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Cum Hunters 7

Cum Hunters 7

Studio: Immoral Productions
Category:  Cumshots , Reality Porn
Starring: , , , , ,
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Rosco Fuji's ratings for Cum Hunters 7:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Cum Hunters 7 overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Cum Hunters 7 Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Cum Hunters 7 Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Cum Hunters 7 Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Cum Hunters 7 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Cum Hunters 7 DVD Extras rating 2.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Cum Hunters 7 A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
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Reviewed by Rosco Fuji  on  10/18/2010
I concluded the first phase of Vividfest, a string of 11 straight Vivid reviews to check out the excellent Cum Hunters 7, a 4 scene just short of 2 hours romp from Immoral Productions. Since I haven’t reviewed Immoral before, I’m not quite sure where on the spectrum they fit just yet, but after a few more releases, I’ll have a better idea.

Starting from the beginning; the opening menu page needs a little work as you have three options, Play Movie, Scene Selection, and Trailers. This isn’t the problem so much as navigating the three options. Play movie is lit up in a large green box, but if you try to go to scene selection or the trailers, the curser immediately goes from the large green box to an indicator that you can barely see. I had no idea whether I was on Scene Selection or Trailers and moving back up to Play Movie was a little repetitive. Same with moving between trailers in that section, it took a little effort to get up to Main Menu again. That issue aside, onto the girls.

Sea J Raw: Don’t know where she came up with that name or spelling, but with cocksucking/deepthroating skills like that, who really cares. You have to love a girl that when circled by hard cocks, says “I really need a cock in my mouth!” Sea J’s scene takes place outside a warehouse where a group of guys are standing around a charcoal grill. Two minutes into the release, Sea J is on her knees and surrounded by 4 hard cocks. I’ll point out that the guys do come across as a little dorky. At one point, one of the guys just calls her a slut, and that is the thing about Sea J. She is a slut! I’m not being mean or insulting when I say that, but this scene has the overall feel of a girl who loves to fuck a bunch of guys in the afternoon and there just happens to be a camera around. If this wasn’t a shoot, I’m sure this would be a standard Saturday afternoon for her. We move inside and while sitting on the couch, Sea J does a little skiing before a cock is back in her mouth. At one point in the scene, the guys are lined up and Sea J moves down the line giving each head. After some RCG and skiing, Sea J strokes/sucks the first guy off into her mouth and onto her face. The next two guys spank it off, decorating her mouth, face, and tongue quite nicely. I didn’t see the fourth guy bust, but Sea J looked great with a messy face. Very nice start to the disk, but there was a little too much vigorous pencil sharpening by the guys.

Tanner Mays/Arielle Alexis: Its dark out and both girls step out of a house into the backyard and they proclaim, “We’re Cum Hunters!” Arielle then says, “We like to go out and find guys and see how much dick we can get in one night!” Works for me honey. At this point, each of the two unseen guys has a camera and we break apart into two separate scenes as each goes back inside with a girl. First up is Tanner. She and the guy go upstairs and we have an extended POV blowjob. What’s nice about Tanner is she makes sure the cock is wet at all times and is constantly using both her mouth and hand on the cock. At one point she also exclaims, “I’ve only sucked two cocks today.” For Tanner’s portion of the scene we have almost ½ hour of uninterrupted cocksucking, and it concludes with the guy stroking off a rather large batch of DNA into her mouth. Tanner then says, “I want to swallow it!” and the whole digestion process kicks off. Arielle’s scene is also a POV blowjob, and is much shorter than Tanner’s. At one point Arielle makes a reference to getting fucked in her ass, but the scene is blowjob only Arielle’s face and tits receive a batch of baby batter. The only thing I didn’t like about this scene was that the rooms were dark and the only light provided was minimal and from the camera, thus casting shadows at times. This was a little distracting.

Amy Brooke/Mallory Rae Murphy/Sindee Jennings: The scene kicks off in downtown Las Vegas at the Fremont Street Experience. The girls are holding the touristy yard stick frozen drink glasses and the guy holding the football beer container. FYI: As someone who’s worked in the casino industry as a purchasing agent for said products, they are a great money maker for the house, but not a good deal for the consumer. Anyway, we’re soon back to the room with 3 girls almost back to back blowing 4 guys. This wasn’t porn star sex; this was hot slutty blow jobbing, where a camera just happened to be present. The brunette of the group, Sindee Jennings gives a squirting demonstration. This is a great three girl blowjob scene as the girls take the penis pudding to their mouths and willingly share it with each other. The girls also need glasses was they tend to miss each other’s mouths a bit as they swap, but they are polite and provide some oral clean up to one another. I couldn’t distinguish between Amy and Mallory, but they share 3 of the 4 cumshots, and Sindee takes the final shot solo, but they blondes do kiss her for a little taste. Sindee looks awesome with cum on her lips.

Pluses: Slutty girls who are fucking or sucking a bunch of guys while a camera just happens to be present. The girls don’t shy away from the gonad goo. Not a lot of excess chatter before the scenes start. 4 guys each in 2 of the scenes.

Minuses: Technical issues such as camera angles could have been a little better. Better lighting in the POV scenes with Tanner and Arielle.

Sleaziness Factor (1-10): 7 for the overall aspect of slutty girls who probably would be doing the exact same thing if a camera weren’t present.

Is it worth it? Technical issues aside, it’s worth it for the real slutty 1st and 4th group scenes alone. Tanner and Arielle’s scenes are just an added bonus.

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