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Corruption (Sex Z Pictures)

Corruption (Sex Z Pictures)

Studio: Sex Z Pictures
Category:  Feature film
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Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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astroknight's ratings for Corruption (Sex Z Pictures):
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Corruption (Sex Z Pictures) overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Corruption (Sex Z Pictures) Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Corruption (Sex Z Pictures) Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Corruption (Sex Z Pictures) Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Corruption (Sex Z Pictures) Plot/Acting rating 5 stars
Extras Corruption (Sex Z Pictures) DVD Extras rating 4.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Corruption (Sex Z Pictures) A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by astroknight  on  11/13/2006

The Little Details

Running Time: 244 min. (121 min. on DVD 1 and 122 min. on DVD 2)

Production Date: 5 / 30 / 2006 – 6 / 28 / 2006

Director: Eli Cross

Cast: Alana Evans, Annie Cruz, Ariana Jollee, Hillary Scott, Jordan Styles, Kelly Wells, Kylie Ireland, Lexi Bardot, Sandra Romain, Sophia, Stacy Thorn, Vixen, Alex Sanders, Bryn Pryor (aka Eli Cross), Chris Cannon, Derrick Pierce, Franko del Toro, Herschel Savage, James Deen, Jenner, Johnny Castle, Mark Davis, Rick Masters, Seth Dickens, Steve Holmes, and Tyler Knight

The Short Story

Initial Expectations: I've heard fantastic things about this one, even from people who didn't like the movie. I can't help but go into this one with extremely high expectations.

Initial Reaction: It's a truly amazing adult film.

Who Should Watch It : Anybody wanting an adult feature film who isn't afraid of rough intense sex or very dark themes

Who Should Avoid It: Anybody wanting soft or cuddly porn

The Technical Stuff

Audio /Video Quality: The technical aspects are very well done. The audio is extremely well done, and doesn't have anything close to a background noise to interfere with the action rather than helping it out. The video is also very good, starting with an anamorphic widescreen presentation that's nicely smooth throughout the movie. It has an artistic feel that blends in a bit of black and white footage, and there's also a fair amount of footage that's filtered or tinted. There are times when the artistic styles interfered with the movie a little for me, but at the same time there were many places where it helped the movie out.

Music: There's a little music here and there throughout the movie. It's normally well balanced, and never lasts too long.

Menus: The main menu has a dark feeling that works very well for the movie and blends several clips from the movie with a little animation. The chapter menu is about the only generic thing about this release, and lets you choose a scene based on a small clip of each scene and a chapter number.

The Feature

David Walker Helms (Bryn Pryor) knows just how much power he wields. He's the first Republican senator from California in a decade, and as such is a rising star that has a very strong chance at leading the 2008 presidential ticket. His wife Caroline (Kylie Ireland) has done much to get him there, but his attention is going more and more to his sex slave mistress Natasha (Hillary Scott). Caroline isn't alone in thinking that Natasha is becoming a large liability to them, and realizes it just as a reporter (James Deen) starts taking notice of Natasha. Obviously, something's going to have to be done...

Scene 1 – Hillary Scott and Bryn Pryor / Chris Cannon

Bryn starts things out practicing his speech in front of a mirror as blonde bombshell Hillary sucks his cock. He stops her and gives her a slap as she gives him a little teeth, so she offers up her throat to make up for it. Hillary gives him some great eyes and mixes in a little stroking as Bryn mixes in some of his real feelings for the speech and visualizes him cutting his own throat. Finally Hillary stakes his load all over her face and in her mouth before swallowing it down as Bryn tosses her aside.

This is a very nicely done scene. Hillary, as usual, does a great job sucking cock, and Eli does a great job with the direction of the scene. Chris Cannon acts as his stunt cock here, and it's edited together in a way that unless you knew there was a stunt cock going in, you just plain wouldn't know. It also works in a bit of plot to make the scene even stronger and part of the movie rather than just a blowjob scene. This is a very good start to Corruption, and I'm not really a fan of blowjob scenes.

Scene 2 – Alana Evans and Hillary Scott

Sensing she'd be bored during the speech, Alana pulls Hillary aside before they get that far, pulls out a huge buttplug for her, and pushes it up into a not-so-willing Hillary's ass. She gives it a few good pushes and rocks it around when it gets in before twisting it a few times as she holds Hillary against the wall. Throughout the speech, Hillary fidgets on her chair.

This is a short sequence, but an effective one. There's a sexual aspect here, but it plays much more to the power of the characters and their roles. This shows how well sexual themes can work with storylines even more than the opening scene.

Scene 3 – Hillary Scott and Bryn Pryor

When Hillary complains to Bryn about how Alana treats her, he clears things up letting her know that she's just a little whore for him to use and fuck whoever he wants. He fingers her ass as she sits on his lap with both of them sucking his fingers. He chokes her, grabs her tits, and spanks her ass while fingering her holes while ordering her to cum. She resists, but he gives her a kiss as she finally does.

This is another short but sweet scene. It plays to the plot and characters, but there's also a lot of chemistry to the scene. It's nasty but hot, and works into the characters to the point that it feels like it's a part of something rather than just a short little tease that denies any real satisfaction. This scene plays to the movie very well.

Scene 4 – Kelly Wells and Franko Del Toro, Sophia and Johnny Castle

After working some political magic, Bryn has “party favors” Sophia and Kelly, in a black mesh dress and a red mesh dress respectively, sent in for goons Johnny and Franko, respectively. The girls each attack their guy orally with Johnny working his way around to lick her pussy with a little sixty-nining. The guys move around to give the girls a little oral attention in return before Franko moves up to fuck Kelly missionary style and Johnny lets Sophia ride him cowgirl style. Sophia moves on to slide her shitpussy over Johnny's cock reverse cowgirl style as Kelly rides Franko cowgirl style. Sophia takes a nice ass to mouth taste before letting Franco fuck her holes missionary style as Kelly puts her ass to work riding Johnny reverse cowgirl style and giving it up doggie style. Sophia does a good enough job that Franko starts popping and pinches it off so he can come around and give her a facial. Kelly also takes a pop in her mouth and swaps it over to Sophia as they share a nice kiss with plenty of cum play.

This is an okay scene. Kelly Wells does virtually nothing for me, but Sophia normally works very well for me. The scene is nicely cut between the two girls, and Sophia seems to lead the way throughout the scene. I really like the cumswapping at the end, and both girls take it in the ass nicely. The biggest problem for the scene is that it's often a bit too dark and left me wanting to see more throughout it. Between the lighting and Kelly Wells, this scene had a hard time making it past the average level for me.

Scene 5 – Hillary Scott and Heschel Savage

As the goons get it on with the party favors, Herschel is taken into the next room where Hillary waits to do whatever he wants. He has her pray and confess her sins to him, with Hillary letting him know how she's been having impure thoughts about his cock and the things it should do to her. She lies on her stomach on the bed to suck Father Herschel, and of course gives him plenty of throat. She lets him go right to fucking her ass from behind as Hillary talks to him and says the Hail Mary before Hillary impales her ass on his cock cowgirl style. She sucks his cock clean, and finally has him give her his absolution in her mouth to swallow down.

This is one of those scenes that I can see losing a lot of people. Heck, some reviewers have even refused to write about the movie because of this scene. I can understand their unease with the scene, but I don't remember any outcry like this with Jenna Haze Darkside and Jenna's scene in the church, which I thought took things further than they are here. This is a dark scene, and once again Eli does a great job with it. It works into the plot and has a very sexual feel. There's another level added on top by having Bryn watching it on video, and a bit of emotion added by Hillary blowing him a kiss at the end. Although this isn't always a comfortable scene to watch, it is very well done.

Scene 6 – Alana Evans and Tyler Knight

While the goons, Bryn, and Herschel are occupied. Alana lures Tyler away to get some satisfaction for herself. She pushes him against the wall in the brightly lit room next door and kisses him hard before they help each other strip down and head to the bed for Alana to suck his cock. Tyler lets her lie back so he can tongue her twat in return before fucking it missionary and reverse cowgirl style. They get a little spooning in as well before Alana takes a small pop in her mouth.

This is a hot scene. I love the passion and intensity the scene starts with as well as the chemistry between Alana and Tyler. They really look to be into each other, and don't hold back on the energy while also putting out some nice vocals. There might not be any anal in this scene (one of two in the movie), but it's hot enough that it doesn't need it.

Scene 7 – Hillary Scott and Kylie Ireland

Kylie lays down the law to Hillary letting her know that she's a liability and that she doesn't like the hold she seems to have on her husband. She slaps Hillary around a bit while talking to her before checking to see how wet it's making Hillary. Kylie works her over with her fingers as they go back and forth verbally, with Kylie giving her more than a few slaps on her face as well. Kylie has Hillary bend over so she can work her holes over with her fingers from behind as well as fucking her with a large black dildo as Hillary continues to taunt her and Kylie lets her know that she won't allow her to cum. Kylie has her goons throw a mattress down on the floor and has Hillary strip her down out of her sexy latex outfit a bit to show off her great augmented tits before having Hillary eat her pussy. Kylie has Hillary fuck her with a black dildo letting her know that if she makes her cum she might let her go. Hillary gives her a good hard assfucking and sucks Kylie's ass off the toy a few times before having her goons hold her down and telling them that they can have her since she's bored with her.

This is a darn hot scene. I love the hateful interaction between Kylie and Hillary, and Hillary gets nicely creative with some of her lines. There's a great struggle for dominance throughout the scene, and although it's very rough, there's also some very good heat. Yes, Kylie and Hillary hate each other in the scene, but there's great chemistry between them that makes the scene work extremely well. I can't help but really like this scene.

Scene 8 – Hillary Scott, Jenner, and Steve Holmes

Hillary is taken by Kylie's goons next, with Steve holding her down and Jenner putting a gun to her head letting her know that she better get right to sucking Steve's cock. He shoves his gun into her pussy as well, and works it over with four fingers when Hillary agrees to work on them. She sucks Steve's toes as well as his cock, and even eats his ass before laying back for Jenner to fuck her face with his limp dick as Steve fingers her and then slides his cock into each of her holes. Jenner takes his turn fucking Hillary's holes from behind before they double stuff her in both cowgirls, and Steve as usual plays the gentleman by letting her have a nice taste of her ass from his cock. Hillary lays back and lets Steve pop in her mouth before swallowing it down as Jenner fucks her pussy missionary style. Finally Jenner comes up to give her a second load in her mouth to also swallow down.

This was a pretty hot scene. It continues very well out of the previous scene, and Hillary does just as good of a job. Thanks to the gun in her pussy, which was a huge turnoff for me being somebody who used to teach firearms courses, she's much more submissive here, but she doesn't hold much of anything back sexually. The guys do a great job working her over, and although Steve seems to have a little more time with Hillary it seems to fit since Jenner seems to have some wood problems starting out. Once again the sex also fits into the overall story extremely well, and helps this to be yet another very well done scene.

Scene 9 – Alana Evans

After professing her love for Bryn and admitting her part in Hillary's disappearance, Bryn has her prove it. He has Alana strip down and crawl to him to beg for forgiveness as Alana cries her heart out. She sits in front of him fingering her pussy as Bryn tells her what a worthless little whore he wants her to be. He has her suck her fingers clean and tosses her a dildo to suck and fuck her pussy with. He tosses her a second dildo and has her get on her knees to fuck her ass, and even helps the dildo into her ass with his shoe. Not satisfied yet, Bryn tells Alana to use them both on herself as she lies back on the floor and gives her a little music to help her along by winding Hillary's music box and letting it play. Finally, Alana appears to have an orgasm and lets Bryn know where they took Hillary.

There's a part of me that's really unsure of what to think about this scene. Sexually it's quite twisted, but at the same time I couldn't help but get into it a bit. Bryn does a great job guiding the action, but Alana is nothing short of amazing. She barely stops crying throughout the scene, and broke plays the emotional breakdown extremely well. Although it's very tough to think of this scene as stroke material, it's also very hard to deny Alana's talent as an adult actress as she plays the entire scene with some decent sexuality as well as fantastic emotion and character. Alana gives a better performance in this scene than I've seen from a lot of mainstream actresses with that little gold statue on their mantle for their supporting role in a movie.

Scene 10 – Kylie Ireland, Alex Sanders, and Jenner

After taking care of Hillary, Kylie heads back to celebrate with goons Alex and Jenner. They manhandle her a bit with Alex giving her the first face fucking as Jenner slaps her ass a bit. Kylie even lies with her head hanging off the bed as Alex slides his cock all the way into her throat while Jenner quickly takes her to four fingers and slides his dick into her for some fast fucking. Alex fucks her from behind before eating her ass, and then gives her a good rectal reaming. The guys double stuff her cunt reverse cowgirl style and split themselves between her holes cowgirl style before Alex gives her a good taste of her ass and then comes back around to help Jenner double stuff her ass. They give her a few more double anal stuffings before Kylie does her baby bird impression and lets Jenner give her a small facial and Alex give a very nice facial that almost hits her in the eye.

This is a darn hot scene. It has a great grudgefuck aspect to it with Kylie taking on the goons after taking care of her competition, and as usual, Kylie does a great job through it all. She makes two cocks in one hole look easy, and appears to get into all of it. The camera work nicely focuses on Kylie, and although I normally need to see the guys a bit to get a good feeling for chemistry, here there's no denying how much Kylie's getting into it due to how well her animalistic side comes out. This is a great scene to start out the second DVD.

Scene 11 – Hillary Scott and James Deen

Hillary decides to abandon sleeping on the couch to get some loving with James in his bed. She climbs onto him and lets him kiss her mouth and tits before he sets her beside him to play with her pussy. She repays him with a bit of head, and James helps him so she can take it all the way down. James lets Hillary ride him cowgirl style before getting up to nail her missionary style. They take a break for Hillary to take James back down her throat before she goes back to work on his cock missionary and cowgirl style. Once Hillary gets back on top it doesn't take James long, and he pulls out and unloads on her spine. Hillary reaches back to capture all she can so she can eat it down.

This is a hot scene. There's great chemistry between James and Hillary, and as usual they both do a fantastic job. I was a little surprised at the lack of anal, but even more surprising was that the scene got fairly intense. James throws her around pretty good and chokes her a little, which just didn't seem right to me at times for fitting into the movie. Taken just for sex, however, this is a very hot scene.

Scene 12 – Hillary Scott, Stacy Thorn, and Mark Davis

Hillary, decked out in fetishwear and with a collar and leash, is given to Mark next. He takes her below on his yacht after they're underway where bottle blonde Stacy is waiting in a pink and black corset with a black mesh top and fishnets. She has Hillary eat her pussy before Mark tries out Hillary's mouth. She repeatedly takes Mark down her throat with Stacy giving her a little guidance showing her how it's done. Hillary lies back so Mark can fuck her holes missionary style as Stacy rides her face and slaps her pussy with her crop. They let Hillary down so she can suck Mark clean, and after Mark fucks her a little more lies back and lets Hillary ride his tongue as Stacy bounces on his cock cowgirl style. Stacy also gets in a reverse cowgirl anal ride as she has Hillary lick Mark's balls, rubs her tits in her face, and lets her suck her ass off Mark's cock after she begs for it. She lets Hillary have Mark's cock in her ass again with him fucking her from behind as well as letting her have a nice taste of her ass from his cock. Finally, Mark unloads in Hillary's ass and Stacy has her squeeze it back out for Hillary to eat.

This is another extremely intense scene. Once again Hillary does great, and the anal cream pie is a great finish. Not surprisingly Mark delivers a good hard cock for the scene, and his demeanor adds a touch of class or wealth to his character as much as the boat location does. The problem for me in the scene is Stacy. She looks great in her outfit and takes the cock very well. She also barely stops shouting the entire scene. I can get into some loud sex, but there seemed to be nothing sexual about it and instead it came off as more abusive than anything. Although there is some very good action here, I just couldn't get into this scene too much.

Scene 13 – Annie Cruz, Arianna Jollee, Jordan Styles, Kylie Ireland, Lexi Bardot, Sandra Romain, Vixen, Derrick Pierce, Jerry, Rick Masters, Seth Dickens, and Tyler Knight

Bryn sits back and watches an orgy unfold at his place to finish out the movie. This orgy pretty much has it all, and is busy enough that I'm not even going to try to break down the action much. There's girls doing girls, interracial, two girls taking on a guy, squirting, foot action, and anal. There's even Sandra Romain fisting Kylie well past the wrist and even adding a few more fingers. If that isn't enough for Kylie, Derrick moves in to spoon her ass while Sandra fists her and later Sandra fists Kylie's ass! Ariana also fists herself, and Annie lets go with plenty of squirts. There's a pop or two in the middle of the scene, with the others coming in at the end complete with a little cumswapping between Kylie and Sandra.

Orgies are another of those things that just aren't for me. It seems like whenever I get into a couple the action swings around and the chemistry suffers. That said, this one worked extremely well for me. Maybe it's the nastier feel to the action or maybe it's that almost everybody seemed so into all of the action. I was completely amazed at the fisting here, as well as being a little surprised that there wasn't any double penetration action. Bryn's presence in the background also gives it a different feel, as he's completely detached through almost all of it. This is a surprisingly hot orgy scene.

Corruption is an adult movie like few others have ever been. Unlike so many other adult movies, the sex and plot play off each other extremely well, and actually enhance each other. There were several scenes that on their own probably wouldn't have done a lot for me, but in the framework of the movie ended up working very well for me. There's also a lot of darkness through the entire movie.

The non-sex side of Corruption is very dark. Eli Cross has some wonderful cynicism about modern day politics (something way too many people seem to have any more), and I think that helped the movie work for me because there were many things he had in the movie about greed and power that echo my own thoughts. That greed and power drives the movie, and being corrupt makes things quite dark with few characters coming close to being likable. Just as impressive is that he doesn't take any political shots at one side or the other. Yes, Helms is a Republican, but here that serves him as a sign of how powerful he is rather than having him be a Republican to preach on the so-called good of the Democrats. The story doesn't pull any punches, and the darkness fits it very well.

The cast does a great job playing the darkness, with every major player doing a fantastic job. I was really surprised to see Eli aka Bryn Pryor taking the lead himself, and going in I couldn't help but be nervous about it. After watching the movie, I'm not sure who else would have done it quite as well. There's a great sense of power to him, and he plays the range needed for the movie extremely well. Kylie is just as good in her role, but the ones that really took the cake for me were Hillary and Alana. Hillary is fantastic as the “little girl” who's blind to her master's dark side, and her performance here should easily win her an award for best performer of the year. Alana's role in the movie is much more limited, but I can't remember the last time I've seen an actress turn in a supporting role as good as she did here, and that includes mainstream movies. Alana's solo scene was disturbing, but at the same time I couldn't think about looking away due to how well she did it. There isn't a single person in Corruption who comes close to turning out a bad performance, but Bryn Pryor, Hillary Scott, and Alana Evans really stand out throughout the movie.

The sex in Corruption is also covered in darkness. There are times it didn't work for me, with Stacy Thorn sticking out in my mind as the most sexually distasteful person in the movie due to her role and personality, but but even when the sex didn't work for me I couldn't deny that it was very well done and fit the movie. There's anywhere between a fair amount of slapping and a lot of slapping in each scene, as well as choking, spitting, and guns to let the people know they better play ball. There's also anal in all but a couple scenes, and even when the sex tries to lighten things up a bit it comes off as hard and nasty. That isn't anything close to a complaint here, as this type of sex fits the movie almost perfectly. The only time it didn't feel quite right to me was in Hillary's scene with James Deen, as this seems like it should be a loving scene rather than one where James throws Hillary around, slaps her, and chokes her. Of course, the main thing people are going to talk about is the fisting, and even that fits into the movie with the level of depravity the characters are involved in. Corruption might not have the soft cuddly sex that most people associate with features, and the sex might not have always worked the best for me, but it does all fit the movie extremely well.

In the end, I can't help but recommend Corruption. Yes it's dark and some of the scenes were far from behind a turn on for me. At the same time, it all works extremely well with the sex and the story blending in a way that they almost rely on each other and more often than not, strengthen each other. It's like what might happen if somebody like David Fincher decided that he should try porn rather than limiting himself to mainstream movies. Although the sex is dark, it also has some good heat, and there's fantastic performances from the entire cast throughout the entire movie. Corruption is definitely a movie that won't be for everybody, but if it interests you at all, make sure you check it out.

The Extra Stuff

The only extra on the two feature DVDs is an audio commentary. Eli Cross is joined by Kylie Ireland, Hillary Scott, Ren Savant, and Belial in talking about pretty much anything that comes to mind. Eli doesn't hold much of anything back talking about the performers, which is a nice relief compared to the commentaries when nobody can say a harsh word about anything. They also talk about the locations, the problems they ran into, and why they did things certain ways. Kylie adds quite a bit to the commentary, with Hillary chiming in occasionally as well. Belial and Ren have a few comments too, but often are lost in the background coming in quite a bit quieter than everybody else. It's a very good commentary, and the audio imbalance is the only complaint I can have about it.

A third DVD is devoted entirely to extras. Trailers are included for Corruption, as well as Desperate Wives, LA Vice, Memories of Mika Tan, America's Next Top Porn Model, Girl Talk, and Decline of Western Civilization Part 69: The Porno Years. There are also several photo galleries, featurettes, even more sex, and I-Pod download, and commercials.

Several photo galleries are included. The behind the scenes gallery lasts a little over nine minutes, the production gallery lasts a little under eight minutes, and the hardcore gallery lasts a whopping twenty two minutes. In each case you get about six seconds per fairly average looking snapshot or full screen photo. There's also a glamour shot gallery which includes the entire female cast and is broken down by girl. For each girl you get between a minute and a quarter and two and three quarters, with most galleries lasting about two minutes. This is a very nice collection of photos, and a great way to get a quick look at the movie.

The behind the scenes featurette lasts just over forty minutes and is presented in the full frame format. It's broken down day by day, and features Kylie behind the camera. The first day starts out with fun on the boat, seasickness, and a director who isn't afraid to admit his shortcomings when the scene runs over. The second day starts with Eli and Alana in the makeup chairs before moving to the hotel where they get ready for Eli's speech. There's a little of the scene being shot and prepared before moving into day three where Eli gets ready to do the union ”negotiations” scene with Herschel and his goons. Alana and Tyler's scene is the next day, with Ren following Alana into the bathroom when she has to pee and Eli having a little fun watching. The fifth day finds them in the boiler room and alt-boy James Deen fighting his makeup followed by day six where he gets the snot beat out of him. There's also a bit of the crew talking about how they met Eli, Eli showing his gift at communication, and the crew's experiences with the groundskeeper. On day seven there's a quick look at shooting James and Hillary's scene before moving to the next day where James heads out, they shoot the scene by the pool, Alana relaxes in the pool, and Kylie takes on Alex and Jenner. The ninth day is orgy day, and starts with the cast getting ready before moving into the orgy room where the cast hangs out and Eli lets them know the plan. There's even a bit of the action being shot and chatting with the cast. Finally, there's day ten, where Eli masters the music box, Alana does her breakdown, and Eli chats about the throat cutting. This is a pretty good behind the scenes featurette. It focuses heavily on Eli and what he's doing, which isn't a bad thing with the magnitude of the movie. Surprisingly, however, there's very little of Hillary in the featurette and very little chatting with the cast. That's one of the things I always enjoy with a behind the scenes featurette, and I think would have made this a lot friendly featurette for the porn viewer. As is it's oriented very much towards the person who's interested in the making of the movie in general rather than the porn fan. Perhaps the thing that made this stand out most to me was that Red Ezra was on set doing the pretty girls, who has shot some of the best behind the scenes featurettes out there due to what appears to be a great relationship with the girls. This is a nicely done behind the scenes featurette, but it's oriented in a direction that might disappoint a few porn viewers.

The pre-production behind the scenes featurette lasts about fifteen minutes in the full frame format with Kylie Ireland behind the camera. This featurette is basically Eli sitting back as he lays out the movie with Ren Savant, Nic Danger, and others. He talks about what he wants visually, why he's playing Helms, and the details for several of the characters. There's also several casting sequences and a fun phone call with Tyler. It's a very nice featurette that's really interesting if you're at all interested in what happens before the cameras start to run. I don't remember seeing many featurettes like this, and really enjoyed it.

The out-takes reel lasts about twelve minutes and is presented in non-anamorphic widescreen. There's a bit of Eli working towards the throat cutting as well as plenty of flubbed lines with him. There's also plenty of the action being stopped for things going on around the set outside of their control. The flubbed lines continue throughout the rest of the cast while mixing in a few others happenings around the set, such as fighting seasickness for the boat scene. It's a nicely done blooper reel, and worth checking out if you enjoy them.

Uncut Scene - Hillary Scott and Chris Cannon

Also included is the uncut blowjob sequence between Hillary Scott and Bryn Pryor's stunt cock, Chris Cannon. Hillary unzips Chris's pants and works his cock out to go right to sucking it. She gives him some nice eyes as she works him over, and easily takes him down her throat. She mixes in some nice dirty talk as she sucks him as well as a bit of stroking, and finishes things up taking a load in her mouth and swallowing it down.

This is a very nice bonus scene, and nicely returns to anamorphic widescreen. It's all shot from one side angle, but that side angle works very well. Hillary does a great job sucking the cock, and makes it work much better for me than many blowjob scenes. She's fairly restrained, but gets into it as it goes with a great swallowing finish. I enjoyed this scene much more than I expected to.

The Down -n- Dirty Sex Stuff

Themes: Straight, oral, swallowing, toys, anal, group, ass to mouth, cum swapping, interracial, lesbian, rimming (male > female and female > male), DP, masturbation, DPP, DAP, cream pie (anal), squirting, feet, and fisting

Raincoat Factor: Medium high

Condom Usage: None

The Bottom Line:

Currently, Corruption is very hard to find online, with the few stores that carry it offering it in the $30 range. If this one interests you at all, buy it as soon as you can find it. Many stores are not carrying this due to the possible legal problems, but the movie is excellent and should have some very good replay value. The technical aspects are very well done and there's also plenty of effort put into the extras. This is an amazing DVD release that definitely is worth checking out and the big bucks.

Note to Sex Z Pictures: Thank you for giving your directors the freedom to create movies like this! In two releases, namely this one and Decline of Western Civilization Part 69: The Porno Years, you've went from a studio that I wondered how they had survived over a year doing forgettable porn to one that I hope lasts and feels on the cutting edge. I hope you keep it up!

If you have any questions or comments, please e-mail me .

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