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Chocolate Ass Candy 3

Chocolate Ass Candy 3

Studio: Candy Shop
Category:  Black
Directed by:
Starring: , , , ,
Released on: 
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picman's ratings for Chocolate Ass Candy 3:
Overall Rating 3 stars
Chocolate Ass Candy 3 overall rating 3 stars
Female Looks Chocolate Ass Candy 3 Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Chocolate Ass Candy 3 Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Chocolate Ass Candy 3 Sex rating 3 stars
Plot/Acting Chocolate Ass Candy 3 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Chocolate Ass Candy 3 DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality Chocolate Ass Candy 3 A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by picman  on  9/11/2007

Ass Candy

Prologue Sweet black asses, put on display by The Candy Shop. Three of my favorite ebony bumpers, Hypnotiq, Sydnee Capri and Sinnamon Love are featured, along with a couple of girls who are new to me. If director Diana DeVoe lined up the right meat vendors, this could be very good. Here's hoping.
Sydnee Capri and Ace are snuggling on a couch. By his description, Sydnee's wearing some bondage/real freaky shit. Chains woven over hot red lingerie. They play with her phat pussy, and the sweet freak can't wait to get her dick sucking lips (DSL's) around Ace's hard cock. Sydnee bangs the back of her throat with it and makes it nice and nasty with her spit. I'd swear she gets off on giving head from the contented sounds she makes. After practically throwing her whole body into the bj, Sydnee rips off her panties and bends over for spanking and a pussy licking. Ace mounts from behind and drives the dick through those plump lips. Sydnee juices up the cock and takes a taste, which she finds most enjoyable. Back into the up and over until her ass quivers with lust. Sydnee climbs the cock in CG, spreading her cheeks and burying the bone to the root. She grinds on Ace and takes another taste. Her ass is ready and open for business as she waves it in Ace's face for a salad tossing appetizer to the doggy anal that ensues. He bangs away, making the ass wobble, Sydnee inviting a slamming with her rear raised high in the air. A2M taken deeply, then a cut to CG anal. She impales herself aggressively, then sucks the cock clean. More CG anal has Sydnee preening and popping that ass on Ace's dick. She looks like she has a legitimate orgasm as she pries herself off the anal invader, then lays on her side for anal on the armrest. Ace digs her out and Sydnee wants cum. Long stroking her rectum, he pulls out and fires on Sydnee's ass. She runs her hand through it and eats what she can. Director Diana adds the tag line of the title and Sydnee agrees. "That's some chocalate ass candy".
Great way to start the video, with a smoking hot Sydnee. She's as committed to the sex as you can want, serving up all of her orifices with gusto.
Hypnotiq is face down on her bed, bound wrists behind her back, legs spread and tethered with bungee cords. She's on the cell to a friend, telling her she's waiting for hubby to come home. I guess she's got a surprise waiting for him. John E Depth shows up and grouses about work, then about this freaky shit before him. He gets into it quickly enough, sitting in front of Hypnotiq and letting her have at his long dick. She has him untie her hands so she can really work the cock, sucking on it like it gave her oxygen. He comes up behind her prone body and sticks his dick in her dry. It looks pretty hot as John slowly buries the bone into her hot little fold, working up some pussy lather as access and speed increase. Up and over that sweet ass, John E leaves Hypnotiq sighing in contentment, and swearing she can feel him in her stomach. Long, deep strokes leave Hypnotiq moaning and her pussy soaked. When he works up a head of steam, she's cheerleading the whole way. Completely relieved of her restraints, Hypnotiq gets speared in the bunghole. She makes him work it until he finally catches on and jams the shithole hard. Hypnotiq raises up on her hands and knees to present her ass perfectly for John to rail. Her sphincter is pulsing when he pulls out. John E wants more head and Hypnotiq gives him the deluxe cock love treatment, stroking him into her hungry and loving mouth. She moves up on the cock and sits on it in CG anal. Her colon gets pounded deep and Hypnotiq sucks the cock clean. She chicken heads the trouser snake and rides it anally again. He's really hard now and it looks like he's straightening her back with every stroke. Hypnotiq lays on her back and John E strokes a thick shake onto her face.
John E's got the size, but not the aggression to match this high spirited woman. It was a good scene, but a stronger male performer could have put it over the top.
Tyler Knight is shining a pair of red boots for his mistress. His heart doesn't seem to be into the work as he surveys the rest of her array of footwear, until he happens upon a particularly fetching pair of black, patent leather boots. Tyler snuggles those, inhaling deeply of their scent. He's snagged by his big assed Dom, Sinnamon Love, who berates him for his behavior and all around bad job. She looks smashing in a long pony tail extension, along with combination fishnet slutwear and black corsetted fetish ensemble. She sticks her foot in his face to get her shoe shined with Tyler's tongue. Sinnamon decides he's liking the shoes too much, so she gives him something else to breathe in. Her ass. If this was intended to turn him off, it didn't work, as Tyler inhales deeply of her dumper. Sinnamon smothers him and threatens I don't know what if he doesn't make her cum with his tongue. She has him switch out the shoes she's wearing for the boots he loved. Sinnamon seems a natural at imperiousness, although she could be a way tougher mistress. She helps him drop trou and gets in his face with some very hot talk. Mouth meets dick as Sinnamon gets it ready to please her. She's nasty with the spit, and even if the tables haven't been quite turned, I have to say that Tyler's getting the best of this exchange. Sinnamon dick dives hungrily as he lays back in wonder. Leaving no stone unturned, she sucks on his. She rides the now hard cock in CG, orders him out of his pants, then leads him into her boudoir where they commence to spoon on the bed anally. Tyler licks her pretty pink hole, fingering the snatch and playing with her clit piercing. He taps her doggystyle, digging out the rectum again. Tyler pounds away until he's ready and Sinnamon spins around to order her facial, quietly but firmly. Tyler dumps his load onto Sinnamon's pretty mug for her to taste and play with. He finishes shining the boots she's wearing.
Sinnamon didn't really maintain her dominance through most of the sex and Tyler never took charge, but there was some very hot talk at times to spur the scene on. The action seemed a little truncated, possibly ending before they anticipated as the cut to pop appeared awkward. Another scene that was good, but could have been better.
Divine is working her pussy over with a pocket rocket, an array of life-like dildos on the table next to her. When she's ready, she picks up a huge white one that's simply too big. She tries to stuff it anyway but gets stopped by an irate Rock. I don't know if he's angrier about the toy play or the fact that it's white. Divine tells him she only used it because it's bigger than her black one. That ain't gonna fly with Rock. "No white dick in that black ass" is his decree. He shoves the dildo into her mouth, trying to get Divine to agree that it's a bad thing. She's playful and resistant. He whips his real cock out and submits it for a taste test. Divine takes her time deciding which she likes better and Rock doesn't like her answer. Say goodbye to your little friend, Divine. She just has to carry on with the live one. He allows her to suck the black toy and she alternates the head from one to the other. Rock pulls her blue panties aside and wets the dildo in her hot pussy to lube it up for some black ass. It's tight and slow but Divine's moving her ass on it, grabbing her vibrator as it gets deep. She sucks the toy out of her dirt hole and Rock stuffs her with real meat. He's got her prone and is attacking from a side angle, digging out the rectum as Divine moans and coos. He tries the toy again but she's hooked on flesh. They move to RCA and the continued triple stimulation of vibrator, dildo in mouth, along with the anal invader. Divine really grooves on the cock in this position, seemingly on the verge of orgasm for a protracted period, and maybe getting it when Rock slows it down to let the toy buzz her clit to satisfaction. A2M bj that leaves Rock slick and hard enough to beat up her pussy in CG. If she didn't get her nut before, she's certainly getting it here as she rides the cock to glory aided by some well received spanking. Once satisfied, Divine puts the heavenly squeeze on Rock's cock and has him spurting like a geyser all over her ass. Divine's convinced that black dick is better.
This scene gets a little slow at points but has some genuine heat going for it. Divine legitimately looks to pop her cookies here rather than just put on an act, and Rock plays her right.
Caren Caan is a prisoner, tied to a chair with fishnets pulled over her face. Tyler Knight is her captor and Caren inquires as to his intentions. He has a large knife that he menaces her with as he fondles her ample body. Squeezing and spanking her phat pussy, then stroking with the knife handle, gets Caren's legs opening involuntarily. She's forced to suck the juice through her mask, then gets teased with the blade. Tyler cuts a hole to open her mouth and conduct a dental examination, then leads her to a daybed and starts fiending on her high heels. He exposes her clit, licking and sucking it, then cuts her tank top open to reveal her big floppy tits. Those are suckable too. Finger popping and clit sucking, then Tyler grinds his crotch into Caren's face. She helps open the fly with her teeth and tongues the dormant snake until it coils in anger. Tyler releases her hands and she wraps the leggings of her head stocking around the base of his cock to tighten up while fellating. He finally rips them all the way open so we can see Caren's face, and also allow her full freedom to chow down on his cock. Forced deep throat makes Caren cough and gag, but not stop. He pulls her to her feet and spits into her ass crack, fingering both holes at once. He pries her mouth with the dirty fingers and offers Caren some dick. She twists, bites and sucks an appreciative Tyler's nipple, then loses her panties to mount him in CG anal. Caren holds her cheeks open for him as Tyler digs deep. He takes a break by lapping at Caren's pussy and remounts her greasy ass in doggy. He goes up and over to fuck her proper, then jams his dirty cock in her mouth. He holds her nose and makes her lick his balls while lodged deep in her throat and returns to the doggy anal. Caren gets laid on her back and face fucked as a prelude to some pounding missionary fucking for her neglected pussy. Tyler goes wild in there while Caren tweaks his nipple again, leading to a pullout and cock sauce delivered to her open mouth.
Let's see. Kidnapping, rape and D/s sex. Not bad for a day's work. If you're not too sensitive to the scenario, it's a pretty hot scene.
Epilogue Director Diana DeVoe tossed in some fetish with her sweet black asses and had some mixed results with it. It had the trappings but not the soul of kink. Still, there were a couple of rousing scenes with Sydnee Capri and Divine. Tyler Knight found himself on both sides of D/s and was most comfortable lording it over Caren Caan. He did show some realistic shoe fetish in both, but it seemed like his pairing with Sinnamon Love was oddly truncated, and she's probably the only one in this video who really plays that way. I was most disappointed in the Hypnotic scene because she's always primed to be taken to the edge with the right man, or do it for herself if provided with a stiff pole and a world of self control. Unfortunately, John E Depth is at his best with women who are more into size than dynamics, and it was a slightly lethargic scene. All told, a good but not great offering.
The Disk Cumshot Recap, Photo Gallery and BTS.
Recommendation Good rental material here.

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