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bono-ONE Christoph's Beautiful Girls 6 4.5 starsChristoph's Beautiful Girls 6 4.5 starsChristoph's Beautiful Girls 6 4.5 stars
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Christoph's Beautiful Girls 6

Christoph's Beautiful Girls 6

Studio: Evil Angel
Category:  Anal
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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Nutty Buddy's ratings for Christoph's Beautiful Girls 6:
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Christoph's Beautiful Girls 6 overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Christoph's Beautiful Girls 6 Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Christoph's Beautiful Girls 6 Male looks rating 2.5 stars
Sex Christoph's Beautiful Girls 6 Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Christoph's Beautiful Girls 6 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Christoph's Beautiful Girls 6 DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality Christoph's Beautiful Girls 6 A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by Nutty Buddy  on  9/25/2002
Title: Beautiful Girls #6
Cast: Dora Venter, Claudia Jammson, Eva, Sabina Black, Denisa, Linda, Nomi, Andrea, Luisa De Marco (aka Luisa Lili), David Perry, Choky Ice, Gary, Titof, Greg Centauro & Christoph Clark
Studio: Evil Angel
Director: Christoph Clark
Action: Straight, Lesbian, Anal, Double Penetration, P2M, A2M, Facials

What a Cast

Scene 1 Denisa, Sabina Black & Christoph Clark: Well as soon as these two appear on the screen it’s like an instant hard on. Sabina has brown hair with black highlights, big ass & a wonderfully thick body. She starts off in some really short shorts, see through shirt & knee high boots she never removes. I took more of a liking to Denisa because she has a gorgeous face, not to mention a perfect figure eight shape. She has jet black hair & starts off wearing a skimpy dress & high heels. Christoph has them bent over in a bathroom worshipping their asses. Sabina had the “What the fuck is this guy’s problem???” look on her face as he goes back and forth caressing their backsides. He also has them walk around & pose, providing amazing tease footage. After some very slow stripping, Christoph has both girls take turns sitting on his face. I found it funny how he looks into their crotches saying “You’re Beautiful”. Anyway, now in a room, they both give him a decent blowjob & he fingers them too. At one point there’s a great shot of Sabina sucking him off & Denisa being fingered. Denisa takes it doggystyle first & he fingers Sabina’s asshole simultaneously. Denisa does P2M & then Sabina takes it up the ass almost immediately. The bulk of the anal fucking was done missionary, a little doggystyle & that uncomfortable position I don’t even know what to call (When the girl’s weight is on the back of her neck & shoulders). Anyway, Denisa does hot A2M, rimming (On Christoph too) & foot fucking throughout this portion. She gets fucked missionary too. It all ends with a scatter shot & neither one of the ladies taste much cum, but good post cum head.

Scene 2 Dora Venter, Claudia Jammson, Choky Ice & Gary: This is easily my favorite scene of the movie. Somebody has to agree Claudia Jammson looks A LOT better with darker hair. I didn’t even recognize her at first but damn … what a hottie. She starts off in a knotted up jean shirt, jeans & high heels that never come off. Blonde Dora always looks stunning too; wearing some extra short shorts, see through shirt & high heels she never removes either. These two have amazing abs, nice asses & beautiful eyes, definitely fitting the “Beautiful Girls” bill. They talk to Christoph a little bit, but even with the volume up I couldn’t make what they were saying. In a garage of some sort, gorgeous Dora & Claudia stare into the camera, strip & tease like goddesses. There’s brief but good Lesbian action going on here too. At that point Christoph brings in the guys, who receive nut-busting blowjobs from both girls. Neither Ladies used much hand action. Into the fucking, Dora bends over & gets fucked doggystyle, first vaginally & then anally. Claudia is so leggy & looks fantastic getting fucked missionary, then taking it up ass doggystyle aside Dora, amazing. Dora continues to get indulged in anally, switching to a smokin' reverse cowgirl position, while Claudia sucks the bejesus out of the other guy. She then goes for more anal, riding him so nicely cowgirl style. It didn’t last that long but it doesn’t really make a difference if Dora Venter hops on after her. Claudia sucks the other guy off & prepares him for Dora’s DP, which disappointed me since it lasted no more than 30 seconds. Anyway, the facials were great & the post cum head was mind blowing. The guys did jerk off to get started, but Dora & Claudia really brought them there with their handwork.

Scene 3 Eva, Linda & David Perry: I’ve seen redheaded Eva in Vince’s XXX Road Trip & Throat Gaggers #2 (I think it was #2), she’s incredible. She has radiant facial features, tanned complexion, medium sized breasts & an excellent ass. She wears knee high fishnet stockings & red high heels throughout the sex. Linda’s a blonde that’s new to me & she’s very attractive too, just not like Eva. She wears regular stockings & silver high heels during the action. Linda does have a great body & strip teases for Christoph without him even saying anything. Eva joins her & both girls end up on a couch rubbing their nipples & masturbating with their legs up. David Perry’s shown masturbating as well, then going over to the ladies & eating them out. Eva initiates the blowjob & Linda helps out, but it didn’t take long for them to start fucking. Linda hops on first reverse cowgirl & Eva does P2M before she does the same. I don’t know if Christoph came up with this Stocking concept or not, but it sure as hell works. I think it’s very sexy when the ladies have a hole ripped in the crotch of the stockings, or when they have them down around their thighs. Anyway, Eva gets taken doggstyle before the focus goes on Linda. They fuck missionary & spoon style with a little P2M action from both girls mixed in there. Once Eva gets back into the mix this scene gets so much better. The bouncy cowgirl style really shows off her body. She does it vaginally & anally, leading into an amazing spoon sequence. Linda disappears for a few minutes & Eva goes one on one with David, taking it up the ass missionary & doggystyle. Come time for the cumshot, Eva jerks off David for Linda & he cums mostly in Eva’s hand & Linda’s hair. Wasn’t much of cumshot but this is a good scene regardless.

Scene 4 Nomi, Andrea, Titof & Greg Centauro: This opens with blonde Nomi & brunette Andrea walking down some stairs. Both ladies look more mature than the rest of the female cast, but not pushing 50 or anything like that. Nomi’s actually very pretty with a excellent body. She prances down the stairs in a tube top, plaid mini skirt, stockings & high heels. I was hoping she’d keep on the mini skirt & that she did, very hot. I can’t really say much for her friend Andrea, she’s very plain looking & not as bubbly as Nomi. She wears a tight shirt, panties & stockings during the entire scene. Nomi does all the talking & shows off Andrea’s body to the camera. The two guys come in & Nomi basically goes in for the kill, leaving Andrea on a loveseat with her legs open. Nomi blows one of them & the other fondles Andrea & eats her out. Once Nomi starts riding Titof reverse cowgirl I just thought “Pro” right off the bat. She’s very good & picks up on Andrea’s lack of heat. Andrea blows the other guy a little bit & Nomi helps her. Nomi takes it up the ass doggystyle & then rides the other guy reverse cowgirl, amazing. That leads to a nicely captured DP in the reverse cowgirl position. Andrea does a lil' P2M & they switch to a cowgirl DP. Titof basically goes to town on her ass & at first I thought she couldn’t take it until Christoph got close ups of her face, she loved it. Both Andrea & Nomi take big cumshots in their mouths, using a lot of head action afterwords.

Scene 5 Luisa De Marco (aka Luisa Lili) & Christoph Clark: My first reaction to this scene was “Holy Shit!” I got this mainly because Dora, Claudia & Eva were in it & had no idea Luisa would be. I’ve only seen her in Private’s China Box & couldn’t find much info on her. When this scene opens Luisa’s in a see through purple dress & high heels dancing in a room. I didn’t even recognize her at first so when I did I had to say “Holy Shit!” again. Anyway, she’s a tall brunette with one hell of a body. She’s very comfortable with a camera in front of her & dances & strips down to her high heels. This lucky guy gets a mean blowjob from Luisa & then spreads her out on a couch & eats her out. This is the only scene where they show the lubing process & I basically died at that point. He fingers her ass a little bit, then they start fucking spoon style (vaginal). They go at it missionary & then cowgirl, capturing Luisa’s bouncy backside perfectly. She wasn’t as energetic in China Box so this was a true blessing. Christoph takes her spoon style again & Luisa takes it up the ass with ease. They then walk over to another couch & Christoph fucks her doggystyle (vaginal). There’s a brief toe sucking & foot fucking intermission before more anal action. Luisa gets on reverse cowgirl & pumps the hell out of him, even harder in the cowgirl position. It all ends with some hot missionary anal & a cumshot on her stomach.

Well this series hasn’t failed me yet. I love the first installment (especially the first scene), third installment, fourth installment & I might as well say the sixth too. When Christoph titled this series “Beautiful Girls” he was not lying. I really can’t put my finger on what separates this from other movies with beautiful girls, but something does. As always the directing style is practically flawless & there’s great tease footage going on here. I still think Evil Angel has audio problems, it could get pretty low, but the picture quality is near perfect.

The extras include: Fetish Menu, Extra Sex, Photo Gallery, Website info & Cast Info

Overall I really recommend this to those into Euro girls in hot outfits having anal sex. The sex was really good, but you might be disappointed with some of the facials. The girls are excellent in this installment. Dora Venter, Claudia Jammson, Eva, Luisa & Nomi are so rewindable it’s ridiculous. Andrea didn’t do much for me but she didn’t do much anyway. Aside from her, I thought all the ladies performances were really good. This movie looks beautiful in my collection.

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