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Claudia (Harmony)

Claudia (Harmony)

Studio: Harmony
Category:  All Sex , Anal , Foreign
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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Big Raider Fan's ratings for Claudia (Harmony):
Overall Rating 4 stars
Claudia (Harmony) overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Claudia (Harmony) Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Claudia (Harmony) Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Claudia (Harmony) Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Claudia (Harmony) Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Claudia (Harmony) DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality Claudia (Harmony) A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by Big Raider Fan  on  10/1/2008
Claudia is a 5+ hour, 2 disc compilation of 11 of Claudia's scenes, 2 new and 9 from other movies. The scenes are presented in widescreen.

Bonus features : Cumshot replay, Photo Gallery, Cast List, Trailers

What I liked:

  • Over 5 hours of Claudia!

  • The scenes are artful

  • Lots of variety between couple and group sex

  • Some very arousing fetish sex

  • The girls, most of whom I was unfamiliar with, are lovely. I enjoyed Jane Darling quite a bit, and it was nice seeing Claudia suck and fuck her way through the scenes.

What I disliked: The discs start up and allow you to choose a scene, but after the scene you are taken back to the main menu. There is no way to just let the scenes play one after another. This is my only complaint with an otherwise fantastic compilation.

Overall, I would highly recommend this disc.

Disc 1 (6 scenes)

Scene 1 - Claudia Rossi with George, Oliver Sanchez, Ben Kelly, Clarke Kent, Kieran Lee, Dan (unreleased footage)

Claudia is walking by an outdoor pool, wearing black lace panties, high heels, lace top thigh highs and a black bra. As she walks, she pulls back her panties and shows her trimmed bush. Three naked men, hidden behind trees, watch and stroke themselves as she fingers herself, then she removes her panties, pulls aside her bra and plays with her nipples. She walks down the stone walk now only in thigh highs and heels and comes to her first cock. Blow job, then the second cock comes in, then the third, for a blowbang. Soon a fourth cock joins them, then a fifth, then a sixth. Some double sucking, until the men all come on her face.

Scene 2 – Claudia Rossi and Katy Caro (from Backstage the Movie)

This is another outdoor scene, very slow and sensual. Claudia and Katy are in a desert setting. Both have small, but nice breasts. Katy starts out with a short white skirt on. She oils up Claudia, who has a nicely trimmed bush. Claudia takes a 2 finger bang, then she licks Katy’s fingers. Some glass dildo use, green vibe on clit with glass dildo, dildo and vibe sucking, green vibe usage, clit play. Claudia sucks and licks Katy’s tits, then Katy takes the glass dildo in her ass, then her shaved pussy. Back in the ass and some clit licking, Claudia licks the dildo between switching it back and forth. Green vibe pussy play. A nice and relaxed scene.

Scene 3 - Claudia Rossi, Angelika Black and Lucy Belle with George, Oliver Sanchez, Ben Kelly, Clarke Kent, Kieran Lee, Dan (unreleased footage)

This scene takes place indoors. Claudia appears down a dark hallway in black lingerie, with garter and g-string. She walks down the steps to two dark haired girls, Angelika and Lucy, who are wearing only stockings. Claudia walks past them to a long wooden table holding 2 lit candle. Five men in white tuxedos and smoking sit around the table awaiting her. The two brunettes join her, and one picks up a holding 2 glass dildos and 1 steel dildo. She passes them out to 3 of the men. Claudia climbs on the table and takes one of the dildos from a man. She licks it, then proceeds to use it on her pussy. Some cuts to her changing position and lying on the table. One man uses the dildo on her while the other men touch her and kiss her. Next they use the steel dildo on her, The other girls join in as Claudia starts blow jobs. Then Claudia gets ass fucked, atogm, and pussy fucked. The men are now all naked, and treated to deep throating, from the brunettes. The men switch around for pussy fucking ass fucking, atogm, ptogm, (missionary all). Then Claudia gets ass fucked in doggy, with plenty of atogm and deepthroat from the one brunette. Some pussy thrusts before back to anal, Claudia gives a blowjob while being fucked. Switch to reverse cowgirl, then reverse cowgirl anal while giving a blowjob. The 2 brunettes do a blowbang to the side. The men next lie side by side, and Claudia does reverse cowgirl anal and reverse cowgirl down the line. Also some cowgirl, the brunettes are give head and rim the men down the line. Claudia does a dpp in cowgirl position, then dp, doggie anal with atogms and deep throat. One girl is below Claudia to lick her clit and then atogm, the other is to the side. Then the three all kneel between, the guys cum on Claudia’s face and boobs. Artsy scene, and very erotic.

Scene 4 - Claudia Rossi and Katy Caro with Oliver Sanchez (from Backstage the Movie)

This scene takes place outdoors on the verandas of a house. Starting this scene, a blonde in a black bikini and 2 brunettes, 1 in bink bottoms, 1 in black and yellow bottoms have some fun with a spray bottle. Over the balcony they watch Claudia in a white bikini giving a guy on a lawnchair head. The pink bottoms come off, and the girl in the black bottoms goes down and joins Claudia giving the blowjob. Double blowjob, reverse cowgirl anal while Katy rubs her clit. The other two girls start licking each other on another chair, while Katy does atogm, fingering. Claudia gets reverse cowgirl, pussy to ass to pussy fucked with Katy helping insertions, doggie anal, spitting, more atogm, cowgirl. Oliver licks Katy, then spoon anal, spoon fucking, pussy to ass to pussy switching, mish fucking while Claudia licks Katy sitting over her, mish anal, finally a cumshot to Katy’s mouth.

This scene is pleasant and has some decent chemistry.

Scene 5 – Claudia Rossi and Jane Darling with Ian Tate and Marco (from Orgazm Addictz)

This fetish scene takes place indoors. Claudia has her hair up and is sitting in a dark room drinking absinth at a table. She is wearing a lace long sleeved top with garters and stockings. A man appears dressed all in black, including a slave hood. He strokes his cock, and Claudia spreads her pussy for him and plays with it. She comes over to him and rides on him, holding his chain leash. He lies down and she squats over him so he can lick her pussy, all that is visible is his tongue out of the mask. She turns around for some rimming from him, then cut to a blowjob. She walks away from him and goes into a bedroom, where she lays down on a fur covered bed. Then self pussy play, pink dildo in pussy, doggie with anal dildo use. A man in a black coat and sunglasses comes in, and Claudia gives him a blowjob. She gets a finger in her ass, then rimming, fingering, doggie, mish, ptm, reverse cowgirl anal, and spoon anal.

The scene cuts to Jane entering a room, and there is a man encased in a vinyl mat laying on the floor. Only his mouth is visible. Jane is wearing gloves, a black corset, garters, stockings and boots. She gets his dick out, then we have some kissing, dick stroking, blowjob, and cowgirl. Cut to Jane in a chair with stirrups, still wearing lace up boots, corset, collar, and gloves. She puts her legs in the stirrups, and a guy in sunglasses and gloves comes in. Jane gets fingering, ass fingering, double fingering (1 in each hole), rimming, pussy fucking with a large red nightstick dildo, dildo sucking, ass fucking with dildo, altermate dipping. Claudia comes in and sucks his cock in between his fucking Jane’s ass and pussy. Cut to cowgirl anal of Claudia, reverse cowgirl anal of Jane on another guy. Popshots are on Jane’s ass and Claudia’s face.

This is a really erotic scene!

Scene 6 – Claudia Rossi with Jazz and Tony De Sergio (from Slam it! In Rough)

This is a short, but enjoyable outdoor scene. Claudia is wearing a button sweater open with a bra underneath, high heels, and jeans. She is with a guy, and another guy is watching them and stroking in the closet. Fondling, cunnilingus, fingering, blowjob, cowgirl, then the guy from the closet comes in for a dp. Claudia gives them both head, then is rewarded with cum on her face.

Disc 2 (5 scenes)

Scene 7 - Claudia Rossi with Zoltan, Ben Kelly, Oliver Sanchez, and Jazz (from Backstage the Movie) This scene begins with the guys playing poker, drinking, and smoking. Claudia is on a couch in the other room watching them. She has on a red corset with black fringe, black stockings, red panties, and black heels. One guy comes out and she gives him a blowjob, deep throating and face fucking (light), spoon mish, spoon mish anal, reverse cowgirl anal, reverse cowgirl, atm. He leaves, and another guy comes in. Blowjob, cowgirl, mish. ptm, corset is pulled down, mish with ptm, spoon, blowjob, reverse cowgirl, doggy shot and blowjob, then the scene switches off to a third guy. This time we get kissing, blowjob and deep throating, cunnilingus, fingering, doggie anal, gapes. The next guy comes in to join, and Claudia is treated to reverse cowgirl anal with blowjob, reverse cowgirl anal, cowgirl dp, reverse cowgirl dap and reverse cowgirl dp, cut to mish anal with blowjob. A third guy joins so she has 2 cocks to suck and play with. Merry-go-round mish anal, with cock sucking, some back and forth ptmtp, when the fourth guy joins in. Pop shots to Claudia’s face by the first two guys, then her face is cleaned off and the last two guys pop on her face.

This is a very hot scene, and nice to see a lot of anal variety.

Scene 8 - Claudia Rossi and Jane Darling, with Tony De Sergio and James (from Orgazm Addictz)

This is another fetish scene, and probably the hottest scene on both discs. There are lots of pink and red dildos on a table in a red and white room. A guy sits in a chair in a suit and sunglasses. Jane spins in an egg chair (like the ones in Men in Black), with her legs up. She is wearing sunglasses, latex chaps and boots, and she plays with herself as he strokes himself and watches. All you see is from her ass down (which is up into the chair). Then she puts her legs down for more self play, then she arises from the chair, walks over to a red dildo attached to a pillow, and rides it hard. Jane removes her pvc jacket and reveals her cupless bra. She goes to the guy and we are treated to a standing bent-over blowjob, on to a stool for doggy and reverse cowgirl. We see Claudia in a cut coming up some stairs in a red spanking skirt and pvc top with her arms restrained, being led on a collar and chain by a guy. She is led into the room. Jane is fucked mish, while the other guy fingers Claudia. Then Jane sits on the couch and Claudia kneels before her, gives her cunnilingus, then cunnilingus doggy while Jane gives two blowjobs. Rimming, then each gives a kneeling blowjob and switches guys. Cut to Claudia in a swing which straps around her waist and thighs. She is now in a cupless bra. Mish fucking, then anal. Jane gets piledriver anal and piledriver pussy, while Claudia gets doggie anal, and gives head. Jane takes the cumshot on her back, while Claudia takes it on her pussy.

This scene really turned me on.

Scene 9 – Claudia Rossi with Jazz and Marco (from Ariana Jollee’s Fuck Me)

Claudia starts out in a white cami, g-string, and high heels on a bed. Self play until 2 guys in black come in. Rimming to Claudia, finger play, anal mish, pussy to ass piledriver (back and forth), gaping, cowgirl, dp, blowjobs, reverse cowgirl anal with blowjob, doggie with blowjob, cowgirl anal with blowjob, mish with blowjob, mish anal with blowjob, spoon anal with blowjob, doggie with blowjob, doggie anal, double dick sucking , facial popshots. Not a bad scene at all.

Scene 10 – Claudia Rossi with Jazz (from Backstage the Movie)

This scene opens with a blonde giving a guy a blowjob with 2 others watching. Claudia is watching with a guy in another room. She starts to give him a blowjob, then they go up some wood stairs. Claudia is wearing “boy pants” in floral and high heels. It doesn’t take long for him to pop in her mouth. A very short scene, but not badly done.

Scene 11 – Claudia Rossi and Sharka Blue with Jay Scarman and Samson (from The Party)

This scene opens with Claudia going upstairs in a long pink dress and heels. She enters a hotel room, then a cut to her giving a blowjob while another guy (with a massive tattoo on his back) is doggie fucking Sharka, who is a very cute blonde. Sharka has some restraints on her thighs and her arms. More action includes blowjob from Sharka, Claudia double blowjob, Claudia mish, Sharka doggy anal, atm, Claudia doggy, Claudia dp, reverse cowgirl for Claudia, doggie for Sharka, Claudia reverse cowgirl anal followed by atm, Claudia doggy anal with blowjob, blowjobs by both girls, ball licking by Sharka, Claudia cowgirl, fingers in ass, doggy anal for Sharka, Claudia reverse cowgirl anal, Sharka cowgirl anal and spoon anal, then both Claudia and Sharka do spoon anal side by side, atms, Claudia doggie anal, atogm, gaping, Sharka doggie anal, side by side doggie anal, atms, Sharka gets pussy to ass switching in doggie and receives some rimming and fingering in her ass. Popshots are to the faces.

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