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Cream Filled Chocolate Holes

Cream Filled Chocolate Holes

Studio: Red Light District
Category:  Black , Cream Pies , Interracial
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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astroknight's ratings for Cream Filled Chocolate Holes:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Cream Filled Chocolate Holes overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Cream Filled Chocolate Holes Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Cream Filled Chocolate Holes Male looks rating 4 stars
Sex Cream Filled Chocolate Holes Sex rating 3 stars
Plot/Acting Cream Filled Chocolate Holes Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Cream Filled Chocolate Holes DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality Cream Filled Chocolate Holes A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by astroknight  on  12/12/2005

The Little Details

Running Time: 151 min.

Production Date: 2 / 2, 3, 5, 7, 8 / 2005

Director: Michael Stefano

Cast: Marie Luv, Jada Fire, Sydnee Capri, Lori Alexia, Lady Armani, Steve Holmes, Erik Everhard, Manuel Ferrara, John Strong, and of course, Michael Stefano

The Short Story

Initial Expectations: Strefano has made some great movies, and I love both cream pies and black chicks and white dicks put together. I’m really looking forward to this one!

Initial Reaction: It’s pretty good, but extremely repetitive

Who Should Watch It : Anybody who likes to see the same three guys fucking black chicks and giving them cream pies

Who Should Avoid It: Anybody wanting a bit of diversity in a cream pie movie

The Technical Stuff

Audio /Video Quality: The technical aspects are nicely done. The audio is clear and well balanced, and I don’t think I noticed a single background noise. The video is also nicely done, with very little grain or lighting problems. There’s a little minor camera motion, but that’s about it for video problems.

Music: None

Menus: The main menu nicely works together a bit of the movie, the boxcover, and some animation. The chapter menu lets you choose a scene based on a small clip of each scene and the people in the scene.

The Feature

Cream Filled Chocolate Holes goes with a simple idea. You start with one black chick, then you add two or three white guys. You normally start her with one white guy and then add the other two later. Finally, you let the white guys pop in her pussy or ass.

Scene 1 - Marie Luv, Michael Stefano, John Strong, and Steve Holmes

Long, straight haired Marie starts things out in a pink bra, panties, and garter belt with white stockings swinging her fine chocolate ass around as Mike sits back in a chair watching her show. She moves over to grind on his cock through his pants before sliding up to sit on his face and enjoy the attention of his tongue. She lets him rub her clit through her panties and strokes his cock when he whips it out while they trash talk back and forth. Mike pulls Marie back to slide his cock into her cunt before picking her up and pulling her back to lick her slit a little more. He gives her ass a little tongue and finger attention as well, and lets her suck her ass off his fingers before fucking her ass missionary style. Mike slides a pair of large anal beads into Marie’s ass and fucks her pussy before pulling out the beads and letting her suck them clean. He goes back to fucking Marie’s ass from behind and lets her suck it a bit more before slapping her ass as she crawls into the next room for more cock. She attacks John’s cock orally when he stands up, and after Steve gets done inspecting her on his knees she checks him out as well. The guys test Marie’s gag reflex before taking her right to a double penetration reverse cowgirl style with John on the bottom. When Steve moves up to let her taste her ass, Mike moves in so they can make her airtight. They move around so Marie can have a cowgirl DP and so the guys can take turns in her ass. Marie takes it all without blinking an eye, and even gives Steve a little ass licking as thanks. She goes back to double penetrations with plenty of airtight action before Mike starts the cumshots with a nice load in Marie’s pussy missionary style. She pushes it out and asks for more, so John comes in and drops a second load in her pussy. Still not satisfied, she has Steve come in and drop a fourth dose of dick droppings in her cunt. Marie pulls it out with her fingers and squeezes it out before taking a taste.

This is a very hot scene to start things out with. Marie is vocal, but it never feels forced. She also has great chemistry between all three guys, and puts out some nice energy. She makes ana and double penetrations look just as easy as plain old vag, and gets into the entire scene. This is a nicely hot start for the movie.

Scene 2 - Sydnee Capri, Michael Stefano, John Strong, and Steve Holmes

Sydnee starts her scene out on all fours jiggling her ass wearing denim hotpants, a red bikini top, and clear heels. She crawls over to a black dildo that’s stuck to the floor and gives it a bit of oral attention before moving over to a white dildo and giving it some oral attention as well. She finishes off the toys with a shiny black dildo before crawling over and sucking John’s joystick as he stands waiting for her on a staircase. Sydnee takes him into her throat with ease before moving up the staircase to suck Steve’s cock as well. She works her mouth between the two of them before moving over to mouth Mike’s meat. The others return so Sydnee works the oral love all around before letting John and Steve take her right to a cowgirl double penetration. Of course Mike moves in when John moves up to let Sydnee taste her ass, and after they let her have a few tastes of her ass the guys start rotating through fucking Sydnee’s ass from behind and working her through a few double penetrations. Finally, Sydnee gets on all fours and lets the guys each bust a nut in her ass before she lets it run back out and cumfarts it back out.

Not surprisingly, this is another nicely done scene. Sydnee looks fantastic (as usual) and puts out some very nice vocals and energy. She takes the anal with ease once again, and makes the double penetrations seem completely normal. My only complaint here is that things seemed rushed to get to the DP and anal, which made the scene seem a little long by the time it was done. This is another hot scene that is sure to please Sydnee Capri fans.

Scene 3 - Lori Alexia, Michael Stefano, and Manuel Ferrara

Lori starts out lying across Manuel’s legs as he kisses and spanks her nice round ass. He has her shake her dark black ass before going right to spooning her pussy, and then pounds her puss from behind. Lori sucks Manuel’s balls and toes at his command, and even titty fucks his foot before letting him pull her back up for a reverse cowgirl ride. They even get in a bit of missionary work, and soon after Manuel pops in Lori’s cunt.

After Manuel finishes with her, Lori shows off on a staircase for Mike. When they find their way to the bedroom Mike licks her from behind before fucking her slit doggie style. They get in a bit more oral before Mike spoons her snatch. They also get in a bit of doggie and both cowgirls before finishing things spooning. Of course Mike launches a load of lust into Lori’s love canal and has her push it out when he’s done.

This is a pretty good scene. Lori seems to be into both guys very well, and is very vocal about it. Her vocals are extremely limited, mostly containing “shit” and “motherfucker”, but they seem natural for her. I think Manuel’s have worked much better for me since Manuel didn’t dominated the scene. You could tell he was there, but the scene seemed to be more about Lori than him. With Michael, however, he was running off at the mouth and giving so many directions that I felt pushed out of the scene a little. He came off as a bit pushy even though you could tell that he seemed to be enjoying fucking Lori. This is a pretty good scene that I think would have been much better if Manuel would have been able to take on Lori the entire time.

Scene 4 - Lady Armani, Michael Stefano, John Strong, and Steve Holmes

Lady Armani, a good looking black chick with her hair dyed brown, starts her scene out gaping with her black panties pulled down. Mike moves right in to lick that ass before sliding a buttplug in it and following it with a cock in her pussy. He lets her taste the toy when he pulls it out and then starts fucking her ass doggie style. They also get in a bit of reverse cowgirl anal before Lady Armani heads into the next room to take on John and Steve. She works them over orally before John sets her ass down on his cock reverse cowgirl style. Steve joins right in to take her to a double penetration before moving up to fuck her face while Mike moves into her pussy. She gets off to suck her ass off John’s cock before riding Steve cowgirl style and letting John fuck her ass from behind while Mike makes her airtight with a cock in her mouth. They continue to let Lady Armani suck her juices off their cocks, fucking her two on one and one at a time, and of course making her airtight. Finally she gets on all fours and lets each of the guys cum in her ass and then cumfarts it all back out in all its brown and white glory.

This is a pretty good scene. Lady Armani is darn hot and quite possible the hottest woman in the cast. She really gets into taking on all three guys, but unfortunately the camera work didn’t do a lot for me. It seemed so focused on the penetration that the scene got a bit long. It also seemed a bit long with how long the scene was and how limited the action was. This is a pretty good scene, but I couldn’t help but think that it would have been just as good if not better if it were five minutes shorter.

Scene 5 - Jada Fire, Michael Stefano, Erik Everhard, and John Strong

Jada starts out the final scene in a pink thong with a white bikini top spanking and jiggling her ass for Mike. She lets him thumb her ass and even adds a few ringers of her own before sucking his thumb clean. He brings her over to Erik, whose cock Jada slowly licks before letting Erik finger her holes. She bends over and lets him fuck her ass hard and fast before rolling over for some hard and fast mish for each of her holes. Naturally Jada sucks her juices off his cock and lets him go back for more. Finally, Erik busts a nut in Jada’s ass and lets her squirt it out.

After Erik’s done, Jada makes her way over to John. She climbs onto his cock for a cowgirl ride before Mike joins in right after to give her a double penetration while spanking her ass. The guys work back and forth, fucking Jada’s ass and double stuffing her until Jada has them both fuck her ass at the same time. They double stuff her ass in both cowgirls before pile driving her ass. Finally Jada gets on all fours and has Mike and John pop in her ass so she can cumfart it back out one at a time.

This is a hot final scene. Jada does a great job with all three guys, and I was amazed at how well she took the double anal. She puts out some very nice energy and makes the double anal look as easy as the missionary vag. There’s nothing really new here other than the double anal, but it still ends up as a nice scene.

Cream Filled Chocolate Holes is a movie who strikes me as working differently depending on how you watch it. Every scene is nicely done with good chemistry and energy, so if you just sit down and watch one scene at a time, then I’m sure it will work extremely well for you. If you’re the type of person who wants to sit down and watch several scenes or the entire movie at once, then Cream Filled Chocolate Holes doesn’t work so well. Three of the five scenes are John, Mike, and Steve going back and forth between fucking the girl’s ass solo and double teaming her, and there’s not a lot of tease or oral action for the guys to start things off and even less oral action to get the lady warmed up. I’m the type of person who normally tries to watch an entire movie at once, and because of this my eyes started to glaze over after a bit. The camera work is also heavily oriented toward shots which are more on the gyno-cam side of things, and although there were a lot of full body shots, there were a few times when I could see the girl looking like she was giving some great eyes to the guy and was frustrated because the camera didn’t seem to care about it.

As for other negatives, well, there’s an old racial joke about a black baby saying “Mother” and his proud daddy looking down at him and saying “Look how smart he is! He already knows half a word!”. I couldn’t help but think of that joke throughout Cream Filled Chocolate Holes because the only words anybody seemed able to use in their trash talking was “motherfucker” and “shit”. I’m not complaining about the use of profanity in porn here, but it seemed like neither the female talent nor Michael Stefano could make a full trash talking sentence without using “motherfucker” in it during some of the scenes. This got old quick, and it was to the point that I actually considered using my mute button so I didn’t have to hear it. Yes, they’re enthusiastic, but damn, get some language coaches or something if you can’t do better than that with your trash talking. Even if you read a few porn reviews you’re pretty much bound to improve your vocabulary unless you get the guy or two out there who can’t find another word to describe the female talent other than “slut” and “whore”! As it was, I actually had to stop it and walk away for a few minutes so that it wouldn’t completely ruin the movie for me. Even with walking away for a few minutes, it didn’t take my eyes long to glaze over when I came back.

Cream Filled Chocolate Holes is a pretty good interracial creampie movie. It definitely has its faults, but it does quite a few things right as well. I never questioned the cream pies watching the movie and there was nice chemistry and energy through the movie. Unfortunately it got pretty repetitive, and its lack of any kind of originality or diversity in the movie held it back from being overly enjoyable for me.

The Extra Stuff

The photo gallery lasts nearly five minutes with about six seconds per good looking snapshot. Trailers are included for Twisted Vision 2, Full Anal Access 5, and Feeling Black 4. There’s also cumshot recaps, website information, a bonus scene, a behind the scenes featurette, and a bio for Michael Stefano.

The photo shoot lasts about four minutes and gives you the option to watch specific ladies or the entire featurette. As usual, this featurette just shows the girls posing as stills are snapped. It also shows Michael helping Jada fake a cream pie still. Although I can understand this with how long stills take and the stills not being done at the same time, it also makes me doubt the authenticity of some of the cream pies in the movie.

The behind the scenes featurette lasts about fifteen minutes and features Juan Cuba in his rightful place behind the camera. Marie starts thigns out with a little warmup before her scene as well as a buttplug test. Sydnee is next in the makeup chair with a few words before showing off her ass in her hotpants. There’s even a little of her getting it on with Steve before Juan follows Lori into the bathroom as she pees. Afterwards she has a bad hair day with Manuel before he plays with her on the kitchen counter. Lady Armani appears next, and gets a little anal prep from Michael before learning to deal with her control issues and talking with Juan about her scene. Finally, Jada talks about her first double anal while letting go with plenty of attitude and checks herself out in front of the mirror. Afterwards she talks with Juan about her scene. It’s a pretty good behind the scenes featurette that gives a very nice look at the girls and their personalities.

Bonus Scene - Doja and Michael Stefano

Doja, an average looking black woman with a hideous stud under her lip, starts out talking about loving oral sex and growing out her hair down under. She shakes her booty for Mike before getting down and working her pierced tongue around his cock. She gives him plenty of stroking as she sucks his cock, and gives him some nice eyes as well. After a bit Doja whips out her pierced titties and jiggles them for Mike as he sits back in a chair. She goes back to mouthing his manhood, and finally lets Mike stroke himself onto her face before coming up to work her pierced tongue around his cock and spread his seed back around his cock.

This is a very nice oral scene. I don’t find Doja’s face that attractive, but she does do a nice job putting it to use around a cock. She looks like she’s really enjoying herself and has an ass that makes me hope to see more of her. This is a good bonus scene.

The Down -n- Dirty Sex Stuff

Themes: Straight, tease, interracial, rimming (male > female and female > male), anal, ass to mouth, toys, group, double penetration, cream pies (both vaginal and anal), cumfarting, toe-ing, titty fucking, and double anal

Raincoat Factor: Very high

Condom Usage: None

The Bottom Line:

Currently, most Currently, many of Red Light District’s DVDs can be found online for between about $14 and $25, with several stores offering them in the $15 range. Rent this one before you buy it. There’s some good sex, but the action is so limited that I’m not sure how much replay value it will have. The technical aspects are nicely done and there’s some nice attention given to the extras. This is a decent movie on a nicely done DVD.

Note to Red Light District: Thanks for putting so much effort into your overall DVD.

If you have any questions or comments, please e-mail me .

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