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astroknight Countdown (Wicked) 4.5 starsCountdown (Wicked) 4.5 starsCountdown (Wicked) 4.5 stars
fu_q Countdown (Wicked) 4.5 starsCountdown (Wicked) 4.5 starsCountdown (Wicked) 4.5 stars
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Countdown (Wicked)

Countdown (Wicked)

Studio: Wicked
Category:  Feature film
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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bono-ONE's ratings for Countdown (Wicked):
Overall Rating 4 stars
Countdown (Wicked) overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Countdown (Wicked) Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Countdown (Wicked) Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Countdown (Wicked) Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Countdown (Wicked) Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras Countdown (Wicked) DVD Extras rating 0 stars
Audio/Video Quality Countdown (Wicked) A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  5/12/2012
Welcome fans to a new flick from award winning director Brad Armstrong that takes on a pretty big theme, try the END Of The World!! Turns out an asteroid has fallen out of its orbit and as bad luck would have it is now on a direct course with Planet Earth and is scheduled to make impact somewhere in our western US. The story then brings in a several groups of people and we get to watch and see how they react and deal with life on earth ending as we know it.

The first part of the movie actually begins with sex as we happen upon jessica drake who is getting her freak on with a guy she picked up. The two go at it for a few minutes hitting all the good shots with some good head mixed in by jessica before the pop comes. Not much time for cuddling, though, as jessica receives the dreaded phone call from her fellow colleague that the worst fears they'd been harboring had come to fruition. We don't know what those are just yet but jessica leaves her new man behind and heads into work where the news is confirmed. A huge asteroid is heading towards earth and there isn't much they can do about it. The story also brings in the military brass who gets wind of this horrible discovery and the two scientists are sent for so they can share this news with the President.

The story then takes us to two people we have no idea who they are but hey it's Dana DeArmond and Jack Lawrence and they provide a solid scene in a dressing room. Turns out they are news anchors and after Jack has spread the news all over Dana's stomach they are summoned to the set. Seems there's a leak at the White House and they have already shared the news which is broadcast even as the President is himself learning about it over the phone. This movie then brings in another group of people, Derrick Pierce, Xander Corvus, Alektra Blue & Kaylani Lei. These are peeps heading for the west coast, LA to be particular and they want a good time. The news is starting to spread over the radio too as they hear about the impending asteroid impact. As they learn the destination is the western US and LA is a good possibility they decide to turn around and find a cheap motel to catch the end of the world and maybe have some hot sex! The first bit of hot sex features Wicked girl Alektra Blue taking on Derrick and she's definitely the slut of the two girls as portrayed in this movie and she makes no bones about wanting to have a very good time which Derrick is ready to provide. He sends Xander on his way and please don't forget to bring a couple of burgers back, they'll be hungry! A good scene for Alektra fans that does feature backdoor action.

The show then takes us back to the Washington where the President shares the news with the public with a quick statement and the podium and set looked pretty good here when compared to what we see on real tv. It's not stated the Tyler Knight is playing Barack Obama but you can draw your own conclusion. A short time later he is alone with Misty Stone and since the end of the world is coming and she feels a certain something for the Prez she wants to experience the First Cock herself!! But our Prez is a stand up guy and doesn't give in to temptation. He instead leaves Michael Vegas behind one of his Secret Service guys and we know they like to fuck as recent events have proven!! So a fine scene with Misty who is one of the prettiest black girls to ever grace the blue screen. What an ass on this girl and the Secret Service agent is very thorough in his inspection back there, lol. Afterwards we return to jessica who has been given another fellow scientist in Rocco Reed to try and perhaps come up with something but they come to the final realization there just isn't anything to be done, nukes won't work. So everyone has gone from the lab area leaving just the two of them. A few hits from the vodka beaker and they are ready to fuck like wild animals! Ok maybe not that wild but still a pretty good jessica drake scene and she wore glasses here too and they looked so hot on her.

The movie takes us back to the diner where Xander and Kaylani have had some great non sex moments doing a fantastic job setting up their relationship. While Derrick and Alektra did the wham, bam, thank you mam fuck these two take their time, though they better hurry it up a bit as they only have a couple of days, lol. So one night they are out by the car enjoying some beers and another conversation about what type of hug is best and Xander who is among the better new actors in the biz delivers his lines telling about those. The last one where you hold on so tight you never want to let go is the one he and Kaylani like best and decide to attempt one. It works out pretty good and this leads to something she likes and that's the first kiss which they practice a couple of times before finally deciding it was time leading to a very good pay off scene between the two making great use of the car hood.

Staying with the diner setting we get a small story line featuring Lezley Zen and Seth Gamble as a couple of workers there at the diner. Turns out Seth is a virgin and wants to just get laid before he checks out. Lezley is sympathetic and tries for a couple of days to help him out but finding no girls she thinks suitable offers up herself for Seth. He doesn't take much convincing before allowing Lezley to drop down and engulf his cock. The head is so good he nearly blows his load within a minute but Lezley knows what she's doing and doesn't allow him to pop so fast! Mr. Gamble also gets to taste a little pussy before they fuck and he blows a good load up her belly to finish. This takes us to another storyline that was introduced after the mid point of this show. It's a regular bar and in walks Brad Armstrong one night and we learn he's an alcoholic that has been clean for six months and he's decided with things the way they are it might be a good time to fall off the wagon. His former bartender goes so far as pouring the drink before reading him the riot act and sending Brad packing. But a new night comes and Brad walks back in and the two men are now alone and are just about to share a drink when India Summer walks in. She's gotten tired of hearing the news about what is coming and though she isn't a big drinker decides to get some air. This leads to Brad having a strong bit of dialogue as he tells the tale of just how he came to be such a prolific drinker, it's sad but very believable. The bartender leaves so he can visit his gal one last time leaving the two behind. Brad refrains from drinking and instead performs a neat trick for India which turns her on enough that they precede to dance leading to one last sexual tryst, the 8th of this show. Afterwards we go back to the bunker where the President and his closest advisers have hunkered down. He delivers the final address and we watch as the final countdown comes to a close and then...... black screen!!

Final Thoughts:

This was a great story from Brad Armstrong and he assembled a great cast from Wicked girls jessica drake, Kaylani Lei and Alektra Blue to India Summer, Dana DeArmond, Misty Stone and Lezley Zen. The story does a good job of grabbing and keeping you interested without giving you to much scientific jargon you might not understand. There isn't much in the way of special effects here too beyond showing the asteroid as it hurtled towards earth. We don't even see the impact at the end, just a big fireball that the various characters look up at just before the screen does all black and the credits start to roll. Not sure how I feel about that. Maybe it's the special effects geek in me that wanted to see the impact and the big waves, buildings evaporating and so on but Brad goes for a different tact and that might be the better one in the end, you make your own ending just as these people did. Not sure if there are any extras on the dvd as I watched this off Wicked's site. But the story itself is strong enough to recommend the movie for purchase. The cast alone should peek your interest with jessica and India being Best Actress Winners. Misty, Dana, Lezley, I could go on. It's a good cast and Brad has written some great dialogue for them to help bridge the story between sex scenes. Of those the Kaylani one might have been the best as we had such a good buildup between she and Xander. The finale with Brad and India also had some good buildup before the pay off comes. The movie is nearly 3 hours long but I never really noticed the length as the story kept my interest high throughout.

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