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Chloe & Rose: Fucked Up Adventure

Chloe & Rose: Fucked Up Adventure

Studio: Phoenix
Category:  Feature film
Starring: , , ,
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Linus's ratings for Chloe & Rose: Fucked Up Adventure:
Overall Rating 2.5 stars
Chloe & Rose: Fucked Up Adventure overall rating 2.5 stars
Female Looks Chloe & Rose: Fucked Up Adventure Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Chloe & Rose: Fucked Up Adventure Male looks rating 2 stars
Sex Chloe & Rose: Fucked Up Adventure Sex rating 2 stars
Plot/Acting Chloe & Rose: Fucked Up Adventure Plot/Acting rating 2 stars
Extras Chloe & Rose: Fucked Up Adventure DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Chloe & Rose: Fucked Up Adventure A/V Quality rating 3 stars
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Reviewed by Linus  on  1/26/2005
Chloe & Rose: Fucked up Adventure

Initial Thoughts: It's kind of like a Spring Break video with more sex. The premise is simple, Chloe Jones and Rose go out to see the world, and find people to fuck or to watch fuck. It's done with this whole kind of amateur style, and it's supposed to be by accident sex in a couple cases, but it really doesn't feel that way, since it probably wasn't really that way. The sex is just OK really, Rose especially puts in some energy, and Chloe does to in her parts, but the people they ran into just were so so. There are some comical moments, and some interesting interview style pieces with Chloe and Rose, and that gives it a little more appeal, but for the most part, it's a project that needed a lot more care to develope. The feature is rather short at only 83 minutes, and while it does have nearly 45 minutes of extras, there is a good number of weakspots that hurt the overall production.

Technical Considerations: Just about everything could have been a little better. Camera work had some issues to say the least, it was not always in a great spot to see the action, and it was unstable at times. Sound was inconsistent and not balanced well, Picture quality was all over the place with most of it being a bit grainy or fuzzy, and Lighting was mostly outdoors, but there were shadow issues and inconsistencies there too.

Condom Usage: None

Scene Breakdown

Scene 1: Paula, Katarina, and Bad Boy

This one is supposed to be Chloe directing these three on a balcony with a hell of a view. The three of them kiss and the girls blow the guy, but for a portion we cannot see the blowjob. The girls are hot but they are not really into blowing this guy. He fucks the red head in standing doggy, and in missionary on the railing while the other girl licks his balls, but again the camera angle and lighting really conflict with things, and there really isn't much of a sense of chemistry. The other girl gets it standing doggy against the railing while the other girl just kind of plays with his ass or something, again we can't really see what she is doing. He screws the black haired babe in standing cowgirl and this is actually pretty hot, but they just stop, and then they cut to the girls sun bathing on the pool deck, and the guy walks over from across the way and sticks his cock in thier mouths, face fucking each one, he gets riddin by the redhead in reverse cowgirl, and she gets into it pretty well with some energy finally, and she even gets her ass fucked in reverse and forward cowgirl, but it's broken up and painful looking. The other girl gives an energetic ride in reverse cowgirl, and the guy finishes by cuming between them, but misses thier faces completely with most of the cum. They do suck him off a bit afterwords, but this one had some issues. Duration: 20:13 mins

Scene 2:Rose and a Boxer guy

There is a travel segment next with Chloe and Rose, and they tease a little and there is some brief nudity by some other girls, and the highlight is a non nude photo shoot with Rose before she starts her scene. Boxer boy kisses and sucks on Rose's neck and tits before she goes to work sucking his salami. She gives some good head here topless, with some saliva and sexy eye contact. He manhandles her and licks and fingers her pussy and ass while she sucks and jerks his cock in sixty nine. He finally removes her panties completely, and fucks her tight pussy in doggy, a few seconds later though they switch to missionary on the bed, that is oddly out next to the pool. Rose is awesome as usual, but the guy just uses her as a fuck hole, he just hammers away at her pussy, but he hardly even looks at her for parts of the scene. They move to reverse doggy, (she is in doggy, and he fucks her pussy face the other way) but that doesn't last long either and they go to reverse cowgirl where Rose shines with a nice energetic ride, she stands up with him on the bed and bends over with her ass spread for him to fuck her pussy hard. He soon pops all over her face with a decent amount of splooge. She smiles and sucks his slime off his cock. Duration: 17:19 mins

Scene 3: Rose and Chloe Jones

They play in the ocean and on the beach a little in thier bikinis, and then return to the pool area to take a nude shower together, they frolic and kiss each other as they caress in the pool, and then oddly they cut and are in bikinis walking out to a blanket on the grass, talk about a mood killer, they had things going well, and then killed it. Chloe gets down to licking on now bottomless and breasts exposed rose, and she gives her a good tongue fucking before they kiss each other a little awkwardly. They stop again, and Chloe poses a bit, before Rose goes down on her and fingers her pussy. They stop again, and kiss and lick each other's breasts for a little while, before getting into a sixty nine position where Chloe lights up Rose by giving her a good licking, but Rose doesn't really go down on Chloe. Rose rides Chloe's face and looks fantastic in the nude with Chloe between her legs. We don't get too many good looks at Chloe though here, and then the scene ends. Pretty poor girl on girl scene here, and it just was more broken up tease than anything. Duration: 18:38 mins

Scene 4: Chloe Jones, Rose and 2 guys

After some lengthy travel footage which again features some nude shots and some road trip stuff, the girls get together with a couple guys for some Brazilian studio. They show the photo shoot stuff with Chloe holding her tongue on the guys cock and then fixing her lipstick. Chloe and Rose get at each other again, but the camera picture is pretty crummy, it looks like there is a film of something (cum?) on the lense, and it really is noticable on some of the shots. The guys get in on the mix, but the jumpy cuts keep up here, and the scene just jumps all over. Rose sucks cock while the other guy and Chloe go down on her, then Chloe finally gets into things and sucks the guys cock for him, but gags without even going deep. A good aggressive face fucking though, a long groping session ensues with Rose getting fucked in standing doggy, while she blows the other guy being the highlight. Chloe gets fucked in doggy while Rose gets the other guy in missionary. Chloe gets hammered in missionary, and then they cut to her sucking the guys cock while Rose gets fucked in doggy on a table. the girls get stacked together and the guys fuck them in doggy and missionary while they lay on one another. Rose gets fucked in reverse cowgirl while Chloe gets fucked in cowgirl and then she takes on both guys before they spurt on both girls. The first guy gives Chloe a nice facial, popping right on her face and neck, while the other guy spurts on Rose's cheek and in her mouth. The girls cum swap and kiss a bit, and Chloe ends up a cute little mess. Some parts had decent energy, and others where just here we are. Duration: 19:42 mins

Extra Stuff

Behind the Scenes: 27:20 mins in 2 parts. Mainly MTV type stuff with some chatter and posing, a little bonus sex, but mainly just people standing around and goofing off.

Bonus Scene: From Porno Popstar, Hot hot tub scene, energetic fuck, not sure who the participants are, sexy girl, and she gets a massive facial at the end. 15:24 mins

Photo Gallery: 70 pics of sex action and posing stills from the movie, and around 8 minutes long.

Other Extras: Company info and trailer for X Play. Cumshot recap.

Final Thoughts and Recommendations:

I'm a pretty big fan of Rose and Chloe Jones, so seeing them together and getting a decent boning was enjoyable, to a certain degree. These two deserved a better effort though. The technical quality was too lacking, and there were issues early and often with energy and chemistry between the performers. I think a lot of areas could have been worked on here, and the editing was just poor. If your a fan of Rose and or Chloe Jones, your probably going to atleast want to see this one, but I would suggest a rental. I can't really see this one appealing a great deal to raincoaters or couples as a group, so if it sounds interesting too you, try a rental and go from there. If you have questions or comments about this review, please contact me at Thanks for reading.

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