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Corrupted By Justine Joli

Corrupted By Justine Joli

Studio: Corrupted Pictures
Category:  All Girl
Directed by:
Starring: , , , ,
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astroknight's ratings for Corrupted By Justine Joli:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Corrupted By Justine Joli overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Corrupted By Justine Joli Female looks rating 3.5 stars
Male Looks Corrupted By Justine Joli Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Corrupted By Justine Joli Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Corrupted By Justine Joli Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Corrupted By Justine Joli DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality Corrupted By Justine Joli A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
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Reviewed by astroknight  on  5/11/2007

The Little Details

Running Time: 127 min. (cover states Running time: 2 house and 20 minutes. Since this is enough to have included one more scene I'm deducting a half point from the overall score)

Production Date: 8 / 25 / 2006

Director: Heidi Joy Pike (on the cover only. Dick Logan is credited for shooting and editing the movie in the opening credits with Pike's name never being mentioned outside of on the front cover. She does, however, appear in the behind the scenes featurette. )

Cast: Ashley Steel, Jasmine Byrne, Jenna Presley, Justine Joli, and Lexi Love with cameos by Jack Lawrence and Wendy Williams

The Short Story

Initial Expectations: I know nothing about Heidi Joy Pike, but with Justine Joli I can't help but be a little curious about this one.

Initial Reaction: It's a darn hot all girl fuck flick that nicely showcases Justine Joli and leaves me looking forward to more of Heidi Joy Pike behind the camera.

Who Should Watch It : Fans of passionate all girl action with plenty of toys or fans of Justine Joli

Who Should Avoid It: Anybody wanting soft and cuddly all girl action or all girl action without any toys

The Technical Stuff

Audio /Video Quality: The technical aspects are pretty well done. The audio is clear and well balanced for the most part, but there are a couple very minor background noises and a few hollow spots. The video is sadly presented in non-anamorphic widescreen rather than being given the anamorphic transfer the widescreen format deserves, but since Corrupted Pictures is a New Machine label (who was too cheap to even put artwork on their DVDs), this isn't a surprise. There's a little softness to the picture along with a bit of variations to the lighting from scene to scene. It never comes off as bad, but it is a bit inconsistent.

Music: There's a little music, but nothing worth mentioning

Menus: The main menu nicely works together a bit of the cover with a bit of the movie for a good first impression. The chapter menu nicely lets you choose a scene based on a cast listing for each scene along with a still of each girl that morphs into a clip of the scene to make a very good impression.

The Feature

Justine Joli knows that she's a bad girl. She likes to party and she doesn't want to have sex with just one girl. She also isn't going to let much of anybody stand in her way...

Scene 1 Justine Joli

Justine starts things out lying back on a bed in a little black bra and panties talking about how she used to be shy and quiet, but then was corrupted. She strips out of her bra and panties as she runs her hands around herself and starts to play with her pussy. It doesn't take her long to reach for a pink jackrabbit style vibe, and she fucks herself both lying on her back and on all fours. Afterwards Justine sucks it clean and collapses back on the bed.

This is a pretty hot solo scene. Justine looks to get into it very well and the scene moves along nicely. The action is also nicely captured, although there is a touch of motion to the camera work. This is a nice scene to start the movie with.

Scene 2 Justine Joli and Lexi Love

As Lexi presents herself on all fours on a long chair, Justine struts in wearing a light pink corset and fingerless gloves along with black porno pumps. She moves right in to start licking Lexi from behind before the girls get up to check out each other's tits. Lexi starts working on Justine with a vibrating finger thingie while kissing her way around her and ending up sixty-nining her. Justine has Lexi lie back after a bit so she can finger Lexi's pussy while sucking her toes, and they get in a little more kissing before Lexi has her put her ass in the air so she can fuck Justine with her pink jackrabbit. Lexi also fucks Justine with the toy while sitting on her face and makes sure to mix in a bit more oral for Justine. Justine repays her with a clear glass dildo in the pussy from behind before they kiss and clean off the toy.

This is an above average scene. Both girls look great, and there's some nice chemistry between them. That said, for a scene that lasts darn near a half hour it moves a bit too slowly and feels like it could have lost at least five minutes without losing anything from the scene. This is a good scene that could have been tightened up a bit more.

Scene 3 Ashley Steel and Justine Joli

After heading home with bottle blonde Ashley and her new fiance Jack, Justine sends him back out to get some decent wine to celebrate instead of the wine in the box they have. As soon as he leaves Justine moves in to run her hands around Ashley while commenting on how soft her skin is. Ashley tries pushing her away reminding her that she's getting married, but Justine won't hear it and starts trailing a finger around her tits before groping her tits and kissing her way around Ashley's neck. Ashley's defenses slowly weaken and she kisses Justine back as Justine trails a hand around her pussy and nibbles at her tits through her shirt. They strip down a little as Justine makes her way down to lick Ashley's pussy and worship her ass with a few slaps and kisses. Justine even sucks the ring off Ashley's finger and puts it on her own before giving her the finger vibe toy and going to work on her pussy. After a bit Justine breaks out a large pink vibe reminiscent of the jackrabbit to work on Ashley with while also giving her tits a few sucks. Justine lays back so Ashley can fuck her with her pink jackrabbit in return before having Ashley get up and sit on her face. Finally, Jack comes home to find Justine with her head buried in Ashley's pussy and wearing the ring as Justine laughs away devilishly.

This is a darn hot scene. I love how Justine slowly seduces Ashley as well as the balance and chemistry between them. The ending fits in very well also, and does a great job with the corruption theme of the movie. This is a smoking hot scene that seemed like it could have lasted even longer.

Scene 4 Jasmine Byrne and Justine Joli

After cutting away from a little time with Jenna Presley, Justine tries to sneak in with Jasmine only to get caught by stepmother Wendy who gives her a good lecture about Justine needing some dick and breaking curfew. They break away to head upstairs and kiss passionately before Justine throws Jasmine over the edge of the bed to worship her ass. She puts cuffs on Jasmine's wrists and ankles before they take to the bed for plenty of kissing and for Justine to work her mouth all around Jasmine's body. Justine also lets Jasmine have a few fingers before they kiss passionately while grinding against each other. Jasmine moves down to repay Justine's oral attention and fingerplay in kind, but Justine lets her have the pink jackrabbit to use on her too. Justine puts on the strap-on they've had laying nearby to fuck Jasmine missionary style before fucking her with a pink vibe doggie style while holding Jasmine's wrist cuffs and making her squirt. She continues to work on Jasmine form behind with the toy and her fingers until Jasmine's had enough and they share a few more kisses.

This is another darn hot scene. There's great chemistry here once again, and I love all the passionate kissing between the girls. There's a nice mix of action here between the toys and the natural play, and the strap-on helped the scene to stand apart even if it wasn't used that long. This is another darn hot scene with plenty of chemistry.

Scene 5 Jenna Presley and Justine Joli

Brunette Jenna questions Justine about when she's going to have enough of going out with everybody and rather than spending time with her. Justine reminds her that she only wants her, that she's emotionally monogamous with her, and that she comes home to her every night and doesn't hold her back from doing anything. After things cut to the previous scene with Jasmine, the movie returns to Jenna as she lies on the couch asleep. Justine comes in to wake her when she gets back in and starts kissing her way around Jenna. Jenna isn't happy and wants Justine to make up for it as Justine moves up to start sucking her tits and Jenna talks dirty to her. They share some spit and Justine gives Jenna's ass some good slaps before getting spanked in return. Jenna also slaps Justine's pussy as she works it over orally and fucks it with a long red toy before sitting back and having Justine eat her box and suck her tits in return. Justine also fucks her doggie style with her jackrabbit while slapping her ass and sixty-nines her while fucking her when Jenna moves to her back. Justine mixes in a little foot play for Jenna as Jenna works herself over with a vibe, and finally kisses her way from Jenna's feet up to her mouth as Jenna sucks the toy clean and forgives her.

This is another darn hot scene. There's great chemistry between the girls, and it nicely stands apart from the rest by being the most aggressive scene in the movie. There's plenty of great trash talking as well as a good aggressive grudge fuck attitude. This is a darn good scene to end the movie with.

Corrupted by Justine Joli is a darn hot fuck flick. Justine does a great job throughout the movie, and unlike some movies which focus on one star, there's enough variety to the action that it never really got old for me. That's something that seems hard to do with girls who will do darn near anything, and really says something here with Justine doing one solo scene and then taking on just one girl in the remaining four scenes. Her scene with Lexi Love got a little long for me, but her scenes with Jasmine, Jenna, and Ashley all worked very well for me. I think Ashley's might be my favorite due to how well the seduction aspect was worked, but between Ashley, Jenna, and Jasmine it's a very tight race. There's a little minor camera motion throughout the movie, but other than that the action's also captured nicely. The only real complaint I can have about the movie is that Lexi's scene runs a bit long for the action in it, and that's a pretty minor complaint. Corrupted by Justine Joli is a darn hot all girl movie that's a must see release for any fan of Justine Joli.

The Extra Stuff

Trailers are included for the first two installments of Flirt n Squirt. The photo gallery is broken down by scene, and includes about twenty very nice looking snapshots per scene. There's also a behind the scenes featurette and company information.

The behind the scenes featurette lasts about forty minutes and is nicely broken down day by day. Justine talks about spitting, cumshots, and why she wanted to be in Corrupted by Justine Joli. After a little more hanging out with Justine and Justine posing for stills, Heidi takes her camera to chat with Jack Lawrence, the token white guy in the movie, as well as Ashley, about their being in the movie. Justine also takes the camera to check out Heidi Joy Pike and interview her about her directorial debut before they chat a little more. The second day brings Jenna Presley to the set for plenty of fun and a good discussion on limits for the sex scene. For the third day, Justine talks about what converting women and how the sex in the movie compares to her real life sex. There's a bit of fun and chatting when Wendy arrives and helps with Jasmine's makeup, as well as a few words and some fun with Lexi. Finally, Justine talks about how well Heidi does as a first time director and the care she put in her movie. She also talks about how nice it was to work with a director who let her be herself, which was great to hear and left me looking even more forward to Heidi Joy Pike behind the camera. This is a great behind the scenes featurette if you're a fan of Justine Joli or curious about the making of the movie.

The Down -n- Dirty Sex Stuff

Themes: All girl, masturbation, toys, lesbian, feet, and squirting

Raincoat Factor: Very high

Condom Usage: None needed

The Bottom Line:

Currently, many of Corrupted Pictures' DVDs can be found online for between about $15 and $25 with a few stores offering them for under $20. If you like all girl movies or Justine Joli, this one's going to be well worth the money. The sex has a great feeling to it with plenty of chemistry and passion. The technical aspects are nicely done but held back a bit by the non-anamorphic transfer while the extras show some very nice care with a long behind the scenes featurette. This is a darn hot release that left a very good first impression on me for Heidi Joy Pike.

Note to Corrupted Pictures: If you're going to shoot a movie in widescreen, please give it the anamorphic transfer it deserves. Also, if you're going to list a running time, please make sure it's accurate.

If you have any questions or comments, please e-mail me .

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