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Cum Catchers (Smash Pictures)

Cum Catchers (Smash Pictures)

Studio: Smash Pictures
Category:  All Sex , Cumshots
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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astroknight's ratings for Cum Catchers (Smash Pictures):
Overall Rating 4 stars
Cum Catchers (Smash Pictures) overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Cum Catchers (Smash Pictures) Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Cum Catchers (Smash Pictures) Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex Cum Catchers (Smash Pictures) Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Cum Catchers (Smash Pictures) Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Cum Catchers (Smash Pictures) DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality Cum Catchers (Smash Pictures) A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by astroknight  on  12/20/2004

The Little Details

Running Time: 141 min.

Production Date: 9 / 6, 13, 18 / 2004, 10 / 1, 8 / 2004

Director: Yani Z

Cast: Ice La Fox, Nyomi Marcela, Kurt Lockwood, Keri Sable, Sativa Rose, Dale DaBone, Jassie, Ariana Jollee, Brandon Iron, Sammie Rhodes, Shay Lamar, Alex Rox, Selena Silver, Elise, and Nick Manning

The Short Story

Initial Expectations: Smash has really been on a roll this year, and has put together one heck of a cast here. I canít help but have high expectations!

Initial Reaction: Itís yummy!

Who Should Watch It : Fans of cumswapping and girl - girl action

Who Should Avoid It: Anybody wanting all barely legal cumswapping

The Technical Stuff

Audio /Video Quality: The technical aspects are nicely done. The audio is normally clear and well balanced, but there are a few areas that give things a slightly hollow feel. The video is also nicely done. Thereís barely any grain and itís very nicely lit with a mix of artificial and natural light. The only problem with the video is that thereís a couple spots where the camera starts to appear on the edge of the screen and a couple seconds where itís a bit blurry.

Music: Thereís a little music during the girl - girl intro that rests nicely in the background. It normally disappears when the guy arrives.

Lack of Disc Complaints: Normally here Iíd have a few comments about little things Smash didnít seem to be doing quite right, like having a funky audio balance or the lack of a time stamp. I normally had a comment there about Smash being a company who really seemed to care about their product and whoís looking for ways to improve themselves so I was expecting to see those things change. Here they change very nicely, with a time stamp, a great audio mix, and kick ass menus. If anybody was avoiding Smash due to those technical things, it looks like they donít have to worry any more. Thank you Smash!

Menus: The menus are very nicely done, and definitely sets a great first impression! The chapter menu combines a bit of animation with several hot shots from the movie. The chapter menu shows even more care. After letting you choose a scene based on a clip from the scene and the names of the lovely ladies in each scene, youíre taken to a secondary menu that lets you choose what part of the scene you want to go to as well as letting you know everybody whoís in the scene. Itís a great combination of a cast listing by scene and a chapter menu!

The Feature

Cum Catchers follows a simple formula. Every scene starts with the two girls getting it on with each other. After they play a bit, the guy joins them. Finally, the guy pops in the mouth of one of the girls and the lets her swap it to her playmate. Sometimes they swallow it, and sometimes they donít.

Scene 1 - Keri Sable, Sativa Rose, and Dale DaBone

Keri starts things out letting Sativa go down on her and spank her nice plump ass at the bottom of a staircase. They continue their play after heading up the stair and help each other strip down as they go. After a bit theyíre joined by Dale, who kisses them and then lets them go to work on his cock orally. Keri does a nice job of taking him into her throat, and Sativa follows her as best she can even though she canít get it all the way in like Keri does. They head back down to a couch where the girls work on Dale a little more before Sativa rides him cowgirl style while Keri rides his tongue. The girls trade places and work in a little more oral before Sativa lays back for Dale to take her missionary style. Keri sits on her face as she gets fucked and then lets Dale fuck her doggie style. Finally, Dale pops in Keriís mouth and then lets her swap it over to Savita, who swallows it down eagerly.

This is a great start to the movie. I love how the scene starts out with just the two girls and then adds Dale in later. I also like how they mix in a little oral and play with each other to break things up rather than just going from oral to fucking to the pop without anything else. They all put some nice energy into the scene and seem to have some good chemistry as well. Yani does a great job with the camera angles, and nicely mixes up well done distance shots with some nice penetration close-ups. This is a hot start for the movie.

Scene 2 - Selena Silver, Elise, and Nick Manning

Selena and Elise start things out in the bathroom with Selena definitely looking in charge and Elise looking more than willing to follow her lead. Selena kisses her way across Eliseís nicely natural body while playing to the camera. She lets Elise work on her undercarriage and slap her ass. When theyíre done playing with each other, they head out to play with Nick who was resting peacefully in a chair. They kiss their way across his nipples before Elise starts the cocksucking while Selena encourages Nickís potty mouth. Selena moves down to help her out before letting Elise have the first ride on Nickís cock cowgirl style. She encourages Elise through it all, and nicely plays with both Elise and Nick as they fuck. They girls head upstairs where Selena waits on a bed for Nick to fuck her missionary style before letting Elise eat her pussy while Nick fucks her from behind. Selena takes another turn, and lets Nick lube up his cock with her pussy juices before sliding it into her ass. She sucks her ass off his cock and then lays back for him to give her more before showing off her gaping talents. Selena also takes a technical DP with Nick fucking her ass while Elise gives her a horsey plug and lets her suck on her strap-on. She even lets Elise turn the strap-on loose on her with the help of Nick for a technical DP. Finally, Nick pops in Eliseís mouth who then of course shares it with Selena along with a kiss. Not surprisingly, Selena swallows it all down before both girls show that itís all gone and seal things with one last kiss.

This is a very hot scene. Selena plays to the camera enough that I can see some people not caring for the scene, but I thought she did it very well and that it raised the scene up a bit for me. I love how the girls first work on Nickís nipples rather than avoiding them, and was really impressed with Elise through the entire scene. She does a fantastic job for this being her first scene, and it becomes even more better when you watch the behind the scenes featurette. This is a darn hot scene, and steps things up a notch from the opening scene.

Scene 3 - Ice La Fox, Nymoi Marcella, and Kurt Lockwood

Nyomi starts out the third scene admiring Iceís booty as she sits on a stool. They strip down and play with each other lightly on the floor with plenty of kissing. They donít get to work on each other too much before theyíre joined by Kurt, and immediately team up to work over his member. Nyomi moves up for the first fuck cowgirl style, and lets Ice watch and play with them a little. Ice takes her own ride before the girls let Kurt fuck them doggie and missionary style. Finally Kurt pops in Iceís mouth and lets her swap it over to Nyomi. They girls pass it back and forth with a bit of kissing before letting it run down over Nyomiís tits.

This was a fairly average scene to me. Part of what didnít work as well here was that the camera seemed afraid of Kurt and showing any more of him than his cock. It does show a few full body shots of all of them, but for the most part I felt that it was being avoided. This makes it very hard for me to get much of a feeling of chemistry, which left the scene feeling a little cold. The areas where you can see all of them are much warmer, but the sceneís chemistry still falls a little short. The scene also lacked a little because there wasnít as much group interaction either. The girls didnít play with each other much when they were getting fucked, and even when it was just the two of them they didnít seem too into each other. Finally, having this being the first scene in the movie to not have the girls swallow held it back a little. This is a pretty average scene.

Scene 4 - Sammie Rhodes, Shay Lamar, and Alex Rox

Sammie and Shay start things off with plenty of teasing around a stairwell and a glass wall. They move on to play with each other a little before heading into another room to take on Alex. Sammie goes right to the knob gobbling while Shay concentrates on a little pleasure for herself and Alexís upper torso. Sammie moves up to let Alex tongue her twat while Shay works on Alexís cock before moving back down to ride him cowgirl style. Shay takes her cowgirl ride reverse cowgirl style before letting Sammie get spooned and then going back for a little doggie. The girls watch as they sit out and eagerly come in to suck off Alexís cock whenever theyíre given a chance or to spank or play with the other very lightly. Sammie also lets Alex take her from behind as Shay watches and diddles herself from the counter, but lets her sit on a stool as he fucks her before he pops on her ass and thigh. Things take a bit of an odd swing as the girls briefly get down looking like theyíre going to suck Alex, but then go back to their original position on the stool and counter. They also move back to the couch for Shay to do a little more missionary work with each of her holes and a little for Sammieís pussy. Finally he pops in Sammieís mouth who drops it down into Shayís where it flows right down the hatch.

This is a hot scene that could have been a little better. On the plus side, the girls and Alex put in some very nice energy and show some nice chemistry as well. The problem with the scene is the pop on the leg and then going back to fucking. Iím all for guys who can deliver two loads in one scene, but here the editing gets a little convoluted. Most of this is due to the girls getting down looking like theyíre about to do their baby bird impression but instead going back to fucking like nothing happened. Those ten or fifteen seconds hurt this scene, but other that itís a great scene. Shay and Sammie do a great job taking on Alex and make this a hot scene despite that problem.

Scene 5 - Jassie, Ariana Jollee, and Brandon Iron

Ariana and Jassie meet in the kitchen wearing similar pink tops and short denim skirts. They work over each otherís tits as they help each other strip down before Ariana moves down to sample Jassieís honey pot. Jassie returns the favor on Arianaís bald beaver before heading into the next room for a little more play where theyíre found by Brandon. He encourages them to kiss before checking out their tits and mouths. Ariana leads the oral attack as Jassie helps before Brandon eats their holes from behind. He has Jassie sit on Arianaís face while she sucks his cock a bit more before he fucks her from behind with Ariana right there to eat both of them. Ariana gets her first fuck missionary style as Jassie holds her legs back before Jassie takes a turn at mish. Ariana goes for the doggie for her second go-round, and not surprisingly lets Brandon ream her rectum. They work her ass over with a dildo as well that Ariana gets to suck clean before popping in Arianaís mouth and letting her drip it down into Jassieís. They kiss it back and forth a little, but Ariana looks to be the only one to swallow any and it ainít much. Finally, the girls finish things up with a kiss.

This is a surprising scene. With both Ariana and Brandon in it I was expecting it to be rough and intense. Instead itís fairly soft and laid back, like Iíd expect from Jassie. Itís a nice scene with good chemistry and some obvious enjoyment, but it suffers a little by feeling slightly held back. I was also slightly disappointed that there wasnít a bit swallow at the end and some of the cum was left just sitting on the floor. Normally Iíd expect Ariana to be right down there on the floor licking it up, and I wouldnít be surprised if Brandonís hand was on the back of her head to keep her down there until she got it all. Itís not quite a hot scene, but it is well above average and very warm.

Cum Catchers is a nicely done cum swapping movie. Selena Silver, Elise, and Nick Manning easily have the best scene, while Ice La Fox, Nyomi Marcella, and Kurt Lockwood fall at the other end with the only average scene in the movie. The sex follows the same formula in each scene, but the movie rarely drags because of it. Some of it is due to some nice chemistry and energy in the scenes, and some of it is due to the camera work and editing. Yani Z does a very nice job keeping things mixed up with camera angles so you get to see everything from the penetration close-up to just the girl getting fucked and the cock to everybody in the scene. Unfortunately that means that the cameras sometimes show up on the edge of the screen, but it only happens a couple times. The only other problem with the sex is that thereís enough swallowing in the first couple scenes that when it doesnít happen in a couple of the later scenes it feels like somethingís missing. Cum Catchers is a hot all sex movie that I canít help but recommend to fans of cum swapping even with a few minor glitches in the movie.

The Extra Stuff

Trailers are included for Camel Toe Perversions, Down Your Throat 3, Legal Skin 15, Stocking Secrets 4, Shitty Shitty Bang Bang, and White Wife Black Cock 3. The photo gallery lasts about a minute and three quarters with roughly four seconds per very nice looking snapshot. Thereís also website information and a behind the scenes featurette.

The behind the scenes featurette lasts about fifteen minutes. It starts out with Nyomi Marcella in the makeup chair and having a bit of fun during her scene. Jassie is next, who talks about her tattoos and poses for her pretty girls before meeting up with Ariana Jollee to start getting nasty. Shay and Sammie follow them up with a little time in the make-up chair and getting ready for their scene before Selena Silver and Elise get their turns. They each talk to the camera a bit with Selena talking about breaking in a newbie and Elise talking about being a newbie. Selena also talks a bit about Adult DVD Talk (thank you Selena!) and shows off her usual charm. Itís a nice behind the scenes featurette that does a good job of showing most everything except the scenes being shot. It makes a nice effort of trying to include almost all of the girls, and the closest thing I can have to a complaint is that they werenít all included.

The Down -n- Dirty Sex Stuff

Themes: Straight, lesbian, group, interracial, cum swapping, swallowing, anal, ass to mouth, DP (toy), and rimming (male > female)

Raincoat Factor: Borderline extreme

Condom Usage: None

The Bottom Line:

Currently, many Smash DVDs can be found online for between $14 and $24 with most stores offering them in the $20 range. If youíre a fan of cum swapping, this one should be a no-brainer at the low end and possibly even worth it at the high end. Almost all of the sex is hot at its worst, and the technical aspects are nicely done. Thereís even a bit of effort put into the extras with a nice behind the scenes featurette. This is a darn good DVD!

Note to Smash Pictures: Itís great to be able to see you continuing to improve your DVDs! Great job landing Yani Z for this one!

If you have any questions or comments, please e-mail me .

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