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Cuckold Encounters 2

Cuckold Encounters 2

Studio: Trashy Pictures
Category:  All Sex
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Starring: , , , ,
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LoveCuckPorn's ratings for Cuckold Encounters 2:
Overall Rating 3 stars
Cuckold Encounters 2 overall rating 3 stars
Female Looks Cuckold Encounters 2 Female looks rating 3.5 stars
Male Looks Cuckold Encounters 2 Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Cuckold Encounters 2 Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting Cuckold Encounters 2 Plot/Acting rating 3 stars
Extras Cuckold Encounters 2 DVD Extras rating 0 stars
Audio/Video Quality Cuckold Encounters 2 A/V Quality rating 3 stars
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Reviewed by LoveCuckPorn  on  12/18/2008
Hello there porn fans... This will be my debut review here on adultdvdtalk. I have read many reviews here that were extremely informative and very helpful over the years. So I have decided to give back by doing my very first review. I am a big Cuckold porn fan and I really enjoy interracial porn. Well onto the review.

Cuckold Encounters 2 - No Respect
Trashy Entertainment 2006
Directed by : Jeff Phucksum

Starring, in order of appreance :
Scene 1 = Jen Stefani & Nat Turnher
Scene 2 = Lauren Kain & Richard Mann
Scene 3 = Sara Jay & Rod Diesel
Scene 4 = Harley Raine & Richard Mann

Scene 1 :
Jen Stefani & Nat Turnher

Blind Date

The scene opens with Jen and her husband at home sitting on the couch each with a drink in hand. Apparently it is their 2 year wedding anniversary and hubby has made dinner reservations. Jen informs her husband that she's made other plans, she has invited Nat Turnher over. Hubby tries to convince her that this is their special night and they should be spending it together. Jen sits her drink down, straddles hubby (both fully clothed) and tells him that he shouldn't bitch so much and that technically they will be together tonight. Hubby then reluctantly asks his beautiful blonde wife, "So what do you have in mind ?". Cut scene to Jen sitting on the couch, long beautiful legs crossed wearing only a white corset and white pumps. Hubby on the other hand is hand cuffed to a chair in the middle of the room, pants and shorts at his ankles and a black mask completely covering his head and face. A knock at the door and Jen gets up to greet her guest. As she slowly walks passed her bound hubby to answer the door, we get a glimpse of hubby's tiny little limp dick and realize why she needs a BIG BLACK COCK in her life even if it is on the evening of her wedding anniversary. She answers the door and before it shuts Jen and Nat are standing, kissing just off to the side of hubby who is turning his head trying to see what this man is doing to his lovely wife. Jen almost immediately goes for Nat's crotch , rubbing his cock through his jeans as they kiss and grind for a few seconds. She takes Nat by the hand and leads him to the couch. As she leads him to the couch, Nat stops in his tracks and as if he hadn't noticed the little naked white guy cuffed to a chair, points at him and asks Jen in kind of a joking way "who's that?" She tells Nat "Ignore him it's just my husband". She giggles and pulls Nat to the couch. The camera is now angled right behind and off to the side of hubby so we can get his POV as Jen is rubbing Nat's cock through his pants, she looks up at her hubby and asks or I should say tells him "introductions aren't neccesary are they ?". He obediently shakes his head NO and Jen proceeds to pull Nat's pants off. As soon as she pulls his cock free from his pants, she's on it. She feverishly blows him and sticks that great ass up in the air for Nat to slap and grab at. She really seems to enjoy herself while she's blowing him and uses one hand to cup and rub his balls. She tries to take him deep a few times but without any of that quacking gagging shit (DAMN I really hate that shit !). She moans and groans throughout the blow job and really seems to get herself excited. At one point during the blow job Jen looks up at her husband and asked him if he likes watching her suck Nat's BIG BLACK COCK and to add insult to injury she tells him that he could never compare and that he is FUCKIN pathetic. By this time the camera has pulled in tighter on the two as Jen continues to devour Nat's cock. Overall a very descent blow job scene. Cut scene to Jen on her back on the couch, legs spread eagle and she is still wearing the corset and pumps. Nat eases his cock into her pussy and slowly starts fucking her. Several different camera angles are used in this position,. After a few minutes of missionary Nat pulls out and sits back down on the couch. Without missing a beat Jen sits up and mounts Nat, pulling his cock to her pussy herself instead of waiting for Nat to do it for her. She slides his cock into her pussy and starts riding Nat hard. Her ass looks great in this position and the contrast between her pale skin and Nat's dark skin is really nice. She bucks and rides him for several minutes and then decides to turn around in reverse cowgirl. Jen makes a few comments to Nat, mostly about how big his cock is and how great it feels in her pussy. She also manages to throw a few insults and derogatory remarks at her husband while she is enjoying Nat's cock. There are a few really nice camera angles from behind hubby while Jen is riding Nat in cowgirl and reverse cowgirl. Cut scene to in my opinion the best part, Nat behind Jen fucking her pussy very hard in doggy. She seems to be fucking back just as hard as she thrusts that great ass back onto his cock and meeting him half way. Again a few different camera angles here including the husbands POV. Right before Nat cums he really starts letting Jen have it from behind and she just can't seem to get enough. Nat pulls out and Jen spins around to catch his cum in her mouth and face. She looks a bit awkward here as she tongues and tries to mouth the tip of his cock while he is cumming. Not the best cum shot but the rest of the scene more than makes up for it. A little post cum head and cut scene to Jen sitting on her still cuffed and hooded hubby's lap. Cum still fresh on her face she kisses him through his black mask, she thanks her cuckold hubby and tells him that this was the best anniversary present ever.

Overall not a bad scene and Jen does a great job of staying in character.
3-1/2 out of 5 stars

Scene 2 :
Lauren Kain & Richard Mann

Bum Fuck

The scene opens with Lauren Kain and her husband cruising in their SUV. Lauren is behind the wheel and hubby, is appropriately riding shotgun. Apparently the couple is having marital problems and we catch up with the two in the middle of a heated argument. Counseling, Family and even a priest cannot help the couple according to Lauren. Her hubby makes the mistake of putting in his two cents and tells her that she hasn't been much help either.......Tires screech and the car comes to a halt. She orders him out of the car and drives off. The next scene is Lauren driving alone in the car wiping tears from her eyes. She pulls the car over to gather herself and collect her thoughts. She convinces herself that their failed marraige is not her fault and while talking to herself in the rear view mirror she also says she is going to fuck the first man she sees and that she is going to love it. A few quick scenes of hubby walking down the sidewalk alone and Lauren driving slowly through an industrial alleyway. That's where she spots a bum (Richard Mann) sitting in the alley. She exits her SUV and approaches Richard. There is a nice shot of her slowly walking down the alley in her tiny black dress and tall black pumps. When she reaches Richard he asks her if she's lookin' for somethin' ? Lauren says she thinks she has found exactly what she's looking for. Cut scene to the inside of a small warehouse and just her luck there is a mattress on the floor with sheets and everything. The roll up door closes and the two kiss for a minute as Lauren rubs Richard's cock through his pants. She then kneels down on the mattress in front of Richard and helps him out of his pants as he stands in front of her. Not much of a reaction from Lauren as she pulls Richard's foot long cock out of his pants and sets if free, which was a bit disappointing. She slowly strokes his cock and begins to blow him. There is a really nice shot from above as she sucks his huge cock and we see her still in her little dress and pumps with that great ass pushed out. After a minute or so of watching Lauren on her knees sucking Richard's cock, cut scene to hubby still walking down the street alone. Next scene is Lauren standing before Richard who is now laying on his back on the mattress. She does a quick little tease before she gets between his legs to lick the tip of his huge cock which he is now slowly stroking. She sits up and removes her dress but the black pumps stay on. She gets right back down between his spread legs and continues to suck his cock. When she decides she's ready to mount him, she pulls herself on top of him and puts his cock inside of her pussy. After only a few moments of riding him she lets Richard know that he is so much better than her husband. Cut scene to hubby outside of the warehouse where he has found the SUV but where is his wife. Back to the action and Lauren has turned around on top of Richard riding him reverse cowgirl now. This is where you can see how big Richard really is and Lauren looks great riding him. After only a minute she turns back around a rides him cowgirl again. She then falls back onto the mattress with his cock still in her pussy and Richard gets on top for some missionary. She cums in missionary after a few minutes, he then takes her pussy side saddle. After a few unenthusiastic lines from Lauren like "oh yeah" and "fuck me", she is back on top riding his cock cowgirl. Cut scene to hubby outside the warehouse, he approaches the roll up door and can hear his wife moaning and groaning and begging "deeper". Hubby looks determined to find his way in and find out who's fucking his wife. Back to the action and just like the first scene, the best part. Lauren is face down ASS up as Richard pounds her pussy froggy style. She seems a little bit more into it as he drives his huge cock into her hard. Richard is now ready to cum and Lauren is again kneeling before him while he stands. She suck his cock (No hands) and Richard is ready to blow his load. He jerks his cock and Lauren looks up into his eyes as she rubs her great tits. She tilts her head back and Richard cums on her chin and mouth. We actually see a little smile from Lauren as she takes his cock into her hands and slowly strokes him after he has cum. Well by this time hubby has found his way into the warehouse and walks up on Lauren and Richard as she is still on her knees stroking his cock. Well fucked and her mouth covered in cum (still holding and stroking Richard's huge cock), hubby only a few feet from the two, he looks at his slut of a wife and says "Well I see you finally found what you were looking for". Lauren never says a word and she never takes her hands off of that BIG BLACK COCK as she glares at her husband.

Not too great of a scene although Richard Mann really tries his best to make it one. Lauren Kain is a fucking knockout blonde with an amazing body but she just did not seem into the scene.
2-1/2 out of 5 stars

Scene 3 :
Sara Jay & Rod Diesel

No Comparison

The scene opens in the foyer of a home as Sara Jay walks into the shot carrying a black trash bag. She opens the front door and throws the bag outside closing the door behind her. Cut scene to Sara crawling around her bedroom gathering her husbands clothing scattered around the bed. She is wearing a mini skirt , tight mesh top and tall black pumps. Rod is sitting on the bed relaxing and watching Sara as she works. As she does this she is bent over on all fours sticking that huge ass up in the air as she looks under the bed for more of her husbands belongings. She sits up and her huge tits have popped out of her shirt. Rod calls her over to him and tells her he is going make her forget all about that white boy. She rubs his cock through his pants and proceeds to help him out of his clothes. She blows him for a few minutes while on her knees as he sits on the edge of the bed. Cut scene to outside the house and a car slowly pulls up the driveway. Back inside Sara is still kneeling down on the side the bed blowing Rod. We then find out who the stranger in the car is and you guessed it, it's hubby. He walks to the door and sees the trash bag full of his things that Sara threw out. He tries his key in the door but with no luck, apparently the locks have been changed. Back to Sara and Rod inside and after a brief titty fuck while Rod lays on his back on the bed we cut back to hubby sneaking his way around the back of the house to figure out what's going on. Sara is now riding Rod's cock cowgirl. Hubby has made his way around the house and as he passes the bedroom window, he looks through and sees his wife riding a HUGE BLACK COCK. Sara then switches to reverse cowgirl which only lasts a minute or so. She's now on her back with her legs spread wide as Rod fucks her in missionary, He then takes her side saddle and we cut to a very upset hubby pounding on the front door. Sara is now back on top of Rod and she is distracted by the pounding at the front door. Rod who is bare ass naked and still hard, answers the door. Shocked to see this, hubby pushes passed Rod and into the house to find his wife. Sara walks into the foyer wrapping a robe around herself and after a few exchanges of horrible, horrible acting between the three, Rod lets hubby know that he does not compare to him. Sara tells hubby to get the fuck out and she and Rod head back to the bedroom. Back in the bedroom Rod is now fucking Sara doggy style and she really seems to love it. Back to hubby in the foyer gathering his things, he can hear his wife being fucked in the bedroom as her yells and groans echo throughout the house. Well hubby lets his curiosity get the best of him and he goes to check out the action for himself. He slowly sneaks into the bedroom doorway and watches his wife being hammered from behind by Rod. She notices him watching and taunts him a bit about it. They fuck doggy style for a few more minutes and then Rod takes her again in missionary and then back to doggy. Rod then cums in her mouth as she eyes her hubby still watching in the doorway. With her mouth still dripping in cum, she walks over to hubby and he tells her that maybe they can work something out. End scene

This scene had great potential but it ended up being the worst of all of em'. I can't figure out what it is about Sara but I don't particularly care for her scenes. To her credit she does have a great thick body, an amazing ass and huge tits. She always seems to enjoy the sex in her movies but this scene just didn't do it for me.
1-1/2 out of 5 stars

Scene 4 :
Harley Raine & Richard Mann

Sexual Therapy

They save the best scene for last. We open up on Harley Raine and hubby walking up a flight of stairs and into the office of therapist Dick Long (Richard Mann). There to greet the couple is Dr. Long's secretary played by Raven Black. She asks the couple to fill out some paperwork and tells them that the doctor will be with them shortly. A few seconds later she lets them know that the doctor is ready to see them and that they can go right in. Cut scene to the Harley and hubby meeting Dr. Long and they all have a seat in his office. The couple is sitting on a couch across from Dr. Long who has taken a seat in his chair. Harley hands Richard the couples paperwork and starts to tell him that she is not being fulfilled sexually. She also informs him that they have been married for three years and that the last six months things have really been bad. Hubby sits up and tells the doctor that he thinks he knows what the problem is but that it's a little embarrassing to admit. Dr. Long then asks the couple what their biggest issue is and Harley tells him that size is without a doubt their biggest issue. With that said, hubby covers his face with his hand and is obviously very embarrassed. She giggles and tells him to stand up and show the doctor what she's talking about. Hubby refuses and Dr. Long then asks hubby if he has any issues with their marriage. He tells the doctor that he is completely happy with their sex life but he knows she is not and that is why they are there. Harley says that they are on the verge of divorce and that she will do anything to save their marriage. Dr. Long then tells the couple that there is a new convtroversial treatment that has shown great results. He then asks hubby to please step out of the office for a minute so he can speak to Harley alone. He gets up and walks out to the waiting room. Dr. Dick Long takes a seat on the couch next to Harley and says he knows exactly what she needs. He takes her hand and places it on the crotch of his pants. Harley does not object as she starts to rub his cock through his pants. In fact she seems quite willing to do anything she can to save this marriage. Richard sits up on his knees and Harley starts removing his pants. She has to almost rip the band of his underwear to pull his huge cock free. Once she frees his cock she slowly strokes it and admires it's size. She tells the good doctor that this is exactly what she has been looking for. Harley starts sucking Richard's cock as he removes the rest of his clothing. He is now laying back on the couch and Harley has removed her top. She continues to suck his huge cock passionately as she kneels in between his spread legs. She stands up and we now get a glimpse of her huge beautiful tits as she quickly removes her skirt so she can get back to sucking Richard's cock. Still wearing her G-string, she once again kneels between his legs and sticks her ass up in the air. This is a really nice shot of the two in this position and Harley Raine looks sexy as HELL !!!! At one point she lets go of her grip on his cock to lick his balls and Richard's cock lays back onto his stomach almost reaching his chest. Harley then licks him from his balls to the tip of his cock as it lays on his stomach. The blowjob lasts for a couple of more minutes and then we see hubby pacing back in forth in the waiting room. Back to therapy session with Harley and Dr. Long. She is now on her back and Richard is pumping his cock in and out her pussy. They only stay in this poistion for a few seconds before Richard lays on his side behind Harley and really starts letting her have it. She throws her head back and really seems to be enjoying herself. She grabs at and rubs his balls and cock off and on while he pumps away at her pussy. Cut scene to Harley now on top riding Richard cowgirl, a few different camera angles in this position and then Richard stands up from the couch and holds Harley up as she continues to bounce on his cock. After a minute or so Richard lays her back down on the couch and takes her in missionary again. Cut scene to hubby still in the waiting room and he asks Dr. Long's secretary "Does it usually take this long ?". She tells him that he is very good at what he does and offers him a cup of coffee while he waits. Back inside and Harley is being drilled again side saddle. Harley looks so sexy being fucked in this position as she rubs his balls and cock. Richard is now fucking Harley doggy style hard and he is ready to cum. One last shot of hubby in the waiting room and he's now had plenty of time to finish his cup of coffee. Harley is on her knees in front of Richard and he is stroking his cock while he holds her hair back with his other hand. He cums in her mouth and strokes himself off until Harley takes his cock and slaps it against her cum covered tongue and chin a few times as she looks into the camera. Cut scene to both fully dressed and Harley buttoning her top as she thanks Dr. Long and tells him that was exactly what she's been needing all along. She walks into the waiting room to her husband and he asks her how it went. She lets him know that she thinks everything is going to be ok and that she has setup appointments once a week for the next four weeks. End scene.

Easily the best scene. Harley is so fucking sexy and she does a great job of staying in character. Harley and Richard seemed to click and had really good chemistry together.
4 out of 5 stars

Summary :
Trash Entertainment has recently produced a few decent cuckold theme movies. Their early stuff was a bit amateur but they now have some pretty good quality cuckold movies. The one complaint I have about Trashy is that they use the same footage in a scene but from a different camera angle and try to stretch out the scene a little. It's not really a big deal. Now, the first scene really wasn't bad and followed the whole cuckold theme without going too over board. The second scene was ok but like I had said Lauren really didn't seem very much into it and it was more of a cheating wife theme than a cuckold theme. The third scene was full of horrible acting which kinda of ruined it for me but to Trashy's credit it did follow more of a cuckold scene. Last but not least, the fourth scene was great and because of Harley it is the best scene of all. I liked the idea of hubby standing right outside the room unaware that his sexy wife is being fucked by their black therapist. The only thing that would have made the scene better is if hubby would have been forced to sit there and watch a real man fuck his beautiful wife. Overall the movie was pretty good and for the most part it followed a cuckold theme.

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