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Cream Pie For the Straight Guy 5

Cream Pie For the Straight Guy 5

Studio: Devil's Film
Category:  Cream Pies
Starring: , , , ,
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rainingcrow's ratings for Cream Pie For the Straight Guy 5:
Overall Rating 2.5 stars
Cream Pie For the Straight Guy 5 overall rating 2.5 stars
Female Looks Cream Pie For the Straight Guy 5 Female looks rating 2.5 stars
Male Looks Cream Pie For the Straight Guy 5 Male looks rating 4 stars
Sex Cream Pie For the Straight Guy 5 Sex rating 2.5 stars
Plot/Acting Cream Pie For the Straight Guy 5 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Cream Pie For the Straight Guy 5 DVD Extras rating 2 stars
Audio/Video Quality Cream Pie For the Straight Guy 5 A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by rainingcrow  on  11/7/2008
Ok, so lets start with the first thing you see after popping in the dvd, the menu. Very basic with typical music and a shot from the cover of the package...
there are 4 kind of let down trailers
a scene selection option, and a photo collection. suggestion, don't leave it to repeat long, because the same music is gonna start all over again when you hit play.

upon the start of the first scene you notice a few things very quickly. 1. the video is going to be crisp, well lit, digital,
2. the lighting is going to be stark and sterile 3. you're going to hear every step, creak, and background noise there is.

The "set" is one of those big extremely sterile modern mansion, complete with stark white walls, glass banisters and tables etc... and while the scenes move from room to room throughout the flick, you never escape the confines of the mansion that decorating forgot.

she's average looking. He could be replaced by anyone who can grunt like king kong and mutter oh yeah a million times.

ok, so the first scene features nothing notably interesting, no dialogue other than a bunch of eventually comical "oh yeahs"... way way too many returns to totally uninteresting uninterested blow jobs... nothing about it is sexy, or intriguing. 9 minutes in and i'm yawning as much as the girl seems to want to. they never look comfortable, they never look horny. It drags on way too long and repetitively, i actually thought he was about to cum at least 4 times before he finally did, and her orgasms seemed so fake that its sad. Meanwhile things like the creaky sofa banging against the wall become increasingly distracting. we do get some nice views with the camera work though (throughout he whole movie) closeups of inner thighs and delectable looking pussy can make your mouth water despite being otherwise bored.

fortunately the saving grace for scene one is the from the cumshot forward. she moves straight up to straddle his face and he actually seems to finally be involved in something as he slurps his cum from her pussy... but then suddenly and quite awkwardly, she stands up and walks away as the scene cuts...

girl is more attractive immediately, but the garish magenta hot pants are laughable... but shes got on some black fishnets too and she actually does a nice bit of a strip tease... she's extremely milky white with freckles and soft pink where it counts. from the first ten seconds this girl is believably aroused, and starts to finger herself as if she's doing it for her, not someone elses pleasure. she fingers her ass and then licks her fingers then fingers it some more, and i found that quite hot.

by the time the guy is even visible she looks horny and hungry for cock, but her blowjobs skills still manage to tease in all the right ways. there is a bit of actual speech at last where the two interact like the first couple failed to.

before any fucking even starts it gets interesting, she fingerfucks herself while she gives him head, and then full on spits all over her hand for lube before returning it to her hot waiting snatch... then she gets him to suck her pussy soaked fingers, right before movign into a wonderful 69. this guy seems to not only love pussy, but knows how to work the clit, all the while face fucking her at a pace she can barely keep up with.

when the first fucking starts her tits noticabley sway back and forth beautifully as they talk dirty to one another. Another minute and we realize she's a moaner, a screamer, and somewhat acrobatic.

she gets spanked pretty good while riding cowgirl, and her white skinn turns pink from the slaps, which she not only enjoys but request harder.

he start fingering her ass while the fuck and I'm impressed. then its a full on rodeo fuck as he stands up pulling her feet off the ground and slams his cock into her... youd think theres little room for improving these two, but then we get reverse cowgirl anal, and lots of personal swelling. positions change up a few times but he finally lets loose cumming into her ass, and its great. she stands over his face and drips his cum back into his mouth before pressing her cheeks over his face as he sucks the remainder out... the finish isnt strained or forgotten it just fades out perfectly... I would keep this dvd for that scene alone


I started out with hope as I saw tia sweets beautiful rounded ass covered by full botoom panties... but then she lifts her skirt to see the saloon frills on them and I hung my head a little... and her nails.... press on acrylic nails drive me nuts, there is no way I can take this scene seriuosly anymore...

anyway, during the blowjob she looks bored out of her skull, and again during the sex... there is a scene where he rims her ass, and I like that so I perked up a little...

The cumshot fires all over the outside of her pussy and he hoovers it off, but nothing could save the scene by then.


so memorable I can only say two things in recollection... She had a freakin zit on her ass cheek, and he was heavily tattoed



ooh love the long brown hair and the makeup. she looks whorish enough to be an expensive hooker... thats kinda hot... but why the hell is she licking all the freakin kitchen aplliances, i get the part where shes dumpin water on herself, but licking the door of the fridge??? wtf?

the guy looks like a square jawed marine, but it's ok, he's fuckable enough. ooh her voice is sexy, deep and confident... shes making all sorts of effort to make sure he knows what she wants... this chick would make one great dominatrix!!! and she clearly enjoys sex in general... mmmm the creampie is nice and everything, but as she demands he lick it out I'm getting hotter... all in all it ends well at least.

OK well that was the last scene... I would say two and a half out of five were decent or above so I'll rate the dvd by that... but if I were to rate scene 2 alone it would be a 4.5

The movie delivers with its promise for each guy to consume his own load, but its far from first rate stuff... so I say average.

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