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Cum Catchers (Smash Pictures)

Cum Catchers (Smash Pictures)

Studio: Smash Pictures
Category:  All Sex , Cumshots
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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bono-ONE's ratings for Cum Catchers (Smash Pictures):
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Cum Catchers (Smash Pictures) overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Cum Catchers (Smash Pictures) Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Cum Catchers (Smash Pictures) Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex Cum Catchers (Smash Pictures) Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Cum Catchers (Smash Pictures) Plot/Acting rating 3.5 stars
Extras Cum Catchers (Smash Pictures) DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality Cum Catchers (Smash Pictures) A/V Quality rating 3 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  12/11/2004
Here we have a title with a pretty good premise going for it. Take two lovely young ladies, have them play a little with each other before a cock is brought in and after some good healthy fucking you have one girl get the load dropped in her mouth and she in turn shares the jizz with her sexy friend. Sound like a plan, let's see how well the folks at Smash executed it.

Keri Sable & Sativa Rose:

This first scene uses quite a nice sized house for it's setting and you watch as Keri and Sativa come together at the base of some winding stairs. Both are clad in skimpy outfits just like you'd want a babe to look for this type of scene! Keri has on a white skirt and Sativa is wearing a frayed blue jean skirt. Sativa is all about feeling over Keri's ass and then kissing her belly and she also gets a quick lick at Miss Sable's pussy with Yani giving us a fine ground shot and this is enhanced further with a fabulous butt shot and ass slap from Sativa. The girls then walk upstairs with us tagging behind so we watch both ass cheeks bounce a bit. Arriving upstairs the girls then slide down to the floor and procede to do some body exploration to the other including breast sucking and some hot pussy licking. You don't see the girl stand up enough to receive their pussy licking like a guy does standing up for a bj so I appreciated seeing this shot and both girls eat the other out this way and they do some nice kissing as well plus some more traditional oral is done when Keri has a seat. You also see the girls have been joined by this point by Dale Dabone and he gets in a few kisses and some breast kissing before the girls tag team his dick with some great POV sucking done as well as a nice side shot of them sucking cock. Sex wise you see the girls head down stairs where they suck him off some more before Sativa gets on for some cowgirl and damn her ass is looking good especially from ground level. Keri also gets on for some cowgirl action and her ass too is one to definitely take notice of. You also see Sativa grinding her pussy over Dales face during this cowgirl loving. Next up is some mish for SAtiva and Keri gets to ride her friends face a little before it's her turn to get nailed this time in doggie and she gets to eat Sativa out, lots of action. To close you see Keri get the pop launched to her mouth and Dale has pretty good aim so enough is left behind to make the swap look decent and the girls do some licking/ twirling of their tongues to close.

Elise & Selena Silver:

Up next we have a popular girl on ADT and as the scene opens we find Selena and Elise in the bathroom and in front of a mirror the girls start to kiss and undress each other. Using a nice floor shot we look up as Selena tastes her frinds perky nipples and some sexy licking down her belly leads Selena to Elise's forbidden zone,hehe. Elise yields quite easily to Selena's touch and Miss Silver talks a little to us as she also checks out her friends ass. Selena also shows off her body and Elise gets to do a little licking to Miss Silvers pussy again a nice ground shot is used. The girls then find their man sitting alone and they figure to give him some,lol. They both kiss over him before moving down to give his cock some lovin and these girls share nicely. As for sex you see Elise get the first ride in cowgirl and what a nice ass she has and Selena is right there to taste the cock when it's pulled out. The trio then head upstairs where you see a great overhead mish for Selena and you can see she has her legs spread pretty wide. Elise also moves her pussy over Selena's face which I'm sure please our Aussie friend. You then see doggie for Elise and Selena moves in front so Elise can lick some more kittie. You want some anal then you shall have it as Selena gets buttfucked in mish with some A2M and there's gaping before they change to doggie anal with a strap on now being worn by Elise. Guess what there is a dp then,lol, in cowgirl for Selena leading to Elise getting the pop and a good load is dropped into Selena's mouth and they kiss some to close.

Ice La Fox & Nyomi Marcela:

Up next we get a great floor shot of Ice's ass with Nyomi right there to shake her girls ass and slap it. Yani gets the shot close when Nyomi gives it a little kiss then the girls face each other as the clothes start to come off. Ice also gets to explore Nyomi's backside and then the girls do some tit sucking and a little kissing also. This g/g play seemed a bit shorter than the other scenes but that's cool as they get something else to play with namely a large hard cock and these girls do know how to share which is very important. You see some nice eye contact from the girls during this bj which saw some POV sucking. I must say Ice does some fine things with her tongue as she sucks on Kurt Lockwoods cock. Sexwise there is a nice reverse cowgirl for Ice with Nyomi riding Kurts face with her pussy. Next there is cowgirl for Miss Marcela with Ice doing P2OGM, damn Nyomi has a nice bootie. Miss La Fox also shows off her nice ass when she rides in cowgirl and then she is nailed in doggie giving us more good ass shots. You then move to a good missionary position for Nyomi and for Ice as well. We end with Ice receiving the jizz and Nyomi takes her spunk then the girls do some shared cum kissing to wrap the scene up.

Sammie Rhodes & Shay Lamar:

Ok, time to oogle at a hot blond, hehe. I am trying to watch as many scenes with Sammie as I can lay my dick, hands on I mean! Here she along with Shay come together at the base of a small flight of stairs and you see both are in short skirts and tops that look easy enough to get off! You see some good floor level ass shots for both and very soon Sammie has lowered her skirt then she gets a taste of both Miss Lamar's tits and then her lips! Unlike another of Sammie's scenes I watched recently this time her awesome boobs are freed quickly and Shay goes right after those fully developed melons. We then see Sammie help Shay out of her skirt and she does a little more breast sucking herself before the girls kiss some for us. Next you see them lean against a glass area which gives a great view of their butts sliding up and down and I liked the quick shot we got of their ass cheeks hanging over the edge just a tad, a small shot perhaps but a pretty sexy one I thought. You then see the girls go and find their cock and soon they are both sucking on it. Both ladies do a good job of knob polishing and watch as Sammie perches her fine ass/ pussy over his face for some licking, ohh I am sure they are many of you out there who dream of that!! Sexwise there is a hot cowgirl for Sammie to lead off and that ass is right there in your face, awesome! We then get some reverse cowgirl for Shay while Sammie lets the guy get another taste of her sweet pussy squating over him once more. Next there is some spoon for Sammie and this gives you just an absolutely perfect shot of her tits flopping about and then it is back to Shay for doggie and Sammie does some dick cleaning here. Next you see some doggie lovin for Miss Rhodes and her pussy felt so good the guy pulls out and pops on her ass and thigh but wait the girls need some jizz to swallow don't they. So we get some more doggie action for Sammie and you can hear how wet her pussy is, pretty good sound I'd say! There is some anal in this scene for Shay in mish and Sammie gets right next to them and there is a pullout and he goes right into Sammie's pussy and shortly thereafter he pops in her mouth with Sammie then sharing the spoils with Shay. They twirl tongues to end this really good scene.

Ariana Jollee & Jassie:

For this last scene we get two cute girls, one of whom I'm totally nuts for, you guess who,hehe. The girls are all smiles as they get a feel for each other with Ariana taking the lead, naturally with some ass exploration. She hovers over her prey,hehe, giving the tushy some soft kisses and then Ariana unleashes her modest but beautiful set of tits and Jassie gets to taste them. Miss Jollee then gets to suck on Jassie's perky nipples and you see some pussy licking from Ariana and a floor shot is used here. Ariana never does anything halfway so she really digs her tongue into Jassie's pussy and you see her fingers do some walking in there as well! The girls then kiss briefly until Jassie is then shown eating out Ariana's pussy. I noticed some shadows here, nothing terrible but it was a small distraction. We see the girls have had their fun with each other so they go for a walk in search of some cock and it's a successful search as none other than Brandon Iron comes strolling into the room. He has the girls do a little thumb sucking before he unleashes his cock and using a fine POV shot the girls go to it and of course Ariana led the way with Jassie doing a good job in her own right engulfing Brandon's rod. The girls then turn their asses to Brandon and he kneels down burying his face in each ass. Next you see Jassie get some solo sucking while Ariana gets under to eat some pussy. Then the girls get in a 69 with Ariana underneath and Brandon gets in there for some doggie action and some P2OGM for Ariana is shot. Then you see Miss Jollee get nailed in mish and a nice overhead shot is used here and Jassie gets to do some dick cleaning at one point. After a brief mish fuck for Jassie it is back to the more animated Ariana for a doggie romp in anal and pretty soon the load is left in Ariana's mouth and the girls swap the splooge and kiss some to close.

Extras & Final Thoughts:

Not a bad dvd, with some hot girls taking some good loads before sharing with their cute costars. The best scene might have been the first one with Keri and Sativa though I thought each scene gave you something to get your rocks off. I think the pairing of girls I would have liked to see most was Sammie and Ariana, wow that could have really rocked the house. Yani did a good job I thought especially with a lot of those close shots during the scenes. As for extras there is a photo gallery, some previews, and I'd check out the behind the scenes just to see if there is more with Ariana and of course those lovely breasts of Miss Sammie Rhodes. An easy rental or purchase recommendation for this title, now it's on to #2. I'd only ask for even more french kissing and more oral before bringing in the guy. I would settle for less scenes if they added more action.

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