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Clothes Freaks

Clothes Freaks

Studio: Smash Pictures
Category:  All Sex
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , ,
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bono-ONE's ratings for Clothes Freaks:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Clothes Freaks overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Clothes Freaks Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Clothes Freaks Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Clothes Freaks Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Clothes Freaks Plot/Acting rating 3.5 stars
Extras Clothes Freaks DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Clothes Freaks A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  9/23/2007
Ok fans time to check out this Kevin Moore directed vehicle for Smash pics. Fresh off a much needed vacation I'm ready to jump back in and this intriguing release is the first one I'm looking at. Don't think I've seen to many dvds led by this man but he's worked with some of the best in the biz so I'm sure he'll have something worth our time to check out. This release seems to promise some heavy clothes emphasis which may or may not be your thing but it's got a hot cast with Sophia Lynn being a name a few of you might have jump out to them due to her recent going and now coming back to porn but there's also Brianna Love and anytime you can watch her sexy ass in and out of clothing is a chance not to be missed so let's hit some highlights. On the main menu before hitting scene selection there's a choice to watch the movie with a setup or if you just want them bumping ulgies there's that option as well. I'm going to get right to it if you don't mind!

Franchezca Valentina with Van Damage:

Well we see Franchezca is in a tight black latex number as Van's got his schlong out, ready for inspection, liked her titties drooping a bit there, nice huge lickable nipples poking out! I also liked the playful licks she gives his cock as the blowjob gets underway, some gagging, and Kevin gives us a fine side view for this bj moving in close and then pulling out, so far so good. I know a few of you out there will be saying ahh sweet another Lela Star scene but nope it's not her but Franchecza is totally a hot lit babe in her own right, that's for sure, damn she's looking fine here. She's able to reach a gloved hand underneath to diddle her pussy while blowing Van so she can multiporntask!! You then get Franchezca flipping over to a doggie pose showing us that hot little ass and staying with a booty shot plus opened up to camera nicely Van slides in for some vag doggie. Notice too the outfit is staying on which isn't to bad since they've at least got those titties out and visible for the most part. We get a little slowdown as she peels the latex gloves off with her teeth and the boots go as well leaving some great toe sucking opportunities which Van is sure to take advantage of with a quick pussy tickle too with the tongue. Ok in mid scene we have the black latex taken off and a new outfit put on with some purple/black striped thigh length stockings slipped on with some head given too by Miss Valentina. Those candy cane striped stockings would go up to her ass but thankfully she doesn't pull it all the way up leaving Van room to plunder that pussy some more from behind. Well not sure about this but she puts on a matching striped bra on but why oh why would you want to cover up those perfect breasts at this point? Well they are certainly playing up the clothes angle in this scene so if you want to see that you should be happy. The stockings are pulled all the way up, she reclines back and rips open a hole over her pussy and we get a fine shot as she rides in cowgirl and then in reverse. Ok not done with the wardrobe changes as we see some black lace stockings slipped on in between some foot jerking to his dick. Van misses a bit with part of the pop but manages to give Franchezca enough to taste along with a little cleanup.

Carmen Minor with Jerry :

Wow some hot ass shots get us into the action on this one and Jerry's right there hovering over that sexy ass which is filling the shot kissing and caressing that booty. You want some licking ass well you get that here too and anytime an ass that hot can get serviced I'm totally psyched for that. The outfit isn't a huge player at this point of the scene, of course I'd encourage you to watch the movie with the setups too to see what else you get with the outfits. Getting Carmen to a sitting position we're treated to some fine pussy dining by Jerry who has been good so far with the ass and now kittie licking. Kevin then delivers some very good sideways shots of Carmen slowly working Jerry's cock in her mouth, damn I love it when a girl takes her time like this and Carmen really is selling it too with the eye looks along with the slower pace. This is a more tradtional type scene with the sex working nicely thorugh the positions, doggie, cowgirl, reverse until Jerry slips that cock up her poopchute in mish anal, very hot insertion here. There is anal in spoon and doggie as well before Jerry works it back to Carmen's pussy in mish leading to the pop which is sorta a creampie, he's blowing as he pulls out so a combo pie and pussy blast. Solid scene but a bit of a departure from the first one with the multiple outfits.

Lindsey Meadows with Sasha:

The next scene opens with Lindsey taking off a nice looking dress as Sasha is sitting nearby, her ever present laugh also occuring, I really like that about Lindsey in her scenes you usually get that sweet smile/ laugh showing on a few occasions. Kevin then goes floor level with a side view twist as we watch Lindsay slip on some black lace panties, she's also sportin a sexy as hell ass which I'm sure we'll be seeing a few times displayed in this scene. She does the full 360 degree turn letting Sasha drink in that ass , then she follows it up slipping on some thigh high see thru stockings, also black. Sasha then helps out giving her a black corset and like I said Kevin's been most generous throughout with the butt shots and you'll be thanking him a few times for this hot ass footage. Moving ahead just a bit we have the ouftit on now and finally some non-clothes related action with Lindsey sitting beside Sasha leaning down for some cock sucking and she's been more than good at this act in her scenes so far. I don't think they could have picked any other position to start the fucking with besides cowgirl, damn this girls got a one terrific tush and who cares if her ass is fucked or not, that'd be a plus for sure but watching those pussy lips snuggly hug Sasha's cock is more than enough for me. Sasha's so into the flow he stands up with Lindsey still bouncing up and down his shaft. We then get a slight pause in the action for some wardrobe changing, I loved it when she bends down at one point eyes looking right into the camera, a quick but classic shot with a very pretty girl. Kevin treats us to a few more sexy glances from Lindsey as she loses everything including the heels leaving us with just her naked body and that looked really good. I really liked the next color choice for the outfit, not quite blue, more aqua and it suited Lindsey nicely. These glances were saying so much as she actually didn't say a word but in reality those looks spoke very loudly to me in a sensual sense. The scene then plays out with some good vag action in doggie and reverse closing with a pop over those classic butt cheeks of Lindseys's. Not my fave finish but if you're going to blow your load on a girls ass then it better be one this fucking hot.

Brianna Love & Victoria with Mark Ashley:

As this next scene opens we have the two girls sitting and making out on a couch while in the foreground various pieces of lingerie are layed out but I think the more interesting site is for sure the kissing, don't you! We have hands seeking out the other too with some good pussy fingering by Brianna along with a little breast sucking to Victoria's big rack. That pussy looked so good we get Brianna moving down between those thighs and Kevin works in both good pussy licking shots along with taking in Brianna's ass!! The shots and pussy eating were so good I wished they'd just kept up with this. For me the momentum was interrputed when they brought in the clothes, you should have not had the girls get so into the pussy play and then stop to have them put on clothes, not that they didn't look good but I think it would have been better to have them already clothed and then work out of the outfits and into the pussy play and kissing. After they have the outfits on we get a pretty good shot of a double doggie with Brianna on top, thankfully her ass is mostly uncovered here. They start working back into the flow g/g wise while in the foreground you get a shot of a cock being jerked off and then Mark walks over letting Brianna envelop it while Victoria gets in some fine booty licking. We soon get the ladies licking simultaneously which I think any guy would tell you feels fucking amazing as hell. As the sex unfolds each girl gets that pussy pounded by Mark along with a wardrobe change, the white really looks good on Brianna and I'd say the same for the pink on Victoria. These girls also keep up the g/g interplay and with the genuine chemistry they seem to have with one another I'd love to see just a g/g scene with them, no toys of course!! We do get some ass fucking here also with Victoria taking it up her booty and I will say only one thing, Brianna in jeans!! That ass never looked so good covered, but Mark nicely rips them open and starts pounding pussy from behind. I don't think ripped jeans will ever look sexier than here fans. The girls share the pop closing out this scene, loved the chemistry all around and I sure hope there's a g/g scene in the future for these two.

Sophia Lynn with Barry:

This final scene features a girl I don't think I've seen work before but she's got some pub behind her for sure in the last year or so leaving the biz like she did and then coming back. We come into the action here with Sophia bottomless and a black latex bra on top. She's also got on the thigh high black Gene Simmons Kiss boots which we get Barry licking moving up to dining on that pussy ever so briefly before they lock lips. We then get the guy out of the way for a bit having some time alone with Sophia as she massages her tits working her way down to tickling those pussy lips. The shot then dissolves to Sophia's lips wrapped around his cock and now she's got on a matching bottom so a complete outfit for the time being, but it's short lived as the top comes off and Barry sucks on those perky titties of Sophia's. I did like the floor view we get here for the blowjob and the fact too that she didn't go to hard'n'fast with the sucking. Sexwise reverse was a good start and then we get a good open view for the standing doggie action. You also get some mish fucking with Barry licking the boot heel while pumping and the pop ends up coating Sophia's pretty face with some also reaching her tongue and she gives good cleanup head.

Extras & Final Thoughts:

Well I thought this was pretty solid throughout. The only thing I would have changed is to not have the g/g scene with Brianna & Victoria start with them so hot'n'heavy then stopping to put clothes on. The highlights were good all the way thru with the cock sucking strong, sex strong and there were some fine outfits worn by the talent in this one with solid visuals too. As for extras you can replay the tease footage which if you skipped the intros would fill in the blanks there and you get some BTS also. Well worth a look if you're into the clothes being a significant part of the scene but no to the point here that it detracted bigtime from the action.

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