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Studio: Big Blue Productions
Category:  Gay
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folkyboy's ratings for Cowboy:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Cowboy overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Cowboy Female looks rating 0 stars
Male Looks Cowboy Male looks rating 4 stars
Sex Cowboy Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Cowboy Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras Cowboy DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality Cowboy A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by folkyboy  on  3/31/2003
  • Title: Cowboy
  • Studio: Arena
  • Producer(s): Blue Blake Productions
  • Director: Blue Blake
  • Videographer: Andre Adair
  • Editor: Michael Zen
  • Music: Rock Hard
  • Cast: Caesar, Brad Rock, Tom Katt, Rhett O'Hara, Dane Brando, Sal Lombardi, Staten McCormack, Ray Stone, Kelly Madison & Evan Taylor
  • Date of Production: 04/01/02
  • Running Time: 1 hour, 58 minutes
  • Extras: XXX
  • By Line: some MEN are just born BAD

The Story

Caesar plays a ramblin' man who is running from his dark past. He uses the boys and rides off into the sunset on the search of yet another heart to borrow to heal his wounded mind. He eventually sets his sites on a young proprietor named Jake (Dane Brando) and they share a blissful romance on Jake's ranch. That is, until a Cowboy decides to get honest...

  1. Scene One (Caesar & Rhett O'Hara) — After a restless sleep with visions of cocks and asses dancing in his head, our hero Cowboy awakes to Rhett O'Hara over him. Rather than admit any vulnerablity that might be amiss inside this drifter's head, Caesar orders Rhett to suck his cock. Basically, what follows is Rhett rotating up and down on Caesar's groin. I really loved how the lighting had this natural feel over them. You could tell it was professional and studio-like, but it didn't feel hot and caked in makeup. They took really good care in making it look like a quality picture. Too bad Rhett didn't do as much in the sucking department. Caesar kept my temperature warm with his vocals but Rhett made me almost fall asleep with the monotony of his bobbing: no originality, really. This scene only started picking up once Caesar and him switched places and then that didn't last that long. I might've been sold on the scene if things had gotten a little anal but to have an oral scene that didn't live up to the actor's looks left me a little disappointed.
  2. Scene Two (Sal Lombardi) — This scene was short and almost a joke. I totally thought the guy (who goes by Guido in the movie) thought he was hotter than he was. He certainly had a nice asshole and I want to bless him for showing it to me in his weird flexing poses but he so didn't do it for me just sitting there rubbing himself. He delivered a helluva cumshot but it all happened in less than 8 minutes. A bad move on Bluke Blue to place this right after an all oral scene. It was hot but not scorching...
  3. Scene Three (Caesar & Dane Brando) — I really liked how this scene started. Caesar brings logs from one location and lays them down in another in this typical "rand hand" style. It was really rough and hot. It gave it that "cowboy" feel to the film. After doing that, he decides to go back to the ranch owner that helped him out and give him a helping hand elsewhere. They make out under this white tent outside and there is lots of muscle worship on Caesar from Dane Brando. Dane has this normal boy quality to him that I like. He's not exactly the best looking guy in the movie but he has something about him that seems very real. He's also really hot at sucking cock and under Caesar's potty mouth, it was SO refreshing to see the movie taking a direction I had wanted it to go all along. It kind of surprised me once Caesar actually stuck his dick inside of him and fucked him but the yummy rimming warmup was worth the initial surprise. They eventually erupt and kind of bask in the afternoon sun. I liked how they showed us the cumshot and then repeat it again in slo-mo. Caesar delivers a hearty helping all over Dane's face.
  4. Scene Four (Tom Katt & Evan Taylor) — Outside in the field, Tom Katt and Evan Taylor are working on a tractor. I don't know actually what they were doing as they start fucking like almost as soon as their scene starts but hey: tractors and bulky muscles is hot. They both are curious about the whereabouts of this stranger that has loomed into town but soon discuss their own relationship. This intro is AMAZING as Tom Katt basically sits on Evan's face and Evan toys with his ass through some cut off denim shorts. Tom Katt is a legend in the porn world so I knew this was going to be good and boy was it! My only real problem with it would be the outdoor location and the fact that a lot of what each guy was saying wasn't at volume level with the mics. The music in the background would drown it out and I couldn't get a real feel of what's up. The visual was EXCELLENT, however. Evan has a thick cock and boy does he know how to use it! He stuffs it up Tom's ass and then stuffs it in his mouth. There's even a point where Evan fucks Tom's pecs that's really nice and yummy. I don't know if I'm thrilled with a lot of the editing in this scene here as things tend to stop and start too quickly but it totally blends nicely together, despite the rough edges.
  5. Scene Five (Staten McCormack, Ray Stone & Kelly Madison) — Cowboy relives a horrific story from his past to his new young ranch hand lover. It's set in the shower room and involves his uncle, his dad and his cousin. Apparently, this is what has haunted him and scared him everytime he went to sleep. The three had a hot fuck fest and he was invited. Only, it disgusted him and he couldn't/wouldn't be any part of it. If you ask me, he was missing out as I am so into the bald headed militant butch look. The two older guys end up taking advantage of the younger one in a long oral/anal extravaganza. This could have been much hotter than it initially was as it tended to drag in various parts. I liked that even the butchest of men can eat ass like a champ, though. And by the end Kelly was covered in gooey cum (not only his own)!
  6. Scene Six (Brad Rock & Caesar) — After confessing his story to his new lover, Cowboy also confesses that he burned down the house with the men in it. His lover acts cool, like it doesn't phase him but then calls the cops on him once he leaves. Blue Blake ends up showing up to arrest him, and Caesar hits the road yet again. Only, Brad Rock chases after him! Unable to escape, the Cowboy uses his best technique to get out. He offers to do anyhthing to be able to escape. At first Brad Rock isn't biting, but Cowboy admits that he knows everyone wants him. So he pulls out Brad's cock and the goes down. Brad is AMAZING and just seeing Caesar work him over sent chills down my spine. (Even the way Brad breathes is sexy!) Eventually Caesar eats Brad's ass out (for this first time, supposedly, according to the script) and then Brad fucks the living hell out of him! I love the way Brad pumps it to him! This anal scene and the end anal scene from the scene prior are some of the hottest ass fucking I've ever seen. They both climax in serendipity!

What I Liked — I liked that the plot wasn't too thick that I felt like it was all going to lead somewhere.( I really didn't care, to be honest.) And the lighting showcased the actors well. I think Blue Blake still has a ways to go in the actual movie making department, but he's certainly headed in an upward climb. The actors didn't seem to be lost on the set and seemed to be focus on who they were with so this was also a definite plus. They even managed to rim each other CORRECTLY too, which is something every film needs to have more of. Also would like to give props to Rock Hard for actually writing a song for the movie that is decent and worth listening to again.

What I Disliked — I think a lot of the movie had some slow spots and I felt it could have been cured if they would have taken the time to snip out the rough edges. In fact, they could have probably kept the movie at regular length and saved us some of the fast forwarding. Also, a lot of the replays of the cumshots got to be too expectant (especially when they weren't big enough to replay). These are really petty considering how great the actual movie was, so I feel like I could let them slide to enjoy the film as a whole. can't help but strive for perfection....

DVD Quality — I found it kind of odd that the menu for this film wasn't accessable when you stuck it in. In fact, it would go through the whole film and then shut off! without even going to the menu at all. I had to press menu in order to even see anything. I kind of liked how it was all laid out once I did, though. There's the shot of Caesar with his ax and then below it we have our options to select from. The actual options are: Feature, Gallery, Trailers, and Behind the Scenes. Above them, is the 6 squares which would take you to their matching scenes. It's kind of a unique way of laying everything out and it was a nice change. The Behind the Scenes movie is funny and Blue Blake proves to be quite the comedian. They even speed Scene One up to make Caesar sound like a chipmunk! The actual previews they feature are: Crash Of The Titans and Hard As Rock.

Overall Thoughts — A great film with a twisted plot! I kind of wished they could have written more of it in there, but then, these men were fumbling through what I saw so...maybe not. If you're a fan of body builders/muscle worship, Caesar, and/or Cowboys then you might one to check this out. There really is only one actual cowboy in the film but yum! Who's counting?

~ folkyboy – 03/31/03

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