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Chica Boom 10 (Kick Ass)

Chica Boom 10 (Kick Ass)

Studio: Kick Ass
Category:  Latin
Directed by:
Starring: , , , ,
Released on: 
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BIGmike's ratings for Chica Boom 10 (Kick Ass):
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Chica Boom 10 (Kick Ass) overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Chica Boom 10 (Kick Ass) Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Chica Boom 10 (Kick Ass) Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex Chica Boom 10 (Kick Ass) Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Chica Boom 10 (Kick Ass) Plot/Acting rating 3 stars
Extras Chica Boom 10 (Kick Ass) DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Chica Boom 10 (Kick Ass) A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by BIGmike  on  5/5/2002
Title AKA : Chica Mated

Produced and Directed by Andre Madness

Starring Jenna Haze, Kennedy, Melissa Milano, Gemini, and Nyomi Arman with Mark Davis, Chris Cannon, Jack Hammer, Jay Ashley, and Lee Stone.

-The scenes all are vignette style, with all action being one-on-one.

SCENE ONE : Jenna Haze (Spanish/German) and Mark Davis. [Mark Davis plays a psychologist and Jenna plays an angry woman, in need of some help.] She obeys commands very well, following the instructions he gives her, she removes her panties, and plays with herself at his request. She gives him oral and he returns the favor before fucking her. She only gets vaginal followed by him cumming on her face and mouth.

--Well, what can I possibly say about this little bundle of sex, that I haven’t already. Not only does she look fucking hot, but she gets fucked excellently by Mark. These two have been in the same scene together numerous times, and both have always turned in solid performances together. Great action, with some good camera work, which makes this a great scene. The total time the action lasts for is about 20 minutes.

SCENE TWO : Kennedy (Spanish/Italian) and Chris Cannon. [Kennedy plays an angry woman, telling off a bank employee, played by Chris. Also in the beginning at the top of the screen, the microphone pops into the screen.] She starts to rub her feet and stands on the desk, she crawls onto the desk and soon unbuckles and unbuttons the guy’s pants. She gives him a bj while he sits and she lies on the desk. She removes her shirt and he removes her panties, and he goes down on her. he fucks her pussy in various positions and cums in her mouth and on her face.

--Kennedy looks good, she is very cute and she has smallish natural tits that move a lot when she gets fucked. Her ass jiggles nicely as well, and I can’t forget, she has a tattoo above her pussy, small symbols in her pubic hair, and a tattoo on her back. Chris gives her a good fucking but the camera angles could’ve been a little better. I would have loved to have seen more of her face at the beginning. Both turn in some pretty good performances, with the action lasting for about 14 minutes.

SCENE THREE : Melissa Milano (Puerto Rican) and Jack Hammer. [Melissa plays an angry woman, who wakes up in bed with a strange man, played by Jack Hammer. He says that he made her cum five times and she wants some proof.] She is naked in the bed, and she sits up and rubs herself all over as well as her pussy. She soon sits on his chest, facing him but stroking his cock, and then he goes down on her. She gives a bj before she hops on for some vaginal in various positions followed by him cumming on her face and mouth.

--Melissa is a very beautiful girl, who looks pretty fucking amazing with her natural tits and perfect nipples, and petite frame. She has a shaved pussy, with some stubble, which Jack pounds pretty good. Both performers turn in solid performances, making this a great scene. I have seen this girl a couple of times before this, and while this was a straightforward scene, it was still a great scene, with great action that lasts for about 15 minutes.

SCENE FOUR : Gemini (Mexican) and Jay Ashley. [Gemini walks up to a guy, Jay Ashley, and asks him about the car he has for sale listed in the paper. He tries to point her to a different car, a lowrider, and she gets mad. There is only one car in the scene, and the action takes place in a garage. The house looks like the one that was in Flesh Hunter 2.] After she yells at him and scares him a bit, she closes the garage door, and removes her top. She is soon naked and rubbing her pussy. she gives him a bj and he goes down on her, and they kiss before he goes back down. He fucks her pussy and then her ass and cums on her face.

--Gemini is a cute girl, but she has some scars on her stomach and some blemishes on her face. But for some reason I really liked her, maybe cause she appears to all natural, or it could be the look in her eyes when she gets mad. She does an excellent and pretty believable job of intimidating him at the beginning of the scene, speaking some Spanish, and pushing him around. She turns in a solid performance, as does the guy to make this a great scene with action that lasts for about 15 minutes.

SCENE FIVE : Nyomi Arman (Peruvian) and Lee Stone. [Lee plays a cable guy, who hooks up cable for Nyomi, and he insults her and she gets mad.] They kiss and she strips and he kisses her tits and then she kisses his chest and is soon giving him a bj. He goes down on her and she climbs on his dick for some vaginal, followed by him cumming on her neck.

--Nyomi is a great looking girl, who not only has a very beautiful face, but also a great body. She has small natural tits and a bald pussy, yippee. She turns in an excellent performance, as does the guy. This is a great scene with great sex, and the action goes on for 16 minutes.

EXTRAS : Bloopers (just over 14 minutes), autoplay slide show that lasts for 2 minutes, 5 one-minute trailers, [not really an extra, but: live sex, telephone ad that played at the beginning], and website info.

OVERALL : The vignette stories are very typecast in the set up, as they portray Latinas as angry woman. There are some people that may be offended by this, as well as the constant swearing of the girls throughout the set-ups. Also the setups take a while to build into the sex. All scenes take one chapter for the build up of the story and one chapter for the cumshot, with chapters in between for the fucking, making a total of 27 chapters for five girls and a total running time of just under one hour and forty minutes. The bloopers were a great addition, and you get some great behind the scenes action as well.

FINAL THOUGHTS : I basically decided to review this DVD due to the fact that my favorite performer is in it. Who could that be? Well, Jenna Haze, of course. Not only was her scene great, but all four scenes that follow are great as well. I was pleasantly surprised that I actually enjoyed this film, but it’s good to see some variety. This is also the first Hustler/Kick Ass DVD that I have ever seen, and it is a well made one at that. Plus, all the girls were very hot and all turned in solid performances, so…

For those who like a little story, no matter how ridiculous it may be, and hot Latin girls, and only one anal scene, then this is for you.

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