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Cotton Panties 7

Cotton Panties 7

Studio: Swank Digital
Category:  All Sex
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nvs's ratings for Cotton Panties 7:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Cotton Panties 7 overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Cotton Panties 7 Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Cotton Panties 7 Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Cotton Panties 7 Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Cotton Panties 7 Plot/Acting rating 3 stars
Extras Cotton Panties 7 DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality Cotton Panties 7 A/V Quality rating 3 stars
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Reviewed by nvs  on  10/8/2009
Starring: Medison (Madison Parker), Nataly, Angelina, Cherry, Nesty, and Deniska. With Greg Centauro, Ruka Stone, Thomas Stone, and Nick Lang.

Scene 1:
Medison (Madison Parker) and Greg Centauro

Madison and the guy have a drink and start to kiss. She starts on oral. Her shirt and bra are lowered to show off her tits. She bends over on the floor and gets eaten. She then sits over the guy and continues to get eaten. She moves her sweet ass lower to his cock for cowgirl with her panties moved aside. Reverse cowgirl--she kicks the camera at the end of this sequence and smiles. PTM--deep throat. Her panties are removed for doggy. Quick stop so her can eat her out. Back to doggy. PTM--awesome close up of her face. Spooning. PTM. Doggy. Facial. She sucks on the dick for a bit. She looks sweetly into the camera until the scene ends.

Cute Madison is awesome in this scene. Her body is tiny and hot. The face is adorable. Her performance only highlights her awesome features. She into the guy and the scene. The sex is hot as is the oral. Nothing too hardcore, but a nice constant pace of fucking is kept throughout. PTMs are equally hot as she stares into the camera and those brown eyes could melt butter. All is good in the scene except the music played over the beginning of the scene and the bad editing between scene cuts. Good scene.

Scene 2:
Nataly and Ruka Stone

Nataly has a drink on a bed. The guy takes her drink away and her shirt and bra follows. Oral. She bends over and gets fingered by the guy as her skirt is raised up and her panties moved aside. Doggy--a quick finger is inserted into asshole during this sequence. PTM; her face at the end of PTM is one of not enjoying it. Her skirt and panties are taken off to show off a smoking body. Spooning. PTM. Reverse cowgirl. PTM. Cowgirl--her cute little ass looks so right during this sequence. Missionary. PTM as her fingers her. Doggy. Missionary. PTM. Back to missionary. He cums on her belly. She sucks on his dick. She plays with the cum on her belly and tastes some cum. Scene ends with Nataly looking into the camera.

Nataly is a cute girl with a cute face and nice little body. The sex in the scene is okay but she seems not to be into it. She goes through the scene like a pro, but there are times when she is not into it--specially during oral and PTM as the guy tries too hard to shove his cock down her throat and she does not dig it. The guy is another problem. He is too aggressive and he is more vocal and into it than the girl. This is a turn off. Her nipples sink in which is disturbing, but can be overlooked when compared to her overall look. Also, the bad editing carries over into this scene. Hot girl, okay scene.

Scene 3:
Angelina and Cherry with Thomas Stone

The girls model and pose while taking photos of each other. Cherry’s boyfriends comes in and takes over the camera as the girls get a little more intimate. The camera is long gone as Cherry gets eaten by Angelina while she sucks cock. Later, Angelina joins in on the cock sucking. Angelina takes off her panties and spooning starts--a few PTMs during this sequence. Dual PTM. Cherry’s panties are removed and gets doggy as she eats Angelina. Hot shot of Cherry spitting on Angelina’s pussy. Scene cuts to both girl completely nude and some PTM. Anal doggy on Angelina as Cherry lays under Angelina and eats her--a few ATMs by Cherry. Anal spooning on Cherry--a few ATMs by Angelina. Anal cowgirl on Cherry--a few ATMs by Angelina. Anal reverse cowgirl on Angelina--a few ATMs by Cherry and some nice shots of Angelina’s gaping asshole. Angelina seems to cum. Dual ATM. Facial on Cherry. The girls play with the cock and kiss each other’s cummy lips. The girls lay their heads on the guy’s stomach and the scene ends.

Two smoking girls in blonde Cherry and the brunette Angelina. Faces and bodies are just fun to look at. Yet, I’d choose Angelina with her cute hairstyle. This is a hot FFM scene. The girls are into the guy, each other, and the sex. Lots of positions and anal makes this just a gem. Lots of PTMs and ATMs throughout. The girls are always smiling and are everywhere they should be. If they are not being fucked, then they are there touching a pussy or sucking a cock. The ending is hot too as the girls kiss each other with very messy lips. The guy does his job nicely in this scene: he is just there to be a penis and stays quiet. Two hot girls, cool anal, all make for a great scene.

Scene 4:
Nesty and Thomas Stone

Nesty, in a skirt and top, starts to seduce the guy laying on the bed to which he caves in. She straddles him a la 69 and she has her clothes moved aside to show her goods. The happy couple start 69. Nesty is naked except her panties. Cowgirl--a nice shot of her gaping pussy and quick finger in her asshole. Guy eats her as she lays on her back--both holes get a finger. Missionary. The panties are finally removed. She gets on all fours and has both holes fingered. Doggy. PTM. Spooning. He pulls out and she jacks him off until he cums on her pussy. She sucks his cock. He leaves and she plays with her wet pussy while tasting some cum. She looks so cute into the camera as the scene ends.

Nesty is a cute blonde with a nice face and smoking little body. This girl is into the scene and the guy. The sex is okay, but they have nice chemistry and the vibe makes the scene sexy. Her body and face just look rocking being fucked. Nice interaction by Nesty throughout. The ending just stands out. She strokes his cock until he cums which is hot because why would you want to jack off on a chick after all that fucking? This scene ends it right with the sexy girl making you cum--hot. Also, the guy just leaves--that is so cool, all guys should leave the scene after they’re done. Finally, her sweet sexy face interacting with the camera as the scene ends could melt butter. Negatives: the same as the other scenes. Hot girl, good scene.

Scene 5:
Deniska and Nick Lang

Deniska, in a skirt and top, and the guy kiss and grope on a bed. He fingers her a bit as she strokes his cock--her top is lowered to how her tits. Oral. She bends over, has her panties moved aside, and gets her pussy fingered. She then lays on her back and gets eaten--finger insertion. Missionary. Doggy. The skirt comes off as does the shirt during cowgirl. PTM. The panties slide right off. Back to cowgirl. Reverse cowgirl. Anal reverse cowgirl. Anal spooning--a few nice gape shots. ATM. Facial. She sucks the cock. Scene ends.

Deniska is a hot blonde with a cute little body. This girl looks great and fucks nicely. Good chemistry with the guy and some nice sex. Anal is a cool touch to the scene. Lots of sexy interaction with the camera as the scene rolls on. Great close up during the facial with great interaction on her behalf. Negatives, her nipples are sunk in which looks weird, but she’s still hot; also, the same old problems as the other scenes. Good scene.


This film is pretty hot. Lots of cute ladies makes this film enjoyable. All the ladies are hot, but Madison stands out from an already fine stable of girls. The sex is cool as well due to fact that each girl looks so right being fucked. Scene 3 is the best in the film. The scene features two cuties on one guy and lots of anal, along with plenty of ATM, all of which catapults the scene as a very visually satisfying experience. There are some negatives with the film which includes the insanely awful scene cuts which distract from the scenes; plus the music in the beginning of the scene is annoying. In addition, the sunk in nipples on some of the girls is weird, but the girls are still hot. Also, Nataly, scene 2, could’ve been a lot more into her scene; her scene is off due to the other scenes being hot and heavy. A good film worthy as a rental but a must buy for fans of cutie Madison Parker.


Main Menu features selectable options as Play Movie; Chapters; Casting--interview with Julia (Cherry) with nudity, sexy posing, and Cherry playing with herself on a ottoman/couch--this girl is smoking. Interview with Deniska with nudity, she sits on a desk and shows her goods--another hot girl which does not know English, but her native tongue, Czech, sounds freaking hot; Behind the Scenes--Nataly in the make up chair and getting dressed, then in a photo shoot by herself and later with a guy--cute girl; Photo Gallery; More Adult Fun; and Trailers:

Swank XXXTeens
Swank Gent
Just 18
Swank XXX Collectors Edition

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