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Aaryanna Cream Pie For the Straight Girl 2 4.5 starsCream Pie For the Straight Girl 2 4.5 starsCream Pie For the Straight Girl 2 4.5 stars
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Cream Pie For the Straight Girl 2

Cream Pie For the Straight Girl 2

Studio: Devil's Film
Category:  Cream Pies
Starring: , , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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MASAMUNE's ratings for Cream Pie For the Straight Girl 2:
Overall Rating 3 stars
Cream Pie For the Straight Girl 2 overall rating 3 stars
Female Looks Cream Pie For the Straight Girl 2 Female looks rating 3.5 stars
Male Looks Cream Pie For the Straight Girl 2 Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Cream Pie For the Straight Girl 2 Sex rating 3 stars
Plot/Acting Cream Pie For the Straight Girl 2 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Cream Pie For the Straight Girl 2 DVD Extras rating 1.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Cream Pie For the Straight Girl 2 A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by MASAMUNE  on  8/28/2005

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 Cream Pie for the Straight Girl 2

Director: ?
Camera: ?
Genre: Creampies
Release: 7/05
Notes: 2 hrs 19 min

All the scenes have the same setup: The girls walk in from the side and give a little striptease followed by some good ol' fashioned girly love. Then Mr.Cock comes in and the trio have their romp....creampie in one girl, the other one eating it out. 5 scenes: 4 ass creampies, 1 vag creampie. 

 act 1:

Barbara Summer & Sabrina vs. guy 

Anal, A2OGM, gapes, Anal Creampie (eating)

The Sex
There's lots of great "to other girl's mouth" work here. For example, as the guy impales Barbara in missionary, Sabrina rests her head sideways on Barbara's belly so the guy can feed her the pussy juices off his cock. Yes, pretty standard stuff for F/F/M but I'm stricken by the beauty of Sabrina's gaping mouth, so eager and wanting like a baby bird. She's equally submissive when she's fed the guy's cock out of Barbara's ass- as he fucks into her we hear the wet suction of her lips and she eventually burps ever so cutely. Other highlights include Sabrina straddling her friend as the guy takes his meat back and forth between their pussys. Later, the guy opens up Barbara's ass with a few medium sized gapes, revealing a pink ass rose. Some vigorous anal pounding caves in that ass rose and we get 2 or 3 quarter sized gapes that display the dark, black tunnel of her ass. The guy even dives in there deep with his tongue. Overall, lots of nice things to look at but not much to listen to because the moaning is flat and repetitive.      
The Creampie
Sabrina takes a hard drilling in doggy anal as she waits for her treat. Meanwhile, Barbara waits patiently underneath as the guy cums up Sabrina's butt. He pulls out and a large, thick clump of spew falls out onto the floor. Barbara quickly moves in closer and catches the next clump of cum on her tongue. She starts scooping it off Sabrina's pucker with her fingers and feeds herself. As she looks into the camera naughtily, she continues to scoop Sabrina's pucker and two more clumps of cum ooze out onto her fingers. She stuffs it hungrily into her mouth and swallows, the girls french kissing to end it. A good creampie.                

 act 2:

Lili & Luigina vs. Franco Roccaforte

Anal, A2M, A2OGM, Anal Creampie (eating)

The Sex
This scene isn't plagued as much by the monotony that was in the previous one; Lili sees to that. Together with Franco she talks up a storm in her Czech language. I couldn't even infer what the heck they were talking about and I know I definitely would've enjoyed the scene more if I could. As it was, I was often annoyed by Franco. The girls start us off right when Luigina is bent over in doggy and Lili descends on her from the top dipping her tongue down between the deep cleft of her ass. Other highlights include: Lili in doggy with Luigina laying back on top of her with her legs spread-eagled as Franco drills into her cunny: The girl's faces on each side of Franco's cock, their mouths open, allowing him to whap his cock from side to side on their lips and tongues. Good chemistry throughout; everyone is definitely having fun here.         
The Creampie
Franco fucks Luigina up the cunt in doggy, slipping himself into her ass at the last moment right before he cums. Meanwhile, Lili watches eagerly from underneath as he unloads up her girlfriend's bum. When Franco pulls out, the cum seeps out to the surface, sticking on Luigina's asshole in one thick glob. She straightens her body up, spreading her meaty ass cheeks wide apart in her hands. When Lili realizes that the cum won't fall into her waiting mouth, she moves up and licks it off with Franco digging in Luigina's ass with his finger to mine out more spunk. He spoons what little he can into Lili's mouth. Not enough cum here.   

 act 3:

Olivia & Lucy Anne vs. Dennis Marti

Anal, A2OGM, Anal Creampie (eating) 

The Sex
I loved the blowjob here. Olivia sucks off Dennis in the extreme foreground, her sexy eyes attuned to us as Lucy Anne gets fingered in doggy behind her. The composition is excellent. Later, Olivia bounces raunchily on his meat, hopping up and down in raw fashion as Lucy stuffs a nipple into Dennis' mouth. The girls switch places a few times, each having a go at some wild reverse cowgirl riding. The trio then take it to the ass and both girls in reverse cowgirl anal provides some stunning shots. With Lucy Anne impaling her bum on dick, Olivia works her hand over Dennis' balls, massaging him til' he stuffs her mouth full of ass-coated cock. She goes into a feverish suck to get all that juice off his meat. The moans aren't as monotonous as the first scene but still, the energy could've used some sporadic changes.                 
The Creampie
Lucy Anne fucks Dennis in reverse anal cowgirl until he explodes up her ass. Olivia hears him cumming and positions herself underneath, the top of her head pressed up against his balls. Then Lucy lifts herself off the dick, some of the cum suddenly spilling onto Olivia's nose and cheek. Olivia doesn't cry over spilt cum though, she just carefully pushes it along the surface of her face until it finds its way into her mouth. Another glob of cum spews from Lucy's ass, landing on her tongue. Lucy puts her finger up her own ass and continues to expel the cum until her dainty pucker is completely clean. The second good creampie.               

 act 4:

Martyna & Cory Everson vs. George

Anal, A2OGM, Bodyshot (thigh), Vag Creampie (eating)

The Sex
As Martyna sucks George's cock, Cory fiercely rubs her girlfriend's clit, finger-fucking her equally hard. The moans pour forth heated and quick, Cory's heavy breathing particularly cutting through- visceral and intense. George power-fucks Martyna in doggy as she laps up Cory's snatch. Cory can't help but pull her own boob up to her mouth and indulge on her dark, plump nipple. Martyna's spurred on by her growing lust- she fucks back onto the cock like a spring, her ass flesh jiggling like jello on the moment of impact. Later, a sweet underneath shot captures Cory as she jumps on dick in reverse cowgirl, her pussy a needy vacumn that swallows up George's meat again and again. Very raw, uninhibited bouncing here and Cory even grinds her hips around in sexy circles. George responds by fucking her harder, bringing her moans up to an explosive high-pitched shrill. In missionary, George accidentally cums on Cory's thigh but he isn't out of the game just yet, as he quickly stuffs her again, this time up the ass. The girls deliver all the heat and the necessary variation that takes you from point A to point B. Excellent stuff! I was very impressed by Cory.                    
The Creampie
Martyna takes the load in reverse cowgirl and tries to push it out into Cory's mouth- to no avail. Cory dips into that juicy cunt with her index finger and shovels some of it onto her tongue. She keeps probing her until we hear the cum sputtering out- it starts to flood from the fuckhole and drips watery into Cory's gaping mouth. Some of it starts to run down Martyna's snatch making its way down to her bumhole. Cory greedily licks it up though, and meanwhile more cum starts to leak out of Martyna's cunt, falling all over her face like dripping rain. A pretty good creampie.      

 act 5:

Carol Weiss & Victori vs. guy

Anal, A2M, A2OGM, gapes, Anal Creampie (eating) 

The Sex
The energy improves vastly when the guy inserts his cock up Victori's bum. She warms up to it almost immediately. "Give me more," she utters with her heavy accent. The guy gapes her a couple times but her ass isn't opened up. In doggy, Victori is subjected to an ass stabbing- the guy pulls completely out of her and plunges back into her, repeating this several times. From her ass he goes to Carol's pussy, spanking her ass as he fucks her good, and then he returns his pecker to Victori's bum. Carol lunges in to lap clit with the guy frequently pulling out of the ass so she can have a taste. The main highlight though is when we're treated to a shot of stacked ass- both girls in doggy with Carol on top of Victori. He goes from Carol's pussy to Victori's to Victori's ass back to Carol's pussy to Victori's ass, etc. etc...                       
The Creampie
In that stacked ass position, the guy cums up Victori's butt and Carol climbs off to position herself underneath. Victori pushes hard and there's a spurt of cum that flies off to the side and lands on Carol's cheek. A second spurt: "Pppppllllt!!" and this one lands in Carol's mouth, creaming her lips as well. The gooey froth starts to bubble out of Victori's ass and as she continues to produce unladylike sounds, the cream starts dripping like a leaky faucet. Her friend Carol happily indulges on it, smiling with satisfaction. Kiss. Fade out. A great creampie.



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It's a shame the cameraman goes uncredited because I haven't seen pure talent like this since Chris Streams (the videographer behind 3rd Degree movies). The framing is that damn precise here. All the angles he falls into is just ace. Picture quality is clear too... Great lighting... Excellent non distracting backgrounds which allows you to register the girl's general outlines and curves as best as possible.     


One thing I particularly liked was the fact that the cameraman didn't fade out too soon at the end of the scenes. He took his time letting the girls kiss each other and lick up the cum. The pacing was excellent here, creating a complete feeling of resolution that a lot of other pornos out there lack.  


The creampies were pretty good although not incredible. Sex was ok, I was mainly put off by all the repetition in the moans and the lack of dirtytalk. We get the typical Euro style of moaning here and each scene seems a repeat of the last one, the Cory/Martyna scene being the only real exception. Movies like this make me realize more and more how much I prefer American performers because they usually infuse more color into the movie. 







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