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Coming To Beverly Hills Too

Coming To Beverly Hills Too

Studio: NuTech
Category:  Straight
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Saki's ratings for Coming To Beverly Hills Too:
Overall Rating 3 stars
Coming To Beverly Hills Too overall rating 3 stars
Female Looks Coming To Beverly Hills Too Female looks rating 3.5 stars
Male Looks Coming To Beverly Hills Too Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Coming To Beverly Hills Too Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting Coming To Beverly Hills Too Plot/Acting rating 3 stars
Extras Coming To Beverly Hills Too DVD Extras rating 2.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Coming To Beverly Hills Too A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by Saki  on  11/18/2001
Coming to Beverly Hills Too (1999)


Francois Clousot

Rebecca Lord, Lisa Belle, Inari Vachs, Julie Meadows, Terri Star, Vince Voyuer, Randy Spears, Chris Canon, Erick

Running Time

DVD Format
Single Sided, Dual Layer (RSDL)

Special Features
Full motion video main menu; FMV chapter selection menu; FMV star bios; animated menu transitions; 20-picture photo gallery; video interviews with Lisa Belle, Terri Star, and Julie Meadows; Dolby Digital 5.1 and DTS soundtracks; Dolby Digital and DTS trailers 

French girls, facial/oral cumshots, multiple partners, girl-girl; glasses, anal

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Coming to Beverly Hills

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The First Word: It's another two-day day wonder from Francois Clousot that you're probably thinking about buying because of the cast list and because NuTech discs are cheap.

What's It About?:  People complain about how formulaic mainstream Hollywood releases are. Well, Tinseltown has nothing on the San Fernando Valley. Porn franchises need nothing more than a theme that would get an 'F' in an elementary school composition. Clousot extends the 'Foreign girl goes to Beverly Hills to live and ends up having lots of sex' themelet another 90 minutes. But if you're thinking 'sequel,' don't -- there's no tie between the first and the second videos.

Coming to Beverly Hills Too stars French brunette Rebecca Lord as Michelle, who comes to be an au pair for a wealthy family with no kids (um, au pairs take care of children, so there goes the premise in the first five seconds!). Upon arriving, she wanders in and finds the wife (Lisa Belle), sucking two guys (Chris Canon and Erick). So Michelle is treated to an all-around porn shoot, with the guys taking their turns fucking the Mrs. and getting sucked. After some DP action, the scene ends with a great, gooey double oral cumshot and facial.

Later, outside on the patio, Lisa (who is French as well) explains the job to Rebecca. I don't know whether Clousot was trying to throw some culture into the movie, but the dialogue is presented in French, with English subtitles. Although there are times when it would be helpful to have captions (like in every dialogue scene in Private's films), it adds nothing to the movie except aggravation that they're trying to add some cultural depth to a porno...

With the French lesson out of the way, we move on to late that night, when Rebecca goes down to the kitchen for some milk. On her way back upstairs, she hears Vince Voyuer and Julie Meadows, in a French maid outfit, getting it on. After the usual oral formalities (including some nice eye contact from Julie as she sucks the stick), Vince takes her while both barebacked and standing. Unlike the first scene, this one ends without a facial, just a shot on Julie's pubes.

The next day, Rebecca meets Inari Vachs, who's character is the girlfriend of Vince. After Rebecca tells her about what she heard last night, Inari, in the acting performance of the movie (and one of the better dramatic performances you're likely to see in an adult film), becomes upset. Of course, Rebecca is there to comfort her, and naturally, that means that they turn to each other for lesbian companionship. It starts out tenderly with kissing and fondling in lingere, but eventually includes lots of licking, rimming, finger fucking, and 69. It's a much better girl-girl scene than the token one in the first movie, but nothing to rush out and buy the DVD for.

Rebecca returns to the house to find the husband (Randy Spears) fooling around with his assistant (Terri Star). After bribing Rebecca for her silence, Randy and Terri (who looks cute in red lingere and glasses) continue their tryst in the living room. The highlights of this scene are the very nice spoon position anal penetration and the facial on Terri's glasses.

The movie, coming up to the final scene, draws again from the first Coming to Beverly Hills, with Rebecca in the gratuitous shower scene. I guess something as tame as a naked woman in an porno can't be considered gratuitous, but it just seems unnecessary. Anyway, the final tie to the first movie is the build up to when the foreign visitor has sex with the man of the house (Vince, in both movies). In this case, it's a plot between Inari and Rebecca to get back at Vince for cheating by having them have sex with each other in front of him. Some punishment!  It starts out with every guy's fantasy of the two girls going at each other before going down on him.  After the expected double blowjob, Vince fucks both girls (Rebecca with a condom, Inari without) before ending with a really pathetic facial on both girls -- obviously the result of a two-scene day.  And speaking of weak endings, the story ends like the first one did:  a lame "...but that's another story."  They might as well have just cut to black and wrote "The End" and saved us from such a lame finish.

What I liked: Good action shots: When I take notes for my review, I try to remember particularly hot looking acts.  On my note sheet for this movie, I have several notations of "great," "nice," and "good," so there were a number of moments that caught my eye.  I'm especially into blowjobs with good eye contact and strong facials, and this movie has a couple of those.  Overall, I wouldn't put this one into the "outstanding" category when you take everything into account, but it's got some good eye candy in most of the scenes.

What I didn't like: Hollow Feeling: If you've watched porn for a while, you begin to understand what a studio's "feel" is.  For example, you know what to expect from studios like Vivid, Wicked, or Private, and nine times out of 10, that's what you get.  The same thing goes with most NuTech releases, especially those by Francois Clousot and Silver Star Entertainment.  While the sex and production value are generally solid, all of their movies have a very passionless and vacant feel.  About the closest thing I can equate it to is the feeling I get when I watch the old "Twilight Zone" episodes -- a creepy and hollow one.  The body parts look good interacting (see "What I liked"), but it's almost as if we're watching porn if were produced by aliens ("This is what Human pornography is like").

Not enough Rebecca Lord:  For being the main character, she sure doesn't get laid much, with her two scenes coming at the end of the movie.  I suppose you could call that a build-up of anticipation, but that's something difficult to pull off in an adult film.  Couldn't we have gotten just a quickie or a blowjob as an appetizer?.

DVD Extras:  I was pretty underwhelmed with this DVD after seeing the first Coming to Beverly Hills disc.  Whereas the first one had a 20- minute behind the scenes video, this one only has some unremarkable video interviews with a few of the girls (and Rebecca Lord and Inari Vachs are not among them, pity).  And although the familiar bios and photo gallery are included, strangely, the usual 3-4 preview trailers are not.  The NuTech gimmick of DTS and Dolby 5.1 is part of the package, but it's still just a gimmick.

I was surprised to see some authoring mistakes on the DVD, specifically a strange break between chapter stops 3 and 4 at approximately 36:30 that doesn't allow you to reverse scan back past that point.  Fast forward and chapter skips work fine, but I can't rewind on my DVD player.  There is also some very strange chapter breaks that don't correspond well to points in the movie or in the sex action, not to mention the overall lack of chapter breaks -- that makes it really hard to skip or find something.  Instead, you're forced to fast forward through a lot of footage to get to where you want to go.  Finally, the multiple angles are clearly from different cameras -- you can tell by night & day difference in brightness between the cameras (calibration, anyone?).  The second camera angle is unedited, so you see the cameraman move from position to position -- not really that appealing unless you're interested in the behind-the-scenes aspect.

A/V Quality: This one is pretty typical of modern NuTech DVDs:  clear, nearly problem-free video with a DTS/Dolby 5.1 soundtrack that's really just a slightly hollow stereo track with some music thrown on the rear channels.  I've seen few better for the price and a lot that are much worse.

The Last Word: Since NuTech discs are almost always sold on the low side of the $10-20 range, this is a DVD you can get without feeling ripped off after you watch it.  It's not a scorcher in anyone's book, but it's a decent low-budget porn film.  It's good for a cheap filler if you have to get another disc to qualify for a free shipping or coupon deal.   However, if you're looking for something identical to the first Coming to Beverly Hills or think that there's going to be a lot of Rebecca Lord or Inari in it, you'd be better off with another DVD.

- Saki (

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