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Crack Her Jack 8

Crack Her Jack 8

Studio: Evil Angel
Category:  All Sex
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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picman's ratings for Crack Her Jack 8:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Crack Her Jack 8 overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Crack Her Jack 8 Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Crack Her Jack 8 Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex Crack Her Jack 8 Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting Crack Her Jack 8 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Crack Her Jack 8 DVD Extras rating 2 stars
Audio/Video Quality Crack Her Jack 8 A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by picman  on  4/25/2008

Prologue John Leslie releases another volume of Crack Her Jack and I'm all in without even eyeballing one of his masterful trailers. Why? The presence of one of the most beautiful women who has ever graced a porn set, Dee. When I saw her in the cast list, I rubbed my eyes and checked again. There she was, making a rare appearance in a contemporary production, and a gonzo at that. This isn't a one trick pony either, with the dynamite Keeani Lei and equally adorable Kaci Starr included here. Roxy DeVille is on hand to lend some alternative attitude, and Jasmine Rouge for some Euro trash. Throw in Chelsie Rae and things look promising.
Mike Stefano pays John Leslie a visit and they talk about the prospect of working together. Dee just happens to be on the floor above them taking some pretty girls when Mike spots her. "You like her?" says John. "I love her." "Wanna fuck her?" Does a bear shit in the woods? John grabs his camera and it's on. They go upstairs and it's love at first sight as Mike is all over this achingly beautiful woman. She's in lacy blue lingerie, which gets moved around a bit for Stefano to worship her hot flesh. He inhales her ass and regales Dee's phat pussy before tongue worshipping the joy hole. Dee has one breast out of its cup with a nipple that looks like a tootsie roll. Her thighs quiver with his ministrations and he eats the Puerto Rican out of her. Mike's cock is sticking out of his jeans and Dee strokes it lovingly. She sinks to her knees and makes slow, sensual love to his dick. He bends her over the rail of the landing they're standing on and enters Dee in doggy. He's quickly got her straightening her back with the railing from behind, Dee grinding and fucking back when he lets up a little. Mike's got her on a string and Dee doesn't want the pounding to end. She's laid over the arm of a couch for deeper doggy, her tits flopping around in maddening circles, eyes rolling up in her head. Dee is fucked limp, then Mike is back to smothering himself in her ass. They roll into spoon and Mike rubs his cock through her wet crack. "Tease me. Make me beg for it." says Dee. Hard and fast. Slow and deep, as they breathe words of love into each other's face. P2M, and Mike asks "Quiere en tu culo?" "Si. Da me en mi culo, por favor." They just negotiated the anal, but Stefano has to rub his head in her crotch first. He has Dee lick the flayva off his face, giving her pussy a little more dick love in mish, hammering away at the love tunnel before preparing her ass with his tongue and her fingers. Mike tastes her dirty digits, then Dee does so herself. She asks for his dick in her ass again and Mike complies in a side entry that frames her lovely cheeks nicely. Short insistent strokes have Dee gasping and squealing. Deeper brings a sigh. "Da me todo." She wants it all. He has her lay on her belly and spread her cheeks while he roots out the hot stinkhole. "Da me mas." "Give me more", as he drives a rigid cock deep into her bowels in an up and over. He reverses his position and fucks her ass crack. They masturbate for each other, Dee begging Mike to fuck her again. He sticks his dick down her throat in an up and over, gently skullfucking , then a cut to RC vag. The cock is slipped into her sweet asshole, Stefano spreading her pink and bringing Dee to orgasm. Spanking gets her ass moving on him, Dee asking for more. They 69, Dee sucking her ass off his cock and smothering Mike at the same time. The coup de grace is having this beautiful woman on her knees, face upturned, and asking Stefano to cum on her face. So sweetly, and in Spanish. Some strong spurts of thick glue make Dee's wish come true, and she doesn't spare the nasty with some PCH, cum hanging off her chin.
I think I need a moment here.
One look at Dee and the thought would be that you have to treat her like fine china, afraid she might break. She hasn't really done a lot of gonzo, and when she did, it was mostly pretty and stylized. But Stefano manages to make love and respond to his baser instincts to ravage the beauty. The delight is in how with it Dee was from the opening snuggle to the creamy denouement. Hopefully, I can look forward to more of her in the future.
Keeani Lei is sportin' a new dress for a party she's going to, but her boyfriend, Mick Blue, doesn't appear too interested until she asks him to feel the fabric. The smooth satin clinging to Keeani's butt seems to make him happy, and upon further investigation, Mick discovers she's going commando. Keeani squats and pulls his already hard cock out, gagging herself sensuously, if that can be done, as she slowly pokes herself in the back of the throat. Mr. Pete shows up with supplies for the party and walks in on them, shoving his dick down her throat when he realizes what's going on. Nice and sloppy with good tongue work. Deepthroat with long holds that cut her air for several seconds at a time. They bend Keeani over a pool table and Pete whips her ass with his belt a couple of times, telling Keeani that they're going to run a train on her. Mick first in doggy. Then he licks both holes and holds the pussy open for Pete. She's soon on the rotisserie as Mick slips under her head, Pete grinding her deep and spanking the high energy Keeani. CG on Mick, Pete fucking her face. Mick's in another world all his own as he pumps from underneath, but Pete's been carrying on a conversation with Keeani since he got involved, telling her what to do and how to do it. That plays well with this born submissive. Pete works her g-spot, then fucks her face. RC on Pete as Keeani tries to maintain a bj on Mick. He fucks her in doggy while Keeani's head is in Pete's lap, getting her throat reamed. Mick fingers her ass to lead the way for his hard cock burrowing in from doggy. With the chocolate starfish opened, the more aggressive Pete goes from battering her throat to pounding Keeani's colon from the spoon position. She's rubbing crop circles into her phat pussy while coming alive verbally. Mick takes over the twat manipulation, wet sounds abound. Keeani wants two dicks, getting her wish in RCDP. CG on Mick, then another DP as Pete joins in. Classic Keeani Lei verbiage paired with physical energy that's jumping off the charts as Pete pounds her and Keeani fucks back with a fury. Great sequence with Mick making a booty call after Pete pulls out. Keeani rides him like a mechanical bull, then gets put on her back for mish anal with Pete. Mick discovers her pretty feet and pervs out on them. Keeani masturbates and soaks the couch, Pete plugging up the wet hole, trying to prime it for more waterworks. Mish anal again, A2M, and a cut to RCDP. A2M on Mick while Pete sodomizes her in doggy. Keeani gets to her knees and begs for cum. Pete doesn't have much to splatter her face with, but Mick compensates with a couple of thick ropes across her mouth. Double PCH ends the scene.
Keeani seemed to be verbally restrained until things heated up physically. Then she became the sexy wack job we all know and love, demanding a rough ride and bucking like a wild bronco while she gets it.
Some staircase lust, with Roxy DeVille and Chelsie Rae admiring a masturbating Marco Banderas. Leslie exercises his rights as the boss to watch the ladies show off their assets, prolonging their anticipation of pleasure with the big stiffy. The girls whine a little, but John has them get friendly with each other first. Chelsie spanks Roxy's ass, then drops her drawers to finger herself. Roxy's panties come down, and she takes over Chelsie's pussy. The girls look like they might forget Marco, so Leslie brings him down to feed his dick to their hungry mouths. Nice oral enthusiasm from both girls trading back and forth. Leslie has completely broken down the fourth wall as he gives Chelsie instructions, telling her to sit on Marco's face. He's going to be the ringmaster and the three performers will act as his daring young acrobats. Chelsie gets fucked first, in doggy, her hands and mouth keeping Roxy warm. Roxy takes her first ride in RC. The penetration is hot, with a great reaction from Roxy. P2OGM, then a wild ride with a requested tit spanking by Chelsie. P2OGM again, and back to RC, with Roxy spanking Chelsie's nearby ass. Chelsie shines the knob one more time before hiding the salami in her own cunt in CG. Roxy likes pussy flavored cock also, and when Marco goes into crisis mode from Chelsie's tight pussy, she spanks the evil member to calm it down. An ass reddening spanking by Roxy before she laps at Marco's balls while Chelsie bounces above her. Doggy for Roxy in an up and over. Chelsie provides support with her mouth and hands, including a P2OGM facefuck. Roxy sounds like she has an orgasm and both girls suck his dick. Anal for Chelsie in CG with more spanking. Roxy puts her ass in Chelsie's face, then helps to slam her down on Marco's turgid member. RCA next, Roxy rubbing her wet pussy. Chelsie is bouncing, swirling and grinding. Marco is praying. Roxy's fluttering right hand helps Chelsie get off. A2M leading to the pop shot on both faces. Double PCH to end the scene.
Pretty good action that seemed to draw in all three parties, but as usually is the case when one girl does anal and the other doesn't, the balance goes off kilter and the non anal almost disappears. Roxy looked to be more charged up in general, and it's a shame she didn't get much late focus.
Since this is a John Leslie show, there must be a Euro in the woodpile. Jasmin Rouge fills the bill here. The scene starts with John leading Zenza Raggi into a room where Jasmin's already scarfing down the cock of Titus Steel. A beautiful, leggy blonde, still wearing a colorful, short dress, she seems to appreciate being the topic of their conversation. I'm not even sure she understands what John and Zenza are saying. With her dress hiked up, Zenza has access to Jasmin's meaty pussy and firm ass. Everybody wants to see her titties, so the dress comes down and a couple of beauts are exposed. Each guy gets one to suckle on. Jasmin gets back to slobbering knob with Zenza adding his to the mix. She shows an admirable sense of purpose hardening up the weapons with her hands and throat. Zenza gets under her to eat some pussy. Leslie asks Jasmin when she first sucked cock, and her initial answer was eleven, then she giggles and amends it to fourteen. Titus fucks her tits and Zenza gets back to feeding her face. He starts the fucking in doggy, easing into her not quite ready twat, and putting Jasmin on the rotisserie. Tight and hot, Jasmin starts fucking back, putting on a little show for everyone. Titus turns her to get his dick wet in a leg raised doggy while Jasmin sucks on Zenza. CG on Zenza, Titus fucking her face. RC on Titus with Zenza poised over her face, Jasmin grabbing his ass and taking the mouth pump. She catches fire for a few moments and Titus bangs out an orgasm for her. Cue the anal attention as they work to get him into her ass. Not surprisingly, it's tight, but Jasmin rocks the cock to try to bury it. Not much deep penetration or easy movement, but the fat cock makes her gape a little. CG anal on Titus, who wants to get her moving on her own, then has to take the pressure when Jasmin starts to swirl and bob. Zenza'a prepping her for a spoon anal when Leslie reminds him that Jasmin only takes Titus in the ass. But she's ready for the DP's, so he gets under her to anchor from CG. The two fat dicks look like they're having trouble coexisting in the same place, only occasionally getting a hot rhythm going. The best moments seem to come when Titus pulls out and lets Zenza pound away. The pace remains erratic with Titus acting like a butt plug and Zenza railing from underneath. Leslie can be heard admonishing them not to stop. There just doesn't seem to be enough room in that tight body for the both of them. When it's time for the cumshots, Jasmin attacks Titus' cock with vigor, then plays with her tits as both guys prime their pumps for her. Titus shoots a week's worth all over her face. Zenza aims at her open mouth, but wide right with the powerful blast that decorates her cheek. Post pop play with Jasmin's incredible face and body streaked with cum.
Jasmin seemed a bit overmatched here at times, but never lost her smile. Not enough good continuous action to satisfy me, or the director, but great eye candy nonetheless.
Kaci Starr is led into a house by Tee Real, who can't wait to get his hands on the adorable cherub. For the uninitiated, Kaci is magnificently Reubenesque, with a very cute face, winning attitude, and a body that demands hands on attention. Kaci's fat tits stick out of her red dress proudly, and Tee gets grabby with them before moving on to her bottom half. She sits on a step and plays with her pussy for Leslie. Tee's holding a couple of toys for her. A purple butt plug and flexible dildo. The plug goes right where it was intended, making Kaci wet and horny. The dildo completes a technical DP. Tee unzips and feeds Kaci some real cock. She keeps the toys alive in her holes while maintaining good concentration on Tee. He puts Kaci against a wall and dogs her standing, leaving the plug in place. P2M, then a trip downstairs where Erik Everhard awaits, naked, poised and ready. Kaci slobbers on his knob, her puffy nipples standing at attention as she savors two cocks. She goes back and forth in this prelim to hole stuffing. They stick her on the spit, Everhard getting the honor of ramming her pussy in doggy. He puts on a hip swinging show before pulling the plug out of her rectum and replacing it with his dick. Up and over elicits a rhythmic moan timed to every deep stroke. Cut to the guys switching ends, Tee taking some pussy in doggy before claiming some ass. She must be really tight, because Tee sounds like he won't last long in there. Kaci rides Everhard in CG. Tee gets a little mouth work, then enters her ass again in doggy, this time to complete a DP. The two heat seeking missiles plunder her meaty body for a lengthy sequence, then give her a taste of white sauce to wear or eat, whatever Kaci's preference. Kaci gives some PCH with a nice glazing on her face.
There's more cushion for the pushin' here, and Kaci provides a nice little party for the boys. Nothing over the top, but kind of easy going and enjoyable.
Epilogue This video starts off with an utterly perfect woman, oozing sensuality, matching Stefano's ardor with plenty of her own. Keeani Lei, who I fear may be gone from the industry, has managed to increase her sexiness while maintaining her off center personality. My appreciation for her seems to be growing every time I see her, and I think Leslie played her just right for this threesome scene. The video hits a slight bump in the road as the Roxy/ Chelsie/ Marco threesome doesn't provide enough of Ms. DeVille after the anal starts. Jasmine Rouge's scene gets sidetracked by the players inability to synch up and stay with the DP's, and even Leslie sounded a bit frustrated by it. Kaci Starr provided a different kind of perfection as she's the Charmin of porn valley. Squeezably soft. No problems with the DP here, and a soft landing for this film. Good, but not great.
The Disk There's a cumshot recap, photo gallery, cast list, Evil Angel filmographies, and a John Leslie bio.
Recommendation The stars alone make this a worthwile rental, and John Leslie maintains one of the best eyes in the industry when it comes to presenting them.

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