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dandaman Cum Eating Teens 6 4 starsCum Eating Teens 6 4 starsCum Eating Teens 6 4 stars
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Cum Eating Teens 6

Cum Eating Teens 6

Studio: Sex Z Pictures
Category:  Barely Legal , Cumshots
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , ,
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bono-ONE's ratings for Cum Eating Teens 6:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Cum Eating Teens 6 overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Cum Eating Teens 6 Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Cum Eating Teens 6 Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Cum Eating Teens 6 Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Cum Eating Teens 6 Plot/Acting rating 3.5 stars
Extras Cum Eating Teens 6 DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Cum Eating Teens 6 A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  1/30/2008
Ok fans here we have a dvd which has been out for a short time but I'm finall laying my hand on it, the other one's busy!! It's about a subject near and dear to all our hardons, namely cum sucking teens or ok perhaps a couple of the girls are in the early 20's but who's arguing!!! Hillary Scotts at the helm of the this enterprise and she brings a lot of determination and thought to what she wants onscreen and from first hand experience I've seen her get the results from the girls she wants. I didn't catch this set so these scenes are new to me as they are to you so let's see just what nasty surprises Hillary was able to wrangle out of these young hotties.

Rebeca Linares:

We open strong with this sexy lady who has won the hardons of so many across this nation and I'm sure across the pond as well. Rebeca is flat out gorgeous and to give her that younger look here they put her lovely black mane in pony tails nd she's got on some short shorts and a skimpy t-shirt. Miss Linares is working those eyes too reeling us in but they she brings out the titties, ass and cooch and I think she's succeeded in raising out interests. Two strapping men then walk up, cocks out and Rebeca's no newbie she knows just what to do engulfing each and showing plenty of love to both schlongs, the picture too moves in close then pulls back for a broader view, we go to the side of the guy for an almost side angle view so yeah the bj's is covered. Alright no sex here but two solid pops for Rebeca to swallow and wait she's not done getting a big black dick to take on too, way to go Rebeca. Miss Linares is also very good about showing off that jizz before letting it disappear down her throat. Now her big black cock is allowed entrance in her coochy in from the front as well as from behind leading to the final pop which isn't bad, could've had better aim to her mouth but she gets enough to close out a good scene.

Presley Maddox:

This is another girl I enjoyed in more than a few scenes last year, don't think she's currently in the biz actively so here is one more reminder of how hot Presley can be. This scene opens in strange way with Hillary and Sierra Sinn fighting over the cum of someone they call DJ Donkey Punch and let's just say you have to see this to believe it, lol. Presley comes in and pushes both girls out of the way, she's gonna have this man's jizz and no other girl will! Ok funny part, he pops early-- not really, but you hear the noise like he did a Premature ejaculation and of course this doesn't please Presley at all, she didn't get any satisfaction from that, lmao!! So Tony Tedeschi enters, wow haven't seen him in any scenes for awhile and Presley is more than willing to take on his cock and you see DJ Donkey Punch watch a little bit before leaving. Miss Maddox is fairly aggressive with the head here taking him deep as well as showing some love to his balls. Presley even does the tilt her head backwards off the stool shot to get royally skull fucked, that's a good sign a girl can do some nasty dick sucking. Tony stays above Presley when it's time to drop his load giving her a decent amount to savor, thankfully she's not done either as Sascha shows up and Presley is all over his cock in no time. There is some sex here too with cowgirl looking pretty good from up close, then you also get a hard driving doggie just before Sascha drops his load and it's better than Tony's, perhaps fucking helps build up the jizz count!! All gone and what a nice smile she flashes to send us off on our way.

Christina Agave:

We move on to the next scene which opens with the girl receiving a nice massage, just the thing to get you in the mood to suck cock!! Marco Banderas does a good job working those hands over Christina's body, she playfully moves one hand around to cup her breast but Marco pulls away all shy like, lol. Well the hands go back up and this time Marco is all over those titties, then it's down to fondle over her covered ass. Ok enough, Christina wants some cock and Marco is willing to share, what a guy and Miss Agave does a fine job working her lips around his big unit. Unlike the previous scenes she doesn't just suck cock, there is some fucking too from Marco in doggie, also spoon anal with some insanely close in shots of her ass being violated. Marco then sets her up for a ride doggiestyle in the ass leading to the pop, not a huge load but ok, she is sure to make it go away though once he's done jerking. Ok it's just the one guy in this scene.

Veronique Vega:

This scene begins with a shot of a Ms. Pacman t-shirt which has the appropriate title of She Swallows displayed on it, lol, then we pull back allowing Veronique's pretty face to enter the shot and damn she is cute. With several more shots of that attractive young face we get Veronique working her tits out, a little ass showing and of course her pussy gets a pickle tickle! This girl's oozing sin in that playful innocent but not so innocent kind of way. Miss Vega also uses a small pink toy to tease her pussy until Jenner gets in there using his fingers in a very aggressive manner stroking those lips. We get Veronique turned around so we can get a good shot of her ass as Jenner spanks it a few times and there's more pussy play. Sufficiently warmed up down below it's time for Veronique to work it up top and she engulfs Jenner all the way doing some deep throating/gagging to get the head going. The sex here consists of a lengthy session of doggie until the pop which isn't that much sadly, he sprays some around her mouth but damn you've just fucked a pretty young girl and that's the load, hmmmm. Wonder if that was his second scene that day.

Chase Cox:

We actually get Hillary and Sierra giving the intro for this girl, seems she was just 'visiting' the set and Hillary decided to give her a shot at pornstardom-- Hillary this should serve you well in the upcoming Cumpaign for President!! This girl doesn't even have a stagename yet so they bandy names about Chase is the first name they seem to like then Cox comes in just before the action gets underway, say hello to Chase Cox fans!! Hillary & Sierra take those modest tits out and sample them with their tongues, then they observe her virgin porn ass from upclose, Sierra being Sierra inserts a tongue up the ass!! Hillary then calls in Mr. Penis, hell he doesn't need a name, lol, so out comes the cock and Chase is left to see what she can do, oh wait we get Hillary and Sierra doing some early prep sucking to give her a headstart, what a pair of fine outstanding porn leaders these girls are, perhaps Sierra is the running mate for Miss Scott!! So those two depart leaving Chase to continue on and she seems very natural taking a cock in her mouth, ahh she already knows to slap the dick against her face, there's some decent eye contact and I enjoyed that she didn't try and be balls to the wall gag mistress here, the bj seemed to flow very smoothly. Not to say she doesn't do some deep throating just not the ball gagger type designed to smear the makeup or have lots of tears running down her face. There is some looking around to find the camera but it wasn't a nervous looking around, she seemed very confident and assured of herself here. Ahh we even get Chase doing the tilt her head backwards off the couch shot and that was indeed some strong aggressive head so she does work some of that in before the pop flows and it's an improvement over the last scene and Hillary comes back in after she's done swallowing and sweet Hill's got a friend in her arms, for the curious that's Gypsy!! To give her stamp of approval to the scene Hillary even kisses Chase just before the fade out, not bad for your first bit of action.

Hillary Scott & Paulina James:

Ok now we have reached the main event of the evening and damn it's two of the prettiest girls in porn hooking up to share a cock. The girls are very cozy right from the start with each other, kissing each other, sampling tits and there is some dirty talk as well as they discuss world affairs, lol. Both women have the naughty playful spirit that just meshes so well when paired up with a like minded female and these two girls fit that bill to a T. The girls have their fun for a minute or so with each other before including the schlong and naturally the head is balls to the wall, very aggressive and you have to be to keep up with Hillary Scott otherwise she'll just shut you out and keep that cock all for herself! These girls are definitely doing more than one cock in this scene but they do take an early load which is swapped. These still horny girls are joined by cock #2 in John Strong and they waste precious few seconds working his cock out and into their eager mouths. Like the earlier scenes which had more than one cock we get sex with this second go around, Paulina's ass is looking so good when we get up close to it in the doggie, Hillary does P2OGM like a good nasty girl should! Hillary also takes some cock too in her cooch with Paulina's pussy smothering her face at the same time, oh yeah!! The girls do some simultaneous dick clean off before Paulina hops back on in cowgirl and damn this view from the ground was so good and I can't wait to see her anal scene, soon I hope. Hillary teases that ass licking it while John's drilling that pussy. The next great shot involves Miss Scott riding John's cock in reverse cowgirl, love the titties and we get good shots of them. Another fine shot has John blasting that pussy hard in spoon while Hillary is right there licking it and there's one final exchange so the Super Asswhore can get that sphincter filled in the same spoon position. Hillary then does a good bit of A2M work on that cock and then it's poptime with John delivering a superb load into Hillary's mouth, it's swapped a couple times as they also twirl tongues, ok this scene rocked bigtime, no shock!

Extras & Final Thoughts:

Alright this one wasn't bad with Chase Cox making a promising blowjob debut with the helpful aid of Hillary and Sierra to start her off. Rebeca Linares was her usual hot self taking on two cocks and I felt the other girls here from Veronique to Presley gave good efforts too but there was no one topping that final pairing of Hillary and Paulina, damn these two need to work together more and hopefully they will this year. Extras include a select a shot option which takes you to a fave position, you get pics, trailers and yes some Behind the Scenes too. Worth a look for sure as it's a Hillary production and she brought some good peeps here to show off for you and they did a pretty good job of that.

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