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astroknight Cum Bang 3.5 starsCum Bang 3.5 starsCum Bang 3.5 stars
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Cum Bang

Cum Bang

Studio: Dogfart
Category:  Cumshots , Gangbang , Interracial , Oral , Reality Porn
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Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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Sean Renaud's ratings for Cum Bang:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Cum Bang overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Cum Bang Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Cum Bang Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Cum Bang Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting Cum Bang Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras Cum Bang DVD Extras rating 2.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Cum Bang A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by Sean Renaud  on  5/20/2010

Expectations: I’m not sure what to expect here, this is one time when I’m tossing the dice and I don’t really know what to expect. I’ve seen pieces of this showing up on various websites.There is the obvious part where this is going to be black girls being used by a group of white men. I expect this will be degrading, I mean the company name is Dog Fart and the Confederate Flag is part of the title. I can’t imagine that this women are being respected so who knows. This could be bad if it isn’t handled well or it could be stellar group sex. I find a lot of the time that films that only have black girls, or Asian girls or girls with big breasts or any specific look often don’t have the highest quality. With Jada Fire and Stacie Lane there is potential for good here. So I’m hopeful but not expecting.

Scene One: Jada Fire

Jada’s found out that her boyfriend, Wesley, has cheated on her with a little white bitch so she decided that the best way to get her revenge was to fuck eight to nine white “crackers”. The skit is cute but predictable as Jada plays along for the racist rant. The camera man asks if the she knew her boyfriend was fucking a snow bunny because his credit rating starting going up. So that’s how they set the tone. Normally I would be complaining about a six minute skit and this one wears a bit thin (Maybe Jada shouldn’t ad lib) but it was still cute enough that I’m not telling you to lean on the Fast Forward button until she’s got actual cock in her mouth.

Jada emerges in an amazing metallic blue bikini. And she quickly squats down and starts sucking cocks one after the other. Jada makes it look easy. There is enough dialogue that you don’t ever really for get why she got a bunch of guys wearing t-shirts proclaiming them to be Dixie studs who’d take one for the flag. Between her and the studs Wesley is constantly taunted. After a nice blow bang Jada takes several loads. Good scene if you like this sort of thing.

Scene Two: Baby Cakes

The set up is basically the same as Baby Cakes found out her man was cheating on her so she signed up to be covered in cum. Baby claims that she hates cum on her face. She can’t stand it and has never let her boyfriend do it so her vengeance is on Escobar is her appearing on Cum Bang. Again it’s a bit long if you’re not enjoying it. The beautiful Baby Cakes chooses a red bikini for her scene. It’s good for what it is just like the earlier scene there is lots of reminders of why she’s doing this and how her ex fucked up. Damn good cum shot, I’m amazed she could breathe through that much cum. My only complaint is she makes sure not to get any in her mouth. Because of that we don’t get any dirty talk from her at the end.

Scene Three: Angelica Black

Angelica starts off her scene walking down the street complaining on the phone to one of her friends. Then we switch to the guys who are sitting around talking about the previous scene and just shooting the shit. And showing off their little confederate flag socks. Angelica runs us through the same basic motions though she’s some how more convincing and her story has so much more detail to it.

Angelica lets her guys get a little rougher with her as she gags on their cocks, lets them stretch her cheeks and forces her to deep throat until she’s nearly gasping for hair. She’s a talker and personally I like that in a woman. She practically gives us a play by play as their basting her face with semen. I love how she promises to eat the cum then go home and give Tyrone a big kiss.

Scene Four: Stacie Lane

Stacie starts of talking to the camera man who’s trying to get her to let him get a look at her ass. He wants to make a video with her and just to prove his credentials she he shows her one of his scenes from Blacks on Blondes. It turns out her boyfriend was in a scene and didn’t tell her. Her revenge on him starts off almost immediately with an impromptu POV blowjob. The same set of the guys and those socks.

Damn. Just damn. That is the first thing that comes to mind when she comes out in her red mesh top and black garters. Holy shit and hotter than hell both come through too. She’s a loud sucker, constantly slurping and moaning. She’s not afraid to drool, gag and even choke on the forest of white timber all around her. Personal nice touches are she keeps her outfit at least half on the entire scene and her earrings looked great bouncing every time she went down. Fucking A on the cum shot. Just the first two guys plastered her more than seven did some of the other babes. I’ve never seen a scene were we get to watch the girl clean up and give a little bit extra for the skit. It’s funny watching her beg her man to take her back and apologize for sucking white cock when one more load is dropped on her.

Scene Five: Pradah G

Pradah is on the phone with her boyfriend when she hears someone in the background. She finds out that her boyfriend is of course cheating on her. As soon as she hangs up two white guys find her and while their consoling the ebony goddess. They decide to invite her to their nightly poker game. She’s tells her interviewer while she’s changing that she’s determined to get some white cock as the perfect revenge. This time the guys are playing cards, I know they make everything but I had no idea that they made Confederate playing cards.

This is another simply amazingly beautiful woman for this scene and it starts off just like the others albeit a bit subdued. She’s not a gagger or a deep throater. What she is the first girl to let them fuck her. They set her up like a conveyor belt first you get some pussy, then you let her suck you clean and then back in line for another go round. Pradah G definitely earned the complete cum coating she got, Idon’t think there was a dry spot left on her.

Scene Six: Evanni Solei

This time we show up while Evanni and her boyfriend are in the middle of a break up. She’s apparently bored of boyfriend and she doesn’t give a reason why. He practically begs her to stay but he’s too boring. For this pig tailed baby I would get on my hands and knees in public and beg. Anyway she’s the only girl so far who’s not here for vengeance she’s just bored and this sounded exciting to her.

I love this outfit. This damn near the sexiest thing that was ever fucking invented if you ask me. Evannie starts off with the nice line of cocks feeding off them one after another but after a few minutes of sucking cock she gets board and asks. If they’ll fuck her. Of course nobody could ever turn down that offer so they put her on the most obnoxious metal table that squeaks and clatters as they fuck her. This is possibly the best cum shot of the movie, it’s all over, her face, her hair her tits. Damn.

Scene Seven: Nina Devon

Nina is walking down the street talking with one of her boyfriend’s friends. He tells her how her boyfriend was fucking a white chick and of course Nina needs revenge. We find out in just seconds that it was a lie. The guys are sitting around talking and admit the black guys must have caught on so they had to tell a little white (funny right? We’re having fun being racist!) lie.

I don’t like her outfit and she starts off just like all the others. By comparison to other scenes they keep the chatter to a minimum here. It’s a bit shorter than the other scenes but that’s not a huge problem. Holy shit this is another five star cum shot. The scene ends with the guys running away telling Nina that her boyfriend really didn’t cheat on her.

Scene Eight: Melrose Foxx

Melrose is sitting down with a friend of her long time boyfriend. Her boyfriend fucked his girlfriend so this time it’s personal. Melrose gives her interview while she’s getting make up done. It’s still funny enough to laugh about. I think they could do better but really the goal here is to have a fun little skit then get back to what we want.

Melrose does the same routine we’ve seen. She tells her boyfriend repeatedly that this is his punishment for cheating on her and she sucks every dick in the room moving from one rock hard white cock she can find. There is light to moderate gagging, nothing too crazy.

Extras: The extras here are what we’ve come to expect over the last few years. Picture gallery, cum shot recap, trailers and website links are all present and predictable. Of course this film has such amazing cum shots that it’s damn good to have a skip too button. What pushes this over the top extras wise is we get a bonus scene with Bobby Star.

Heading Out: What can I say? I love this shit. If you’re into blow bangs and this is pretty good. It’s not a rough gag fest like many are. Considering how hard they are trying to be racist it mostly comes across as just funny. Every one of these women are drop dead gorgeous so no complaints there. The energy from everybody is great and it’s obvious they are having a good time.
It’s interesting to watch the progression from scene to scene. You can almost literally watch their budget and experience grow from one scene to the next. Sure the skit gets kinda old since they don’t change it up a lot. I hope they eventually change up the skits a little more. Give us the girl who’s paying her man’s debts. The girl whose car broke down at the wrong intersection. Keep it cheesy and fun but mix it up.

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