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Cream Pie For the Straight Girl 2

Cream Pie For the Straight Girl 2

Studio: Devil's Film
Category:  Cream Pies
Starring: , , , , , , , , ,
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Aaryanna's ratings for Cream Pie For the Straight Girl 2:
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Cream Pie For the Straight Girl 2 overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Cream Pie For the Straight Girl 2 Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Cream Pie For the Straight Girl 2 Male looks rating 4 stars
Sex Cream Pie For the Straight Girl 2 Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Cream Pie For the Straight Girl 2 Plot/Acting rating 4.5 stars
Extras Cream Pie For the Straight Girl 2 DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality Cream Pie For the Straight Girl 2 A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by Aaryanna  on  11/7/2008
Nice Kissing, Pussy Eating – and Gooey, Creamy White Cum Ingesting

This is an older episode of one of my favorite Devil’s Film series entitled, ‘Cream Pie for the Straight Girl 2.’ As background, this is a good ‘foreign’ and ‘amateur’ release featuring attractive two-girl threesomes (my favorite) where the babes drink their man’s delicious cum as it oozes out of their girlfriend’s tight pussy or ass hole. In this case, it’s mainly the latter.

This installment is also nice for several other reasons. First, it features the beautifully buxom Barbara Summer in the opening segment. Two, because the girls are allowed to kiss, undress each other seductively, and lick each other’s twats in most of the scenes. And third, because of the outstandingly thick, gooey and creamy white cum that’s nutritiously served and ingested throughout this marvelously delightful film.

Don’t get me wrong. The sucking and fucking are also good. But as a babe myself, nothing often times gets my own juices flowing as swiftly as watching two women making love before their dude arrives.

And in case their gent feels threatened, nothing will more quickly reassure him of the girls’ underlying heterosexuality than watching them hungrily capture and share his manly seed after he climaxes. (Hey, guys are easy.)

There are five enthralling vignettes. Here’s a brief synopsis.

Barbara and Sabrina

The opening scene finds the gorgeous Barbara appearing with another blonde babe named Sabrina. They walk in hand-in-hand as Barbara begins to seductively undress for the camera and Sabrina follows her lead. Barbara eases the spaghetti straps off of her shoulders to reveal her wondrous pair. Sabrina is also no slouch in the boobs department as she earnestly squeezes her own set to prove to us that they’re real.

The girls push down skirts -- and bend over to reveal their barely thronged asses – which they shimmy out of as well. They sit side-by-side on the sofa, with knees out while playing with their pussies.

Barbara, overcome with desire, is the first to lick her partner’s snatch. Sabrina does likewise after first stopping at Barbara’s nipples. The girls quickly switch their attention to their dude’s dick when it arrives, with Barbara taking the first sucks. The girls’ pink eye shadow and pretty pink tongues nicely match the color of their dude’s swollen dick head.

Barbara does some nice deep-throating -- before both girls loving suck his cock – and let it fuck them in their pussies from above and below. It’s always a treat whenever Barbara bends over to mouth his pole -- since it gives us the chance to ogle and be entranced by her nicely swaying breasts.

As she rides him, their dude effortlessly switches his dick from Barbara’ cunt to her anus. Barbara hardly seems to notice. But Sabrina appears to definitely prefer the change in flavor -- as their dude repeatedly goes back and forth between fucking Barbara’s gaping hole and Sabrina’s gaping mouth.

Barbara has a gorgeous ass, so watching her getting impaled back there is highly pleasurable and never monotonous. When I go to heaven, I’m going to ask for an ass as beautiful as Barbara’s so all of the guy angels will want to fuck me there for the remainder of eternity. Hey, I can dream, can’t I?

Sabrina gets her ass reamed face-up from behind -- to show off her pink and swollen cunt. Barbara takes her place moments later to give us an equally pleasant view.

The girls finally kiss and moan softly while doing so -- when Sabrina takes it doggy from the rear in her anus. Sabrina has a very modest sphincter, as it always closes up tightly whenever her dude withdraws, so no gaping holes for her.

As the climax approaches, Barbara parks her face beneath Sabrina’s twat which makes it easier for Barbara to suck their dude’s dick a few last times before he explodes. Barbara’s mouth looks as beautiful as Sabrina’s bung hole – as their dude experiences both back-to-back. Sabrina also appears to be really enjoying her anal attention so it’s a shame that it all has to come to an end.

The guy accelerates his thrusting, but then stops suddenly as he ejaculates into Sabrina’s anus. He withdraws, and what oozes out slowly is some of the thickest, most delicious looking cum I’ve ever seen flowing out of another babe’s beautiful butt. Barbara must agree -- as she quickly uses her tongue to lick up what’s there. She then uses her fingers to scoop up the remaining sperm -- as it spurts out of Sabrina’s backdoor like thick-and-creamy mother’s milk from a teat -- as the girls kneel and tongue kiss to conclude.

My guy enjoyed Barbara’s sperm swallowing so much that he made me watch it in a continuous loop -- while masturbating until I came -- which left me with this unquenchable desire to lick his cum out of another nasty girl’s ass hole. Or so I tell him. Bastard.

Lili & Luigina

Two blondes, Lili and Luigina (try saying that three times fast), in short skirts appear next. They peck and lick each other’s creamy smooth all natural breasts – with perfect, quarter-size areolas and pert nipples. (Sigh!) They unhook each other’s skirts and un-thong each other’s asses -- before using their own tongues to lubricate their gal pal’s orifices.

Luigina is the first to eat her partner’s pussy, and she does so hungrily while spitting on Lili’s clit. Lili only gets a taste before their dude, a big black guy, interrupts. The girls enjoy sucking and riding his dark black pole -- in both their pussies and their ass holes.

In a nice finish, Luigina lays with her face beneath Lili’s pretty pussy -- as Lili is screwed doggy from behind. He leaves his calling card which is also thick and gooey, so much so, in fact – that he has to use his own finger to scoop it out – even though Luigina’s mouth is but millimeters away. The camera finishes with a nice close-up of Lili’s pretty and satisfied face.

Ladies, for those of you worried about turning into a lesbian – eating cum will remind you that this isn’t going to happen – thereby releasing you from your inhibitions and allowing you to become more amorous with another babe. There’s also something safe about kissing another woman – when her face is covered with sperm. Strange how both of those work.

Olivia & Lucy Anne

Olivia is a tall brown-haired brunette (with an Italian nose), and Lucy Anne is a shorter blonde with a feathered cut. I had seen Lucy Anne before – appearing solo in a boy/girl Sineplex video – so it was nice to see her here in a sexy girl/girl setting. The babes let their hands explore over the outside of their halter-covered breasts. Once revealed, both women have very pretty pairs, and it’s obvious that Lucy Anne is dying to smooch with Olivia, which they finally do using tongues.

For some reason, I really enjoyed watching the girls unzip and remove each other’s skirts. (Perhaps it reminded me of my own same-sex liaisons and my undressing of other girls in a similar manner. I’m sure that’s it.) Lucy Anne has a really cute butt which looks great as Olivia slowly peels off her thong to expose her pretty slit. Lucy Anne bends over slightly -- and Olivia takes a quick lick of her cute ass hole to moisten it.

Lucy Anne yanks off Olivia’s skirt and then her thongs -- and then takes a generous amount of time cleansing and lubricating Olivia’s twat with her tongue – prior to the girls being fucked. She pulls apart Olivia’s cheeks to give us an intimate peek at Olivia’s cunt. Olivia has a very enticing rear view and I found myself reaching with my own tongue to taste it.

Olivia sits on the sofa, and Lucy Anne buries her face in Olivia’s lap to eat her. The guy arrives and Lucy Anne eagerly switches her oral affection over to him. Olivia soon joins in, and both girls playfully run their tongues over the tip of his swollen cock.

The girls moan as they suck, and Olivia is the first to mount him. The camera zooms in for a nice close up view of her twat being pounded from below. Lucy Anne takes a ride, and it was fun to watch her erect nipples bouncing.

Lucy Anne rides him in her backdoor face-up to finish, as Olivia positions herself underneath to capture his cum as it leaks out of her ass. The cum appears to have a life of its own (which it does) as it dives into Olivia’s eye -- and Olivia scoops it quickly into her mouth. Good girl. The rest oozes out -- and Lucy Anne uses her fingers to harvest it. Olivia then reaches with her tongue to capture all that’s left -- at the source. At one point, the translucent whiteness is deliciously draped around Lucy Anne’s digits – and delightfully across Olivia’s tongue, her lips, and a portion of Olivia’s nose.

The girls finally do some serious kissing -- as Olivia still wears a tear-shaped drop of cum underneath her eye. At the start of their vignette, you’d swear that Lucy Anne was the one more into babes. But at the finish, you’d be convinced that Olivia was now the more bisexual of the pair. It’s funny – how eating cum from another girl’s ass – will do that.

Cory Everson & Martyna

Cory is another tall blonde, but Martyna is a shorter and more buxom brunette who has an exciting Latin look about her. Martyna has to reach for her kisses, but Cory accommodates her -- by meeting her half way. The girls rub their boobs together – and then squeeze and suck on ‘em when they’re bare moments later – which they both seem to enjoy.

Cory goes behind Martyna to massage Martyna’s breasts as though they were her own. Martyna throws her head back romantically in appreciation; but Cory, now encouraged, also lets her hand roam further down by grabbing a hold of Martyna’s inviting snatch. (How nasty.)

The girls kiss more passionately -- as they get more naked. Cory pulls off Martyna’s skirt and drawers – and fingers her twat from behind. Martyna hike’s Cory’s hemline – and slides her hand underneath Cory’s panties – and then pulls them aside to show us her pretty cunt. Once removed, Martyna lowers her beautiful face – to eat hungrily in Cory’s box – which makes Cory’s blooming twat seem even prettier.

The girls suck on their dude’s dick when he arrives, as Martyna steals a few kisses -- and a few licks on Cory’s clit. Cory, in the middle – takes it from behind – as Martyna, with legs open, offers herself to Cory – down at Cory’s other end. Martyna has a nicely tanned complexion and muscular thighs -- and it was fun to see the pretty, pink cheeks of Cory's face buried in between them.

Martyna rides him in her pussy -- as both Cory and their dude -- each grab a hold of one of Martyna’s tits. Later, it’s Martyna’s turn to be in the middle – as her dude pounds away at one end – and as Cory plants her pussy firmly against Martyna’s mouth at the other. A little cum appears to leak out, or maybe it’s just spit -- as their guy switches from fucking Martyna in her front door – to screwing her out in back.

Wanting more control, Martyna then rides him in her anus, as Cory licks Martyna’s delicious ass juices off of his dick when she takes a break. The guy climaxes into Cory’s pussy – and Martyna, underneath, scoops out the results using her finger as a probe. At some point the dam appears to break – and the cum gushes out unassisted flowing straight into Martyna’s waiting mouth.

The girls finish by looking passionately into each other’s eyes -- while grasping each other’s faces, licking each other’s tongues – and then planting each other with a series of face-twisting full-lipped kisses, which were really hot!

After all, what could be more fun than making love to your girlfriend -- while sharing with her your boyfriend’s cum? But what do I know?

Victori & Carol Weiss

Two really pretty brunettes, with luminous pink complexions (and really pretty twats), fuck and suck their guy in the finale. He climaxes wetly into one girl’s ass – and we hear her fart – as the cum bubbles outside of her anal sphincter. (Those of you who are squeamish – should re-read the first two sentences ten times before proceeding.)

The babe underneath is content to let the cum just drip into her mouth. Smart girl. But her thirst eventually wins out – as she eagerly licks the cream out of the other girl’s anus -- when the coast is clear and the flatulence has subsided. The women share some lengthy and romantic tongue licking kisses to conclude – as the babe underneath almost seemed to insist upon it!

Translation: “Listen girl, I just tossed back millions of living sperm – that I licked off of your slutty cunt and derriere. So you’d better kiss me – and suck my boyfriend’s flavor from my tongue – you ungrateful and sexy bitch! And, by the way – I think I love you!” Or something like that.

To conclude, does watching girls drink cum – out of their girlfriend’s ass holes or pussies – make the semen taste more delicious (for girls, that is). Maybe. Probably. But it certainly makes it look – like a lot more fun! After all, ‘Sharing is Caring.’ Right? This is a great episode for an amateur release. Enjoy.

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