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Code of Honor (DVD + Blu-Ray Combo Pack)

Code of Honor (DVD + Blu-Ray Combo Pack)

Studio: Digital Playground
Category:  Feature film , High Definition
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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bono-ONE's ratings for Code of Honor (DVD + Blu-Ray Combo Pack):
Overall Rating 4 stars
Code of Honor (DVD + Blu-Ray Combo Pack) overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Code of Honor (DVD + Blu-Ray Combo Pack) Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Code of Honor (DVD + Blu-Ray Combo Pack) Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Code of Honor (DVD + Blu-Ray Combo Pack) Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Code of Honor (DVD + Blu-Ray Combo Pack) Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras Code of Honor (DVD + Blu-Ray Combo Pack) DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Code of Honor (DVD + Blu-Ray Combo Pack) A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  3/11/2013
Welcome porn fans to the latest big event movie from Digital Playground and their resident director Robby D. It features all the Digital Contract girls and once again the ladies are very fond of using firearms to get the job done! Not sure what it is but Robby sure likes putting big weapons in these gorgeous girls hands and I'm not taking about Manuel's cock! The story takes us to the nasty drug trade wars and it seems Selena Rose has gone and gotten herself captured during a raid on Manuel's compound. Bibi Jones then enlists the help of Jesse Jane and her team of bad ass soldiers to get their fallen comrade back. Each girl on the team, Jesse, Riley, Kayden and Stoya have their individual specialties. As you might expect Jesse is the team leader and as the story here opens she's just about to embark on the path of wedded bliss with Kieran Lee until Bibi calls her with the news on Selena's capture.

"No One Gets Left Behind!!" Such is the motto of Jesse and her team. As the first part of the movie unfolds we learn just who each member of the team is and naturally each girl is treated to their own sex scene along the way. Before the Digital Girls take over, though, we open the show with Manuel escorting Tasha Reign and Brooklyn Lee to his bedroom for an opening salvo of heavy gun play- ok a bit thick with the gun imagery but you get the idea. They walk past a table loaded with cocaine and lots and lots of money just laying there. As I mentioned Manuel gets to party hard with Tasha and Brooklyn who we learn in the BTS were doing their first sex scene together and I think you'll like the results as each lady gets their fill of each other and Manuel's hard dick. The pop shot is a multiple blast to each open mouth with cum kissing after. Moments later the raid happens and Manuel is quick to escape as the fuzz is crawling around the grounds. He takes a hostage, Selena, and in an amusing way the two make their getaway.

The story then brings in Jesse who is made aware of her former team members capture and the team is slowly brought back together. Jesse does give her fiance one little bit of pleasure before embarking on this last mission and it results in a solid scene with Kieran ending with a super open mouth pop and clean up head from Jesse.

The team is then slowly introduced and we find Jesse first going to visit Kayden who is making a go of it as a big Hollywood director and you see her specialty is explosives when she uses some C4 to get her top male talent to exit his trailer- his agent was holding out before Kayden helped change their minds! Next up was Riley who is the Murdock of the Team meaning her specialty is flying any type of aircraft. You see too that she's not a bad shot when she puts Erik Everhard to shame on the gun range. Jesse sees both girls before we move on to another team member, Stoya, who is found in a library of all places!

Stoya is attentively reading a book while the last few patrons do their business but her attitude abruptly changes when James Deen shows up just after closing hours. She gives James Deen the business about his overdue books and though it is for his wife/ children that he's bringing the books back and offers to pay the fine when Stoya lets him know it will take extra measures beyond that to settle the matter James thinks of only himself as he fucks her right there in the library. The quiet sign doesn't apply I guess after hours as they make some noise! Stoya was good in this scene also allowing James to make one return to her ass!!! A pretty good facial pop wraps up this scene.

Moving on we catch up with Riley who arrives back at her house to find that someone has broken in. Turns out it was Erik who was leaving her a special present of Hershey kisses to pay off their debt! Erik was a little to quiet when he lets Riley know he's there and she turns around cold cocking him knocking out. Next shot was funny as Erik's got a piece of meat over his eye to prevent a shiner from developing and Riley forgets it is there when she turns to kiss him but instead gets the meat! The bumbling duo finally get it right and treat us to a good scene with some nice butt shots though I wasn't to crazy about the pop shot to close the scene ending up on her ass.

The story then moves on to Kayden Kross who is meeting a former flame and a guy she worked with to try and get some information. The two have a short brisk conversation leading to a private meeting moments later in Tommy Gunn's room. Turns out Kayden really burned him leaving him a few years back during a mission and also breaking his heart. But she really needs this info- the location where Selena's being held and she turns on the charm and Tommy who is still burning a candle for her can't resist. The dialogue in the hotel room is pure acting nomination style too. I would not be surprised to see Kayden get on for her good work here. The scene itself was good though again not a fan of the ass pop that closed the scene. Plus Kayden leaves later that night though I suspect Tommy won't be surprised when he wakes to find her not there.

We wonder what has happened to Selena during this time. Well we find out she's still being held but this doesn't prevent her from reliving a not so distant encounter with Bill Bailey. Hey gotta past the time during captivity somehow, why not remember a good fuck! Selena for my money has the best natural all around body on the Digital roster- those boobs are rocking and we get several good shots during the scene with Selena licking a nipple or two which I really like to see. Her scene doesn't end with a facial but the pop shot on her ass was much better than another booty blast.

The story then gets us to just before the team leaves on their last mission. The girls meet at Jesse's place where the plan is laid out and we get another dumb blonde comment from Riley- I wish they'd not give her this role all the time. Jesse is very direct in explaining their mission objective and then it's time. The girls get in their military style fatigues, get their weapons strapped on and head out!

The mission was fun to watch as the ladies infiltrate the compound and just as things start to get a little hairy we're treated to a superb sniper shot from Stoya- oh yeah her specialty! The girls don't have much trouble getting in and freeing Selena who wonders what took them so long! But they also take out Manuel who proves to be a real pussy of a drug lord though he does get to shout out the famous Scarface line that Al Pacino said back in the day! Say Hello to My Little friend but the girls are more interested in his big brother!

The mission is over and they are back in civilization. Bibi makes an offer to each team member to join her squad but they all decline and congregate at an undisclosed location where hello they are holding Manuel. So what to do with this dude. Well they do what they almost always do to close one of these movies, have an all Digital Girl orgy with the main course being Manuel's cock and also having some fun with each other. To much pairing changes to go blow by blow but the girls have plenty of pussy fun and dick fun both in their mouths and their pussies. Kayden gets the pop shot to close in her mouth but quickly moves the spit/ cum along until each girl has had a taste.

Well boys'n'girls this was a fun story that moved briskly along. The ladies handle their dialogue well and do indeed fit their characters. You get some interesting effects too such as a point of view from the person walking while carrying a machine gun- the view was way cool. Extra wise the big one to check out is the Behind the scenes which goes for just over 30 minutes. If you want to check out all the Digital girls in action this is as good a movie they've done for you to see and only Bibi is lacking a sex scene here.

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