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Cruise Collection 26: Ethan In & Out

Cruise Collection 26: Ethan In & Out

Studio: Jake Cruise
Category:  Gay

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Joe Shaver's ratings for Cruise Collection 26: Ethan In & Out:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Cruise Collection 26: Ethan In & Out overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Cruise Collection 26: Ethan In & Out Female looks rating 0 stars
Male Looks Cruise Collection 26: Ethan In & Out Male looks rating 4 stars
Sex Cruise Collection 26: Ethan In & Out Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Cruise Collection 26: Ethan In & Out Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Cruise Collection 26: Ethan In & Out DVD Extras rating 2.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Cruise Collection 26: Ethan In & Out A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
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Reviewed by Joe Shaver  on  12/9/2006
Jake Cruise is a roly-poly guy (probably in his 50s) who persuades young studs to go on camera with him so he can suck their cocks and fuck them. Films such as these fuel viewers’ fantasies because we think if they would do it with Jake—they would do it with us. I had never seen any of the Jake Cruise Collection (as they are called) but the young stud on the cover looked highly edible so I got it and popped it in the player.

The young stud here is known only as Ethan. We learn he is 22 (in 2004) and does something on web sites. He stands there looking somewhat skittish as Jake introduces him. Jake removes Ethan’s shirt to reveal a smooth swimmer’s build. When the pants are removed and Ethan’s cock is revealed, it is already at its full 8 inches. Naturally, Jake gives it a suck.
With Ethan now lying back on the bed, Jake undresses the hot lad and sucks on his toes. (From his head to his toes Ethan is a delectable piece of flesh candy.) Now we are often told that straight guys don’t kiss; but when Jake—after nuzzling chest and neck—moves on to the lips, Ethan reciprocates (despite Jake’s moustache and goatee). Jake goes back to sucking dick until Ethan explodes.

The second scene is entitled “Ethan and His Toys”. Starting with a tiny ribbed and tapered dildo, Ethan proceeds to insert various “toys” up his butt. Jake is smart enough to let Ethan do the insertions in his virginal ass. The tiny ribbed model is followed by a somewhat larger blue model with which Ethan—on his knees and bracing himself on the other hand—fucks himself. The final progression is with Ethan on his back with a dildo that looks like an average dick. He has a bit of trouble with this one, but the game lad does manage to get an inch or so where no man has gone before. Jake helps matters by sucking on Ethan’s never-flagging cock. Ethan shoots a hefty load. He winces when Jake gives a few more sucks to the now-sensitive cock. There’s no cum left in there but there’s plenty on Ethan’s chest and belly. Jake licks this up.

For the final stage here of Ethan’s evolution we find him paired with another young stud—known appropriately as Dick. Left alone, they face on another in a tentative embrace and share tentative kisses. Dick removes Ethan’s shirt. Dick is obviously the more experienced. Ethan follows Dick’s lead. He removes Dick’s shirt. Dick has an ultra smooth torso with nice pecs. Dick sucks on Ethan’s nipples. Ethan seems to find nourishment on Dick’s highly suckable pecs. When Dick lowers Ethan’s pants, the outline of an engorged cock can be seen in Ethan’s briefs. This clues Ethan to lower Dick’s pants, so he does. They fondle one another’s stiffies though the underwear. Dick lowers Ethan’s briefs and the cock springs free. Dick’s dick is also revealed to be in a horizontal position. Ethan has taken the clippers to his pubic hair and is almost bald there. Dick’s dick springs out from a healthy black bush.
Dick sits on the end of the bed so that the standing Ethan’s cock is level with his lips. Dick opens his mouth and swallows Ethan down. Ethan grabs Dick’s head and face-fucks him.
It’s soon Ethan’s turn to sit on the end of the bed and go down on Dick. Slowly and tentatively, Ethan allows the turgid rod to pass between his lips. His sucking is uncertain as he begins, which befits a neophyte cocksucker. But he is soon into it and doing quite a remarkable job. (I had great trouble not cumming here!) When this phase is over, we hear someone off camera say, “That was hot!” (That was putting it mildly.)
Lying amorously together on the bed, the boys get in the 69 position for more cocksucking. Dick, on top, lowers his cock into Ethan’s mouth while he goes down on Ethan’s upstanding member. After a bit they switch with Ethan on top and Dick on the bottom.
Following the 69s, Dick sits down on Ethan’s cock. The fucking continues in the doggy position and sidesaddle. It is in this last position that Dick’s dick erupts. Ethan then lies back and spanks the money until it spits. (I had cum long before.)

In the course of three scenes we watch Ethan’s sexual progression. He does everything but bottom and that I understand occurs in the film “Ethan Bareback”. (When this kid decides to bottom he obviously goes all the way and you can be sure that film is in my future viewing.)
This was the first of the Jake Cruise Collection that I’ve seen, but it definitely won’t be the last. Why is seeing straights go gay so stimulating?

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