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Cum Dumpsters 11

Cum Dumpsters 11

Studio: Red Light District
Category:  Compilation , Cumshots
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Aaryanna's ratings for Cum Dumpsters 11:
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Cum Dumpsters 11 overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Cum Dumpsters 11 Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Cum Dumpsters 11 Male looks rating 4 stars
Sex Cum Dumpsters 11 Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Cum Dumpsters 11 Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras Cum Dumpsters 11 DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality Cum Dumpsters 11 A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by Aaryanna  on  2/12/2013
Cum Swallowing Doesn’t Get Much Better Than This

When swallowing cum came into vogue in movies – back in the last half, of the last decade – one studio, The Red Light District, was helping to lead the charge.

For me, nothing is more ardently satisfying than to watch each beautiful babe – at the end of every fuck scene -- tossing back the delicious male elixir she’s just brought forth. Yum.

Facials, on the other hand – are just hugely disrespectful and emotionally empty – just like the mouths and tummies of the girls who do them. (You know who you are.)

For those who would agree -- “Cum Dumpsters #11” is a nice compilation of endings – from this cum swallowing heyday. We’ve come a long way since then – but not necessarily for the better.

There was a time – when I found regular fucking – to be unbearably monotonous and hugely unsatisfying to watch. Girl-girl was my favorite – for the immense amount of passion provided by two attractive whores making love.

But that all changed for me – when I discovered cum swallowing, anal sex and two-girl threesomes (or all of the above) – which made boy-girl screwing my preference once again. Hooray.

This movie runs over 3 hours – and there are 72 babes – so each cum swilling wench appears on screen for just under 3 minutes. (Long enough to get the job done, I’d say.)

The women drink 91 cumshots – which is just over 1.2 servings per hussy. Nice.

But these statistics don’t really tell the whole story – because several sluts take numerous loads – sometimes a dozen or more. For reals. Think Mike John. (But it’s not him). Wow.

I think it’s just amazing – how much more beautiful every woman looks in this video – with a mouthful of cum.

I’ve tried to tally the most noteworthy downings – in terms of the most numerous, the best swallowed – or by the cutest actresses, and there were many.

As a comparison, I’ve also listed – those floozies who waste the most cum. They usually manage to lick up a few drops – so they aren’t total losers in life. But close. (I tried, ma. I really did.)

This is a wonderful video – for seeing how life used to be. I really miss it.

Most Numerous Cumshots

Big-haired Nikki Grind, who looks like a blonde-haired version of Monica Lewinski (Bill Clinton’s fluffer) first takes about SIX loads, literally, which completely fills her mouth -- causes her to gag - and to cough a lot of it out. Sloppy. Her guys are hardly perturbed – so they feed her SIX more servings. Really. But she’s still not off the hook. After wiping what’s on her face, and swallowing, the director has her – lick his shoe – and suck up what she spat out on to the carpet earlier. No wasting. They then give her at least FOUR more shots. Wow. Nikki has these bright grey eyes, a delicate chin – and this really round mouth – so she looks like a human blow-up doll who loves to drink cum. The best kind. I think Nikki’s TWELVE-to-SIXTEEN loads -- was the most I’ve ever seen one wench swill in any one sitting. Bravo.

Ditzy looking blonde, Sophie Dee, fucks anal – and then kneels on the ground for her initial TWO loads. She opens her mouth wide – to throat gag with both dicks first. The first guy dive bombs the back of her throat – and the second squirts in from the side across her tongue. She gargles with it -- and pushes it out to her lips. The men RELOAD – and give her an ADDITIONAL serving each. Both were surprisingly healthy. The guys in the studio must be lining up for their turn – because she ends up taking SEVEN more nutritious shots. By my count – she had about ELEVEN or TWELVE total ejaculations. Cool. The cum is nearly overflowing – and her tongue is completely submerged in sperm when she’s done. How nasty. She swallows it all in ONE big gulp. “All gone,” she says proudly – as she waves bye-bye to the camera. All in a day’s work.

In a later scene, Sophie returns – to get head fucked – where she deep throats her dude down to his balls. She then takes FOUR servings – half on her face – but she still swallows a mouthful of cum. Sophie has great tits. Very nice.

In my favorite segment, tall and extremely shapely, Trina Michaels, traipses in, looking hot. She’s wearing these mini “V” shaped hot pants – which shows off her sexy hips – and draws your eye unmistakably to her crotch. With her stringy, blonde hair – she looks a lot like Avy Scott, one of my favorites. She throat fucks only one dick – but then brings forth a torrent of cum – as at least NINE guys come in her face as Trina waits patiently with her mouth open the entire time. THREE of the outputs were really healthy, which also painted a few WORMS of cum across her face. Her tongue looks like a submerged island – in a sea of living sperm. How nasty. She swallows after EIGHT. A NINTH guy gives her more – and she scoops in all that’s LINGERING around, and shows off her EMPTY mouth afterwards. All of the servings were creamy white.

I really liked Trina’s cum outing – and I masturbated while watching it several times more. I eventually focused on the TWO nicest donations (the wormy ones) which were back-to-back. I imagined, of course, that it was my delicious seed she was drinking. Why not?

What makes cum swallowing so erotic – is that it takes place totally within a woman’s beautiful face – and that’s where your attention is nicely riveted for the entire time. It sure beats staring at pussies all day long. If I were a man – I’d definitely want Trina – to be the MOTHER of my children.

It’s amazing how loving a woman appears – drinking NINE servings of semen. Nice. One of my own girlfriends looks a lot like Trina – and she caught me a few times staring unblinkingly at her mouth – as she masticated her food while the two of us shared lunch. I kept thinking to myself – boy, I’d sure like to see her – with a mouthful of cum. I think she knew exactly what I was thinking – because she kept licking her lips – and smearing ranch dressing on to them with her fingers. We hungrily shared some private tongue kisses afterwards. Slut.

I guess all of my own self-brainwashing was paying off. Ladies, it’s ok – for us to admire – our own oral orifices. A lot can go in there, of course – other than your girlfriend’s slick tongue.

Be sure to check out Hillary Scott’s second appearance that’s mentioned below (under The Cutest Actresses) – where she drinks at least TEN or TWELVE velvety loads.

The above FIVE segments alone -- are easily worth the price of admission.

Flash-in-the-pan, Christina Agave – accepts the output from three hearty black guys – and swallows it all.

Georgia Peach does the same, taking three black-dicked squirts on her face and in her mouth. The servings are so thick -- that she can do string tricks with ‘em -- as though they were bubble gum or spaghetti. When was the last time you saw that? She also blows bubbles -- before scooping in every oozy morsel and swallowing.

Asian newbie, Rosanna Rose – gets gangbanged by three dudes who fuck her in every hole. She takes each of their yields precisely in her mouth, shows us the tasty result and tosses it back without hesitation. She sucks each dick lovingly again afterwards. Strangely, Rosanna was much, much cuter after drinking her dudes’ semen than before. (Maybe she’s a – cum vampire.) Gee, I always thought that Asian babes -- made good cum receptacles – and Rosanna proves me right.

Round faced and brunette, Kaci Starr, claims to love sucking “grown, black men’s dicks,” and she also “loves the smell of their balls.” Sick. Kaci immediately lies on her back – and gives us some of the nicest missionary throat fucking in the movie – as the dudes hammer home in her mouth – as though it were a wet pussy. Kaci gags and has an ocean of gooey spit streaming down her face. Think Rodney Moore. Kaci takes four loads. Only two of the dicks were black. Cheaters. After swallowing, Kaci admits that this was one of the most intense days of her short, adult life.

The Cutest Actresses

Hillary Scott, a girl-next-door blonde, stars in several segments. To me, she was the Lexi Belle of her day. She appears first – in Farrah Fawcett (Charlie’s Angels) style tresses and a pink bikini top (with nice tits underneath). She blows bubbles after receiving two healthy harvests, then swallows. She flashes her cute, pink pussy to us afterwards. Tasty.

In Hillary’s second appearance, she shows off her cute butt, plays with her slit, finger fucks her ass hole – then takes a standing DP (double penetration) – before accepting TWO warm yields, one after the other, in her pretty open maw. She gargles the cum like mouthwash – before taking an even healthier THIRD load. She scoops in all that escapes – before accepting a small FOURTH yield – and tossing ‘em all back before saying sweetly, “I want more” – and she gets it. Hillary gets TWO more absolutely delicious looking loads (sperm worms), starts that gargling thing again – and asks for even more. Now she’s also singing.

She gets about FIVE smaller second servings after that – waggles her tongue – and swallows it all down, and then smears what’s on her face around like shaving cream. Nice. I estimate that Hillary – took about TEN or ELEVEN loads in all – all of ‘em creamy white – just like her gorgeous teeth. (None of that yellow-tinged stuff for her.) She sounded the entire time – like a young girl – who really enjoyed playing with her spit. (Except that it wasn’t.) And she ended her segment – just as pretty as when she began. She smacks her lips and sighs deeply when she’s done. Mike John, eat your heart out. (I watched her segment in a loop, while masturbating. Just part of my own personal training – or brainwashing.)

Ladies, watching girls swallow – can be a real turn-on. Part of the fun, of course – is watching it squirt out. Gee, did I cause that? My girlfriends and I loved it – from the very first time we saw it on video, of course. Maybe that’s why we all enjoy tasting and swallowing cum. When we were younger, we’d use whip cream to practice licking it off each other’s twats. Don’t all young girls do that?

Jasmine Tame, an absolute cutie with perfectly shaped breasts (and who I see is still making movies) – gets fucked anally up against a bed post. Gee, I wish I could do that to her. She has a really cute ass – so the cock really looks good plugging into her back there. She kneels on the floor and seductively says, “I want to taste your cum.” The guy obliges by planting every drop on the end of her tongue. Jasmine pushes it out briefly before swallowing it all down and then whispers wantonly, “I love cum.” It really seems like she does – as she squeezes out one last morsel from her dude’s cock – and daintily licks it off. Why should semen be consumed any other way?

Haley Scott, another gorgeous Lexi Belle style blonde, takes the entire serving cleanly into her mouths – shows off the lumpy load – and neatly downs it without spilling a single drop. What happened to girls like her?

Barbara Summer, a busty blonde – and another one of my favorites – shows us her gape, then takes a portion in her mouth and on her chin, and shovels all of it inside.

Harmony, another fave’ – takes two yields fed to her simultaneously. The first finds its target – but the second dribbles down her cheek. But she gathers it all in. Good girl. She reappears – later in this video -- looking really sexy, takes a single shot, and does some nice mouth gymnastics with it before tossing back and swallowing. Cool.

Flower Tucci blows straight down on her dude’s dick. He’s lying on his back. But she still manages to suck out all of his cum – and swallow it down – this after spitting it back on to the cock she got it from and licking it all up first. Wow. She definitely gets an “A” for effort.

Sativa Rose, one of my absolute favorites (especially when it comes to girl-girl) – rides her dude’s cock while suspended in the air – and kneels to accept two servings. She gets nailed with both – right in the back of her kisser – then licks her whistle and smiles profusely after swallowing. She finishes by blowing kisses -- with her thick and unbelievably gorgeous lips.

A really young and eighteen, Lexi Belle, takes turns sucking two dicks while lying on her tummy. She then kneels to accept their outputs – and gags a bit after swallowing. How sweet. Lexi was a bit skinny in this scene. Luckily, she’s filled out nicely since then. Her face, though -- was still cute beyond compare.

In one of the few cum swaps in the movie, Melissa Lauren, one of my favorites – takes a helping straight down the center of her tongue – and off her front incisors. The sperm strings down from her upper teeth – to the floor of her mouth – and looks like fangs. Cool. After accepting it all, she passes it to her cute friend – with multi-colored hair – who isn’t listed in the credits for this scene. Too bad. They go over to a glass table where the friend spits it out – and then sucks it back in – and swallows while the camera looks on from below. “The ol' “glass table trick, eh”? (As Maxwell Smart would say.) When the segment opened -- the friend was curiously vacuuming up drops of semen – orally from the carpeted stairs. Gee, where did that come from?

Passionate Sandra Romain lies on a sofa – on top of her guy – and kisses her dude romantically. She then lets him fuck her pussy – and kneels to accept his gift – and swallows it all down, hoping that he’ll then want to marry her. Just kiddin’. The camera pans away – but lingers on her right boob, squeezed between her arms – which looks like an amber, nipple-and-areola tipped torpedo.

Sandra returns later and jerks one dude off into her mouth, herself. What a lazy guy. She does the same to a second gent, but he squirts much of it across her face. She scoops most of it in – and shows off her shapely ass afterwards.

A really curvy Sasha Knox, with a nice all-over tan, displays her cute frame – before getting fucked in her ass hole – and then kneeling to accept the refreshing output which she swallows down completely. That really hit the spot. Sasha reminded me a little of Nicole Kidman, the actress (The Others), but with rounder cheeks – and a much sexier bod. So, if you’ve ever wanted to watch a more nicely endowed version of Nicole Kidman fuck and drink cum, now’s your chance. Sweet.

A really skinny and young Aurora Snow takes two portions – one down her throat and the other across her face. She mostly swallows the first – but basically ignores the second. In terms of sheer volume – its still better than most of what you see today.

Cute blonde, Staci Thorn – gets throat fucked – and then happily downs two healthy desserts.

Busty Velicity Von, who reminded me a little of Priscilla Presley, the actress (The Naked Gun) swallows three outputs and cums up smilin’.

The Best Swallowed

Chloe Morgan takes a large production – behind her lower teeth and on her tongue – and swallows it all down.

Georgia Peach shimmies her thunderous thighs, gets fucked anally – and then uses a pony girl style spreader bar (that keeps her mouth open) – before accepting a lumpy load on her tongue and a more watery serving right after. The bar works as advertised – and it really shows off Georgia’s tongue – awash in a mouthful of cum that looks super appetizing. Hey Georgia, please save a bit for me, will ya? Georgia soon yanks out the bar – so she can swallow and gasp – while sticking out her shiny licker at the end, as if to say, “All gone.” And it is.

Georgia returns a few scenes later, gets fucked in her ass, and begs her dude to come in her mouth, which he does. She swallows it and sounds refreshed, like she just drank a Mint Julep.

Brown-haired Christie Lee lets her dude park his cock on her lower lip, ejaculate – and Christie chugs it all down. Good girl.

Gia Jordan takes a nice output on her lower teeth and chin. She scoops it all in and shows off her empty mouth afterwards.

Lorena Sanchez & Rachel Ann lounge on a sofa in lingerie, then get naked – and are served separate servings from the same dick before swallowing. They kiss briefly and lick each other’s nipples. It’s sort of like sharing, isn’t it?

Latina Cassandra Cruz waits graciously – and then takes a really lumpy helping on her tongue. It looks like white fungus. Yuck. She swallows it without hesitation. After all – she can’t see it. When the camera gets in close – Cassandra actually resembles Bond girl, Halle Berry, the actress (Die Another Day) -- mainly in her sperm swallowing lips. I’ve always wanted to see Halle Berry drink cum, haven’t you? The camera departs by panning across her creamy smooth jugs.

Porn actress (and now director), Joanna Angel, takes two healthy yields, pushes it out on her lips, and knocks it all back. She uses her elbows to squeeze her boobs in front of her – and then says good-bye by showing off her shapely ass. Her unsophisticated accent proves that she’s from -- New York.

Braided blonde, Kinzy Jo, fucks missionary and takes a single serving right behind her teeth. After swallowing, she says it tasted “really good.”

Another flash-in-the-pan, Ginger Lee, eagerly accepts a really thick helping right down the center of her tongue. Earlier, she says, “I want your fucking cum” like she’s ordering breakfast from the counter. She curls her tongue like a banana boat and swallows it all down.

East LA gal, Melissa Martinez, gives her guy a few last strokes in her pussy – but then catches all of his sperm – while still laying on her back. Gee, I hope she doesn’t choke. She drinks it all down like a watery margarita. Muy bien.

In the weirdest cum imbibing -- statuesque Tiffany Rayne talks smack and fucks anal briefly. Her dude then squirts his entire output – on to a fake, plastic phallus. Tiffany then licks it all up – without losing a drop – and then displays the huge serving on her tongue without spilling. Down the hatch. (Oops, wrong studio.) Maybe next time she can take it all in directly.

Brown haired Mia Bangg gets pounded in her backdoor. She catches a huge squirting that lands a little next to her nose. She uses her finger like a squeegee to scoop it all in -- and doesn’t let a single morsel go to waste.

Michelle Avanti lifts her leg like a dog outdoors to show off her pretty, panty covered cunt. She backstops a warm, milky load and swallows most of it.

A young Roxxxy Rush takes one dick up her ass – and the other in her mouth. She kneels to accept two watery gushings – and downs both helpings completely. I’m sure Roxxxy will have a very promising career. (She goes on to make at least 102 other films.)

Spicy Latina, Monica Breeze, takes two shots in her large mouth -- and counts and savors each load -- in Spanish. “Uno, dos. . . “ The second serving is more generous. “Very creamy,” she says in her native tongue. Cute.

Rookie Violet Marcelle takes a single shot and swallows. She licks her dude’s dick afterwards as though it were a giant popsicle.

Victoria Lan, thick-waisted from Ecuador, takes two really huge servings, gargles, swims in it with her tongue, and tosses it back. She has a great smile – and silver rings in both of her nipples. I hate to say it, but her strong ethnic looks – reminded me a lot – of my former housekeeper. I always knew my maid – was a cum swilling whore. Just kiddin’.

When I looked up Victoria’s filmology, I was surprised to discover – that she had actually appeared in at least seventy-one videos. My hat’s off to you, Victoria. Good job. (It’s no wonder that I never see you in my neighborhood anymore.)

The Most Wasted Cum

Busty Brandy Talore opens this video – by crawling in on all fours – and then taking two sprayings across her humongous breasts. The right side boob gets more sperm than the other. She pushes her tits up to her mouth – to lick up just a smattering. But most of it goes to waste. What a bimbo.

Newbie, Alexis Love, accepts two facial and makes no attempt to lick any of it up.

Dana Duval fucks anally when she’s just 18 – but takes it mainly across her visage.

Novice, Jeanie Marie, who looks like Jessica Biel, the actress (Total Recall) takes a facial but manages to get only a few drops into her mouth. She smears it around her face, but doesn’t get any more in. How lame.

Rookie Katalina Linda introduces herself in Spanish. She takes it facially – and even gets some in her eye – which causes her to squint. Hey, cum won’t make you blind.

Latina Lela Star gets it on her face and tits, with just a few drops across her lips. She moans a lot -- but drinks no further. Lazy whore.

Fuchsia haired Katsumi accepts it on her tongue and face. The portion on her cheek looks strangely like -- a giant spermatozoa. Omigod. She swallows what’s already crawled inside -- but spares the rest. Paradoxically, she tries to -- suck more cum out of her dude’s dick afterwards – but rescues none that’s under her eye. Psycho.

Blonde Madison James shows off her pretty smile and ass; fucks while being suspended in air – and then takes a facial mainly up her nose – and manages to swallow some of it. Snort that cum, you floozy.

Sexy performer, Jenaveve Jolie, screws missionary – but then catches the most of two squirtings on her chin – with just a bit finding its way home down her throat. But it’s not really her fault. Both dudes had really bad aim. Jenaveve, in fact, tries to lower herself as a target – but, alas -- to no avail. She even scoops up a lot of it up – but ends up spitting it out on her tits. What a slutty tease.

Foul mouthed brunette, Presley Maddox, talks smack but catches her dude’s production. It’s pretty watery. But, still – she doesn’t let much go to waste. I included her here – simply because (in character) she’s a real bitch.

Exotic Italian-looking, Naomi, fucks anal and takes it on the chin, literally. She just leaves it there as the camera watches her shake her cute ass and traipse away into the next room.

Tall and gorgeously blonde, Lacie Heart, fucks missionary in her pussy – and then accepts a massive output – from a guy who looks just like Jerry Seinfeld (comedian). I kid you not. But when she pushes it forward in her mouth – she ends up pushing it all out. What a dumb broad.

Rookie Myah Monroe with brown hair accepts three creamy yields from black guys. She swallows all that goes in but doesn’t clean up the abundant drippings on her chin.

Busty Ricki White fucks doggy and then kneels to take her dude’s output mainly in the back of the throat. So far, so good. The camera lingers – but Ricki fails to swallow. Cheater.

One-timer Samantha South fingers herself through her clothing – and then takes it on her face and chest, smears it all around -- but fails to get any inside. And you wonder why nobody ever called you back for more work.

Sophie Dee returns for some additional helpings. Two guys feel her up -- and shoot their loads on Sophie’s luscious breasts. She licks up a few drops – but spits them out. Sophie smears the cum around like suntan lotion -- and squeezes her tits together -- but most of it goes to waste. Sophie, I thought I knew ya.

Latin beauty, Olivia O’Lovely, rides a dick up her ass – and takes a huge facial. She then slinks away – as the camera focuses on her shapely butt – this after making little attempt to scoop any of it up. Olivia has wonderful tits. But her ass is so large – that it was almost impossible to see – where the dick went in. Thank God her ending wasn’t an anal cream pie, huh?

I just hate it – when lazy whores – let perfectly good cum go to waste. Don’t you?

Conclusion & Extras

In terms of extras, there’s a video photo album at the end – that allows you to randomly choose each babe’s sperm swallowing segment.

All of the original movie titles – are also listed in the credits, and before each vignette – in case you want to go back to watch the entire scene. (Why would you want to do that?)

Unfortunately, there are no chapter breaks in any of the interludes – so you can’t view just the cumshots – you have to enjoy a little fucking or sucking, as well. Too bad.

My guy also liked this video a lot. But curiously, it took him numerous occasions to finish it. And he always insisted upon watching it – without me. Gee, I wonder why? Use the Kleenex, please.

Guys, I’d only share this video – with your own babe – AFTER she’s taken a few of your loads and liked ‘em. Otherwise – the hidden message might be a bit too heavy-handed. Ya think?

If watching girls drinking cum – is something you might enjoy – “Cum Dumpsters #11” is a video I’d highly recommend.

As a final mention – reviewing this move turned out to be a lot more work than I expected – since I decided to look up each babe – in the ADE (Adult DVD Empire) Pornstar database. Amazingly, every slut in this video was listed. Bravo.

I used to watch a lot more porn in the last decade – but even I didn’t recognize most of these chicks. Doesn’t matter. All I cared about – was how good they swallowed cum. Most were semen swilling fiends.

What’s wrong with girls today? Enjoy.

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