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Christoph Clark's Birthday Booty

Christoph Clark's Birthday Booty

Studio: Evil Angel
Category:  All Sex , Anal
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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Gabriel Nine's ratings for Christoph Clark's Birthday Booty:
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Christoph Clark's Birthday Booty overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Christoph Clark's Birthday Booty Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Christoph Clark's Birthday Booty Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex Christoph Clark's Birthday Booty Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Christoph Clark's Birthday Booty Plot/Acting rating 2.5 stars
Extras Christoph Clark's Birthday Booty DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality Christoph Clark's Birthday Booty A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by Gabriel Nine  on  10/2/2001
(Evil Angel / Clark Euro Angel)
Directed by Christoph Clark
Starring: Brandy, Elizabeth, Tunder, C.G. Summer, Gina, Red Julia, Petra Short, Yann Scott, Chris Mountain, Rodolphe, Csoky Ice, Yanos, Thomas Stone, David Perry

In this quality production from Christoph Clark, the focus is on young girls and indeed the bold claim on the box cover is that Brandy makes a movie on her 18th birthday. Scepticism aside, there are plenty of great looking girls engaged in hot sex to keep you interested. The bonus for me was that I hadn’t seen any of these girls (to the best of my knowledge, considering how hard it can be to keep track of multiple pseudonyms and so on) and fresh talent is always a pleasure. No story as such, just the usual vignettes presented with short set-ups and a little dash of humour.

CG Summer & guys
CG Summer makes her way home to show off her new outfit to Csoky and his two mates. She is blonde and cute, with elfin looks, but her physique is outstanding: a pair of jiggling boobs, long, tanned legs and toned body. She seems to have a loose reputation, and this is borne out by the way she puts up token resistance to the lads’ demands for some oral sex. It’s not a bad scene at all, but the way the guys flit back and forth from the kitchen to each get a blow job from CG is somewhat annoying, and it’s a relief when they finally get down to fucking her. Csoky and then his mate take her, from behind, standing and over a desk, and I love the way she wriggles around on the end of a dick.

She sucks Thomas’ dick while Csoky and the other lad (whose name escapes me, presumably he is Yanos on the cast) take turns fucking her tight ass in spoons. Eventually Thomas gets to give her a doggy-style ass-fuck. She gets three healthy loads all over her face and tits and really goes to town sucking their cocks after. Nice one. CG is a very sexy girl, no doubt.

Petra & Yann
Next up, Yann Scott and a really cute young brunette called Petra screw each other senseless all around the house. Her short hair, smooth clear skin and small boobs highlight her young looks, but her bottom is all woman. Yann picks her up and carries her around, still pumping her pussy, and her ass looks amazing from below. She gets fucked in numerous positions and boy does she seem to be in dreamland riding on Yann’s big cock. Did I mention her bottom?

It’s good stuff, healthy and sexy. It makes me wonder why so-called couples films can’t include simple, passionate sex like this? You know, just good earthy fucking. Anyway, it concludes with Petra jerking Yann off – a little sperm streaks her face, mainly it goes anywhere but, rather illustrating why directors tend to shy away from letting the girl finish the man off.

Julia, Gina & David
David plays an artist whose drawings bear scant resemblance to the curves of the models he is supposed to be sketching (in fact, he is uncovered as the man who draws those pictures in public lavatories). These two are a little older than most in this production: Julia, in red lingerie, is a buxom and sexy brunette, while her friend Gina, also brunette, is slimmer with small tits and long legs in sheer nylons. The drawing is forgotten when he offers more money to go further. Lengthy oral is performed on him, each girl showing her talent, and then he fucks Julia. There is actually a lot of kissing as they screw, and she really rides his dick with vigour.

Gina takes it straight up the ass in doggy, and gets fucked briefly before David takes Julia’s ass in spoons. They perform plenty more energetic anal feats, with ass to mouth, while Gina sticks a dildo in her butt. Just when I thought they were failing to incorporate her in the action properly, David’s assistant takes her away to a toilet where he uses the dildo on her open ass. More anal between Julia and David with attendant gaping (and a spot of rimming from her on him) leads to her tugging his cock till he spurts over her face and shoulder. Jean-Michel comes over Gina’s face (with totally unnecessary verbal abuse for the non-English-speaking Gina) but she puts her head in the way, so we only see the aftermath. Oops. Still, despite an overlong “comedy” set-up, it’s another good scene with sufficient heat and vigour to suit most tastes.

Tunder, Rodolphe, Chris
Chris and Rodolphe are playing chess, with Chris’s young wife teasing them in her short skirt and kinky boots. Tunder is perhaps not so pretty to me, but she’s a real flirt. In a nutshell, she has her eye on Rodolphe and plies her hubby with so much whiskey that he conks out, thus allowing her and Rodolphe to head upstairs for a frantic tumble.

Rodolphe plays with her pussy and then gives her tanned form a really good fucking. Perhaps she should be acting a little more excited about the situation, given that she is having adulterous sex with her dozing husband a floor below. Maybe I am being a little picky because, being perfectly honest, this is good stuff, even though it seems like a big jump to the point where she is really impaling her ass onto Rodolphe’s dick. She holds her cheeks open and we get the customary gape shots, though perhaps they are not lingered on in the way Clark has done in the past. Finally, he shoots on her open anus.

Chris awakens from his drunken slumber, and when his chess opponent has gone, he rouses his dozing wife for another brief but energetic ass-fucking session (boy, must her bottom be sore after this!) leading to a facial. Chris seems to think his lovely girl would never cheat on him…

Brandy, Elizabeth, Yann
Eager for sex, sexy young brunettes Brandy and her naughty friend Elizabeth (who has a gleam in her eye that says she already knows something about this sex lark) talk about losing their virginity and invite Yann over to help Brandy out. She’s eighteen today. I’ll get on to how realistic all this actually is later, but doubting aside, let’s enjoy the action…

Brandy is really lovely, with her soft, lightly tanned body in her white lingerie, while Elizabeth is a little more toned and has another fantastic bottom. The girls kiss and touch before Yann provides the sex lesson: he licks their pussies, Elizabeth first, then Brandy – her soft, plump vulva part to reveal a beautiful little pink slot. Yann needs little encouragement to get suitably worked up with little playmates like these, and doubly so when they work over his dick with hungry mouths.

I love the way the girls hold hands and kiss while Yann fucks Elizabeth in spoons, and indeed the whole scene has superb little touches like this that add eroticism, with lingering lustful looks and tender kisses in addition to some compelling sex. Brandy takes Yann into her creamy pussy with perhaps more ease than you would expect from a real virgin, then the girls 69 while Yann fucks one, then the other, and pops his dick into their mouths. A little foot wanking leads on to Elizabeth really energetically riding his dick, and does she know how! Her ass looks great as she fucks back, wriggles and grinds till it’s time for her to jerk him off (nearly) over her friend’s face.

After, Christoph talks to the camera and is at pains to point out that it really was Brandy’s 18th birthday. Well, how about that! One in the eye for us old cynics, I guess, but being proved wrong has rarely been so entertaining!

Christoph is just on a winning streak right now. His shooting can rarely have been better and he seems to strike a really good balance between the hardcore and the gentle*. This is yet another quality piece of porn, with some really great sex and some super girls, really great bodies to check out: CG summer’ tits and the backsides of Petra and Elizabeth (both of whom seem to actually be called something else – they are referred to as Anita and Christa respectively) all merit close attention. Then there’s Brandy, who is just fantastic. Thanks for sharing your birthday with us!

DVD Comments
The disc provides the standard selection of options – play movie, chapter menu and the patented Evil Angel Fetish Menu. Extra footage provides added value, with out-takes and director’s notes, extra sex and once again the very welcome addition of footage of the photo shoot. Ideal for voyeurs, this gives the chance to include more tease footage without detracting from the running time of the feature, and presents more opportunity for dirty old men to linger over the lush bodies of these sexy young girls. Right up my street. All the menus are presented very neatly as always, but on this occasion the red-and-green colour scheme proved somewhat stomach churning. Yuk!

The extra footage is a generous helping, with more behind the scenes stuff that (slightly) spoils the illusion created in the movie, but then this is a movie after all! Some photo shoot footage leads to around about half an hour of extra sex, most of which is more of the same (indeed, it’s very similar) but the nastiness factor that is partially missing from the main feature is increased with some really hard missionary anal and real, old fashioned pulsing- ass gaping for CG. However, there seems to be no sound on this extra sex – is this just my copy or a general fault I wonder? Otherwise, sound and picture are good though there is some very occasional blocking around points of fast movement in the Julia & Gina scene.

* © Björk, from “Big Time Sensuality”

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