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RLD Fiend Cream Filled Chocolate Holes 3.5 starsCream Filled Chocolate Holes 3.5 starsCream Filled Chocolate Holes 3.5 stars
astroknight Cream Filled Chocolate Holes 3.5 starsCream Filled Chocolate Holes 3.5 starsCream Filled Chocolate Holes 3.5 stars
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Cream Filled Chocolate Holes

Cream Filled Chocolate Holes

Studio: Red Light District
Category:  Black , Cream Pies , Interracial
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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picman's ratings for Cream Filled Chocolate Holes:
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Cream Filled Chocolate Holes overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Cream Filled Chocolate Holes Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Cream Filled Chocolate Holes Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Cream Filled Chocolate Holes Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Cream Filled Chocolate Holes Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Cream Filled Chocolate Holes DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Cream Filled Chocolate Holes A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by picman  on  9/7/2005
Prologue It doesn't take a genius to figure out what this video is all about. Black women and creampies. The cast rocks, starting with Marie Luv and ending with Jada Fire. In Jada's case there will be her first, and last, double anal. Get it while you can. The women in between aren't hamburger either. Pretty Sydnee Capri, adorable Lori Alexia and the stately Lady Armani. Chocolate holes for the discerning viewer. Mike Stefano has them all lined up and let's watch him knock them up.....I mean out.
The video opens with Marie Luv crawling toward a seated Mike Stefano. She's in hot pink undies and looking as foxy as ever. Marie has so much pussy that even covered up, there's lips showing past the edge of her panties. She gets on Mike's lap and dry humps him through his jeans. This is one sexy and horny woman. She drags her crotch across his body and sits on Mike's face. He just buries himself in her. Marie moves back down to rub his cock through the jeans again and this time Mike has to let the growing monster out. Marie has a look of hunger as she awaits her meat. They jerk each other off and Mike gives Marie a taste of her sweet pussy. With her panties pushed aside he spears her pussy in RC and pounds away at the hot woman. Once it's juiced up, Mike tongues the honeyhole and starts to dig into her ass. She gets a taste of that and then Mike takes his cock down her dirt road. He puts two big blue balls in her rectum and fucks her pussy in an up and over mish. Things get very wet in a hurry and Marie cums from the balls deep thrusts. The balls are removed and Marie licks them clean. Mike attacks her tits while she jacks him off and says she wants more cock. Quick cut to Marie giving him a standing face dance. That just looks too good. He takes her ass in standing doggy. Marie's forehead is beaded up with sweat as she begs for a taste of her ass. Mike gives her that and then some. He face fucks the gorgeous nymph, playing in her throat and alternating kisses with cock. With her eye make-up sufficiently smeared, Mike sends Marie crawling into another room where John Strong awaits. Steve Holmes is also there and the two of them get to work her throat. Marie deep throats Steve and that brings a black tear down her throat. She throats Strong and holds at his pubes, going back to Steve for another pube tag. Cut to the two of them fucking Marie in RCDP. They're deep in her holes and she's orgasmic. P2M for Holmes and Stefano steps back in to fill the vacancy. They all pull out so she can do A2M. It's funny watching her try to locate the dick that was parked in her rear. She has to ask for directions. CGDP, airtight, is next. Marie is a horny fuck machine. When the cock comes out of her mouth she looks like a puppy that's been ripped from his momma's teat. Her tongue comes out searching for the lost pacifier. She's pulled onto the floor for a doggy anal train that makes stops at her mouth. Mike gapes her while Marie tosses Steve's salad. They get back to the RCDP, Steve anchoring, and Stefano making her airtight again. Mike and John switch places and Marie cums hard, going off like a skyrocket. That doesn't even come close to slowing Marie down as Strong takes over her pussy, getting her worked up again, then Marie hops onto Holmes in CG as she becomes a fucking whirling dervish. The other two converge on her body to make Marie airtight yet again. Marie makes a game of licking and sucking Mike's balls. A2M on Strong and the guys are ready to burst. Cut to Mike fucking Marie shallowly in mish. She's working her clit and says she can feel the cum as it spills into her. He pulls out as Marie holds her lips open and we're treated to the sight of her hot pink vagina and his pearly essence flowing out. John follows and dumps his babies inside her. They come pouring out when he unplugs. Steve shoots a major load in there as well and Marie hoots as it pours in before watching it flow back out. She squats on the floor and pulls out a little more, then tastes it. Marie's face is a mask of lust and depravity as she tells us that "Three cums is better than one".
I feel like I've watched Sydnee Capri grow up on RLD/PXP's sets. She was just a shy and pretty girl that just seemed to go along with whatever they wanted to do. Now she seems to have come into her own and has become confident and assertive. One constant is her big, round ass. That's a real prize. And what's the first thing we see? Sydnee shaking that thing in frayed denim booty shorts. Mike has the camera pegged to her butt and asks if she gets comments about it. "All the time" is her response. Sydnee crawls to a dildo planted on the floor and displays her oral skills. Mike sends her along for an upgrade. A bigger, fatter dildo. Sydnee gags herself on it and gets the salivary glands running. She crawls to another, bigger toy. The Mandingo of rubber cocks. Sydnee has trouble just getting past the head. She crawls to a naked and ready John Strong, standing at the foot of some stairs. Sydnee gags herself on the flesh pipe and John digs her throat out a little. Up some more stairs, she encounters Steve Holmes. He bares her tits and Sydnee comes perilously close to taking the whole schwanz down. Strong joins them and they stuff her mouth simultaneously. It's Mike's turn for a POV bj and Sydnee makes it a bit nasty with some streamers. Her top is removed and the other guys close in for a three way suck. Quick cut to a CGDP. These guys don't mess around. Strong starts to spank her and Sydnee's response is "Smack that ass some more. You know I like that shit!" A2M for Strong and Stefano takes his spot in her ass. Sydnee's airtight and loving it. She's playing with the cock in her throat and showing what a hot bitch she's become. Cut to RCDP. Holmes is pistoning her throat while his friends plunder Sydnee's holes. Sydnee pops her rocks and sucks the cocks that pleasured her. Up and over doggy anal, then back to RCDP, which gets airtight in a hurry. Sydnee cums again. This is a good position for her. More clean-up for the cum covered cocks. Mike goes up and over doggy anal. The view from behind of big ass being filled, framing her phat pussy is superb. Skull fuck A2M and Strong rides her ass in an up and over. Some insertions with small gapes. Cut to piledriver anal with Mike. Sydnee gets passed along to Strong who does her forward and reverse before passing the baton to Holmes, who fucks both holes. A2M and a cut to RCA on John. Mike fills her lonely pussy and Holmes makes her airtight again. Sydnee tells Mike to cum in her ass and there's another cut to a shallow up and over doggy anal. Mike dumps his load which follows him out of Sydnee's ass, then Strong follows quickly into the sticky hole. He leaves his seed and Steve is right behind him. Sydnee farts out a mess of cum.
Lori Alexia only recently showed up on my radar. She is mad cute with a power packed body. Up until now I haven't seen her really get a good power fucking. I imagine that's going to change as she's paired with Manuel Ferrara. He has her over his knee and is spanking the bad girl. I don't know what she did but he's making her hot as hell. Whatever it was that she was wearing gets pulled off in an eye blink and she dives back into his lap. Friends, we have some serious chemistry brewing here. She wiggles her ass for him and he doesn't know if he wants to beat it or eat it. Manuel spoons her and after a couple of strokes pulls out a soaked dick. Impassioned kissing and hot pussy eating breaks the fucking. Lori gyrates on the stiff dick when he's not ramming her. The go to doggy and she fucks back at him with a veangance. Lori licks Manuel's balls, then his toes. He runs his feet in her cleavage and she gets crazy with it. She rides him in RC and it's a struggle to stay on, they're squirming around so much. Lori sucks his cock a little, then Manuel fingers her. More RC, titty spanking and toe licking. Cut to mish where Manuel drops a bunch of babies into her hot twat. It flows out of her hot pink hole and the first part of Lori's scene is over. She wants more dick and sashays down some stairs at Mike and the camera. The tease segment is taking place right here as Lori stops and rolls around on the stairs. She finishes the descent and now it's Mike's turn. He wasn't going to let this fine piece of ass get by him. Lori goes face down on a couch as Mike digs his face into her crack. Up and over doggy makes her pink pulse. P2M for this insanely hot little fireball. They kiss and Mike sucks her pussy, then shares the taste with another kiss. They spoon and play. Mike can't keep his head away from her cunt. It must taste great. I can see it's steaming hot. More spoon action. Lori rubs circles on her clit. More kissing and pussy eating. Cut to CG. Girlfriend's got some kind of ass. Mike's balls deep and she's grinding. He sticks a finger in Lori's ass. Not today, but a seed is planted. He even gets her to taste it. Lori sits on Mike's face and rubs her sex all across it. Cut to RC and Lori works her nubbin while Mike regales her with pillow talk. She might have cum here. P2M and they roll into spoon. Mike cums hard and Lori pushes out a big creamy load.
Lady Armani is a pretty woman with signs of motherhood about her. Her body's a little stretched but she exudes and air of dignity that runs contrary to the nastiness she's capable of bringing in the right hands. Mike Stefano and his crew usually provide the right hands. She starts off by flapping her ass and spreading her holes for Mike to take a taste. He tosses her salad pretty well and has been really enjoying the asses in this video. Lady A can't resist giving him a good hard kiss. Stefano has a dildo that he uses to open her ass with. She's no anal virgin but this was like a shock to her system. Mike fucks her pussy for a technical DP. I knew she reminded me of a southern church lady. She keeps saying "Oh! Jesus". Lady A does A2M on the dildo and Mike takes another taste of her empty hole. He goes up and over anal with a rimming chaser. Mike pulls her back onto the couch for RCA and Lady A does some of the driving. They trade back and forth, then Mike lifts her for some reverse aerial. He sets her down and sends her off in search of more dick. She finds Steve and John, or maybe they find her. Squatting between them, Lady A does a double bj. She gives Steve a serious ball sucking, then John pulls her onto the couch in RCA. Steve fills her pussy for the DP. They drill her deep after John teaches Lady A to seat her ass on his dick properly. Stefano joins the fray and takes Steve's place in her pussy while he makes her airtight. She tells them this is "The best day of my life" and asks if she's a dirty little whore. They move to a CGDP with Holmes as anchor. Stefano feeds her cock for the airtight. A2M for Strong and Stefano replaces him. She takes a terrific reaming and Strong comes back for more ass. Double cock clean-up and Stefano pops into her ass in an up and over doggy. A2M and a cut to RCDP again. Strong and Stefano trade in her pussy while Holmes anchors the ass. Lady A licks Strong's ass, then Steve's cock. She rims him as well. Mike has her stick her ass up for the creampies. He goes up and over and cums in her ass. Strong follows quickly before any leaks out and Holmes follows suit. Lady A shows her raw gape and farts the cum out.
Jada Fire starts out her scene in the kitchen. A fitting place to cook up creampies. She's wearing a hot pink bottom and a top made of metal rings strung together. The boxcover promises this will be Jada's first double anal. Jada promises that it'll be her only. Anybody who knows Jada realizes that getting there will be half the fun. Mike fingers her ass and tells her they're going to fill her ass up. She takes a taste of her ass and says she's ready for some fucking. Mike brought Erik Everhard in to get Jada ready. She walks over to him and licks from stem to stern. Erik goes after her ass, spanking and fingering, feeding her mouth some cock. He buries four fingers in her shit chute and Jada licks them clean. They start in doggy anal with EE's patented rabbit fuck. He gapes her, then pounds the shit out of her poor bung with a nice spanking. He turns her over for some vag mish. Jada's breathless and her tits are bouncing all over the place. Back in her ass the pace never lets up. He gapes her again and spits into the tunnel. The pounding gets torrid and Jada takes a break by giving him A2M. Cut to mish anal and Jada begging for cum. Erik unloads in her dumper and Jada pushes out the evidence. She fingers her ass and tastes the creampie. Looks like she enjoys it, too. Jada crawls over to a reclining John Strong and sits on him in CG. Stefano jumps in and fills her ass for a conventional DP. She loves this action. A2M, then an up and over doggy anal. They run a train on that beautiful bunghole and make Jada gape some more. A2M again and Stefano comes back for more. Jada sucks his toe just because it's near her face. RCA on Strong with two fingers buried in her pussy. Stefano replaces the hand with cock and gives Jada the DP she knows and loves. John relinqueshes her ass so Mike can take a couple of pokes. Cut to Jada riding John in CG anal. Mike fits his cock in for her first DAP. Cut to Jada in RCA and Mike completes the DAP again. She looks to be getting into it after a while, then does A2M. Cut to piledriver anal with Stefano. Strong gets a turn going forward and reverse. Mike does reverse piledriver and Strong replaces him in forward. Another turn for Stefano and she's ready for the creampies. Cut to Stefano in Jada's ass in an up and over doggy. He cums and turns it over to Strong who dumps his load. Jada pushes a stream of jizz out of her abused rectum.
Mike has a woman named Doja in his office. I think that's how you would spell the name she gave. She's attractive with a piercing under her lower lip. She tells Mike that she likes oral sex, giving and receiving. Sporting some hair on her pubes, she gets down on her knees to show some skills. Doja's got a tongue piercing she knows how to use and massages the underside with it. The ball lapping she does probably felt pretty good too. She pulls her tits out of her pink dress and they're pierced as well. Nice tits. She works the cock nicely and Mike drops his load on her tongue. Doja swallows like a good girl.
Epilogue Mike Stefano knocked one out of the park here. He opened up with his favorite fuck buddy, Marie Luv, and gave us a truly memorable scene. She started off sincerely horny, and I don't know how many orgasms she actually had, but she totally popped her cork during the double penetration in reverse cowgirl. Watch as Stefano goes from savagely pounding her pussy to gently nurturing lover. Really hot stuff. Sydnee Capri is someone I could never be sure was enjoying herself in the past. Those misgivings are gone now. Sydnee's giving it up and getting off. Next I got to see Lori Alexia in an adrenalized fuck scene and she brought the whole lust and passion package with her. Mike kept it simple with two separate one on ones and it looked like everyone was thoroughly aroused and ultimately satisfied. It looked good too. Lori is quite the little bundle. Lady Armani got put to a test she's not accustomed to. From the BTS I gathered that she was more difficult than any of the other women here. Still, things turned out well and she was down with the program by the end. I think it helped that the guys were into her. Jada Fire graces the boxcover, and for good reason. She performs her first, and only, double anal. Of course we get the full Jada treatment as she trash talks and sasses her way through the scene. Mike used Erik Everhard to open Jada up and he gave her his patented rabbit fucking, totally reaming her. When she went out for her double dicking, Jada did her usual bang up job of absorbing the onslaught and provoking more. She also did a great job with the DAP but I think it's too restrictive for a free spirit like her. She had to concentrate too hard on the stretching and difficulty of the position and it toned her down a bit. Anyway, she did it and all the double, double fans can rejoice. Awesome effort all around.
The Disk Typical RLD extras. Cumshot recap, photo shoot and gallery, trailers, director's bio, the bonus scene and a BTS.
Recommendation If you're a fan of the other interracial, run out and get it. If you're curious about the genre, this is a good place to start and worth a rental.5

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