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Coming Of Age (Jill Kelly)

Coming Of Age (Jill Kelly)

Studio: Jill Kelly Productions
Category:  Couples , Feature film
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Ms Christine & JC's ratings for Coming Of Age (Jill Kelly):
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Coming Of Age (Jill Kelly) overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Coming Of Age (Jill Kelly) Female looks rating 5 stars
Male Looks Coming Of Age (Jill Kelly) Male looks rating 4 stars
Sex Coming Of Age (Jill Kelly) Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Coming Of Age (Jill Kelly) Plot/Acting rating 5 stars
Extras Coming Of Age (Jill Kelly) DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality Coming Of Age (Jill Kelly) A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by Ms Christine & JC  on  9/15/2001
In the first part of this two part series from the talents of Jill Kelly Productions, we are introduced to a girl who seems a bit out of place given her position in life. Keri Windsor play a well to do single lady who through her entire life has had to follow the lead of others living the life that they had all felt appropriate for her. With the times changing and her search for her individual identity, Keri sets off to search her own way.

Concerned that she does not feel good about anything, Keri seeks the advice of long time assistant and friend played by Lauren Montgomery. Discussing the issues and trying on some new outfits, Keri makes a play on the unsuspecting Lauren but to no avail. Being the good helper, Lauren passes on the pass and backs away. This forces Keri to think even more so about things.

Flashing ahead to the evening, we are taken to the outside of Keri’s humble abode. A huge castle like mansion set away in the hills overlooking the beauty of the city. Pulling up is Keri and Mark Davis in a beautiful silver Mercedes SL convertible clad in the nattiest of formalwear. As opposed to inviting him in for a nightcap, the couple prolongs a kiss good night as a precursor to a very passionate effort of fellatio. Within this interlude one clearly sees the high quality of filmmaking that is a staple in JKP offerings. Clearly shot with the benefits of overhead cranes and a superb lighting crew, the sex is almost an afterthought when viewed in contract to the time that went into setting up the shot.

Entering her home and looking around to see what events are happening in the house, Keri hears some moans of pleasure and decides to investigate around. Through her search, we are treat to a tour of the well appointed home that Keri, at least in the film, gets to call her own. Sneaking around the dark corners, Keri happens upon her assistant Lauren and her beau portrayed by the infamous Hershel Savage. Set in a quaint parlor, this romantic scene is a pure display of lovemaking completed with appropriate music and a crackling fireplace.

Deciding that it is time to be her own person and share that with others, Keri decides to have a decadent coming of age party to celebrate the new her. Getting into planning mode, the first people to be brought on committee are the catering crew of Kyle Stone, Lola and Mickey G. who plays an interesting character; a chef with a foreign accent. Once arrived, the crew is introduced to Keri who is outside her estate sunbathing in the nude. Now why can’t we all have neighbors like that? Given their instructions inside the gourmet kitchen, Keri and Lauren are off to plan the event, while the three caterers decide to venture outside for a little three-way poolside al fresco delights.

Moving to the date of the big party, the surprise comes out as to what the big plans for the night are. In attendance are Sydnee Steele, Julian, Jill Kelly, Jewel DeNyle Mark, Dale DaBone and Cheyne Collins. By asking the help to put all their keys in a bowl, one for men and one for women, we are given the impression of a seventies, Icestorm, game of pick your mate. Unsure of what is taking place, Keri lets the group know that she is happy to have all of her close friends that she has slept with, except one, Mark, to enjoy the rest of the events.

On the first pick, Jill pulls Julian’s keys and the pair is escorted off to the library where they are given instructions. While Keri begins describing intimate details about each of her friends’ preferences from a sexual perspective, the two are quickly embarrassed that their pairing was solely for sex. After they are calmed down, Keri leaves them alone and we are treated to a tremendous scene. Truly vintage Jill, raw power, nasty talk, tanned and the welcomed addition of body glitter.

Back at the dinner table, Tabitha is flashing her boobies while the rest of the guests enjoy a course of fruit as part of their meal. Dale and Cheyne begin sharing their fantasies while the next group is put together and adjourns outside for some after-dinner activities poolside. Keri begins warming Tabitha up before a couple's two on two ensues with Jewel DeNyle, Tabitha, Dale and Cheyne. Aside from the antics of Tabitha, the scenes other highlights include a deep anal session with Dale and Jewel.

Unfortunately, that concluded Coming of Age part one. We are left with a glimpse of what is yet to come in the second act and wished we had that DVD available right away to keep us interested. A great JKP films with exquisite settings, a well through out soundtrack, a story line to follow and a sampling of most forms of mainstream sexual situation to please singles and couples alike.

Please see our review of Coming of Age - Two.

Ms Christine & JC, the first couple of adult review.

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