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Crush: Falling Hard (Arena)

Crush: Falling Hard (Arena)

Studio: Arena
Category:  Gay
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Netguy's ratings for Crush: Falling Hard (Arena):
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Crush: Falling Hard (Arena) overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Crush: Falling Hard (Arena) Female looks rating 0 stars
Male Looks Crush: Falling Hard (Arena) Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex Crush: Falling Hard (Arena) Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting Crush: Falling Hard (Arena) Plot/Acting rating 3.5 stars
Extras Crush: Falling Hard (Arena) DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Crush: Falling Hard (Arena) A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by Netguy  on  10/16/2005

Remember your first crush? I sure do, a guy I met at college, whom I adored, and had one of my best sexual encounters with, but unfortunately the feelings weren’t mutual and we soon parted ways. But I digress. Mike Esser’s, “Crush: Falling Hard”, tells that simple tale.

With a fine, heartfelt love song over the menu selection, and a fantasy orgy scene over the credits, I knew this was going to be good. The orgy scene is complete with sucking and fucking and goes on even after the credits are over, with a musical background it’s a nice tease of what’s to come. I knew this was going to be good!

Coverboy Darren Harker, blond, pierced, and hung acts as the narrator and begins with him speaking directly to the camera telling his tale of love, life, and loss. His story begins one night at a sauna where he was just about to settle down with a young, blond twink before spotting a dark haired hunk down the corridor, Lee Miller, on the cover. The two kiss and caress one another in the shadows of the sauna. Lee goes down on Darren’s big cock and does a fine job of blowing him before it ends with Darren finishing himself off. He shoots a nice load across his chest.

In between the next sex scene we see various shots of the two of them having dinner, talking on the phone, and conversing by their friends to the camera. In a dialogue from Lee he says he was never looking for a lover, and the sauna isn’t where you go to find one, and so on. Although it’s not that long, the “filler” seemed to bring the story down a bit and I began to get anxious for some more man action.

After a night at the movies, they end up back at Darren’s and continue a night filled with passion and sex. Darren slaps his cock against Lee’s face before fucking it. Lee does an admirable job of sucking him and as Darren straddles his face he tease Lee with that big rod and balls as Lee plays with himself. A bit of slapping and punching is interspersed throughout their lovemaking. Lee eventually ends up on his back and gets a rimming before Darren shoves his cock deep inside him. Some quick edits and camera special effects are thrown in here and there but don’t distract from the action. Lee in painful ecstasy takes every inch and end with them fucking doggy style before Darren lets loose a wad all over Lee’s ass crack. Lee doesn’t get off, yet again, and if this is how their sex life goes, I can see why things didn’t work out.

The next day Lee sends Darren an email telling him they should just be friends, which throws Darren into a tailspin. More of Darren’s friends tell their points of views to the camera including the young, adorable Rory Lester, with whom Darren hooks up with at a club after the initial break up. Some more fast editing as the two shed their clothes and being a lustful night of hot, steamy, sex. Rory lies back on the bed and lets Darren suck him and then the two sit up and stroke each others cocks. Rory’s eager to please and takes a turn going down on Darren, his big, pouty lips lapping away at that big, uncut cock. Some nice cock play, Darren straddles Rory’s face and gets rimmed, and Rory gets face fucked, Darren’s balls swaying with each push. I was hoping Rory might do the fucking, but it’s the other way around, but its exceptional. Darren fucks him missionary style, Rory’s legs wrapped around Darren’s waist, as he slowly penetrates him. It’s a great fuck and continues with Rory sitting on top of Darren, riding him face to face. Rory ends up on his knees and continues to get pounded by Darren and once again, Darren jerks himself off onto the back of his partner. Rory lies back and jerks himself off and lets a nice heaping load spew forth from his thick cock.

Rory speaking to the camera, tells us he thought Darren was a great guy and he thinks Darren might be interested in him, but that’s not what he wants. He then goes on to tell of how Darren and Lee are always hanging out and wonders if they’re leading one another on. Various shots of Darren and Lee wondering the streets of London, shopping, having lunch, and so on. Lee talks to the camera and says he really likes Darren but he just can’t commit to anything.

Darren is off to the gym with his friends and among the various cute patrons he hooks up with a real cutie, Ross Barr. Ross is thin, closely shaved blond hair, a few tattoo’s, and a nice cock to round things off. They end up in a large whirlpool and both take turns devouring one another’s cocks. They go back to Darren’s and after a brief suck session, Darren finally takes it up the ass and Ross fucks him all over the place. It’s a nice contrast as this cute twink fucks away at a much bigger stud. Darren legs in the air, cock in his ass, jerks off, and Ross cums as well but neither seem to shoot much and it was hard to see. A bit disappointing to say the least.

Meanwhile, Simon Parrott, Darren’s flat mate, has picked up a trick of his own at the gym, Alan Clemo. Both are young and hung with Alan being dark haired and Simon a strawberry blond. Nice to see some diversity and isn’t featuring Darren this time. The two are insatiable together and its easy to see they’re quite enjoying one another. Plenty of kissing, caressing, and sucking takes place against a techno music filled background. Alan’s a bit soft at times but that doesn’t stop Simon from going down and getting it fully erect once again. Some nice 69 action and rimming and more continuous sucking. These boys just can’t get enough cock down their throats! It ends with Simon lying down jerking off with Alan kneeling above him. Simon gets off then Alan showers him with cum.

Rory at this point has found a new interest. Bastian, a goateed, pierced stud with a muscular build and some nice abs. In a blue lit bedroom they get down and dirty with Rory starting things off by giving head. Some nice close-ups of Bastian getting Rory’s cock all nice and wet with his mouth. These two are by far the best, each rock hard, great cocks and asses and are just a perfect pairing. They take turns fucking one another’s faces, rimming, and just tons of sucking. It ends with a great shot of Bastian jerking himself off and blowing his was onto Rory’s face while Rory jerks himself off at the same time. Really hot! The music during their fuck session was even good.

I take that back, I like the next scene even more! After Rory and Bastian fucked around Darren is back in front of the camera and can’t get over that those two got together. He also seems to be in the porno business and says that his one night stand, Ross, seems to be eager to do a film. In a fantasy segment, Darren imagines his two loves, Ross and Lee getting it on. Now these two are hot! Set against a black background is a large bed where we find Lee who is already going down on the boy toy Ross. They two tanned bodies lying across the sheets with Lee’s head bobbing up and down as he sucks away is just really hot! Ross stands and as Lee lies back Ross fucks his mouth before fucking his ass. In some great shots from high above we get a nice look as Ross fucks Lee. With Ross half kneeling he fucks Lee and as he continues to stay inside him, he leans over and sucks Lee. After a brief bit of this, Ross throws Lee’s legs in the air and continues a more rigorous fucking. Ross fucks him all over the place and in just about every angle before they both climax, Lee shoots as he rides Ross and then Ross jerks off and covers his belly with some sweet juice.

The film ends with Darren realizing that crushes never last and although he had some good times with Lee he realizes the only real one for him is his partner, George Lecuit. George returns home and the two immediately strip and get down to business. George has a nice slender build, a tad hairy, and is a hot little performer. He gobbles up Darren’s dick, kissing and licking his chest inbetween sucks. Darren reciprocates and works over George’s nicely curved cock. They take in some nice cock play and 69-ing. George sits on Darren’s face and as he gets his ass eaten out, he lathers up his dick with some hand lotion and strokes his cock and lets a nice load out onto Darren’s chest while Darren gets off too.

It ends with Lee explaining how their friendship was the best thing to come out of it and then fades back into our initial fantasy orgy with titles explaining what all the boys are currently doing, and who they’re doing.

Mike Esser has delivered a superb DVD with 8 hot, hung, studs with some great performances. The filler in between segments and some of the camerawork may be off putting to some, but overall its really not that bad. The audio soundtrack is good and is quite a bit better then some. The DVD extras feature the standard gallery, bios, and included is a bonus scene featuring Pedro and Adam that is quite good as well.

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