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Cougar Club 2, The (3rd Degree)

Cougar Club 2, The (3rd Degree)

Studio: 3rd Degree
Category:  All Sex , MILF
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , ,
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fu_q's ratings for Cougar Club 2, The (3rd Degree):
Overall Rating 4 stars
Cougar Club 2, The (3rd Degree) overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Cougar Club 2, The (3rd Degree) Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Cougar Club 2, The (3rd Degree) Male looks rating 4 stars
Sex Cougar Club 2, The (3rd Degree) Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Cougar Club 2, The (3rd Degree) Plot/Acting rating 2.5 stars
Extras Cougar Club 2, The (3rd Degree) DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Cougar Club 2, The (3rd Degree) A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by fu_q  on  4/29/2009
It’s Legends of the Industry Day here in “The Cougar Club Volume 2”, as some of the biggest and most loved names in adult film history come together for an older-woman-centric, all-sex production by 3rd Degree Movies. The likes of Shayla LaVeaux, Debi Diamond (one of her first scenes in quite some time), Ginger Lynn, Teri Weigel, and Brittany O’Connell give you more “cougar” for your money, with each of them turning in a very good (or better) performance. There’s plenty of nasty stuff (Ginger Lynn’s anal and Debi Diamond’s DP), as well as plenty of sexy stuff (Brittany O’Connell’s art-loft romp). If you are a fan of older women and / or you are a fan of adult film industry legends, this one is for you.

Inserting the DVD / Main Menu
Upon inserting the DVD, the standard warning and information pages play, followed by the production company’s animated logo. From here, we’re taken to the Main Menu, which has three options: “Play Movie”, “Scene Selection”—a typical scene selection mechanism, and “Bonus Features”—which will be covered at the end of this review. As always, let’s go ahead with the “Play Movie” option.

Opening Credits
The credits play with textual introductions of the various actresses in the feature, accompanied by clips of the action from the upcoming scenes. The title of the production comes up, followed by more clips—often with effects—and then a director credit. There is then a cut to Scene One.

Scene One (Shayla LaVeaux)
This scene takes place in a garage-like location containing a good-looking, black sports car. The participants are actress, Shayla LaVeaux—a petite, well-toned blonde who appears to be in her late 30s—and her male lead, Erik Everhard, who arrives by motorcycle and is all decked-out in black. Shayla starts out in a sexy version of a racing outfit, which consists of a pair of black shorts and a top that is black with checkered sleeves; both pieces of clothing have thick, yellow stripes down the sides. Shayla also has a yellow bikini-like top underneath the racing top, but none of this clothing—other than a pair of black-leather stiletto boots—stays on for very long, as a steamy, condom-less, boy-girl romp is the primary item on the day’s agenda.

Shayla looks over her dark knight.

A wide variety of activities occur in this romp, including female-on-male oral and hand action, as well as male-on-female oral and rimming action. Also represented is a plethora of positions for the actual vaginal penetration. Amongst these are: a standing, rear-entry penetration by Erik of Shayla’s womanhood (shaven but for a tightly-trimmed patch just above the lips); a standing, side-entry position; a lengthy cowgirl session featuring plenty of grinding by Shayla; a sexy reverse-cowgirl grinding with Shayla’s legs up in the air; and further use of side-entry, missionary-like, and rear-entry positions by the couple. A decent ejaculation by Erik on Shayla’s chest and, to a lesser degree, mouth, followed by some oral cock clean-off, essentially ends the scene.

Throughout the action, Shayla looks great and definitely has the whole “cougar” thing going on. She is in spectacular shape, as her body is very well-toned, and her breasts are of a nice-sized, enhanced nature. She is still as flexible as ever, and her ability to grind and contort herself is a definite plus. The goings-on are also quite erotic, and the level of heat in this scene makes it a winner.

Scene Two (Debi Diamond)
The second scene involves Debi Diamond and two male construction workers in what seems to be an unfinished basement-like area that is undergoing work. Debi is a tall blonde who appears to be in her early 40s and is adorned in a gray suit-coat and a black skirt / evening dress. She is also wearing fishnet pantyhose. Clearly, Debi’s role in this scene is to take on these two gentlemen—which is a task that she accomplishes quite well.

Debi and her two construction workers—Welcome back!

The action presented in this segment of the disc is quite erotic and shows that Debi hasn’t lost any of the intensity for which she was known in the early 90s. Pretty much all of the combinations that are possible (except double-vaginal and double-anal, of course) are accounted for here. There is female-on-male oral sex and male-on-female oral sex, which is initiated by one of the men ripping out the crotch of Debi’s pantyhose. There are couplings of vaginal penetration and anal penetration by one actor with Debi simultaneously performing oral on the other actor. There is a variety of positions, both anal and vaginal, as well as a lot of double-penetration (DP) in both cowgirl style and reverse-cowgirl style. Debi also does a decent amount of pussy-to-mouth action and some deep-throating. The scene ends after a double facial ejaculation by the actors (consecutively), followed by Debi rubbing their semen into her face.

Overall, this scene is very good. Not only does it feature one of Debi’s first scenes back after a very lengthy hiatus, but it also shows that she hasn’t lost a step. Everything here is done without the use of condoms, and the DP action is excellent. Debi herself is looking good, having an enhanced bosom, nice body, and shaved-but-for-a-tightly-trimmed-patch womanhood. All in all, this scene is also definitely worth a look for any and all “cougar” fans.

Scene Three (Ginger Lynn)
This scene takes place in a motorcycle repair shop and involves Ginger Lynn—a true superstar of the adult genre—and James Deen—one of the highly-touted, newer group of male performers. Ginger, a petite blonde, starts off wearing a pair of denim short-shorts, black leather chaps, black leather gloves, and a black leather vest. What ensues is a sexy, condom-less, boy-girl session, complete with a lengthy butt-fucking of Ginger by James.

Ginger, from her “Bonus Features” segment.

Featured in this scene is some solid oral and hand work by Ginger on James, including deep-throating, as well as some hot pussy-eating and rimming by James on Ginger. This latter activity is preceded by James pulling off Ginger’s break-away shorts and ripping the tiny, black g-string underneath—very intense stuff. There is also some erotic vaginal penetration, with James taking Ginger in a standing, rear-entry position, as well as a side-entry position on a blanket-covered piece of equipment in the shop. It is the anal pounding that Ginger takes, however, that is the clincher in this scene. All told, she does side-entry anal, reverse-cowgirl anal, and anal in a missionary-like position. There is even an instance of ass-to-mouth by Ms. Lynn toward the end of the scene. James finishes the action off by ejaculating on Ginger’s face and, predominantly, in her mouth, which Ginger follows up with some oral cock clean-off and cum-play.

Ginger is looking good in this scene, with her nice-sized, natural(?) breasts and her shaved-but-for-a-tightly-trimmed-patch womanhood. Moreover, she is really into the festivities—as is James—which brings about a good deal of heat and chemistry between the two. Seeing Ginger take this heavy and lengthy of an anal pounding is also an awe-inspiring sight. All in all, this is quite a good scene and another winner in the “cougar” category.

Scene Four (Teri Weigel)
This scene takes place in a barn-like setting, with a couple of blanket-covered bails of hay in the center of the room. It is these bails of hay that provide the “furniture” upon which most of the festivities occur. The participants in this scene are brunette Teri Weigel, a former Playboy Playmate from the 80s, and her younger male counterpart, who is dressed up as a macho cowboy-type. Teri is wearing a pair of cowboy boots, denim short-shorts, and a red-and-white checkered top with a white bra underneath that shows off her ample, enhanced cleavage quite well. The top is tied so that it reveals her midriff, and it is quite evident that Ms. Weigel has kept herself in excellent shape. In all honesty, she looks as good as she has at any point over the past decade or more.

Teri, from her “Bonus Features” segment.

The sex in this scene is of the condom-less, boy-girl variety, and it is definitely hot. Teri administers an interesting blowjob on the male lead, which includes some unique spitting to the side by Teri at various points throughout the action. It seems almost as if she were chewing tobacco and spitting it out from time to time—odd, but not too distracting. There is also some decent titty-fucking that takes place, as well as some eating of Teri’s shaved, pierced womanhood by the male lead. As for the actual penetration, there are a number of erotic positions employed, some of which are: standing rear-entry, missionary, cowgirl, reverse-cowgirl, side-entry, and doggie-style. The scene comes to a close with the male lead ejaculating on Teri’s face and mouth (good load), and Teri performing some oral cock clean-off and cum-play.

All in all, this is another winner, with another representative from the legends of adult category—Ms. Teri Weigel. While the side-spitting thing during the blowjob is a bit strange, and some of Teri’s vocalizations can get a bit distracting, there is still a lot of solid action presented here, and—particularly given how well Teri has kept up on her appearance and physique—it is definitely worthy of a watch by any “cougar” fans out there.

Scene Five (Brittany O’Connell)
This scene takes place in an art studio that has a brick wall with a number of clocks on it as its backdrop. As for the participants, Brittany O’Connell—a petite red-head who appears to be in her 30s—is an artist who is drawing a picture of a muscular model, who will also be the male lead in this scene. Brittany is wearing a shiny, blue bra and panties set underneath a pair of loose-fitting, denim overalls that are half-undone. She is also wearing a pair of heels, which seem to be somewhat out of place but aren’t too much of a distraction in this regard.

Brittany, a true artist.

Needless to say, Brittany and her model quickly get involved in a condom-less, boy-girl sequence that is quite erotic and sensual. There is some very nice oral work by Brittany in this scene, as she takes the male lead’s large member into her willing mouth. Returning the favor, the male model also eats out Brittany’s womanhood, which sports a piercing and a trimmed, orange tuft above shaven lips. There are some well-captured and nicely-done positions in the actual sex here, as well. Amongst these are: a sexy reverse-cowgirl position, an incredibly-done cowgirl position, a doggie-style position, and a missionary/side-entry-like position. The scene ends with the male model ejaculating on Brittany’s face and mouth, followed by some oral cock clean-off and cum-play by Brittany.

Overall, Brittany looks great here, with her creamy skin and nice-sized, enhanced bosom, and she also puts forth a very sensual and steamy performance. She has kept herself in great shape, and it is quite nice to see her still in action. There is a good deal of chemistry between the two participants, as well, and this will also be pleasing to the typical “cougar” fan, much like the other scenes will.

Bonus Materials / Other Options
The bonus materials are available as an option (“Bonus Features”) in the Main Menu. Here, we find a “Photo Gallery”, featuring a slideshow of stills from the DVD, and “Trailers”, which plays several trailers for other DVDs that are available. There is also a “Cum Shot Loop”, which plays through the various cum-shots in the movie. There’s a “Bonus Scene” that features Teri Weigel in a stripping and masturbation sequence. She uses a glass-like dildo in this action. Along similar lines, we find a couple of strip-tease / soft masturbation sequences featuring first, Brittany O’Connell, and second, Ginger Lynn, under the “Dance” option. Finally, there is a “Behind the Scenes” segment that presents a variety of action, from interviews to the shooting of stills. The Debi Diamond portion of this BTS material gets pretty wild and is definitely worth a look.

Closing Statement
Overall, this is a great DVD, and it is definitely worth picking up if you are a fan of any of the ladies presented here or of the “cougar” genre, in general. There is good diversity in terms of the action here, too—it ranges from nasty (Ginger Lynn’s anal and Debi Diamond’s DP) to more sensual (the finale with Brittany O’Connell). For those who “grew up” (porn-wise) on these legends of adult film, this DVD can also provide a nice trot down memory lane and thus has a decent nostalgia factor associated with it, as well. All in all, I would highly recommend this disc to audiences interested in any of its various themes.

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