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Cuckold Honeymoon 3

Cuckold Honeymoon 3

Studio: Venus Girls
Category:  All Sex , Fetish , MILF
Released on: 
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astroknight's ratings for Cuckold Honeymoon 3:
Overall Rating 2.5 stars
Cuckold Honeymoon 3 overall rating 2.5 stars
Female Looks Cuckold Honeymoon 3 Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Cuckold Honeymoon 3 Male looks rating 2.5 stars
Sex Cuckold Honeymoon 3 Sex rating 3 stars
Plot/Acting Cuckold Honeymoon 3 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Cuckold Honeymoon 3 DVD Extras rating 0 stars
Audio/Video Quality Cuckold Honeymoon 3 A/V Quality rating 3 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by astroknight  on  2/6/2013

Running Time: 71 min.

Production Date: 4 / 15 / 2012

Director: None credited

Cast: India Summer and some uncredited guys

Audio /Video Quality: The technical aspects barely make it past the average mark. The audio is decently balanced and free of background noises but nothing special. The video is presented in a mix of anamorphic widescreen and the full frame format that works pretty well. It's nothing special, but isn't too bad for a fetish release.

Watermark Warning: Some of the scenes have a watermark that appears in the corners. Although I don't know of anyone who likes a watermark, I fully support studios who feel that they need to use a watermark to protect their product if it's done right. Sadly, the watermark here is not done right. Not only is it fairly large, it comes and goes throughout the movie drawing attention to itself and away from the main action through the movie as well as being fairly large. This is not the way to do a watermark, and I hope that The Venus Girls either stops using them in the future or learns how to do them right.

The Movie: Cuckold Honeymoon 3 collects six scenes featuring the hot brunette MILF dominating her worthless man.

Scene 1 - India Summer and a guy

Cum on Hubby's Houseboy's Chastity starts with India in a red bra and panties along with red topped back stockings ringing a bell for hubby to bring her a drink on a table held in his mouth as he crawls up to her. She enjoys her drink as the scene cuts to her torturing his caged cock slapping and stretching his balls and jerking his cock against the restraints of its chastity cage. India continues to talk down to him as she works a magic wand around her pussy until she cums, and then works it around his balls. India tortures him a little more before the scene finally fades out without her allowing him to cum.

Scene 2 - India Summer and a guy

India starts the next scene in a black and white panty set with black stockings enjoying a sucker and letting her man know that Mommy's been out getting fucked good before having him worship and clean her feet. India continues to tease him with her feet before stroking his cock with them. India continues to stoke her man's cock with her feet while holding her sucker and talking down to him. India continues to talk down to him after an editing cut and lets him know how lucky he is to have her attention as she strokes him before finally granting him release over her gloved hand.

Scene 3 - India Summer and a guy

The next scene starts with India's man busting over her hands as she strokes him before returning to her stroking him. India continues to stroke him while enjoying a fag, and continues to give him plenty of dirty talk as she strokes him and blows smoke over his cock and balls. Finally the guy busts in the air as well as over her hand.

Scene 4 - India Summer and a guy

Hubby Houseboy's Bad Cock starts with India sitting and ready a book wearing a black bra, white panties,and red topped black stockings as she rings for her man. He quickly arrives wearing a clear cock cage, and India tortures him teasing him through his cage as well as with the key to his cage before freeing him from his cage. She strokes his cock while continuing to read her book before wrapping a rag around his cock and stroking him while giving him a bit of dirty talk. India gives him another chastity device in the form of a metal cockring and continues to stroke him while refusing to give him permission to cum. India chastises him when he finally cums in the rag she was stroking him with, and gives his cock a good squeeze while reminding him that he doesn't have permission to cum and how it's a bad cock that deserves to be tortured.

Scene 5 - India Summer and a guy

India starts out Cow Milking Hubby's Chastity ringing a bell and having her man come up and get on all fours for her to present his pathetic ass to her. She strokes his caged cock and balls before working on his balls with a magic wand. Finally India lets him cum in her coffee.

Scene 6 - India Summer and a guy

India starts out You Cum Only When I Say stroking her man and giving his balls a bit of attention. She also gives him a bit of dirty talk and smokes in front of his balls before the scene cuts out.

Cuckold Honeymoon 3 is a pretty disappointing cuckold release. I say this as someone who's enjoyed cocktease and cuckold movies in the past rather than a newbie. India Summer does a nice job with the cuckold and cocktease aspect, but not only does the editing often leave the scenes choppy but it also kills much of the mood in the scenes. The release also feels largely like a "Best of India Summer" release, as it never really addresses the husband or honeymoon aspects that the title puts forward, in addition to never really seeming like top notch scenes. With the track record I've had with both Venus Girls and India Summer in the past I went into Cuckold Honeymoon 3 with high expectations, but I came out more than disappointed.

The Extras: None. There isn't even a photo gallery.

Condom Usage: Some

Final Thoughts: Even as a fan of cocktease movies, it's a rental at best.

Note to Venus Girls: Giving credit when it's due is always a good thing, even when it's cuckolded guys being given the credit.

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