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Cum Dumpsters 2

Cum Dumpsters 2

Studio: Red Light District
Category:  All Sex , Cumshots
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KurtXYZ's ratings for Cum Dumpsters 2:
Overall Rating 5 stars
Cum Dumpsters 2 overall rating 5 stars
Female Looks Cum Dumpsters 2 Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Cum Dumpsters 2 Male looks rating 4 stars
Sex Cum Dumpsters 2 Sex rating 5 stars
Plot/Acting Cum Dumpsters 2 Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras Cum Dumpsters 2 DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality Cum Dumpsters 2 A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by KurtXYZ  on  5/10/2003
Girls the World Over Drinking Cum!

Wouldn’t it be nice to imagine a time when you could someday travel anywhere in the world and have a beautiful girl suck (and fuck) your cock – and then lovingly drink your cum? Well, that day must certainly be near, and ‘Cum Dumpsters #2’ is the proof! In it, over a hundred cute babes (113 to be exact) of all ethnicities hungrily toss back (or share) 176 loads of cum between them. (And I’ll bet you were thinking that beer was the most universal of drinks, weren’t you?)

All of the vignettes are sourced from the Red Light District’s most recent films. The production values are high, and the settings are colorful. And all of the ladies, who range in beauty from “very cute” to “drop dead gorgeous,” are introduced with just a sliver of their original up front interviews. There is very little fucking – just tons of delicious cum catching, cum dripping, cum swapping and cum drinking – which still allows for much of a girl’s true personality to refreshingly shine through!

My favorite segments are those with Melanie Jagger (a slutty Italian-looking girl who loves to swallow), Avy Scott (a gorgeous blonde with a very nice rack), and Cameron, a rapturous blonde who appears three times and, by herself, drinks over a dozen servings of sperm! Girls who appear multiple times include Melanie, Avy, Hunter (Avy’s best friend), Julie Night, Bambi Bliss, Misty Haze, Alexis, Allura Eden, Ashley Long, Ashley Blue, Austin O’Riley, Lucie, Anna Belle, and, of course, Cameron. For simplicity, I’ve arranged the scenes by the girl’s ethnicity (American, European, black or Oriental); and I’ve saved the hottest scenes – those with cum dripping or cum swapping – for the very last. Here is a smattering of the outstanding action you can expect to see:

American Girls

The movie opens with an accommodating girl from New York named Cuban Bee who, with her big eyes, looks up anxiously at her men as they spurt into her mouth and across her olive complexion.

A gorgeous blonde from Las Vegas, Anna Belle, lets the camera pan up her body seductively before a big black dick ejaculates just within her wispy prom queen lips. She returns in a later segment and takes it all over her rapturous face.

Allura Eden, who looks like Jane Seymour, takes two shots in her first scene from dicks both black and white. She catches the first helping straight away, and takes the second portion after being fucked missionary in her twat. Her third mouthful comes later in the disc; but, in every case, she lovingly sucks each manly organ afterwards to conclude.

Blonde goddess, Alexis, crawls cat-like across the floor before kneeling to receive her dude’s seed. “You taste so good,” she purrs, as the creamy cum courses down her throat.

In a fun scene, Lesley Zen and Austin O’Riley (who reminded me of Victoria Paris) kneel butt-to-butt and beg for it. After getting their wish, they drink all that comes their way.

In a great segment from ’Swallow My Pride #1’, Drew Allen, with big eyes and rosy cheeks, catches two loads – but then licks up every morsel which splattered on to the leather chaise lounge next to her.

In separate scenes, Melanie Jagger downs a total of six satisfying shots! Her best performance, however, is yet to come when she swaps cum with a pair of babes later on.

Julie Knight, an agreeable blonde, takes ten loads in her first scene – and holds them all in her mouth before swallowing (no kidding!). She returns elsewhere to take two more spurts as a chaser.

Ashley Blue, who reminded me of Cherry Rain, sucks one cock and then gets two facials. She takes two more servings later and swallows both of them. In her third appearance she collects five loads in succession -- before downing them all at once!

Jasmin Lynn, who looks like Laura Dern, lets her men use a mini-wine glass to collect their semen, and then pour it like “Two Buck Chuck” deliciously down her throat. Not satisfied, she then reaches inside with her studded tongue to lick the vessel clean.

Cameron, a luscious babe from Tennessee (who looks like Cameron Diaz) appears several times. She has a gorgeous face and a sweetly demure personality. She drinks over a dozen loads – in three scenes – while gazing serenely into the camera with her lustrous hazel-colored eyes.

European Girls

Jamie Woods, a lovely English girl who looks like Jewel (the rock singer), is groped by two guys before accepting their semen down the center of her tongue and swallowing it. “Tastes lovely,” she says in her delicious Cockney accent.

Angel Long, also from England, gazes up at her men as they spurt into her mouth. She sucks each dick one last time – while the cum is still in there -- before showing off her empty mouth afterwards!

Cynthia, who looks like Sarah Michelle Geller (‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’) catches two drippy loads; one in her mouth, and the other on her cheeks. Comically, she keeps wanting to stand up, and the men keep pushing her head back down before they shower her face with cum.

Vanessa Virgin, who looks like a bustier version of Paulina Porozkova, takes seven loads – and holds them all – until a female translator off camera instructs her to swallow, which she does!

English girl, Fiona Cheeks, with braces drinks two servings outright. She catches three more – and pushes them forward on to her braces – before swallowing the entire helping in one big gulp! Yum!

Black Girls

Bambi Bliss, a baby-faced black girl with a pretty smile, takes squirts from three dicks; two white and one black. The black dude gives her the most, but Bambi thirstily swallows all three. She returns later with Marc Davis to make it four-in-a-row.

Misty Haze, with gorgeous eyes, appears twice. She shakes her booty and then takes two shots between her teeth. She’s given a pair of facials later, but still manages to steal a taste.

Pretty Malorie Marx with green eyes, kneels on a staircase – and looks straight up – as the cum drips straight down into the back of her throat.

A pair of black babes who look like sisters appear in separate scenes. Chance, with luscious lips and deep brown eyes, kneels to accept her gifts. Promises, who looks younger, lays on her back to catch her cum, and ends her scene with her ass and hips shivering uncontrollably.

In a hilarious scene, Lolly, the most beautiful black girl in the video takes it on her tongue – but then gets mad at Vince Vouyer (the director) when he won’t give her towel at the end to wipe off her hands and face!

Oriental Girls

Two Chinese girls appear. Tolly Christal lets her men drip it all over her nose, around her eyes and into her mouth. Tall Jade, like Tolly, also takes the cum in both her mouth and eyes. Since she doesn’t swallow, she ends her scene both blinded – and unable to talk!

A pair of Philippino chicks arrive next. Leyla Lei smiles at the camera before orally catching her cum. Busty Loni tosses back the seed from her dude’s foot long dong to quench her own insatiable thirst.

Cum Dripping Scenes

In the most creative use of cum I’ve seen, Sabina Black, a gorgeous blue-eyed brunette takes numerous loads in her twat. She then drips the results on to a plate of glass, finger paints with the cum, licks it, and then smears what’s ever left all over her luscious tits!

In the absolute nastiest vignette from the entire disc, European girl Lucie (who looks like Christie Brinkley) serves the cum from her pussy directly into the mouth of her partner, Nina, who lies beneath her. Nina reaches with her tongue to lick Lucie’s labia; but most of the cream runs down to the cheek of Lucie’s ass before dripping off. Nina ends the scene with her face literally drenched with cum. Lucie returns in a later vignette where she’s given seven simultaneous facials – and loves it!

Cum Swapping Scenes

In a mind-blowing episode, Ashley Long, Melanie Jagger, and Juliana Kincaid sit on a sofa to share cum. Ashley takes the first load and gives it to Melanie, who says before accepting it, “Sharing is caring.” Melanie then passes it on to Juliana – who chokes and spits it out! Juliana starts off the next sequence by catching it and passing it to Melanie, who then expectorates it into Ashley’s mouth. In a nice bit of oral gymnastics, Ashley rolls it around her tongue and pushes it out on to her lips – before she sucks it in and swallows the cream completely! In a selfish finish, Melanie gargles the last load and swallows it without sharing. But the girls still manage to get a taste – by licking the extra off of Melanie’s face! Wow!

In a wonderful juxtaposition of cum swapping with ass-to-mouth, Melanie returns with Misty Mendez, a truly gorgeous Hispanic woman. Misty lovingly sucks a dick – immediately after it emerges from Melanie’s ass. She giggles nervously as the cum oozes forth, and then spits it in a long stream into Melanie’s mouth who, true to form, swallows every drop!

Luscious Alexis, who appeared earlier, passes the cum to a nicely tanned Temptation. They trade the hot potato back and forth several times; but, for some reason, it causes Temptation to gag, and she spits the results on the floor!

A petite girl, Dayjha-Nay, pairs with Sophie Evans who looks like Gina Gershon (‘Bound’). Sophie is an experienced actress, but Dhayja catches her off guard by smart bombing the back of Sophie’s throat – which causes her to choke. Sophie apologizes for losing control; but Dhayja saves the day by offering Sophie a second healthy serving.

In romantic duets – Mia Star and Brooklyn Rose, along with Katrina and Bionca – French kiss to share their cream.

In one of my favorite scenes, real-life friends, Hunter and Avy Scott, make love for the first time – and end their interlude by tongue kissing to share Marc Davis’ spunk! As an extra treat, their amorous kissing continues – even after all of the cum is gone!

As a final mention, Austin O’Riley returns in a pair of outstanding encore performances. She smooches with Hunter to share the warm cream in the first. She then passes the semen back and forth with Faith (a brunette) in the second. Austin concludes the scene by spitting the cum into Faith’s open hand, who then shovels it into her own face – and eats it! Cool!

As extras, there’s a tastefully done slide show, ten minutes of black girl blowjobs (and cumshots), and numerous trailers from other Red Light District titles.

For a seemingly endless cornucopia of cum swallowing, ‘Cum Dumpsters #2’ is the bomb! Don’t miss it!

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