over Jenna's ass/ thigh-- Nikki slides up to lick that jizz up and share with Jenna, nice cum spoiled sluts!

Bobbi Starr:

One more scene on disc one to check out and it's starring the very talented Bobbi Starr so you know we're in for a good time. Ok seems Jenna's going to do a 2 on 1 scene but there needs to be a little cleaning done first. The maid comes up and hey she looks an awful lot like Bobbi Starr, lol. Jenna's 'surprised' that Bobbi's her maid but come one she's in a black shiny maids outfit, how surprised can you be, haha. The girls have fun with this situation for a bit, Bobbi's doing the maid gig on the side to get herself in the mood for fucking. Jenna then leaves to change for her 2 on 1 leaving Bobbi to do a little dusting, of course she's got to crawl on the couch a little and we're taken right behind for the perve butt shots. Ahh bonus tease as we go upstairs to watch Jenna change so damn her ass is shown off, yippee!! But back to Bobbi, hehe, damn this is a hot lit babe, wonder if she's gonna get some action here. Bobbi decides to take a break and the handle of her feather duster makes for a good toy and the feathers also add a little stimuation so she flutters them over her pussy. Bobbi then makes her way upstairs and Jenna goes to find her, her shoots about to start but she finds Bobbi already there servicing Mick & Jerry-- she couldn't help herself taking Jenna's two cocks-- catfight, catfight, hehe, no fighting, Jenna's a lover not a fighter so she steps out so Bobbi can have them. We get some seriously good deep throating from Bobbi and the two dudes know their way around so the trio works like a well oiled machine. They hit all the good shots and yes there's anal and double penetrations here too. The fellas unload pretty good to Bobbi's mouth, Jenna did a solid letting Miss Starr steal her dicks. Now we have more on disc two so let's continue!

Alyssa Hall:

Open the second side with this cute newcummer, I've only seen Alyssa a few times now I think and she's got that teen thing working pretty good. They go for that a little here having Alyssa sucking on a red blowpop and the skirt/ shorts she's got on is way skimpy and we have pretty blue water/ waterfall running behind so lots to enjoy here. Do they work in a slomo close shot of her fellating the blowpop-- ahh yeah followed with some pretty good close shots of Alyssa's hot bod, modest tits and good ass. She lets the oil flow over the boobs so she can caress it in, we've got a front row seat for all of this. Jenna then pipes in, she's holding the camera and the two ladies have some flirty conversation. Jenna gets a few perve ass/ pussy shots before taking Alyssa inside where James Deen awaits. He's all over this teen hottie when she gets close enough, kissing the tits and there's some finger exploration too before we turn things over to Miss Hall who does a solid job engulfing his dick. Impressive, she takes him balls deep, liked the POV shots we got too. Doggie and reverse were very nice-- from that she pops off into a 69 getting in P2M too. James ends the scene sliding between those tits until he begins to pop, some reaches her mouth too with cleanup from Alyssa. She's not bad, I think we'll keep her!

Jenna Haze:

Well our director's been watching now for a couple scenes so you know she's horny and wants to get back in the saddle. Ahh she's in real estate as we see she's showing off a house to Scott Nails so she's clad in a skin tight business outfit, skirt, grey with black in the color scheme too, she's hot! Jenna is giving the full tour so that means going up the stairs to show off that area-- we get the perve follow behind shot and Scott's doing a good job checking her out too. The duo hit the bedroom and it's time to seal the deal and what better way than a good close the deal fuck! Well they don't actually reach the bedroom before consumating this arrangement, lol. Jenna's out of some of her clothes and working those lips on his cock as we get in nice'n'tight. Jenna does her usual amazing bj followed by Scott showing some love to that ass licking it and using a few fingers too-- Jenna's purring in no time. More hot Jenna Haze sex follows in several good shots leading to Scott's big load hitting her tongue/ face-- a fine conclusion to a solid debut title. Ahh but wait, Scott and Jenna aren't done and hit it again for a short time until he blows another load, I'd say Jenna is worth a second pop wouldn't you.

Extras & Final Thoughts:

Well I'd say for a first time out Jenna hit a solid triple, can't say homerun, gotta give the girl something to shoot for! But the action's top notch, the cast is solid from Jenna on down, Riley, Nikki, Bobbi & Alyssa all were superb eye candy here. Some good anal work too from Miss's Haze, Starr and Evans. Now for extras you get BTS which goes for nearly 33 minutes and you get a bonus scene too-- if you got a spare 41 minutes you can enjoy more with Jenna Haze-- that ass, those eyes & lips as she takes on the Icon Tom Byron so yeah definitely take time to watch this. You also have a hidden scene with Jenna that is like 15 minutes long but as of finishing this review I'd not found it so as if I didn't already have reason enough, Jenna Haze duh, to put this back in now I have a bit of her fucking to seek out! An easy purchase for fans of this sexy young lady.

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