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Country Time, Country Fine

Country Time, Country Fine

Studio: Daddy Oohhh
Category:  Gay

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Joe Shaver's ratings for Country Time, Country Fine:
Overall Rating 0 stars
Country Time, Country Fine overall rating 1/2 star
Female Looks Country Time, Country Fine Female looks rating 0 stars
Male Looks Country Time, Country Fine Male looks rating 2.5 stars
Sex Country Time, Country Fine Sex rating 0 stars
Plot/Acting Country Time, Country Fine Plot/Acting rating 1.5 stars
Extras Country Time, Country Fine DVD Extras rating 2.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Country Time, Country Fine A/V Quality rating 1 star
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Reviewed by Joe Shaver  on  3/7/2003
After spending a great part of my life in big cities and then returning to the country, I discovered just how slowly things move in the country. The speed limit may be 55, but the locals poke along at 35; cashiers in checkout lanes hold long conversations with the patrons. So I suppose the slow leisurely pace of COUNTRY TIME, COUNTRY FINE is appropriate, but it doesn’t make for stimulating viewing.

There are only three persons in the cast. Jeff Baron, a gorgeous hunk of man with graying hair, black eyebrows, a small goatee, a light dusting of hair on a perfect chest, a pierced ear, nipple, and navel; and a brown-skinned cock. The type of daddy twinks would die for. Then we have Brett Collins, who has appeared in films from major studios such as ORAL EXAM and PLEDGES. Finally, we have Cody Scott whose somewhat emaciated face seems rather at odds on a fleshy body.

When we join these three they are playing the local game of Seattleopoly. They play it for ten frigging minutes before there is any horseplay. (Would you believe that in the chapter selection there are 5 chapters devoted to this boring opening?????) 5 minutes into this, shirtless only, they stop and the first interminable scene ends.

We next discover Jeff and Brett asleep in bed. They wake, they kiss, they kiss, and they kiss. 18 minutes into the film we see a bare ass. Cody comes up the stairs and spies on them. He starts getting aroused. He reaches into his underwear. Hey, it’s only 20 minutes into the film and we get a brief glimpse of dick. How time creeps when you’re not having fun. At 24 minutes into the film Jeff licks Brett’s dick. Hooray! Of course, it’s “romance” (i.e. luv) the director is seemingly after here, not sex. And yes, I like my love making to be slow—sometimes. But watching it going slowly is another matter entirely. Finally Brett puts on a condom and proceeds to fuck Jeff. Or does he? As we never see the cock going into Jeff’s ass we can only surmise, but have no proof. (Although I’m not from Missouri, you’ve still got to show me.) When Cody interrupts them and they pull apart there is no condom on Brett’s dick, so go figure. Jeff sucks both their cocks and I’m beginning to get aroused, but then Brett decides to fuck Cody. Or does he? Once again we see no proof and it lasts all of 5 seconds total. Brett then goes back to fucking Jeff. Or does he? We’ll never know. Finally Brett is on his back and everyone is spanking the monkey. Brett, pro that he is, cums quickly. Jeff and Cody pound on, and on, and on, and on. (Did the producers of this film ever hear of editing?) At long last, Cody shoots. Jeff has long since given up. Damn! This slow moving film was only 67 minutes long. Incrediuble, it seemed an eternity!

The extras (which include 5 entry points into the Seattleopoly game) also include photo shoots and a ‘behind the scenes’ section where we learn that Jeff’s real name is “Dave” and that Cody’s is “Billy”. We have proof here that the director is extremely inarticulate: “In this scene, uh, well, I think we might, uh, well, you know.” And also that he is unbelievable indecisive: “Uh, would someone like to lie down and let the others jackoff on him? Uh, would someone? Who will do this?”

So what’s good here? Well, Rick Randy’s music is super. I really liked that. And Jeff “Dave” Baron is a stunning man. I would like to see him in something directed by Chi Chi or in one of Titan’s epics where he could become a superstar. He’s that impressive.

I really wish the best for Daddy Oohhh! Studios and their productions. But in order to succeed in today’s market they need to hire professionals behind the scenes. They need an experienced and forceful director, a cameraman who doesn’t give the viewer motion sickness, and an editor who knows when to cut and arrange shots. Amateurs in front of the camera can get by. Amateurs behind the camera cannot. This film is proof of that.

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