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Cum Spoiled Brats

Cum Spoiled Brats

Studio: Jules Jordan Video
Category:  Cumshots , Gonzo
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Starring: , , , , , ,
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Gentleman Jon's ratings for Cum Spoiled Brats:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Cum Spoiled Brats overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Cum Spoiled Brats Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Cum Spoiled Brats Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex Cum Spoiled Brats Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Cum Spoiled Brats Plot/Acting rating 2.5 stars
Extras Cum Spoiled Brats DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality Cum Spoiled Brats A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
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Reviewed by Gentleman Jon  on  1/31/2010

What I Liked
I really liked all of the scenes that Jenna performed in herself. Lexi Belle and Amia Miley are, of course, very beautiful and sexy, and it is difficult to imagine scenes with one of those two, and Jenna and a guy, ever being bad. Such scenes certainly weren't bad in this release. The Dani Jensen scene rivals the Chayse Evans scene in Anal Academics for my favorite Jennaration X scene that Jenna doesn't perform in herself. Dani really knows how to talk dirty and shows great inventiveness in her witty repartee with costar Randy Spears, cracking him up at one point. That scene is a scorcher. The Pepper Foxx and Nikky Thorne scenes aren't my favorite scenes ever, but they do hold my attention while they are playing.

I generally liked all of the outfits worn, and especially Jenna's outfit in the opening scene. And being the foot fetishist that I am, I liked the amount of bare girl feet and occasional sucking of female toes in the main movie after the first two scenes. I liked that for most of the scenes in this release, the popshots are about as natural as you are going to see in most porn, with the guys pulling out mere seconds before they cum. In the case of the first scene, Mr. Pete pulls out of Jenna's ass and starts jizzing immediately.

I liked the sets and lighting in this release, for the most part. There is some minor glare off of performers' skin here and there, notably in the Jenna and Amia scene, but that is nothing out of the ordinary for gonzo/all sex movies shot in nice house locations. I probably wouldn't have liked the amount of light in the Dani Jensen scene if they had used wider angles, as that back wall is a dazzling white, lit by floor to ceiling windows on the opposite wall, but as it is they shot close enough to the action that the green sofa they performed on is the main background, and that cut most of the glare.

I liked that Jenna's sense of humor can be just as corny as mine, when she punned Hungary with hungry. Nikky Thorne's Hungarian accent is also quite adorable.

What I Disliked
There really wasn't much that I didn't like. Or rather, the things on this release that I didn't like are all things that I don't weight as heavily in my overall rating as the things that I did like. And actually, some of the things that I didn't like are things seen all over porn, not just in this release.

As I said above, I loved the Dani Jensen scene. But when it started, I wasn't sure what to think, when she has a sucker in her tease intro and a candy necklace in the scene itself, and is sleeping, or pretending to sleep, when Randy Spears comes along and starts perving on her. It's nothing that hasn't been done in porn before, and a lot more creepily elsewhere, but when it started I wasn't sure how that scene was going to play out. I like schoolgirl outfits as much as the next guy, but I'm ambivalent about lollipops and candy necklaces, etc. But as I wrote above, the scene turned out great, in large part thanks to Dani's dirty mouth.

But as great as the Dani Jensen scene may have been, the ending wasn't my favorite. It ended with one of those internal/creampie endings where the guy pulls all of his penis but the head out and jacks himself off inside of her, so that she can squeeze the semen out afterward. In the BTS they talked a little about the reasoning for doing it that way. They are afraid that if a guy comes inside of a girl when he is balls deep inside of her, she might not be able to squeeze it out for the camera. But I kind of think that if they decide to have an internal ejaculation instead of having him pull out and cum on her, they ought to just do the internal more naturally, and not worry about whether the girl can squeeze out the semen afterward or not. But again, that's something you see all over porn, and not just in this, and maybe I'm in the minority in thinking the internal popshots with only the head of the cock inside the girl look too contrived.

The acting and dirty talk when the sex is underway is good in Jenna and Amia's vignette with Justice Young. (See other reviews for scene synopses. There are links in the top right of this page.) But the acting by Amia and Justice is clumsy when Amia confronts Jenna and Justice with Polaroids.

I never got into the Lindy Lane scene. There really isn't anything specific that I dislike about it. I don't even mind that it has the more standard ending for threesomes with two boys and a girl: The girl kneeling between the guys, and they one at a time get themselves off on her face and breasts. She does give them postcum head. But for whatever reason, I'm not sure why, I never got into that scene. In any case, it does seem a little anticlimactic after the Jenna/Amia scene and the Dani Jensen scene.

DVD Quality
The audio and visual quality are both quite good. I liked some of the stock porno music pieces played over teases or DVD menus, while other pieces, not so much. The extras include a bonus double blowjob of Chris Streams by Jenna and Gracie Glam. It seems that when they designed the cover art they were planning on making that a DVD Easter egg, but by the time they designed the actual second disc they just put it in the special features menu with no attempts to hide it. Not a problem. Obviously, that is well worth watching. Other extras include a Behind the Scenes that clocks in at 80 minutes long. That does show a little of what Jenna does during scenes that she's not in herself. Jenna is also shown brainstorming with her cast and crew what scenarios to use for some of the scenes, so we get to hear about ideas that they didn't use. It also has some rather arousing moments of performers fucking while cameraman Van Styles is shooting sex stills or is just getting set up, or something. Anyway, they are fucking even when they know that the main video camera isn't running. Or was that the main camera, and they just didn't act concerned when other participants that were off camera wandered back into view nonchalantly? I'm not sure, but I do think the BTS is worth watching, in any case.

There is a cumshot recap, but I noticed a blooper in that. The recap has clips from all seven scenes on the main movie plus the bonus scene, but the clip in the recap from the Lexi Belle and Jenna threesome didn't have the cumshot! I probably would have never noticed that if I were not writing a review. I wanted to be reminded of how the scenes on disc one ended while disc two was loaded in my player, and "Hmmm, I think that was a mistake." No worries, but I guess I should knock a half point off of the extras rating for that, though. So it's down from Exceptional to just Very Good. There is also a photo slide show, a cast list, and website URLs.

Overall Thoughts
This is a very good release, and I do recommend it to fans of Jenna Haze, Lexi Belle, Amia Miley, and Dani Jensen. I watched all the scenes twice before writing this review, and I know I could watch it again and still find it entertaining.

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