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Cop Shack on 101

Cop Shack on 101

Studio: Titan Media
Category:  Gay
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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Joe Shaver's ratings for Cop Shack on 101:
Overall Rating 5 stars
Cop Shack on 101 overall rating 5 stars
Female Looks Cop Shack on 101 Female looks rating 0 stars
Male Looks Cop Shack on 101 Male looks rating 5 stars
Sex Cop Shack on 101 Sex rating 5 stars
Plot/Acting Cop Shack on 101 Plot/Acting rating 5 stars
Extras Cop Shack on 101 DVD Extras rating 4.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Cop Shack on 101 A/V Quality rating 5 stars
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Reviewed by Joe Shaver  on  12/22/2006
Jason Ridge is the new cop in town. After Jason’s cursory introduction with other officers on the force (Alex Brawley, Jon Matthews, and Nick Horn) we head off to our first sex scene.

Hunky hirsute Collin O’Neal has reported a voyeur and calls for some police assistance. What Collin really wants however is some police ass (forget the –istance). Collin, who has been shaving, greets Officer Alex with an open robe and a stiff dick. He tells the officer that while he was shaving someone was peeking at him. (Well, if you’ve got a body like Collin’s and shave in the nude it’s not surprising that someone would look.)
“Maybe I should take a look,” the policeman suggests. (It would seem to me that with Collin’s open robe and the hard cock poking out at him, Alex was getting a pretty good look already.)
As Alex passes by Collin in the doorway, the back of his hand—accidentally on purpose—brushes against the hard cock. When they arrive in the bathroom, Alex asks Collin what he was doing when the prowler was peeking. He shows Alex what he was doing—stroking that hard cock. Unable to resist such a blatant invitation from such a sexy guy, Alex falls to his knees and consumes Collin’s cock. Alex pulls out his own hard cock from its tight confinement and starts stroking.
After a bit Alex stops sucking to hopefully inquire, “Wanna do it to me?”
“Yeah,” is the abrupt answer as Collin shucks off his robe and stands revealed in all his hunky hirsute glory. “I’ve always wanted to suck a cop off.”
And that’s exactly what he does.
After Alex has sprayed Collin’s hairy chest with his load Alex tells the hunky dude to finish what he started; and Collin sprays his load onto the policeman’s uniform.
With both now nude and Collin having stated that he always wanted to fuck a cop, they head to the living room where Collin’s wish comes (should that cums?) true. Alex makes a large mess on Collin’s floor as the huge cock is battering his prostate. Collin coats Alex back with a hefty load, his policeman fantasy fulfilled.

We now join Jason in his patrol car. Encountering two unshaven but handsome young studs (Darius Falke and Damien Crosse) who are either having car trouble or trying to steal one, Jason stops to see what is going on. They ask him to take them to the nearest garage and he agrees. Darius claims he has gotten oil on his trousers and opens them up to see just how far the oil has gone. Out pops his hard cock. Damien decides he needs to check for oil seepage too and out comes his hard throbber. He reaches over to grasp his hard buddy. Jason observing both in the rear view mirror decides it's time to pull over. He orders the two hot studs out of the car and before you can say Miranda, he has the two in hand. Jason’s own cock is out and up, so Damien drops down to service it. Soon both Damien and Darius are vying for cop cock. But before long it’s Jason on his knees sucking first one and then the other of the horny studs.
Jason orders them to strip completely and then commands Damien to rim his buddy. Jason strokes his cock as he watches them and instructs them to switch. Now Damien is getting the rimjob. Leaning over onto the car, it’s Jason’s turn to get rimmed and the boys go at his muscular ass with gusto. (Jason looks much bulkier here then when I last saw him. He’s obviously been working out. I really think I liked him better when he was more natural. What is it with gym bunnies that makes them keep on and on until they swell up like poisoned toads? I hope Jason stops before then.)
Ass-eating over, they all jack off.
Jason now decides to do a body search of Darius and slides his cop cock up into him. Damien watches, his cock at the ready to fuck. However it is Jason and not Darius who is the lucky recipient. (Darius also had a go at Jason, but it’s cut here—you’ll find it as a deleted scene in the bonus section.)

For the third scene we find an off-duty cop (Matt Majors) moonlighting as a chauffeur for two boys and their prom dates. Both boys (Brett Wolfe and Kyler Lachlan) have blue balls from their dates who wouldn’t put out. Matt decides to rectify the situation. Stopping the car and hauling out his mammoth dick he encourages the backseat boys to do likewise. If you’ve seen Matt in films before you know he has a remarkable dick. It’s not so much the length—though at eight inches it’s plenty long—it’s the width of the thing and the large blunt plum-shaped head. Admitting that they’ve jerked off together but never touched one another, the boys haul out their stiffies. From his position in the front seat Matt persuades them to touch one another’s cocks. Soon all are out of the car and Matt is licking and sucking on Kyler’s young rod.
A word here about Kyler: I first noticed this attractive young performer in a Freshman magazine layout and followed him from there to his appearance in a couple of Boy Ride films. But he has never impressed me as much as he does here. Titan obviously knows how to package him and he is a real stunner. His face has the crystalline beauty of a young Montgomery Cliff. His slender chest has a rich carpet of hair (something not seen in twink guise for Boy Ride or Freshman). His cock is far more than average. He is also a fine actor. With these attributes and his versatility as both a top and a bottom, Kyler emerges here as a full-fledged star. He and Brett make a fine pair. Brett is also a beautiful versatile hairy-chested young cub that can make Viagra unnecessary. (Viewers will envy Matt Majors in this scene.)
As Matt sucks Kyler, Brett’s cock does an anticipatory jig waiting its turn.
Kyler is the first of the boys to take the initiative. He reaches out to touch Matt’s thick dick. He wants to see what it's like to suck a cock but looks up at his buddy Brett to see his reaction. Seeing nothing in Brett’s look to deter him, Kyler leans forward and tentatively tastes Matt’s thick tool. Soon Brett is dropping down for a taste of the hard flesh.
Matt gets in position for the two youths to jack off onto him. They then hold out their hands to receive Matt’s offering which Matt leans over to consume.
Thus ends the orals and its on to the annals.
With the car door open and Brett lying back on the passenger's seat, Matt’s cock slowly enters him. Kyler watches from the backseat.
“Doesn’t that hurt?” he leans over the seat to ask Brett. Brett replies in the negative.
“You’ll soon find out,” Matt assures him.
Crossing around to the rear door of the car, Matt enters the rear door of Kyler.
“Oh, God!” Kyler whispers in ecstasy.
After taking this second high school youth’s cherry, Matt goes back to the front door and sits down on Brett’s upstanding cock. Nor is Kyler left out for long as Matt soon goes for a ride on his young cock as well. (It is with Matt in this position that we see just what a wide cock was drilling Brett and Kyler.)
During the second cumming, Kyler spews onto his buddy Brett’s hairy chest.
After this experience, it’s hardly likely these two boys will ever bother with cock-teasing girls again.
[In the Director’s Expanded Edit there’s an epilogue with the three standing together and sending vertical streams of piss into the air.]

As Jason returns to the station it’s time to go off-duty. Alex Brawley suggests they go grab a bite to eat. Jason’s car won’t start so Alex suggests they take a patrol car and head off to the Ocean Grill (the Cop Shack on 101).
Leaving Jason at the table Alex goes off to take a leak. One of the walls of the bathroom has a couple of glory holes. A cock is sticking through. This is no doubt the bite to eat that Alex had in mind and he swallows it down. Two other cops enter (Jon Matthews and Nick Horn). They join in the fun. Jon takes over at the glory hole and Alex goes down on Nick.
It is at this point that civilian Dean Tucker enters. Even with his clothes on this stunning stud can make a dick stiffen. Naked in all his hirsute glory he can raise the dead. There is certainly no objection to his joining in.
The cock in the glory hole soon spurts. Alex fucks the gorgeous Dean whose cum drops to the floor.
[In the Director’s Extended Edit the three cops piss on the standing Dean.]
Alex fucks Nick and Jon takes over fucking Dean. Using both hands, Nick brings himself off as Alex’s cock continues to ream his ass. Jon covers Dean’s back with his spending.

Meanwhile Jason has been wondering if his dinner companion has fallen in. As he enters the men’s room he finds a naked Dean on his knees blowing Alex. Jason rubs the hard cock growing in his uniform. Alex shoots on Dean’s chest, droplets of cum catching in the hairs.
“Surprised?” Alex asks the new cop on the beat.
“Not really,” Jason replies. “We have cop shacks in L. A. too.”
Alex asks Jason if he wants to see the rest of the place. He does. With that Alex opens a secret door, they enter inside, and the door swings shut behind them. What’s behind the door? I’m sure it’s neither a lady nor a tiger. As to what is behind the door, we’ll have to wait for the sequel.

The Bonus Section includes the deleted scene of Darius fucking Jason mentioned above; separate interviews with Kyler, Brett, and Matt; a brief Behind the Scenes; a Photo Session with Brett doing some nice fluffing to get guys hard for the shoot; a Cumshot Review; and a Slide Show.

Superbly photographed and directed with super hot performers and great sex, COP SHACK ON 101 is Titan and Joe Gage at their best!

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