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Sean Renaud Cum Bang 3.5 starsCum Bang 3.5 starsCum Bang 3.5 stars
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Cum Bang

Cum Bang

Studio: Dogfart
Category:  Cumshots , Gangbang , Interracial , Oral , Reality Porn
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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astroknight's ratings for Cum Bang:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Cum Bang overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Cum Bang Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Cum Bang Male looks rating 1.5 stars
Sex Cum Bang Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Cum Bang Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Cum Bang DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Cum Bang A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
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Reviewed by astroknight  on  4/28/2010

The Little Details

Running Time: 175 min.

Production Date: 1 / 22 / 10

Director: None credited

Cast: Angel Black, Baby Cakes, Evanni Solei, Jada Fire, Melrose Foxxx, Nina Devon, Prada G., Stacie Lane, Arnold Schwarzenpecker, Dick Nasty, Eric Swiss, Mike Hash, Robbie James, Rod Fontana, Scott Lyons, and a bunch of other guys

The Short Story

Initial Expectations: I haven't watched anything from Dog Fart, and am going into this one with a bit of curiosity. Being from the Shane's World group I can't help but have a little hope as well.

Initial Reaction: It won't be for everybody due to it's politically incorrect humor, but I got into the movie better than I would have expected for a blow bang release.

Who Should Watch It : Anybody wanting politically incorrect interracial blow bangs

Who Should Avoid It: Anybody wanting soft and cuddly porn

The Technical Stuff

Audio /Video Quality: The technical aspects are pretty good. This is gonzo porn so there's a little background noise, but most of the release is well balanced and clear. The movie is presented in anamorphic widescreen and looks quite good. The picture is clear, but there are a few areas with lighting imbalances as well as some very noticeable camera motion.

Music: None

Menus: The main menu is pretty basic, and just gives a cover still. The chapter menu nicely lets you choose a scene based on a small clip of the scene, and the name of the girl in it.

The Feature

When black guys cheat on their black girlfriends with white bitches, Cracker Delivery and Cum Bang are there to set them straight. Just one quick call and plenty of white guys show up to even the odds. They don't just sit by the phone waiting, however, and will even do what they can to help random strangers they meet on the street.

Scene 1 – Jada Fire, Arnold Schwarzenpecker, Dick Nasty, Eric Swiss, Mike Hash, Robbie James, Rod Fontana, Scott Lyons, and two other guys

When Jada's man cheat on her she's happy to have a coupon for a free cracker with her call to Cum Bang. She shows up with a suitcase full of slutty outfits that her boyfriend would never get to see her in and soon after comes out in a little bikini to start sucking white cock. Jada sucks and strokes her way down the line of white guys, and lets them surround her and strip her down as she goes. The guys load her face up with plenty of cum as she talks about him having to kiss her face after she's taken so much cum on it. Jada plays with herself as they stroke off onto her, and gets turned on enough that she squirts all over the pillow she sits on as the guys cum on her before the scene finally fades out.

This is a pretty good blowbang. I'm not much of a blow bang fan, but the revenge aspect sets it apart from most other blow bangs nicely, and it actually gives the guys something to work their banter around as Jada sucks them off. As always Jada looks great and shows off some fantastic oral skills that help the movie to start on a high note.

Scene 2 – Baby Cakes, Arnold Schwarzenpecker, Dick Nasty, Eric Swiss, Mike Hash, Robbie James, Rod Fontana, Scott Lyons, and one more guy

Baby Cakes man cheated on her, so she's out for some revenge that includes her first facial. She hates the thought of cum on her face, but hates how her man cheated on her more. She shows off a fantastic rack before reappearing in a sexy red bra and panties. Baby Cakes struts up to the line of guys and happily starts sucking white guys as they rip on her ex. Naturally the guys surround her for her to work her oral magic among their cocks, and they finish her off seeing just how much spooge her face can take as she moans in pleasure at the thought of getting revenge on her ex.

This is another good scene. Baby Cakes is cute with a fantastic body, and she does a very nice job taking on all nine guys. The cameras capture the action very nicely, and the scene moves along at a good pace. There's nothing too new in this scene, but it still works things quite effectively.

Scene 3 – Angelica Black, Arnold Schwarzenpecker, Dick Nasty, Mike Hash, Robbie James, and three other guys

Angelica is none too happy that her man cheated on her, and finding out that it was with a white woman only makes things worse. She definitely wants revenge, and hooks up with the Cum Bang boys to get it. Angelica shows off a few outfits for the camera dude and lets him grope her tits as she finally decides on an outfit she knows her ex loved. Angelica quickly gets down to business sucking Dick's cock when she walks in and sees the first four guys lined up for her while she strokes the next guy in line. She lets the guys surround her to get sucked and stroked, and even encourages some of them to gag her with their cocks. They move into the next room where three more guys are waiting, and Angelica quickly gets back to work working as much white meat as she can into her mouth. Angelica follows up seeing how much cock she can suck with seeing how much joy juice she can take on her face, and continues to urge the guys on as they decorate her black face with their white cum. She makes sure to play with the cum a bit as well as swallowing some down before the scene fades out.

This is another good blow bang. Angelica gets into the oral action very well and makes sure that you never forget that this scene is about revenge with how many comments she sends out to her ex. She takes seven very nice loads on her face, and the action is all very nicely captured. This is another nice addition to the Cum Bang line.

Scene 4 – Stacie Lane, Arnold Schwarzenpecker, Dick Nasty, Eric Swiss, Mike Hash, Robbie James, and a two more guys

Stacie is more than a little surprised when the cameraman brings her back to his place letting her know that he wants to make a movie with her. He shows her a bit of the Blacksonblondes website only to have her find out that her boyfriend was one of the guys in the scene. She has him shut the camera off while she makes a quick phone call to break up with him, and then lets the camera man know that she's going to get back at her ex starting with him. Stacie drops to her knees and pulls him out of his pasts to start sucking his cock. They cut the action short so he can get his buddies together, and soon after Stacie has herself nicely slutted up in a red and black mesh outfit and goes right to work sucking the closest white cock she can find into her throat. She works her way down the line sucking cock and balls while mixing in a bit of stroking, and keeps it up as they make their way into the next room. Stacie even lets the guys fuck her great tits before she takes several loads over her pretty face. Afterwards she talks about feeling bad about how she handled it and begs for her man's forgiveness and begs him to take her back before she takes a little more milk of manesia on her face.

This is one of my favorite scenes in the movie. The opening is nicely different and fun, and Stacie plays it up very well. The scene moves along at a nice pace while being a little longer than average, but the action is just as well captured. This is a hot blowbang.

Scene 5 – Pradah G., Arnold Schwarzenpecker, Mike Hash, Rod Fontana, Scott Lyons, and four other guys

Straight haired Pradah breaks up with her boyfriend on the phone when he starts giving her attitude and she can hear a white girl in the background. Rod and another guy meet her as she's crying on the street and give her a little sympathy as well as a way to get back at him as they bring her along to their poker game. She changes into a sexy little outfit while talking about how she wants to take on as many guys as possible to get back at her ex, and even lets the camera guy play with her pussy and sucks his finger clean. The card game ends as soon as Pradah struts in, and moments later she's stooping down to work her way down the line sucking white cock. Of course the guys surround her to make it easy for her to suck and stroke as much white meat as she can, and Pradah's even rewarded with a little pussy licking from one of the guys as she eats. Not content to just suck cock, Pradah bends over a stool to let the guys fuck her from behind as well. Finally Pradah gets down to take a massive jism baptism as the guys cover her face as well as popping in her mouth.

This is another well done blow bang. Pradah is cute and puts out some very nice vocals and effort taking on the guys. The addition of a little fucking nicely helped the scene to stand apart from the rest, and she takes one heck of a cum glazing while urging the guys on for more. This is another very nice addition to the release.

Scene 6 – Evanni Solei, Arnold Schwarzenpecker, Mike Hash, Rod Fontana, and five other guys

When Mike and his friend see Evanni breaking up with her boyfriend they move in to give a sympathetic shoulder or two as well as letting her know about a place they're heading she might want to head to. They tell the other guys about Evanni before deciding to get things started. Evanni tells the cameraman about how boring he was and shows off her great natural body, as well as letting him know that she's only been with one guy at a time before this. She shyly struts in wearing a sexy black, white, and grey outfit and drops down to suck the first guy while giving him plenty of great eyes. The other guys move around so she can stroke them while she starts sucking her way around, and she lets them help her strip down as well as play with her pussy. The guys even break out a stool for her to bend over when she offers to let them fuck her, and quickly start taking turns on her from behind while she continues to suck whatever cock is in front of her. Finally, Evanni gets down on her knees to play with herself while encouraging the guys to spew their seed all over her face, which they gladly do.

This is another good scene. Evanni is cute as can be with a killer body, and does a fantastic job taking on all eight cocks. It was nice to see the opening formula played with a little with her being the one going after white cock instead of making it all about revenge, and there's something about her that kept a slightly innocent and fresh feeling throughout the entire scene. It was also very nice to see a little fucking mixed in, both because it gave the movie a touch more variety and because blow bangs are so hit or miss for me. This is a good scene that has me hoping to see more of Evanni in the future.

Scene 7 – Nina Devon, Arnold Schwarzenpecker, Dick Nasty, Mike Hash, Robbie James, Rod Fontana, Scott Lyons, and two more guys

While chatting with Nina walking down the street, Rod lets Nina know that her man went off the deep end and started fucking a good looking white chick. Back at the house Rod lets the guys know that he told a white lie so that she thinks that her boyfriend cheated on her and will be willing to come over to have some fun with them. Moments later Nina's showing off for the cameraman as she talks about wanting revenge, and soon after she's on her knees in a sexy outfit sucking and stroking the first white cock she finds. She works her way down the line before moving into the next room where she takes on all eight guys. After a bit more sucking and stroking she happily has the guys start stroking off on her face. Dick moves in to play with her pussy as she takes some of the spunk on her face before Rod finally gives Nina her new shirt, lets her know that her man wasn't really cheating on her, and runs out the door.

This is yet another enjoyable scene. Nina is cute with a very nice body, and puts out a great attitude seeing how much white cock she can take. Her enthusiasm for the facials is exceptional, and although some of the other girls might have taken more cum on their face I don't think any of them can compare with how well Nina took it. This is yet another scene to work very well for me.

Scene 8 – Melrose Foxxx, Arnold Schwarzenpecker, Dick Nasty, Eric Swiss, and three more guys

Eric starts the final scene letting bottle blonde Melrose know that she caught his man with another woman. She doesn't want to believe it, and gets insulted as well when Eric pulls out her ring telling Melrose that he wanted him to give it back to her. Naturally Eric knows how she can get back at him, and calls the guys together to let them know what's going down. Melrose tells the cameraman about how hurt she is before she reappears in a sexy red outfit and quickly gets down to start sucking white dick. Melrose works her way down the line sucking and stroking cock, and lets the guys fuck her tits a bit as well. After sucking and stroking her way around them a while longer Melrose lays back to play with herself and have the guys nut all over her face.

This is a good final scene. The revenge schtick isn't bad, and the scene gets to the action pretty quick. That said, the scene as a whole seems much shorter and I was surprised when it was over as quickly as it was. Thankfully Melrose still takes the cum nicely, and it helps the movie to close on a strong note htat's at about the same level as the rest of the movie.

Cum Bang is a hot interracial blow bang release that definitely won't be for everybody due to it's extreme political incorrectness. There's definitely two aspects to this release, and due to how different they are I'll cover them separately. First there's the blow bang aspect, which the Dog Fart guys do very well. Every girl takes on plenty of cocks, and every one of them does a very good job taking them on with some of them really excelling at it. There's never a shortage of cum, and there isn't a single girl that appears the least bit cum shy. Blow bang fans should find plenty to love with Cum Bang, and being a fan of black women with white guys I was drawn into it a bit more than I am with most other blow bangs.

The other aspect of the movie is the political incorrect aspect, which is where Cum Bang might lose a few people. If you think everybody needs to be treated like you're still in first grade where we're all to talk nice to each other, never hurt anybody's feelings, and all that other crap, this isn't going to be your movie. There's plenty of jokes made about black guys and playing into racist stereotypes that's bound to offend some people while amusing others. I'll confess that I was amused for the most part, and some of that was due to how obvious it was the guys were going over the top and doing it tongue in cheek. Even the girls looked to be having fun with it, and there were times the girls had a hard time keeping a straight face because of it. That said, some of the humor also got pushy and old. Yes, the guys are wearing Dixie flags on their shirts and socks, but I really didn't need to have the camera pan around for what seemed like minutes to show the guys playing around with their socks because it has a small Dixie flag on it. Some of the humor in Cum Bang left me quite amused, but a bit of it got old and left me wishing the movie would have been a little shorter.

Overall, Cum Bang is a well done blow bang release. It definitely sets itself apart from the rest of the blow bang releases out there, as well as most of the interracial porn out there. It has attitude and humor, and just as importantly it has plenty of hot girls seeing just how much population pudding each of them can take on their face. Cum Bang won't be for everybody, but it has me looking forward to more of what Dog Fart is going to put out.

The Extra Stuff

Trailers are included for Gangbang Her Little White Thang, Thrilla in Vanilla, Watching My Mommy Go Black, and Interracial Gloryhole Initiations. The photo gallery lasts about six and a half minutes with about six seconds per very nice looking snapshot. There's also cumshot recaps, internet information, and a bonus scene.

Bonus Scene – Bobbi Starr, Jason Brown, Rico Strong, and two other black guys

The bonus scene comes from Gangbang Her Little White Thang. Bobbi starts out doing a bit of palm reading on one of the guys and lets him know that she sees a white girl in his future and that he and three of his buddies will soon be filling all of her holes. He wants more information on this girl, so she leads him into another room where three more guys are waiting who seem to have the same future. Soon after the guys are stripping her down to worship her body as well as breaking out their cocks for her to eagerly suck. Bobbi eagerly sucks, strokes, and throats her way around the four cocks, and keeps her mouth and hands busy as they guys start to take turns fucking her from behind. The guys make Bobbi all the more happy by thumbing her shitpussy, slapping her ass, and spanking her as they fuck her, and soon after she's impaling her ass on black cock reverse cowgirl style with another black cock pummeling her pussy. She even sucks her ass off the cock before laying back for a bit of missionary style anal attention that lets her show off some great gapes. There's even a little cum that drips out of her asshole before Bobbi gets down on the floor to play with her holes and have the guys cum in her mouth and on her face. Naturally, Bobbi swallows as much of the cum down as she can, and does her best to make sure that she gets every last drop.

This is a darn hot interracial scene. Bobbi does a fantastic job taking on all four cocks with all three of her holes, and looks like she enjoys every last moment of it. The opening has a nice playful touch to it, and although the action is a bit on the extreme side it never seems that bad due to how much Bobbi seems to be enjoying herself. I had very high hopes for this scene due to Bobbi's past work, and she easily met my expectations. This is a very hot scene.

The Down -n- Dirty Sex Stuff

Themes: Straight, interracial, oral, group, blow bang, squirting, and gang bang

Raincoat Factor: Very high

Condom Usage: None

The Bottom Line:

Currently, many Dog Fart releases can be found online for between about $16 and $28 with several stores offering them for under $20. If you're a fan of blowbangs with black girls taking on white guys, this one should be well worth your money. There's always plenty of cum, the girls are enthusiastic, and the revenge aspect helps to set this one apart from a lot of the other releases out there. The technical aspects are above average, and there's even a touch of effort put into the extras thanks to a hot bonus scene. This release left me fairly well surprised and looking forward to checking out some of Dog Fart's other releases.

Note to Dog Fart: I know the racial humor and revenge aspect here won't work for everybody, but it's obviously tongue in cheek and nice to see that you're not always going to play by the rules. It's also nice to see you putting some good effort into your overall release.

If you have any questions or comments, please e-mail me .

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