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Cream Filled Chocolate Holes 2

Cream Filled Chocolate Holes 2

Studio: Red Light District
Category:  Cream Pies , Interracial
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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picman's ratings for Cream Filled Chocolate Holes 2:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Cream Filled Chocolate Holes 2 overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Cream Filled Chocolate Holes 2 Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Cream Filled Chocolate Holes 2 Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex Cream Filled Chocolate Holes 2 Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Cream Filled Chocolate Holes 2 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Cream Filled Chocolate Holes 2 DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality Cream Filled Chocolate Holes 2 A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by picman  on  6/27/2006
Prologue Mike Stefano is back with yet another video infused with his brand of flayva. His love of black women has him "feeling", "banging", and here, filling their holes with cream. The first edition of this series smoked, and this cast has some firestarters. Hypnotiq, Simone West, and Kapri Styles are enough to start me drooling. The covergirl, Chyanne Jacobs has always turned me on with her body, but left me with misgivings about her performances. I recently viewed her in Black Da Fuck Up and have changed my mind about her completely. Chyanne has arrived, and is ready for primetime. In a video that featured Marie Luv, Chyanne stole the show. That just leaves me with Tiny Star to get to know. Stefano's always chosen wisely, so I think I won't be disappointed.
Chyanne Jacobs is laying in a black recliner wearing nothing but sheer black panties. She has a great body and tweaks her nipples. Stefano wants to see her cooch, so she divests herself of that last article. She shakes and pops her cheeks for him, then spanks herself. Cut to Chyanne giving Mike a hot face dance, digging her pussy in hard. He has her sit on his cock in CG and gets her cheeks flapping. Her cream is already coating his cock as Chyanne massages her uterus with the hard pole. P2M, then he fingers her bung. Mike tastes his digits, then goes back for more. He packs her fudge in an up and over. Chyanne is opened up for a couple of gapes that Mike is eager to rim out. Pulling her over top for RCA and encouragement from Chyanne. Mike warms her up some more by getting down and snacking on her hot pussy. It doesn't look like he leaves her hanging either by the way her body is moving or the deep sighs. Hard cut to Chyanne being swarmed by dick. She's airtight in RCDP. John Strong is the anchor with Stefano pistoning her pussy. Erik Everhard is giving her a Xmas tree to suck on. A2M and Erik dogs her ass. He and Strong run the merry go round on her, Stefano joining the train next. Cut to CG with Everhard, Strong and Stefano plugging into Chyanne's ass and mouth respectively. Another A2M merry go round as Mike and John switch holes. Her pretty tits seem to be beating Erik about the face. He doesn't seem to mind. Another cut to RCDP again, Erik remaining the anchor, Stefano stabbing at her pussy, Strong being suckled. Mike makes a booty call, then turns the pussy over to John. He makes a booty call and Chyanne double sucks her ass off of both dicks. Stefano takes her ass in side entry on the arm of the couch. Erik facefucks her. Quick cut to Chyanne, face down, ass up, and Stefano pumping her rump in an up and over. He leaves his load in there and turns her over to Strong to follow suit. The cum is bubbling around just past the opening when Everhard sinks the hate plow and finishes seeding her rectum. As soon as Chyanne turns her heinie down, the splooge starts to run out of her. She tries to force more and cumfarts some jizz.
The warmup portion was very nice and probably got Chyanne into a proper state of mind for the wrecking crew. With all the cuts, I'm thinking it was fairly difficult for her, but she did look to be having a good time.
A firm, round, ebony ass is being fondled and molded by Stefano. The camera pulls away to reveal Hypnotiq assuming the position against the wall. Mike is kissing and licking her fine ass and really getting into it. She's in a beautiful blue lingerie set that loses it's bottoms post haste. He pulls down her top to maul those lovely tits and Hypnotiq starts to rummage around in his pants, searching for cock. Her back to him as he cups her, jeans hitting the floor, and Hypnotiq working her hand magic on Mike's stiffy. He fucks her ass crack and slides so naturally into her always ready pussy. The standing doggy is hard and fast, then slow and sensual. They both lick her tits. Mike pulls her down on the floor without disengaging and Hypnotiq rides in RC. They quickly switch holes and Mike pounds her rectum from underneath. They roll into spoon and Mike digs her out nicely. A2M with Hypnotiq really enjoying her flayva. Up and over doggy anal on the floor. Her pink pussy is gaping as Mike explores the dark cavern. More A2M, Hypnotiq attacking his dick like a favorite meal. She goes crawling for another dick and creeps up on Strong lying naked on a couch. She polishes his hard knob, then sits on it in CG. Mike joins them and Hypnotiq is double plugged. No question she digs this dual piston action, her body language is all positive and moving into the action. Hypnotiq is 100% freak as she rocks the cocks and swirls her hips. Double cock cleanup, then a cut to RCDP. The deeper they go, the better she likes it. Cut to CG anal with Strong, then Mike rejoins for the DAP. Hypnotiq gets her asshole stretched and the cheeks spanked. Mike gets in her ear a little and reinforces the hot connection they have going. Double A2M, and a cut to RCA with John. Hypnotiq's pussy is gaping open, but she wants another dick in her ass again. Mike acommodates her and John provides a reach around for her lonely wet pussy. Another double A2M and Hypnotiq is ready for a cream filling. Mike spoons her pussy and fills that chocolate hole with thick icing. Hypnotiq pussy farts it onto her leg, then opens up for Strong. He tops her off and Hypnotiq has a stream run out of her. She gets a taste off of John's fingers, then her ass gets turned to the camera to survey the damage.
Hypnotiq is just naturally sexy and her chemistry with Stefano is pronounced. Love her body. Love her attitude.
Stefano has Tiny Star seated and spread, kissing and licking from her toes to fishnet encased crotch. He pulls the panties aside and goes to town on her pussy. The cuntlapping gets her good and worked up, then he travels further up her body to chew on some nipple peeking out of her halter. She pumps his cock a few times, then spreads to let him in her tight pussy. They start slow, but pretty soon he's got her little titties shaking. Cut to an insertion shot in RCA. Stefano is holding Tiny up like a little toy as he places the cockhead in her anus, then rocks her up and down. A2M, Tiny trying to make it hot and nasty with some spit, a hard grip, ball massage and depth. Mike goes back to sucking a stiff nipple, then a cut to CG anal. Tiny gets picked up for flying, then A2M as she hits the ground. Hard cut to Tiny with the fat white dick of Manuel Ferrara spooning her ass, and the long black pole of Sean Michaels filling her mouth. Cut to RCA with Manuel, his reach around prepping her for Stefano's pussy insertion. Tiny sucks both cocks straight out of her holes, then a cut to CG on Stefano, Sean pulling up her rear for the DP. Manuel sticks his hog in her mouth and Tiny is stuffed like a Thanksgiving turkey. Manuel and Sean trade places, Tiny's little body being put to a hard test. When everybody pulls out but Mike, she gets a little "me time" that she takes advantage of. Mike rolls her on her side and replants in her ass. He shags that apple bottom nicely, getting in her face and working up her enthusiasm. Manuel grabs her away and spears the anus in up and over doggy. He stretches her out for a couple of gapes and Sean fills the open hole in the anal train. Stefano's next in the up and over with continued gaping of her now relaxed sphincter. A2M, then RCA, with Manuel plugging the dickhole for another DP. Sean takes her pussy next and he just starts long poling the pretty baby. A2M, Mike positioning Tiny on the floor, her ass held high for the load dumpers to take advantage. As is his prerogative as director, Mike goes first, dumping his junk in Tiny's relatively pristine rectum. Sean follows and stirs it up, cum bubbling to the top as he pulls out. Manuel shakes his shit as he's penetrating, just sinking the tip to fill her little ass. A Niagra Falls of cum spills out of Tiny's abused hole, replete with greased gash, cumfarts, and even some brown splooge at the end. They must have tapped her deep.
It's easy to tell that this isn't an everyday occurence for Tiny Star, but she was a trouper. Some nice moments with Mike alone, and some good DP action.
The camera opens on the twin cheeks with Oriental characters of the vivacious Kapri Styles. She puts on a booty show for Stefano and he can't keep his face out of that slice of heaven. From the look on Kapri's face, she's getting a little taste of paradise herself. Mike pulls her blue bottoms aside and fucks Kapri in standing doggy. She looks tight as the dick sleeve grips on the outstroke. It gets juicy really fast as Mike's pole glistens during some urgent pumping. Kapri likes the taste on his cock, licking the shaft and balls clean. She sticks her ass in the air and Mike probes the little cornhole with his finger. Kapri fucks back on the digit and licks it clean. Mike fucks her ass crack from a reverse position, pointing the head down to get an opening started for the anal ahead. He turns back around and makes a slow entry in up and over. Nice framing of the scene with Kapri's face in view as she repeats "yes, yes, yes" over and over as the cock works ever deeper into her colon. A2M, then Mike stands Kapri up against a railing and rubs his cock in her pussy crack, concentrating on the clit area. She squats for a face fucking, then sashays downstairs in search of more cock. Cut to a CG insertion on John Strong, her hot body cradled as Stefano reenters her ass for the DP. Sweet Kapri shows some flexibility and fearless openness as the two cocks saw her in half. They move to RCDP. Double cock cleanup, then they all plug in for a flying DP. Another A/P2M on landing, and Kapri settles into the cum receiving position of ass up, face down. Mike goes first, insemingating her shit babies. John takes a little coaxing as he has to fuck her tight ass a little to get the flow going. Kapri works the cum puddle out slowly, her greedy body trying to hold on to some.
Kapri is a very hot girl. She makes another good connection with Stefano before they go to the more circus-y aspects. I wish that her body would get more attention, as I've said in a past review.
Simone West left porn a year ago, but it would seem that Stefano liked her so much he taped enough scenes to release stuff in perpetuity. He has her on a table with a suction cup mounted dildo to suck on. She's naked and the toy is white. Simone gives the rubber dick a nice little lip massage, then mounts it to massage her innards. She sucks her taste off of it and turns her ass toward Stefano so he can pop a couple of large anal beads into her ass. She strokes her pink as Mike pops the balls out. Simone crawls the floor looking for real cock, and Mike has two ready for her. She gives John Strong a little lick and moves on to the fat beercan of Manuel Ferrara. Simone likes that one a lot, then goes back to Strong, then Stefano, who sticks his dick in the mix. They all surround Simone and she works the room a little. She wants to be fucked and sticks her ass up in the air, sphincter pulsating. Stefano goes up and over in her pussy, getting balls deep and spanking her tight ass. He quickly moves into her bunghole and opens her up for the other guys. Strong follows, lube pulsing out of her shit hole. Manuel drives his log home to hold up his end of the train. Cut to RCA on Strong. Simone declares that she needs some dick and Manuel fills her pussy, Stefano her mouth. She keeps calling for it harder. Double cock cleanup and back to RCA for Simone. Stefano slams the pussy for this DP and Manuel savages her face. Another A/P2M. CG on Strong, Manuel sinking her hot ass for the DP. More cleanup and Stefano takes the ass in CGDP. Manuel makes her airtight and drooling. He moves into her ass, the DP being delivered at a furious pace. No letup as Stefano takes over the rectal reaming and Manuel shoves his cock down Simone's throat. Cut to a mish anal penetration by Stefano. He's just the lead car in the anal train as Strong follows quickly. Manuel takes her ass in spoon and has Simone going crazy on his dick. Cut to piledriver, Stefano making multiple insertions for gaping. Manuel is next and her asshole is bubbling. The train doesn't stop there as Strong plays the caboose and even strokes her in reverse. Stefano follows suit, then a cut to the load dump position. She accepts contributions from Stefano, Ferrara and Strong, in that order. Cum is squirting out of her anus as Strong dumps his load. They put a plate under her to catch the rest, but Simone only seems to be able to pee into it. She finally releases the deep splooge and it mixes with the other liquid.
Simone always brought great energy to her scenes and rarely seems overmatched no matter who or how many are pounding her. It's no wonder she was so popular with the guys.

Bonus Scenes

Mike interviews America in his office. He checks out her body quickly and lets her know she's here for the oral audition. No ceremony, not even a stitch of clothing removed as she squats down to mouth his organ. She's got a hand in her panties while sucking his dick and Mike takes more interest in her masturbation than his bj for a bit. It's all POV, first standing, then lying down, and fairly ho hum as these things go. Of course, there's no such thing as a bad blow job and America seems to be turned on by giving one. Mike provides a firm, but gentle grip on the back of her head to guide America as she nears his point of climax, her eyes tearing up a little as he pops down her throat. She shows some cum on her tongue and bids Mike adieu.

The first bonus scene was with a fully clothed woman. This one has a new girl, Vixen, clad only in pink panties and showing off a cute body. She got into porn because she's horny. The girl loves giving oral and she takes it up the butt. I see a future for her in porn valley. She can't wait to get started and is soon on her knees. Vixen appears to have a real feel for the job with good no hands, ball licking and generally appreciative of the taste of cock. Mike decides he wants some booty with his bj and sticks her pussy in doggy. Vixen really works it too, her ass moving on the shaft and pussy leaking her joy juice. Mike lays down and Vixen spreads her hot pink gash over his cock in CG. No artifice here as this girl really gets after it, then sucks her essence off his cock hungrily. She gets up and lays on the desk, Mike plundering her hot snatch in mish. Vixen's squirming on the cock and rubbing one out when Mike just lets go inside her. Thick seed rolls out of her freshly fucked pussy. This girl was hot, and you know that there must be plans to dress her up and turn her out.

Epilogue Another strong and satisfying video by Mike Stefano. It doesn't quite measure up to the first edition, but that was a hard act to follow. The strongest part of this one was the opening one on ones with Mike. He really got the girls ready to rock. The transitions seemed more awkward than usual, sometimes just dumping into a scene in progress with the group action started. This is a genre that leans heavily on energy and spectacle, and it got plenty of both from all involved. I'm starting to fiend on Chyanne Jacobs and look forward to much more by her. Hypnotiq delivers again, her smoky , sexy persona bringing a smoldering heat. She makes the sex rollercoaster feel like a limousine ride. Kapri Styles flat out rocks. So pretty. So flexible. Simone West has her own little room in my hall of fame. I think she came to porn valley for the best of reasons. The sex. I'm sure the money provided a nice kick for her projected nuptials, but she sowed all her wild oats at the same time, and left Chatsworth smiling. Everybody had fun with her.
The Disk There's a cumshot recap, photo gallery and shoot, BTS, director's bio and the two bonus scenes.
Recommendation If you're into the "other interracial", this is guaranteed to satisfy.

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