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bono-ONE Culos Gigantes 3.5 starsCulos Gigantes 3.5 starsCulos Gigantes 3.5 stars
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Culos Gigantes

Culos Gigantes

Studio: Mercenary Pictures
Category:  Anal , Interracial
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , ,
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picman's ratings for Culos Gigantes:
Overall Rating 3 stars
Culos Gigantes overall rating 3 stars
Female Looks Culos Gigantes Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Culos Gigantes Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex Culos Gigantes Sex rating 3 stars
Plot/Acting Culos Gigantes Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Culos Gigantes DVD Extras rating 2.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Culos Gigantes A/V Quality rating 3 stars
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Reviewed by picman  on  6/5/2007
Culos Gigantes
Prologue In keeping with the rest of the industry, Mercenary Pictures has handed a camera to male talent. In this case, Spaniard Marco Banderas. He, in turn, sets his sights on big booties. Some major asses fill the screen, including the voluminous back ends of Katja Kassin, Luscious Lopez, Olivia O'Lovely and Sydnee Capri. Prime real estate in that foursome. Ariel Alexus has a killer body, and Cherokee has some nice thickness. Whoever Marco has enlisted to help him with these ladies has their work cut out for them, and I'm looking forward to the show.
Chocolate lover's delight, Ariel Alexus looks smokin' in purple net top, bottom and knee highs. Her body is perfection as she shows it from a few angles. After some solo tease, she walks past manservant Marco, who is covered only in a towel around his waist, and holding what looks like a tray of rose petals and pitcher of milk. Ariel peels her clothing off seductively at the edge of a bathtub, then motions for the tray, dropping the petals into her bath. She steps into the two inches of water and awaits Marco, who detowels and pours the milk over her jutting glutes. Ariel shakes and flaps her moneymaker sensually as the dairy invades her lovely folds. Marco rhapsodizes about her ass in Spanish, but Ariel's phat pussy has me forgetting about my cholesterol problems and wanting to feast. Cut to Ariel with a mouthful of hard cock. Marco fiends on her tight as a drum ass while Ariel bobs on his knob, then mounts the pussy from behind, giving Ariel Spanish lessons along the way. She knows a little herself, asking if he likes it, and ordering him to tell her. Balls deep in her juicy pussy, Ariel lends a hand. Marco almost cums and Ariel responds with "Que Paso?" Standing doggy with leg raised, then standard doggy on a couch. Ariel's snatch is soaked and Marco pulls out to spray her butt with premature splooge. The pressure is off and he digs back in. Ariel wants fast strokes, her ass painted lewdly with his babies. P2M leading to CG. Ariel rides it like she means it, giving Marco a bounce that must have had his spine tingling. More P2M, and a ball sucking bj before remounting in RC. Ariel's prominent clit sticks out proudly as she impales herself on the big cock. She has the kind of lips that define snatch, and that's what they do on the upstrokes as seen from behind. After some serious power fucking by Ariel, they roll into spoon, and she's fishing for compliments. Marco's effusive in his praise, and insistent with his strokes. Now Ariel's praising him. Cut to side entry, her smooth, round cheeks almost filling the frame as he pokes and prods the hot fuckhole. Doggy on the floor, Ariel's pussy extremely wet again. She wants him to cum on her face and kneels for the tribute. Marco manages a decent second pop that decorates her mouth area and tits with her saliva contribution dribbling down.
Great chemistry, and almost all of the conversation was kept in Spanish, which was cool. Ariel looked magnificent, and fucked as good as she looked. There was some hot lighting in the early parts of the scene, but it evened out eventually. Good opener.
Loads of great ass tease on a stairs as Katja Kassin and Cherokee put their estimable moneymakers on display. They also have a pair of the prettiest pussies on the planet, and Marco gets to watch them warm up before joining. Fishnets rule again, Katja in orange and Cherokee in black. Marco's horn makes its way out of his pants for the girls to play sweet music on together, working in maddening tandem. Katja climbs the cock in CG and really lays the ass down on him right away. P2OGM for Cherokee as Katja shakes her hot slit in Marco's face. Cherokee takes a ride. She's tight and wet, with an ass that looks like it could crack walnuts. P2OGM for Katja, of course. Heavenly torture for Marco as Cherokee works herself out on his stiffy. Both girls suck him clean, then a cut to doggy for Katja as Cherokee licks her snatch and fingers the hot clam, as well as tasting cunt juice from the cock. Marco busts a nut on Katja's ass and Cherokee tells him he's not finished as she and Katja clean him up a little for round two. RC for Cherokee, who has herself a little orgasm as Katja cheers them on. She gets a quick second one as her hand flutters along her clit, leaving Katja to suck her hot juice off of Marco's cock. The greedy bitch gets back on for more, even though she's a bit sensitive from the orgasm. Katja finally gets back in the game with a doggy pronging, standing with her torso turned toward Marco. Cherokee just points her ass at the couple and masturbates, then gets her head in there to lick genitals. Doggy for Cherokee, fucking back at the cock with Katja's help. They're determined to draw more nut juice from Marco, who pulls out to drip a load into Katja's mouth. She shares with her friend in a sweet cum kiss and post pop head for Marco.
The girls are hot and make Marco struggle to survive. The two pops a scene appears to be planned, but it really takes away from the final load, especially since that's the one the girls are going to play with. Great views of two terrific asses, but the video goes hot again in some parts.
Bootiful Sydnee Capri starts her tease wearing a pair of frayed Daisy Dukes and green mesh undies. She shakes that sumptuous ass and slowly reveals more and more of her nicely cushioned body. Marco accosts her on a daybed with Lexington Steele right behind and tenting his pants. They're all over this sweet thing, then poking her welcoming throat with prodigious hardons. Sydnee's really into this, and even seems to have broken a light sweat from the tandem bj. They put her on the rotisserie with Marco taking first pussy in doggy. Merry go round gets Sydnee a taste of her cunt, and Lex's cock has her rockin'. Cut to CG on Marco, Sydnee bouncing happily on the hot rod. Lex moves under her with Sydnee's ass quaking from the deep penetration. Hard pounding from underneath almost has Sydnee overcome, but she gathers herself enough to make an impressive meal of Marco's dick. Cut to doggy with Marco. He reams that phat pussy and Sydnee seems to be cumming with regularity at this point. Lex takes his place as she goes onto the spit again. Another cut has Marco preparing to dick Sydnee up the ass doggystyle. No point in being gentle as Sydnee expresses her pleasure on Lex's happy cock getting mouth love from her DSL's. A2M as Lex lines up her sphincter, but another cut with Sydnee sitting on him in CG anal. She's totally immersed in this as they put on a nice show and pick up steam by the second. Sydnee treats Lex's cock pretty roughly, almost breaking it as she loses control, then sucks both dicks before setting up in CG for the DP, Marco going rectum. Everybody's moaning from this bit of immorality, Sydnee in her debauched glory and the guys feeling like they've discovered a piece of heaven. Cut to CG on Marco, and Lex completes the DP in her ass. From the sounds of it, I don't know who's more ecstatic, Sydnee or Marco. RCA on Marco with Lex feeding her mouth while she plays in her twat. Lex fills the fuckhole for another DP, albeit a short one. Marco gets in some nice ass fucking toward the end and Sydnee slithers off his cock to prepare for her hard earned cum. She opens wide and Lex fills her mouth cleanly, but Marco scatters all over her face. "It was so good" is Sydnee's appraisal.
Having watched Sydnee from her first scenes as a willing but tentative performer, I can honestly say that I think she has thrived in porn, and found herself sexually. Nothing here is forced or contrived. Everybody is having fun and there's a threeway chemistry working that's very unusual. When Sydnee says "I fucking love it" as the two big cocks grind her insides, the rapture comes off as very real, and equally exciting. This was a wonderful scene.
Continuing in the pear shaped bonanza, Luscious Lopez, wearing an orange bikini, walks out to a pool carrying a drink, with Marco waiting on a lounge chair. She does a quick strip for him and takes an erotic dip, putting on a show for the Spanish pussy hound, and getting her culo gigante nice and wet. He leads her into the house for some slap and tickle. After a quick grope, Luscious gets to her knees and uses Marco's cock to clear her throat. She sits on his cock in CG and really starts to put her ass down on it, P2M, more CG, then some aerial fucking. Latin passion abounds as they carry on a dialogue. P2M, then doggy, with a scissors variation that Luscious especially likes. She gets that dreamy, slit eyed, well fucked look as Marco digs her out, then goes prone as he pumps and fiends on her monumental ass. P2M, Luscious paying a little too much attention to the camera. RC, pounding and swirling. They roll into spoon, which Luscious finds very satisfying, then side entry. P2M again, then standing doggy. Marco sprays her ass with his babies and Luscious rubs in the motion lotion, taking a taste as the scene fades.
This scene was cut too short and definitely needed anal. There seemed to be a great deal of passion, but also too much posing by Luscious.
Olivia O'Lovely has a stripper pole to work out with. She's a big girl, and inspires big passions. Her vinyl outfit of pink corset and black bra and panties adds to the effect as she does a private dance for Lex. He makes his way to the stage with a handful of bills and starts buying his way into her body. She's all business, but assures him she's worth it. Olivia crawls into Lex's lap when he's out of money, then sticks her ass in his face. Her bra is long gone, and now she peels her shorts off to give Lex access to her little slice of heaven. He kisses and kneads her phat ass in divine worship, then spends some time on her tits as she rummages around in his pants for the pussy pleaser. Olivia gives herself a few whacks with his belt, then does some worshipping of her own as his hard cock makes its way into her mouth. It's beginning to look like Lex made a wise investment as Olivia slicks up his staff, sitting on it in CG. Her body swallows up the monster cock as Olivia works to satisfy some deep needs that not many men could hope to satisfy. Lex explores the rarely reached territory and has to fight to control himself. He picks her up and lays her back down for mish, taking a taste of the sweet clam before proceeding. Long, deep pumps have Olivia straining, but loving it. Lex does his version of P2M, then ruts like an animal. Cut to side entry, Lex's cock super slick with Olivia's juices. Back to mish, Olivia spread wide open with a leg on Lex's shoulder. She sets up in doggy and teases him with her ass flapping while he lubes some more. She has to restrain him, then he has to restrain himself as he gets in her guts. Finally giving up and letting him have at her freely, Lex can't contain himself anymore and pops on Olivia's face.
All too often, I see Olivia being fucked by guys who disappear inside of her. It's good to watch her take on someone with size, like Lex, and watch her spectacular body get worked. Nice scene.
Epilogue There's a lot to like in this video. The female cast is diverse in a way I can really appreciate. If they had gotten Mika Tan it would have been like a rainbow coalition of asses. Big butt afficionados will certainly rail against the inclusion of Ariel Alexus, but really, look at this woman's stunning body. One thing about Mercenary is that Lex follows his own muse when it comes to casting, even when it pissed off his business partners and made distributors edgy. More power to him for it. I liked this cast, and the tease was terrific. I think it came up short in the first couple of scenes when Marco popped earlier than I would have thought he would, continued to fuck to pop a second time, but didn't pick up in intensity with the initial pressure taken off. Just a short anti-climactic encore. The scene with Luscious Lopez just plain came to a premature end. She was rockin' and ready for more. On the other hand, Sydnee Capri put on the kind of uninhibited show I've grown to expect from her. She was sexy, hot and nasty. In a cast of big butt anal divas, Sydnee was the only one to deliver the whole enchilada, and she did it in style. Olivia O'Lovely closed things out with Lex taking up residence in her womb. No big surprise that the best scenes were the ones he performed in. Mostly good action. Just rarely great.
The Disk Fetish menu, BTS, photo gallery and trailers. Except for a couple of exposure problems early, the video was well shot.
Recommendation Makes for a good rental. If you're as big a Sydnee Capri fan as I am, it's a must.

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