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Captain Jack Cover Girls (Vince Vouyer Unleashed) 4.5 starsCover Girls (Vince Vouyer Unleashed) 4.5 starsCover Girls (Vince Vouyer Unleashed) 4.5 stars
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Cover Girls (Vince Vouyer Unleashed)

Cover Girls (Vince Vouyer Unleashed)

Studio: Vince Vouyer Unleashed
Category:  Compilation
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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picman's ratings for Cover Girls (Vince Vouyer Unleashed):
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Cover Girls (Vince Vouyer Unleashed) overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Cover Girls (Vince Vouyer Unleashed) Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Cover Girls (Vince Vouyer Unleashed) Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex Cover Girls (Vince Vouyer Unleashed) Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting Cover Girls (Vince Vouyer Unleashed) Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Cover Girls (Vince Vouyer Unleashed) DVD Extras rating 4.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Cover Girls (Vince Vouyer Unleashed) A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by picman  on  6/26/2011

Prologue While it's not noted on the cover, this is a compilation of scenes from Vince Vouyer Unleashed. The thread holding them together is evident in the title. The eight performers on the boxcover are, indeed, Covergirls of the respective DVD's that their scenes are culled from. And not for nothing, but these are some impressive stars collected here. Gianna Michaels, Kagney Linn Karter, Jayden Jaymes, Kristina Rose, Aletta Ocean, Lisa Ann, Shyla Stylez, and Tori Black. Sounds like an AVN Performer of the Year nominations list, and of course, Tori has won two of those herself. I believe there are five anal scenes, one POV, and quite a bit of interracial to keep things spicy. If these are all full scenes, I'm going to be very happy.
Gianna Michaels is practicing her shooting on a basketball court. Her cut off wife beater can't hope to contain her bouncing boobies, and that might explain her horrid marksmanship. She decides she needs some help, and who better than a tall black man? Gianna takes to the playground in search of a tutor, driving in intense heat with apparently no air conditioning, making her monster titties sweat.. She happens on Lexington Steele, who's practicing his moves and shots, not looking all that good to anyone but Gianna. They make their acquaintances and Gianna suggests he teach her something. Lex offers to coach her with a string of double entendres, and off to Gianna's court they go. Some pretty ineffective teaching and awkward scrimmaging, and a bet Lex loses, send them into the house to do naughty things. He starts by nursing on her, licking the titty sweat off and smothering his head in Gianna's pulchritudinous goodness. She pulls down his sweats and releases a raging hardon. Gianna starts a messy boob banging blow job and pulls down her booty shorts to show a fairly thick patch. She lowers herself onto the stiffy in RC, lightly creaming it as she tries to take it all in. Gianna's sweaty body and flailing tits are a sight as she prods herself, with great reactions as he hits bottom. Lex lifts her off the daybed and fucks Gianna in standing reverse, then P2M and some titty fucking. She waves her ass at him to initiate doggy, then a cut to Gianna getting Lex off with her tits.
Gianna goes from playful to cock drunk and back again. The scene, as presented feels truncated, as I'm certain there was more footage after the doggy position, and points out one of the failings of most compilations straining to load up the disc with scenes, yet not having the room to show them in their entirety. Too bad because Gianna should never be cut short.
The Jayne Mansfield of porn, glamor slut Shyla Stylez agrees that it's quite alright to fuck black men. She's in a black bikini with lots of air vents for her monster mams. They may not be natural, but Shyla's clearly proud of them, and knows how to use them to great effect. She also likes big things in her butt, and luckily for us, that's on the agenda today. Lex, her favorite, is watching Shyla's tease, and she joins him on the couch and helps him out of his clothes. Lex wallows in her tits and Shyla unwraps the package to suck on the big chocolate stick. The mouth love has Lex moaning and in danger. He grabs control of her and toys with Shyla's hot ass. She divests herself of her bottoms and presents the target in doggy for a lubed up rear entry. Cut to RC grinding, and a swirling pussy pump. P2M as the perspiration shines up Shyla's face, then a titty fuck. Doggy, Shyla fucking back maddeningly. Anal doggy brings out the butt slut in Shyla as she helps impale her rump. Lex fucks it like a pussy, then gets ridden in CG anal. Shyla tests his mettle with vigor and enthusiasm and gets her ass drilled in side entry mish for her reward. A2M and back in the dirt hole. It's hot and grinding, and Shyla wants to kick the nastiness up a notch with anal piledriver. Even in this position she manages to be proactive. Ass mayonnaise covers Lex's dick as Shyla grinds him out, then a cut to side saddle CG, morphing into spoon anal and A2M. Shyla wants cum, but Lex wants more pussy to get there. He drills her balls deep and splatters Shyla with a hot shot all over the place. She's been Black Listed.
An extremely hot scene that also has a couple of chunks edited out, I believe. Shyla is as good as it gets and she always brings out the very best in Lex. Nothing less could ever do.
Kagney Linn Karter is going to do a little gardening. It's hot, and her cut off t-shirt isn't going to keep her big titties from sweating. The wet spot around her nipples leave little to the imagination, and her cameltoe is pretty scalding in its own right. Toni Ribas, reading on the patio, barely takes notice, and Kagney badgers him about helping with the work. He ain't going for it. Nothing she says can get him to move, but he's willing to make a deal. Kagney says she'll do anything to get some work out of him. She beckons him inside the house and prepares to cut a deal for some labor. Tony sucks on her sweaty titties, a picman approved activity. Kagney straddles Toni and feeds him the tasty salt lick, making him promise to help. They toy with each other and Toni laps at her meaty pussy. Her shorts have to go so Kagney can sit on Toni's face. They 69, then a cut to a mish penetration that gets Kagney's pussy creamy. She sits on the cock CG, moaning as the hard dick beats up her cunt. She rocks on the cock searching for the elusive big "O", then a cut to RC. Hardcore bouncing and some dick dance moves highlight this position, then they roll into spoon as Toni hammers her. Cut to doggy, the pace remaining lively. Toni pulls out and shoots hot streams into Kagney's mouth and on her face. She goes to clean up and collect the debt, but Toni's tuckered out.
Kagney manages to straddle the setup of the scene with some nice hard fucking, always remembering the premise they're fucking under, but not letting the action suffer for the artifice. Good scene.
Lisa Ann narrates her descent into anal depravity, sitting in silhouette like an anonymous witness. She becomes enamored with a progression of toys, then cock, and most especially the prodigious member of Sean Michaels. She draws Sean close by pulling on a red rope tied to his dick and starts making lip love to it. Lots of eye contact with the camera through the bj, then some breast origami with the rope, keeping them connected. Very light tit whipping with the end of the strand and Lisa Ann is begging for something up her ass. Sean leads with his tongue, slobbering all over her open holes. Sean recognizes her addiction and torments her with his mouth, then toys, finally stuffing his sausage into Lisa's bowels. A2M, anal fingering, and a spoon anal penetration. More A2M and back to spoon. Some pussy fucking in mish, an anal toy giving Lisa a technical DP. P2M, then deep mish, then anal. Lisa Ann rubs up her wet pussy while Sean steams into her ass, then a cut to an RCA penetration shot from Sean's POV. A2M and back to RCA, this time shot from the front. Cut to Lisa on her knees mining for cum. Sean lays some thin ropes out on her tongue and mouth, Lisa cleaning up.
The fucking here is fairly stylized, with Lisa playing up her need for all things anal. There were some compression artifacts early in the scene, probably owing to the fact that there are a lot of scenes being crammed on one disc.
Jordan Ash has some plans fall through, so he decides it's a good time to break out the porn stash.While he's strokin' it to Priya Rey's sweaty tits he gets a call from Jayden James, who doesn't even know she's calling him as she's sitting on her phone. Jordan returns the call to find out what she wants, and tries to put her on a guilt trip for ruining his jack off session. She's leaving town, but willing to make time for Jordan's big dick, and he's soon at her door. She shows him her packing style and he prepares to pack her in another manner, toying with Jayden's big ass. They rub up each others genitals, and pretty soon Jayden's scarfing cock. She has fun with the oral favors until Jordan starts to examine her sumptuous body, tonguing her ass and thumbing Jayden's twat. First penetration is in doggy, the up and over nice and hard. Cut to CG, Jayden putting the ass down with some verve. P2M, then RC. Side entry mish, and Jordan pops all over Jayden's face. PCH, and she's ready to travel.
A frenetic pace, and the usual proscribed positions, but not much more going on here. Not as much ass play as the title of the video it came from would indicate.
Tori Black in her first scene for Vince is being Black Listed, something she never shied away from, and doesn't understand why she should. This is also her first scene with Lex, who's sitting behind her while she gets interviewed by the director. Tori's also giving up the little butthole for her first interracial anal. Pretty momentous for the two time AVN Performer of the Year. Alerted to Lex's presence behind her, Tori slinks her willowy body over to let him breathe in her hotness. He actually promises to go balls deep in her ass before sitting Tori in his lap and munching on her pretty titties. She plays with herself while waiting for Lex to undress, getting her tits whipped with his huge, yet still flaccid cock. Once it enters Tori's mouth he gets the same Viagra effect we all do from this gorgeous slut. She peels her panties off, stands and turns for doggy. Slow entry, with an "Oohh shit!" at about the seven inch mark. "Dig in there" precedes some balls deep thrusts, and "Pound that pussy" gets Lex a little wild. P2M after an aborted aerial, then Tori's laid back for deep mish. Lex goes semi up and over as he plumbs that little fuck hole, then has Tori suck his balls while he polishes the shaft. Cut to the anal invasion in mish, Lex licking her pussy a bit before the grand opening. He works it in slow and screws the hole, pounding her with all but maybe two inches. A2M, then back to the missionary anal expedition. Almost rooted and Tori lets out a little squeal. She's taking most of it, and pretty hard, letting Lex know she's down for more. Pointing the money maker at him in doggy, Tori takes the up and over plunge. Still not quite all, but very, very close. Side entry mish anal and A2M. More mish anal, and Lex is even leaning into it. That's the trigger for him as he strokes over Tori's face while she sucks balls, and pops like a fountain and leaves her a pretty mess. Tori loved it.
Between her looks, libido, and ability to communicate, Tori is flat out scalding here. She pretty much took all of Lex up her ass, and she's a damn fine actress if she wasn't enjoying it on more than one level. Very hot.
Kristina Rose shows up for her 2 o'clock carrying her whore bag filled with outfits. Vince instantly admires her notorious booty and Kristina shakes it around for him. She lowers her pants slowly, giving Vince a little thrill, then lets him play grab ass with her. She continues her tease, and Vince captures her glorious ass, filling the screen with its fullness. More booty tease and Vince just walks up behind her and sticks his dick in Kristina's pussy doggy POV. He fucks her pretty hard while Kristina dirty talks him, and even fingers her own ass to show him what a nasty slut she can be. Vince needs a little timeout and resorts to toy play, giving Kristina a fair sized butt plug to plant. He works his cock back into her cunt for the technical DP, then has her suck the toy while he plows her. She wants to be fucked like a dirty little whore, so Vince sticks his dick in her ass. Smooth sailing up that tight chute as Kristina takes him balls deep and hard. They go back to trying on outfits, Kristina never losing the bubbly in her personality. Now wearing neon pink booty shorts she starts the oral portion of this POV scene. That doesn't last long, and neither do the shorts, as Vince plants straight up her ass, again in doggy. A2M, then vaginal mish. Butt plug goes from her mouth to pussy, then Vince is back for anal in mish. Another outfit change with a pink sweater vest cut like a halter over a white button down blouse and a pink candy striped teeny tiny skirt, and Kristina shows off more bj skills. She sets back up in doggy and Vince goes cunt. She dips two fingers into her ass while he strokes, and gets it up the ass again. Kristina has an anally induced orgasm from the long, deep strokes, then sucks her ass off his cock. He orders her into her last outfit, very sheer and black. She's a cocktail cocktease. Vince is running out of ideas to put her through, but he gets more inspiration from her ass. Back in the shitter in doggy. A2P, and joy juice for Kristina's open mouth. Cum play while she finishes her interview. Vince is a very busy man and sends Kristina on her way.
Sometimes I don't mind a scene that's like hanging out, doing a little talking, a little fucking, taking some time to develop personalities. But this one really didn't do it for me. The POV is too constricting and I just wanted to see Kristina hammered for a joyfully extended period. Never happened. On the other hand, that's one fine booty she's packing.
Aletta Ocean is prowling an alley in her fashion model finest, looking for food. Joe Blow is cleaning up and getting badgered by supervisor Sean Michaels when he spots her, a vision of spectacular loveliness. She's hungry, and looking for food, and they invite her to dine on their waste. The pickings in the trash don't suit Aletta. She's looking for meat, both white and dark, and she goes fishing in their pants for the big sausages. Aletta does a double suck, going back and forth on their throat filling tube steaks. She pulls down her panties and Sean starts drilling in doggy while Joe feeds her. Her pussy creams on Sean's cock, dripping from her lips in a sweet nasty display. The guys change ends, keeping Aletta on the rotisserie. Joe starts tossing her salad, and it's not likely to be long before they're sharing that tight hole. RC on Sean, with a little head game for Joe. CG on Joe, Sean keeping her fed. Sean wants to fuck her ass and Aletta is very amenable. Hopping off Joe and laying on her side for the spoon delivery. while Joe dredges her throat. Ass fucked and face fucked simultaneously, Aletta has a genuine enthusiasm for this type of action, everything in motion toward cock. She offers her stinkhole to Joe, mounting his cock in RCA. As much as she loves his cock, more is better, and Sean drives into her pussy for the RCDP. For a Hungarian, Aletta's really good at spewing nasty talk, as if her beauty and hot holes weren't enough. She reverses her position for a CGDP, Sean filling her ass this time. Aletta has a steaming orgasm, yelling out instructions so they get it right. Now that she's gotten hers, it's time for the guys to get theirs. They feed the model beef injections of pure protein, ensuring that she'll survive to fuck another day. She checks the garbage for more food as the scene ends.
Smoking scene with the stunning Aletta going full bore with her sizable partners. Great scene to end the comp on.
Epilogue Covergirls turns out to be a pretty good collection of scenes. The stars are top notch and the production is pristine. Aletta, Tori, and Shyla shine, especially.
The Disk There's a cumshot recap, photo gallery, and trailers. Along with the featured disc is another from Vince Vouyer's collection, as advertised on the cover. I don't know if it's the same video for every purchase, or a random one from his vast discography, but I received Young Ripe Mellons, which is a titty gold mine containing the likes of Loni, Carmen Hayes, and Avy Scott. Very good extra value.
Recommendation A good buy for sure, especially for those who haven't been exposed to Vince's body of work.

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