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Cum Fart Cocktails 8

Cum Fart Cocktails 8

Studio: Red Light District
Category:  Anal , Cream Pies , Gonzo
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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Aaryanna's ratings for Cum Fart Cocktails 8:
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Cum Fart Cocktails 8 overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Cum Fart Cocktails 8 Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Cum Fart Cocktails 8 Male looks rating 4.5 stars
Sex Cum Fart Cocktails 8 Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Cum Fart Cocktails 8 Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras Cum Fart Cocktails 8 DVD Extras rating 4.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Cum Fart Cocktails 8 A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by Aaryanna  on  1/21/2011
Mocha Colored Cum? How Nasty.

Great Anal Sex – And Girls Who Love It.

I Just Wish They’d Love Each Other More.

This is one of the nastiest series I’ve ever seen. I absolutely love it!

(I’m sure there are nastier titles. But I just haven’t seen ‘em yet.)

In ‘Cum Fart Cocktails 8’ -- two girls get fucked in every vignette. The guy climaxes in one of the babe’s asses. And the other pretty cunt gets to suck the cum out. How delightful.

In two of the scenes, the cum oozes out pearly white. But in the other two sequences, the semen emerges a sort of mocha colored brown – which is absolutely disgusting beyond belief. For those of you who enjoy the ‘flavor’ of ass-to-mouth – this kind of gustatory realism couldn’t get any higher. Yeeuch! Fortunately, the camera cuts away – before the designated whore – is forced to toss back the severely blended mixture. Oh, thank God.

I personally love almost any type of action – with two-or-more babes per scene – and this episode of ‘Cum Far Cocktails 8’ is no exception.

The director, Juan Cuba, does a great job of eliciting wonderful performances from both the actors and actresses alike.

The girls are motivated – by their love of anal sex, and their desire to be as nasty and sexy as possible -- all for our viewing enjoyment.

There’s a fair amount of girl-girl interplay – mainly kissing and a little pussy eating – but not nearly as much as I would like. More on this later.

Here’s a brief synopsis of the utterly mind blowing nastiness you can expect to enjoy:

Jennifer White & Danica Dilan

Jennifer White and Danica Dilan – the girls on the box – are probably two of the prettiest babes in this whole movie.

Danica starts off sitting with her dude on the sofa – talking about what’s going to happen today. How boring. Danica is a gorgeous brunette who looks a lot like Rebecca Linares, sweet. The guy soon goes to town licking and lubricating Danica’s asshole with his spit.

Danica has a luscious set of medium-sized tits. They have a creamy glow and they go well with her absolutely beautiful eyes. Danica soon starts blowing and deep-throating her man’s penis with long strokes using her lips and throat.

Jennifer White, who is no slouch in the looks department herself, finally enters – totally nude – and begins to assist Danica with her dick sucking actions. Jennifer has a beautiful smile – and larger and pointier breasts. She has a sweet, clean-shaven twat which looks like a little girl’s. But it’s her eyes and sensuous mouth that are the most demanding of one’s attention.

Jennifer has a long lean frame with a pale, pink complexion. Danica’s skin is more tanned. Both girls have beautifully thin waists and shapely rears. And Jennifer sucks dick even deeper than Danica. Nice.

The babes spend all of their up-front time – mouthing his cock – and hardly any time with each other. What a shame. Fortunately, that all changes when their dude starts fucking Danica missionary in her twat – as Jennifer sits gloriously on Danica’s face. Jennifer then rolls her hips forward – to give us a nice rear view of her beautiful elliptically shaped cunt smiling down between her thighs – with Danica’s tongue working delightfully towards one narrow end.

The camera pulls back – to capture Danica’s snatch being impaled – as Danica’s darker pussy lips lovingly encircle their dude’s hard pole. Danica calls out from down below – to let us know how ‘fuckin’ good’ Jennifer’s twat tastes.

The girls lick each other’s assholes to lubricate them. They then take turns fucking their dude in their pussies to moisten his rod.

Jennifer is the first to have the dude’s dick eased slowly into her asshole. Her butt cheeks look delightful as she accepts him from the rear. Danica comments on how cute her ass looks with his dick sticking out. Jennifer adds her own enthusiasm by saying how utterly good it feels. And Danica hungrily takes a taste – by sucking his cock when it pops out of Jennifer’s luscious anus moments later.

In a really nasty image – an ocean of lube flows out like cum – when Jennifer goes to show off her gape. Yeeauch!

Danica then takes it up her ass doggy – and you’d swear that Jennifer and Danica look like differently tanned sisters – both of whom love to get fucked up their ass.

The girls then position their derrieres – one-above-the-other – so that their gent can screw them one-after-the-other.

The babes then ride him reverse cowgirl in their rears – and Jennifer purrs that it ‘tastes like candy’ the next time she sucks his cock. Jennifer later tries to fuck him in the spoons position – and his penis ends up by mistake in her pussy. Danica guides it home and Jennifer adds, ‘God, your cock feels so good in my asshole.’

Danica then takes it up her own back door – in the same position – with her long legs both open and closed, as Jennifer licks her clit nearby. How nice.

Danica at last takes it missionary in her rear – as Danica positions her face underneath – to catch their dude’s warm load as it oozes out of Danica’s butt.

In one of the nastiest climaxes I’ve ever seen – the guy ejaculates deep in Danica’s anus – and the light-colored coffee brown fluid gushes out as Jennifer slurps it all up. She doesn’t miss a drop. How absolutely disgusting! What is Juan thinking?

Of course, Jennifer can’t see what it looks like – so she pushes the oozing brown liquid out on to her lips – and she gargles with it as well. As I’m watching this – I’m pulling my hair out at the very same time. Isn’t somebody going to – stop her?

As the camera slowly to pull away – we see Danica holding up her parted legs – as though she’s about to have a gynecological examination. She’s already had several. What a dunce.

Jennifer, on the other hand, is sort of posing – with the light-brown liquid still flowing obscenely out of her mouth – as the segment mercifully ends allowing her NOT to have to swallow. Thank heavens!

I usually love to watch girls drink their man’s sweet cum. I think it’s so romantic. But, for once – I was happy that Jennifer didn’t. My God! How absolutely nasty! I almost had to excuse myself – to puke!

On the positive side, you’ve never seen two more beautiful babes – being fucked enjoyably in their ass – talking romantically the entire time about how wonderfully good it feels. Very nice.

Lynn Love & Violet Monroe

In another absolutely unimaginative first shot – Juan starts off by talking to – the guy, who has his pants partially undone and looking like a real perv. How boring. Is this a beer commercial – or a porn movie? It certainly doesn’t look like the latter.

The guy really isn’t that ugly. But why would you start off a scene featuring his hairy mug – when you have two really pretty babes to use instead? Talk about bending over backwards – to mollify the insecure male ego. How dumb!

Lynn Love is a cute Latina-looking babe, and Violet is her blue-eyed, brown-haired partner. They make a very attractive pair. The camera finds Violet licking and lubricating Lynn’s asshole, as Lynn thoroughly loves the attention.

Lynn is reclining on a tall barstool -- as their guy joins in to start fucking her missionary --- as Violet kneads her friend’s boobs and kisses her warmly about her face and mouth.

The three of them switch locations to a nearby white sofa where Lynn kneels between Violets legs to eat her – as their dude continues to fuck Lynn, this time doggy from behind.

I guess the guy in this scene gets to lubricate both babes’ asses and pussies with his tongue before he fucks ‘em. What a snooze. It would be so much sexier and more enticing if the girls would do this task instead. If a girl eating twat is a ’10,’ a guy doing the same is only about a ‘4’ in my book, at best.

Violet finally gets a turn being screwed as Mr. Cuba positions her by propping her butt on the arm of the sofa. Violet also makes a humongous mess – by squirting – and the dude captures it by cupping both hands and feeding it deliciously to Lynn. I told you this movie was for sickos. My guy couldn’t jerk off his own dick fast enough. What a prick.

Lynn spends a lot of time preparing Violet’s ass for fucking – by jamming various toys into Violet’s back door to dilate her.

The best part comes, of course, when their dude starts screwing Violet in her asshole. The fit is tighter and Violet has a fairly pretty anus. The portion I loved best was when Violet, the bitch, howls in pain – and I found that I couldn’t wait for the dude to begin pounding her – in some other more tortuous positions. That Violet is such a whore.

The guy takes a break – by lubing up his dick and fucking both cunts in their twats. How redundant (pun intended). I was fortunately relieved when their guy started thrusting up inside Violet’s ass again, this time doggy, with Lynn’s cute face positioned underneath – so I knew that the ending was near.

I hate to admit it, but Violet’s pussy looked kinda cute from this view – as it reminded me of a swollen pink orchid just waiting to be pollinated.

I was pleasantly surprised -- by their dude’s gentlemanly demeanor – as he jerked himself off just inside of Violet’s tight anus. After he was done, Violet straightened up – to let gravity do its job – as the creamy cum finally dripped into Lynn’s anxiously awaiting mouth; that is after about half-a-dozen audible farts given by Violet as she tried to push the mixture out.

Ladies, when was the last time you had one of your sexiest girlfriends – point her flatulence directly at your face? If you’re like me – how about never . . !

Lynn finished the scene with most of the cum dripping off of her nose and down her chin. Fortunately, when I re-opened my eyes – I found that the semen wasn’t as brown as Jennifer had captured earlier. Even so, the lazy bitch doesn’t even bother to scoop the drippings from her face – and into her mouth.

Fortunately, Violet offers Lynn a second helping – which comes out tinged in yellow. How disgusting. And this time I didn’t blame Lynn for not swallowing. But she’s still a whore in my book, nonetheless.

I don’t know why, but I took an immediately dislike to both Lynn and Violet in their scene. Maybe it’s because they make all women look like sluts, which we are. My man’s only disappointment, however, was that only Violet (and not Lynn) was fucked painfully in her ass.

I should also mention that even though I was thoroughly disgusted by the overly-realistic discoloration of the man’s delicious cream – my guy found it immensely entertaining – as he put the girls’ conclusion into a continuous loop as I immediately went to the bathroom to throw cold water upon my face. Unbelievable. My guy – and Mr. Cuba – are both bastards!

Jynx Maze & Victoria Lawson

In another pairing I took an immediate dislike to (not really), Jynx and Victoria supposedly went shopping together and ended up finding matching string bikinis. Jynx’s suit is a shiny red metallic, while Victoria’s is gold & silver. Jynx is short and petite with a darker complexion, while Victoria is taller with a long, smooth waist. Both babes have soft brown hair that flows down their backs.

For such a petite babe, Jynx has a pretty nice ass. Victoria’s pale white butt is also very nice.

The girls lick each other’s nipples more for fun than with any real passion. The girls then peel down their bikinis to tongue each other’s assholes.

They jam a purple dildo down each other’s throats, but not once do they even kiss. Victoria sticks three digits up Jynx’s ass before she makes Jynx taste herself upon them.

Their guy joins in and sits between the babes on their large padded chair. He kisses both of ‘em. And the girls, meanwhile, such each other’s breasts. The babes get bottomless before they finally suck his dick. But he doesn’t need any additional encouragement since his cock is already hard.

Victoria rides his penis first – as Jynx sits on the dude’s face. The girls are facing each other – but the don’t even bother to kiss or to lick each other’s tits. Are they blind?

The girls switch places, but this time the babes are sitting in the same direction – so their lack of affection towards each other is more understandable.

The guy then makes them crawl on the ground – to show off their cute pussies and assholes from behind. He grabs their hair caveman-style – to lead them to the bedroom upstairs – where Victoria jumps on the bed and Jynx lies on top of her in a sexy sixty-nine. Damn, it’s about time!

The best part comes moments later when their dude fucks Jynx in the ass – as Victoria lies underneath and sucks on Jynx’s swollen clit. The view is seriously good – with Jynx’s cute rear and pussy in the foreground – with Victoria’s radiant face down below.

Jynx herself seems kind of conflicted – between yelling for her own dear life – or taking an occasion lick on Victoria’s tasty twat. Schizophrenia is good.

Their guy works his dick deeper and deeper into Jynx’s ass – while popping out periodically to get some extra lubrication – from Victoria’s sweet mouth.

Jynx then rides him in her anus reverse cowgirl – which gives us a nice legs-open view of her sensuously tight twat. She then rolls to her side – to take it in the spoons position – again up her ass, and Jynx’s cheeks look sensational from this perspective.

For their ending, the guy keeps his dick ensconced in Jynx’s backdoor – as Victoria kneels nearby – waiting for his cum.

It flows out of her asshole – looking like lava slowly erupting from a tight, pink volcano.

Victoria vacuums it hungrily into her mouth and displays it proudly for the camera – and, thank God -- it’s all creamy white. Good thing since Juan Cuba, that asshole, then asks Victoria to swallow it all down -- which she does.

Victoria has pearly white teeth – which makes the cum look even more appetizing. Her broad smile – also highlights the sparkling whites of her eyes. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a happier bitch – drinking sperm from another girl’s butt hole. Have you? What a slut.

In reflection, I think half of the sexual tension in this series comes from – waiting to discover the color of the semen oozing out – and then wondering if that pervert, Juan, is going to make the cunt drink it all down. The girls he finds are such whores. I absolutely love it all despite my earlier complaints – and so too does my beau.

Hey, what did I tell you? Watching two babes do it – will make you love anything!

Ashli Orion & Amy Brooke

The cutest babes were probably in the opening scene. But these two gals, Ashli & Amy – are definitely the most motivated – and the best actresses in the entire film.

Ashli Orion, a brunette, is an absolutely wonderful performer. And if she claims to love sucking cum from another girl’s ass – I’m going to believe her. Her partner, Amy Brooke, is a blonde -- and equally adept at making us believe that her absolute favorite drink in the whole wide world is a cum fart cocktail. Mine too.

Both of the girls show off their asses while sitting backwards on bar stools. Ashli claims we’re perverted by looking up her ass, but I think that both she and Amy are even nastier – as they lick Ashli’s ass flavor off of her fingers.

The girls dilate each other’s assholes with pretty glass dildos and butt plugs. They claim the toys taste as good as candy. Didn’t somebody else say that? Both babes talk seductively like it’s Christmas night and our best present – them – is yet to come.

Ashli looks absolutely ravishing as she plants her gorgeous face in between Amy’s hot ass cheeks – and sticks her tongue up Amy’s anus. Ashli inserts some anal beads in Amy’s backdoor – and her and Juan count how many beads go in. Half-a-dozen, cool. Ashli then licks each one of ‘em as they come out – and Amy gets her own taste seconds later.

Ladies, do you know where your own daughter’s tongue has been tonight?

The dude from the first scene makes an encore performance here in the finale. The girls think he’s cute – but he’s already listed in my book as a perv, just like Juan. He licks both girls’ assholes to lubricate ‘em. See what I mean. He then wastes no time – and begins to fuck both whores in their rears.

Amy goes first and his dick looks great going in-and-out. She reverses herself and gets down on her knees to taste her own flavor – before it’s Ashli’s turn to be poked. Ashli has a gorgeous butt – and the cutest horizontal stretch marks above the cleavage of her cheeks. Her gaping asshole closes up quickly each time the guy’s dick is removed. Perhaps she’s more virginal than she lets on.

Strangely, the only time the girls kiss – is to taste each other’s ass flavor off of their tongues. By coincidence, that’s the only time I kiss my girlfriends too. Not.

The girls go downstairs to a sofa for the rest of their anal fucking. They perform some booty tricks and slap each other’s butts to get back into the mood. They take turns sucking his dick – and spitting on to each other’s assholes – before he begins his work anew.

Amy takes it doggy in her backdoor – as she licks Ashli warmly in hers. Ashli does a good job of gagging herself with his dick moments later when it pops out.

Ashli then lays on her back – with her legs together in front of her – as the dude screws her missionary in her ass. She then turns to her side – to give us a nicer view of her rear.

Watching his dick going in-and-out out of her sweet derriere makes it easy to believe – that it’s a girls anus – that’s the orifice really designed for fucking.

Ashli then moans very passionately about how much she really loves to be fucked in her shitter. I put her backdoor poling into a continuous loop – to better enjoy the view – and to give my own guy some inspiration concerning the proper way I hope to be treated later this same evening.

Amy holds open Ashli’s cheeks – to see if she can make her friend, Ashli, gape. The dude puts it in – and pulls it out – several times as Ashli’s backdoor gets bigger and bigger with every poking. Ashli moans so loudly through all of this – you’d swear she’s about to give birth – rather than being anally fucked.

The guy goes back-and-forth between the bitches – before it’s Ashli’s ass he chooses to climax into. I would. The guy orgasms deeply. Amy then waits patiently – with her face underneath – for Ashli to push the cum out. What’s it going to be?

Well, if you thought that the first scene’s creampie was nasty – this one is even worse. When the cum oozes out – it looks sort of like some yellowish-brown apple sauce – I kid you not! Yeuch! Amy catches it on her tongue --and Ashli pushes out more when she stands.

That fucker, Juan Cuba, doesn’t even tell Amy what color it is before she swallows. He even has the girls do some spit swapping afterwards. What a jerk!

I just hope to God that the girls were using some kind of antiseptic anal lube – otherwise they might want to make a quick trip to the hospital afterwards – to get their stomachs pumped.

Both babes wave ‘bye-bye’ seductively to the camera – and I’ve definitely had enough. At least until ‘Cum Fart Cocktails 9’ comes out! Bon Appetit!

Extras & Conclusion

As extras, there’s some behind-the-scenes footage, a disgusting cumshot recap, a photo gallery, website info, trailers of other Red Light District releases, and a bonus scene -- of cute brunette, Mindy Lynn, who gets put under house arrest by Mark Wood – who makes her pay by fucking him. Hey, why not?

In terms of this series, here are some suggestions for whatever they’re worth: a) please ask the gents to save up their cum to make their cocktails even bigger; b) I’d prefer the sperm to be deposited just inside a gal’s anus so that it oozes out more white in color, please; c) if would be really nice to dial-up the girl-girl interaction so the babes’ motivation is more romantic towards each other. After all, I think it would be a bit more believable – for one girl to suck the semen from another girl’s asshole – if there were more of an emotional connection between the two whores, right?; d) and finally, it might also be nice to add a vaginal creampie or two – swallowed – since this would also be another passionate way for two girls to interact with their guy.

One of my favorite series is, ‘Creampie for the Straight Girl,’ from Europe, where the guy deposits his semen just inside one girl’s cunt or asshole – as another babe lovingly licks it out. The creampies in the earlier episodes were very creamy and voluminous, which looked very satisfying to catch and drink.

As someone who partakes in two-girl threesomes in my private life, tasting my man’s delicious semen as it oozes from my girlfriend’s twat – is something I’ll occasionally get to enjoy. It normally happens after my guy has climaxed into one of our pussies and conked himself out – as my girlfriend and I continue on with our own escapades – by sitting on one another’s faces. The resulting ‘dessert’ is always a special lovemaking treat.

And ladies, nothing will more strongly reassure you – of your own heterosexuality or devotion – than swallowing your man’s sperm as it drips from your girlfriend’s sweet snatch, even if he never knows it. It may even taste better that way – than sampling it directly from the source. Really.

In terms of motivation, I personally wouldn’t hesitate to down my man’s seed dispensed from my girlfriend’s twat – due to the strong emotional feelings I have for her. After all, we’ve probably already shared a bed together – before inviting my guy to join us. Isn’t that what girlfriends are for?

But to accept his cum – from her asshole? I probably wouldn’t do that – even if she were the Queen of England – and they told me I’d be knighted for doing such afterwards.

I therefore find it somewhat hard to believe – that any actress would do so willingly just to be nasty on film – as they perform in this very nice release.

That said, ‘Cum Fart Cocktails 8’ will probably remain – within the realm of ‘fantasy’ -- for me! But isn’t that what porn is all about?

Hmmmmm. ‘Dame Aaryanna.’ It does have a nice ring to it – doesn’t it? Enjoy.

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