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Studio: All Worlds Video
Category:  Gay
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BillyJizz's ratings for Conquered:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Conquered overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Conquered Female looks rating 0 stars
Male Looks Conquered Male looks rating 4 stars
Sex Conquered Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Conquered Plot/Acting rating 2.5 stars
Extras Conquered DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality Conquered A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by BillyJizz  on  3/11/2003
Miss Chi Chi LaRue strikes again, this time with a DVD with a semblance of a story. Yes, sports fans, a story. With apologies to Russell Crowe, Billy Herrington is a gladiator, Tom Katt serves as his slave, with Andel and Trent Cougar as their guards. In the next cell, Casey Williams and Tino Lopez share a bed. In the Emperor’s throne room, Blake Harper (who, I must interject here, is as HOT as I have EVER seen him) plays Caesar, attended by Colton Ford as his centurion and Jay Ross and Nino Bacci as slaves.

Now that we’ve got that straight…… Beefy muscular Billy Herrington returns wounded from the arena and Tom Katt attempts to sooth his pain. The guards intervene, tossing Tom Katt into the straw pile, and go to work on our gladiator Billy. Mutual sucking occurs but Billy is clearly the top in this arena. Trent Cougar bottoms and looks for all the world like he’s gone to heaven, getting porked by both Andel and Billy. But why not? Who among us wouldn’t want the big guy spittin’ on our meat and plowin’ our ass?

Let me halt right here to discuss the dialog. I suppose there has to be dialog to carry the story along, but none of these actors will be accused of being Laurence Olivier any time soon. Mostly, though, it’s the writing. I know Chris Steele discussed his script in his interview with JoeBlow69 on this site and I’m sure he tried to come up with some plausible dialog. But was hard for me to listen to. Here’s a sample: “A champion must be ready for another round.” “He must serve if he wants to eat.” “I serve Caesar.” “Do you want to eat?” “I need to eat!” “You’ve earned at least this much!” And we’re off to the suckfest! Granted, it must have been hard for Chris Steele to write things that fit the category (I can see it on $100,000 Pyramid now) “Things Romans Might Say When Being Fucked Up The Wazoo” but, really, it’s a bit jarring in the middle of all this excellent sexual tension.

Returning to the action, Tom Katt is in the hay pile in the corner looking like he’s turning blue. Then the guards leave and Tom Katt gets up and caresses Billy’s body and you’re thinking now these two muscle gods are gonna get together.…but not to be…hold the splooge for now, if you can.

In the next cell, Billy watches two slaves Tino Lopez and Casey Williams work each other over. Really nice action, despite the anachronistic dialog again. “Yeah that’s hot man! Oh baby.”

And now to the emperor’s throne room. Emperor Blake summons our gladiator Billy and tells him, “Your victory serves you well champion. Now we shall serve you well my champion. Surely my champion deserves that!” So Billy gets the slave boys Jay Ross and Nino Bacci and a threesome ensues. The sex is great with lots of close-ups of the sucking and fucking. Billy clearly enjoys the treatment and Nino and Jay work up really good sweat giving Billy’s body a good going over.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the throne room, the stimulating pairing of Colton Ford and Blake Harper is not to be missed. My understanding is that they were an item as this DVD was made (and they may well still be, for all I know) and the intensity and lust come right through the screen. Let me say this again. Blake Harper has never looked better—lean, extremely cut and chiseled, with a devilish goatee. An emperor to die for! And Colton Ford is my idea of a 9.5, if not a 10. Chi Chi has some of the best camera work I’ve seen in a while in this scene. Great close-ups of cocksucking as Caesar stoops to satisfy the masses, or at least the massive dick of Colton. Everyone in this scene works up a terrific sweat. Ignore the dialog, or put it on mute, but do not fast forward under any circumstances. The scene comes to a close when Emperor Blake says to Colton, “Come on, Fuck your emperor!” And he does. (Try to ignore the dialog.)

In the last scene back in the cell, Tom Katt and gladiator Billy FINALLY get together and fuck each other. I’ve been an admirer of Tom Katt and his thick cock since I first saw him in Leather Obsession. He’s gotten beefier and hairier since then, but, no matter, he always delivers a really good show. Rumor (or publicity) has it that this is the first time Billy Herrington has been topped on screen. What better man to do it than the studly but sensitive Tom Kaat. This is an excellent scene.

Production notes. There’s lots of artsy direction and great camera work in this DVD. For example, filmed through the triangle that is formed by Colton Ford’s dick, his thigh, and Blake’s head during cocksucking action, we can see over on the divan, Billy getting serviced by one of the slave boys. There are reflections in water bowls, etc. And it’s obvious Miss Chi Chi spent some buckos on the sets. The slave quarters actually do look sort of like something out of Spartacus. (Sort of, because Stanley Kubrick spent $12 million in 1960 dollars, in all probability a tad more than Chi Chi’s budget.) The sound quality is great, too, even, unfortunately, for the aforementioned dialog.

Extras include a boring ad for All World Resorts, stills, and a running director’s commentary in which Miss Chi Chi provides the occasional comment on the filming and cast voiced over a full-length silent running of the DVD. Interesting, but one must watch the whole DVD over in silence without fast forwarding, in order to catch a comment every 5 or 10 minutes or so. I found it more fun to go back over the sound version of the DVD and fast forward to some of those amazing scenes with Billy, Blake and Colton.

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