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Violet Blue (SGPC) Crack Her Jack 3 5 starsCrack Her Jack 3 5 starsCrack Her Jack 3 5 stars
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Crack Her Jack 3

Crack Her Jack 3

Studio: Evil Angel
Category:  Gonzo
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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picman's ratings for Crack Her Jack 3:
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Crack Her Jack 3 overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Crack Her Jack 3 Female looks rating 5 stars
Male Looks Crack Her Jack 3 Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex Crack Her Jack 3 Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Crack Her Jack 3 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Crack Her Jack 3 DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality Crack Her Jack 3 A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by picman  on  2/11/2005
Prologue I have always liked John Leslie's style, or styles, because he changes things a bit according to the theme of his titles. Fresh Meat always seemed to have some kind of back story to the vignettes, even when there was no dialogue to support it. The Voyeur was more gonzo and amateurish in feel. He does break rules with impunity and sometimes I get annoyed by it. But, for the most part, the action is hot and caught well. I really have no idea what the theme of Crack Her Jack is supposed to be. Most of the women here are new to me, although I'm fairly certain that Claudia Rossi and Laura Lion have been misidentified on the DVD cover. I'm anxious to see what direction Mr. Leslie takes in this series.
Nicol is in a bathroom with the director, wearing a long sleeve black dress, admiring her fine self. He sounds appreciative, also. Judy White is in another room sucking a very large cock belonging to Frank Mayer. She looks pretty fine as well. Back to the bathroom and John is admiring Nicol's still clothed ass. Another switch back to Judy inhaling cock. Leslie's shooting into open windows here, so the exposure drifts according to how much skin fills the frame. Back to the bathroom and a breast is exposed with our director touching a nipple. Another breast is offered up for his perusal and as he pans back we can see her dress has been hoisted and pussy exposed. Back to Judy testing her throat out and then to Nicol again, this time being fingered by Leslie. Back and forth go the shots as the intensity rises in both locations. Nicol declares that she has to pee. She teases us with her wonderfully round ass, framed by black stockings and garter. Then Leslie teases us with just the sound of her peeing, and not showing the flow. Nicol walks in on Judy and her man as Judy is bouncing happily on his stiff peg in CG. Nicol walks behind the couch and strokes Frank's arms and chest. She does some pussy juice clean-up on his stiffy. Judy laps at his balls. They trade the cock back and forth, then Nicol mounts in RC with Judy doing P2OGM. Loved it when Judy tries to re-plant the cock and gets distracted by Nicol's obviously tasty pussy, taking some licks as she tries to insert. She actually gets to full on shaft and slit licking after he's in. Cut to Judy in spoon in the background with Nicol stripping off her dress in the foreground. Judy still has a sports bra on with her tits peaking out. Nicol comes over to expose them fully and take some licks of her tit. P2OGM for Nicol, who's now only in stockings and garter. She laps at Frank's balls as he fucks Judy and cleans the juice off of his cock. Cut to Nicol getting fucked in doggy with her head in Judy's lap. Judy gets to suck her friend's juice off the cock. Nicol gets a taste of her own juice as well. Cut to Judy impaling her ass on the big log in RCA. Nicol is just there for moral support. She stabs her tongue in Judy's cunt as she's being ass reamed. I find this a lot hotter than the ubiquitous A2OGM. She's playing with the clit, mostly, but if she were to ever just spread those lips and dig her out, I think I would go bananas. I think Judy would, too. Nicol does a sketchy A2OGM. It's not as verifiable as a typical RLD A2M merry go round. She inserts the cock back into Judy's ass and seems drawn to her pussy as she licks it again. Her pussy also gets strummed by the Frank as her ass gets plowed. He turns her sideways in a semi spoon and just about goes balls deep. Nicol does a legit A2OGM and a re-insertion. Our stud has had enough. He pulls out and blasts his load into each of the girl's mouth. They go back to sharing his cock for the PCH. A nice, messy one, at that.
Our next girl makes her entry into a house where John awaits with his camera. Angel Dark is wearing sporting attire. Cap, tight blue jeans, team shirt. She's lean, but if those tits are real I'm going to have a heart attack. She teases John by giving herself a wedgie and shakes a very nice looking ass in his face. Moving into the living room, Angel continues this tease clothed. Sitting across the room is Frank Gun. He looks ready for action. Her shirt comes up and we get a load of her breasts encased in an industrial strength bra. More tease for John. The cups get pulled away as Angel tugs on her tits and takes a taste proclaiming them sweet. John plays with her nipples. Her pants come down twice. It looked so good the first time, she had to do it again. Angel runs the gusset of her panties through her pussy lips. They are some nice fat lips, too, and Angel plays with her pussy as John tells her that everyone wants to fuck her. No shit, Sherlock! The panties come off and Angel masturbates. Cut to two dicks in Angel's face. The second joint courtesy of Franco Roccaforte. Her amazing body gets fondled by both men as she gives them an erotic looking blow job. Franco is really fixated on her plump pussy lips and plays with them. They help her off with the rest of her clothes and I'm staring at one of the most perfect women I've ever set eyes on. Franco can't resist a titty fuck. That looked great, so Frank gets one, too. Cut to RC on Frank, then mish for Franco as he lifts her off the first cock. They continue to share her in this manner. Franco does some face fucking while she's riding RC. He then picks her up for a flying fuck and Frank feasts on her feat. Cut to Frank fucking her ass in doggy. I would have liked to have seen the transition, or at least the penetration shot. Franco has Angel on the rotisserie, feeding her his big snake. There's a pull out and a little gape before a cut to RCA on Frank. Franco joins the party by spearing her hot pussy. Angel really comes alive under these circumstances and her kissing of Franco drips with passion. Some P2M and back to the RCDP. Angel's really digging the dual action and begs for the second dick in her pussy. Cut to a standing doggy anal for Franco as Angel laves Frank's cock. Quick cut to CGDP. Another cut to a flying reverse anal with Franco. She really wants the cock in her pussy, but the ass will do for now. Angel does A2M and Frank sticks his dick in her face for a share of loving. They set her up in piledriver and Frank spears the sphincter. Franco gives her the pussy loving she really wants in the same position. He pulls out and uses her feet to stroke off and Frank fills the empty hole. All this is still in piledriver. Franco has to reward her with an enthusiastic tootsie sucking. Cut to Frank railing her pussy in mish and Franco offering Angel some sucking candy. Frank pulls out and feels compelled to taste Angel's feet. Franco goes back to fucking her hot soles and then slides into her pussy in mish. Frank goes to her head. Cut to Frank pumping away at her in mish and Franco feeding her cock. He drops his load onto her mouth and chin, calling Angel Nasty. Frank pulls out in an emergency and pulls her head to his cock. He has a little explosion, but not much is added to Angel's lovely face. Dual PCH and some banter end the scene. Where has this woman been all my life?
Sabrina Snow, a very pretty blonde, is sitting at a kitchen counter sipping a cold drink. She's in bra and panties with white fishnet stockings. John has her rub up on the upholstered bar chair she's sitting on backwards. This girl has a great ass. Seems to be a theme running through these scenes. She pulls a tit out of her lavendar bra and shows a barbell piercing. I love it, and so does John. So, she frees the other one. He requests Sabrina to masturbate for him. She has a light cast on her right hand. A casualty of too much self pleasure, perhaps? Sabrina claims she likes sucking cock. No sooner said than there's a big black one in her mouth, belonging to Sean Michaels. She uses too much hand and not enough throat for my taste, but Sean seems to be enjoying himself, and so does Sabrina. Sean takes to spanking her nice butt. Slapping and licking it alternately. Ripping open her hose and sticking that big unit in Sabrina's hot little hole. She's really feeling it as his cock totally fills her pussy. Sabrina's body language and sounds are telling a story of building lust. John has her suck the juice off of Sean and then she gets down and chicken heads him. Sabrina sits on Sean's cock in RC and lowers herself gingerly. She's totally into using him for her pleasure and the sights and sounds are getting hotter and more intense with each stroke. Her girly cum is all over Sean's rod and her voice is taking on an air of possession. She gets him balls deep on a couple of strokes, but has to back off. Cut to mish with Sean insinuating himself deeper and deeper. He has her pleading for more. This is for real. No performance here. Sabrina's getting her cookies off big time and Sean's playing her like a virtuoso. Watching her face knitted with intensity and heaving chest with moans and gasps is porn at it's best. Sabrina licks her cum off his cock. She's getting greedy now and wants more. He does some long stroking which is unfortunately cut short. Cut to doggy and Sabrina is just one big pleasure center at this point. She's mangling her clit while Sean fucks her pussy raw. He goes for a modified up and over and then a cut to a CG insertion. Sabrina's standing to regulate the depth. There's a fade to further along in this position with Sean balls deep in Sabrina's cooch and she's rocking him for all she's worth. She's intent on riding him for the big one and Sean's just trying to stay with her and give Sabrina what she needs. He gives her a few ass smacks, but I don't think she even feels them. Sabrina's body is a study in tension and you can just feel her looking for the release. I only wish that the camera had come around more to the front for some of this so I could see Sabrina's facial expressions as she's going through these intense changes. Cut to a flying fuck in the afterglow of what just went on. Sabrina's ass is red from the spanking and her back is red from the exertion. Cut to Sabrina sucking Sean's cock to get him ready for his well earned cum, which gets deposited in and on her mouth. There is some truly heartfelt PCH to end a remarkable scene. No geysers were sprung and there wasn't any hysterical caterwauling, but there's no doubt that Sabrina Snow got off big time. Put this one in the time capsule.
The fourth scene opens with Simony taking some cheesecake stills. She's wearing glasses and looking like the hottest librarian on the planet. She's accosted by James Brosman and Greg Centauro (I really don't know which is which, unfortunately.). One goes for her breasts as the other worships Simony's ass. Definitely a thing of beauty. Simony gets a cock in each hand as the guys each take a tit to play with. She squats down sexily and starts playing a tandem skin flute. Cut to a mish insertion while the other cock is poking out her cheek. Another cut to doggy, still keeping Simony's mouth full. CG with her ass being fingered and still a cock in her mouth. This woman has a perfect body and the stud underneath her is feasting on those hanging mammaries. Cut to RC. Cut to CG anal with a great shot of her heart shaped ass. Simony gets pummeled from below, bringing up the decibel levels of her moans. Spoon anal while Simony and the other guy kiss passionately. There's never a cock far from her mouth or hands. Mish anal is next. Some insertion shots show small gapes. Cut to a CG turned DP. That elicits some howls. I wish there was more verbal communication. There's a quick pullout, then a shot of Simony on her knees between the guys to receive their ball blasts. She takes it on her mouth and lots of cum drips onto her tits. Such a pretty sight. Some hot PCH and the camera backs away from the scene and we see the still photographer go back to work documenting the aftermath.
To start the final scene, John has Claudia Rossi and Laura Lion posing down in a bathroom with light blasting in from the windows. His use of auto exposure here is guaranteed to drive his critics wild. I'd rather he locked the exposure on their skin tones myself, but I'll reserve judgement on this technique till later. The girls are now in a living room or den, writhing away on a couch and masturbating. There's been quite a bit of that in the tease section throughout. Also, in keeping with the rest of the video, they're both flat out gorgeous. Claudia's in a red, wide fishnet pantyhose and patent leather fuck me pumps. Laura's in a black PVC one piece and stockings. A cock arrives for the girls to play with and David Perry's attached to it. He goes for Laura's pussy and Claudia goes for the cock. Laura joins the party and sucks shaft while Claudia bathes his balls. David fingers Claudia's bunghole and she's gaping already. Laura's tits are freed and David plays with them like a kid at Toys R Us. Claudia sucks David's cock while standing and bending at the waist. Laura turns around for a rear view that's inspiring. What a beautiful, fat pussy she has. David pulls Laura on top of him for CG and Claudia inserts peg A into slot C. She does P2M and reinserts a couple of times, or six. Laura gives his joint a nice ride and is deriving great pleasure from the experience. Cut to Claudia in RC and Laura is doing the clean-up. Claudia's having a good time, too, as she jams herself down on David's stiffy. There's an almost imperceptible cut and the cock is now up Claudia's ass. Laura does A2OGM. Her tits are mesmerizing me as they swing and I've almost lost sight of the action. They roll into spoon anal and David hammers her. Multiple insertions and A2OGM. Claudia's face is showing the intensity and she looks like she's riding the pleasure/pain tip. He actually does either hurt or surprise her when he tries to gape her pussy and ass at the same time, stretching the taint tight. Claudia asks if he wants to fuck her friend's ass, and damned if he doesn't. Laura looks pretty happy about it and assumes the doggy position with Claudia and David providing some spit lube. He puts his hand in her ass and we cut to an up and over doggy anal with lots of insertions and A2OGM. Laura also sucks his cock out of her oven. Cut to CG anal shot from the floor. Great shots of Laura's fine ass. Claudia's doing a fine job of keeping David's cock clean. Cut to the girls side by side in doggy and David goes up and over in Claudia's ass, then sliding over to Laura. They kneel in front of David to suck him off in tandem. He spits in Laura's cleavage and fucks those fun bags. Claudia gets in a few more sucks and Laura takes over. They switch off again and try to massage the cum out of his balls. Back and forth they go, and David almost lets Laura bring him to completion. He takes over and squirts his seed on both their faces with Claudia adding saliva for volume. They give him some PCH and do some light kissing to end the video.
Epilogue This DVD could have been another generic Euro girl snooze fest, but a funny thing happened on the way to the editing bay. John Leslie got a couple of intense performances from Angel Dark and Sabrina Snow (who obviously isn't a Euro), and better than average scenes from the other women. I don't know where I've been for all of Angel's career, but she's stunning and I want to see more. She also had some nice chemistry with Franco and her "Oh my God's" were not play acting. She was drilled, filled and thrilled. Sabrina Snow had her own exclamation. "Oh, shit!" was heard many times and she really wasn't playing. You will rarely see a scene like this one. Sabrina used Sean for maximum pleasure. I found the experience almost as thrilling as she did. Almost. In the extra sex segment you can tell that Leslie knew something special was happening and his direction consisted of "Don't worry about opening for the camera. I'll find the shot." That may not be verbatim, but is essentially what he said. There are no bad scenes here. There is John Leslie's trademark of shooting into the light and it was occasionally annoying because of the flicker effect of auto exposure. Nothing important was obscured and there is some artistic merit to it when the foreground and background are balanced. Camera shake was never a problem. The eye candy factor is extreme. How many videos do you think you've seen where Simony isn't the best looking woman involved? Every ass here was spectacular and there were enough great racks to put this video in the mammary niche. I'm still not sure what Crack Her Jack signifies, but this was an all sex video with some tease and no apparent narrative.
The Disk There are Evil Angel filmographies, cast list, cumshot recap, trailers, photo gallery, a John Leslie biography and blues band advertisement. Also, there's extra sex from all the scenes. Some of it quite good. Laura Angel and Claudia Rossi are mixed up in the introductions and box cover, but they get it right in the filmographies. I don't usually associate that kind of sloppiness with Evil Angel. A very good package.
Recommendation Overall, a very good video with one killer scene that demands viewing. I know John Leslie can be and acquired taste but this is worth at least a rental. If you already are into his style, you'll want to buy this.

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