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picman Cum In My Mouth I'll Spit It Back In Yours 2.5 starsCum In My Mouth I'll Spit It Back In Yours 2.5 starsCum In My Mouth I'll Spit It Back In Yours 2.5 stars
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Cum In My Mouth I'll Spit It Back In Yours

Cum In My Mouth I'll Spit It Back In Yours

Studio: Devil's Film
Category:  Oral
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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RobHammer's ratings for Cum In My Mouth I'll Spit It Back In Yours:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Cum In My Mouth I'll Spit It Back In Yours overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Cum In My Mouth I'll Spit It Back In Yours Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Cum In My Mouth I'll Spit It Back In Yours Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Cum In My Mouth I'll Spit It Back In Yours Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting Cum In My Mouth I'll Spit It Back In Yours Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Cum In My Mouth I'll Spit It Back In Yours DVD Extras rating 2 stars
Audio/Video Quality Cum In My Mouth I'll Spit It Back In Yours A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
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Reviewed by RobHammer  on  5/26/2004

Studio: Devil's Films

Shot by: Mike Rubinstein

Running Time: 2 hours 40 minutes

Production Date: 04/05/04

Cast: Taylor Rain, Gia Jordan, Chris Taliana, Isabella , Nyla Thai, Chanelle Chavez, Lena Juliette, Mark Davis, Jon Dough, Mickey G, Bishop, Too Tone

Initial Comments: Hard gonzo with a twist. I got this for the title theme. If this is your thing, you won't be disappointed. I keep saying to myself that I'm not going to do a blow by blow account in my reviews. Somehow, when I sit down at my laptop and start typing as I watch, that's pretty much what comes out. Anyway...

Themes: The usual repertoire of tricks. Gagging blowjobs, pussy licking, rimming. Anal sex, pussy to mouth, ass to mouth, spitting, slapping, nose pinching, done primarily to/by the female recipient. Oral cum shots, cum swapping and male cum swallowing.

Chapters: Six animated preview clips

There is good cast ID in the opening credits.

Scene 1: Taylor Rain, Mark Davis
Taylor is smoking a cigarette and wearing black flower net lingerie. She rubs her hand on her ass, showing us a bruise on her buttock. Mark says, "Make it red," so she slaps it. Mark fingers her hard then rubs her clit hard, which she enjoys. She goes down on him taking him as deep as she can, choking a bit. She smiles and seems proud of taking him all the way in. She coughs and spits, then they kiss. He sits her on his lap to ride reverse cowgirl on the couch. He directs her changing positions and wiggling it, then has her come around and suck on it. She's back on with, "There you go, good girl." She's sweating it up pretty good and they are both making a lot of noise. He lifts her and stands in reverse cowgirl to bounce a bit, then bends her over the couch for doggie. He has lots of energy and this is intense for her. Does she want in in her ass? This is even more intense. There are close-ups of her gape. She comes around to suck on it deep and they move to doggie anal. More intense fucking, then spoon in anal as they kiss. She finally loses the shoes to ride him with her feet on his knees. Mark is gentle yet persistent in his direction to keep the pace going. They go through numerous positions in anal with her getting quite a workout. He spits in her gape. She's ready for some cum swapping, with Mark talking her through it to get it right. He cums a lot on her tongue with much to do and she gargles. He gets her in position to spit it back. She hits his tongue and some drips down his chin. There is happy sloppy kissing as he swallows. They smile and Mark says, "See you next time."

Mark is constantly reassuring and at the same time pushing to the limit. I can see why he must be in high demand for this kind of gonzo.

Scene 2: Gia Jordon, Mark Davis, Mickey G.
Gia sits on the couch, rubs her pussy and spreads herself. Mark and Mickey do the alpha male thing with Mark directing the action. He wants her to keep her hands off and stick out her tongue as they push her for deep blow jobs. Mark says that gagging is good as she coughs and smiles. Mark does a bit of spitting from mouth to mouth. She's a young girl who seems to like being dominated and pushed to her limit. She says that she loves these two guys. They flip her around a bit to switch from who's in her pussy to who's in her mouth. Mark slaps her tit and pinches her nipple. Mark spits in her mouth and misses to get her nose. He wants to hear that gagging sound as he pushes it down her throat. She wants them to spit in her mouth. This is a side of Mickey that I haven't seen before. She wants more. Sometimes two dicks aren't even enough. She does some ass licking. Mickey gets three fingers in her ass. Mark keeps saying "good girl." He has her stick her fingers from her ass to deep in her mouth. She likes Mark's cock in her ass. She wants Mickey to fuck her face as Mark does her ass. Mark spins her around to suck on that ass juice. She rides Mark in reverse cow girl anal and she does more ass to mouth. Mickey enters her ass to show her what good freinds they are. They swap back and forth from her ass to her mouth. Does she want them to cum in her mouth and spit it back? Mark cums first, with her spitting in back with a purpose and he swallows. She gently slaps his cheek. "Now you've got more energy for later." They laugh and she wants more. Mickey seems to have a pain or something as he kneels. She spits it back as he shakes his head vigorously and swallows. She says, "I love you guys," as she kisses Mickey.

Scene 3: Chris Taliana, Mark Davis
Chris starts out masturbating for us. She is the laughing and squealing type. When Mark joins, we find out that she's also very ticklish around her ass. Mark directs all the action with lots of "Good girl," and "There you go." She does a deep throat blowjob which Mark directs, with him wanting her hands off and tongue out to lick his balls as he forces her head down. He likes to push to the limit. She's a dynamo, and I think he should have just let her do what she wanted on her own. He really has her squealing when he goes down on her, though it's hard to tell exactly when or how many times she cums. That she's sensitive is certain. Mark walks through the usual laundry list of spitting, fingers ass to mouth, lick my ass, finger yours maybe mine later, ride me this way and that. Chris is enthusiastic to say the least. There is a tit smacking interlude. She cums in cowgirl and sits right on him, then licks it off. She loves the way her pussy tastes. She really enjoys the ride, as much as he enjoys giving it to her. She cums again. There is more stuff with her looking into the camera and gagging on it so Mark can hear it. He cums on her tongue saying, "Don't you dare swallow it." He kneels as she spits it back into his mouth with a cum drenched kiss. He swallows and they smile to the camera and laugh as he opens his mouth. "All gone."

This is a very hot scene. However, Mark's directing every nuance is distracting. She never did get her fingers in his ass. I can't say that I'm as enthusiastic about the gagging blowjobs as Chris is. As far as spitting it back, it's a nice little equalizing item on the laundry list.

Scene 4: Isabella, John Dough
John displays Isabella's tits out of her leopard print one piece lingerie. They are in an office and John is fully clothed. He sits her on the desk to finger her. John has a clinical approach about spreading her pussy and fingering both her pussy and ass. He pulls her into his cock to piston on it through the open fly of his jeans. He pushes her head on it and pinches her nose shut, then she licks his balls. It's skull fucking but she seems up to the task. He spits in her mouth and it's more of the same. She lies on the desk for mish and rubs her clit, then more blowjob. Cut to hard doggie anal with ass to mouth. She giggles to say, "Stop filming my face while my legs are up." This starts to throb a bit then cut to a blowjob. We get shots of her fingering her ass then licking her fingers. She spreads her pussy and rubs her clit as he fucks her ass. There are a few gape close-ups. John holds her head and cums in her mouth. They laugh hysterically through the "give it back" routine and he swallows.

I can't say there is a lot of real heat in this scene. She makes the most of all the directed action but seems uncomfortable in some places. The ending is funny.

Scene 5: Nyla Thai, Mark Davis
They make out and Mark slowly undresses her. Mark really seems to enjoy her. He takes his time, then goes down on her.

At this point there are about 5 minutes that just freeze my laptop player. I have to take the disk out, start again and jump to the next scene, then rewind to the point where it stops having problems to continue.

They are in an office. She's laying on a desk and Mark is standing to pound her in mish. Mark talks her through a bit of blowjob, then they do a standing doggie with scissors. Mark talks her through some other doggie action, "Just trust me." He walks over to a chair with him still in her for reverse cowgirl. She does some pussy-to-mouth with him directing, then cowgirl and mish on the floor. She goes down on him, then he jerks off into her mouth. He talks her through the spit it back ritual, with him swallowing and having her shake her tits at the end.

Scene 6: Chanelle Chavez, Lena Juliette, Bishop, Too Tone
The guys atart off talking to Lena in a warehouse and it's not long before she's down on her knees for some blowjobs. She gets her pussy licked and attended to, then gets to taste her pussy off of Too Tone's fingers. Chanelle shows up for support. They mix it up for oral and pair off for some intense one-on-one. There is standing doggie and mish. The intensity from all of them is very good, and real. Chanelle gets off good with Bishop's help. They keep it nasty with some spitting and ass slaps, then work into doggie anal with a lot of energy and another orgasm for Chanelle. Too Tone and Lena go at it in mish and anal mish, then Bishop joins for a blowjob. Too Tone jerks off into Lena's mouth. "Let me taste that shit, let me taste my cum." She obliges and slaps him on the cheek calling him a bad boy. Bishop makes a lot of noise to cum in Chanelle's mouth, which she spits back and he swallows right down. This scene is very hot, and feels mostly undirected. I get a sense of real chemistry here. For me it's the best scene on the DVD.

DVD Extras:
Photo Gallery:
Over 6 minutes of screen shots that change every 5 seconds.
More photo galleries for 18 Year Old Pussy. Brown Baggin, Cum Filled Throats 5 and Latin Virgin 4. Trailers for Gangland Series, Whiteboy Stomp Series and Teen Tryouts

Overall: If you like act driven gonzo, this should do it for you. Personally I don't care for the male master/female slave micro-directed stuff in most of the scenes. The nose pinching in scene 4 is just stupid. For my tastes scene 6 is worthwhile.

Since I got this as a screener, it didn't come with the extra 4 hour compilation disc as advertised on the cover. It would have been nice to share an overview of this, which would have added to the extras rating. Oh well.

If you have any questions or comments, please e-mail me at

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