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Chi Chi LaRue's Peep Show

Chi Chi LaRue's Peep Show

Studio: Channel 1 Releasing
Category:  Gay
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joeblow69's ratings for Chi Chi LaRue's Peep Show:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Chi Chi LaRue's Peep Show overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Chi Chi LaRue's Peep Show Female looks rating 0 stars
Male Looks Chi Chi LaRue's Peep Show Male looks rating 4 stars
Sex Chi Chi LaRue's Peep Show Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Chi Chi LaRue's Peep Show Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Chi Chi LaRue's Peep Show DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality Chi Chi LaRue's Peep Show A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
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Reviewed by joeblow69  on  10/9/2002
Director: Chi Chi LaRue

Word of Warning
This movie contains multiple instances of people licking fingers that had just been shoved up someone's ass. It didn't faze me in the least, but I've read this tends to freak some people out.

Cast: Julian Pierce, Sebastian Cole, Andy Hunter, Evan Taylor, Peter Raeg, Lance Gear, Travis Reed, Matt Summers, Bailey Parks, Aaron Tanner, Jon Ashe

Scene One
Starring: Matt Summers, Julian Pierce
I almost didn't recognize Julian in this scene. In the movie he has a goatee, but on the cover of the DVD, he doesn't. If it wasn't for that bellybutton tattoo, I'd probably still be wondering who the heck that stud in scene 1 was! The facial hair definitely suits him, though. He's got a great dick too, and Matt spends quite a bit of time gnawing on it. I actually really enjoyed the oral half of this scene. It's shot well, and both guys really seemed into it. The fucking is a little on the tame side, though. Julian never really lays into Matt the way he should have.

The highlight of the scene for me was the ending... get ready for some serious weirdness! Here I am preparing for your normal scene-ending cumshot, when all of a sudden, Matt starts going into these bizarre convulsions (we're talking severe epileptic seizure level convulsions). It almost looks like this is the first time Matt has ever cum in his entire life! It looked real enough to me, but I guess he could have been faking it... all I know is I've certainly never seen anything quite like that before!

Scene Two
Starring: Andy Hunter, Travis Reed, Bailey Parks
Man, I sure have been seeing a lot of really good threesomes lately! There is just so much damn energy in this scene! Andy seems to be the catalyst, getting the other guys even more pumped up. At one point they're practically fighting over who gets to eat out Andy's ass! Eventually, Andy ends up fucking both his friends, and believe me, good times are had by all. I loved the way this was shot, too. There's lots of yummy closeups, as well as some great first-person shots. And it all ends with an incredible geyser cumshot by Andy. Geez.. a huge cock, lean, tight body, and the ability to let loose Peter-North sized cumshots! Mark my words, that kid is going places!

Scene Three
Starring: Jon Ashe, Sebastian Cole, Aaron Tanner
In scene 3, tall dark and beefy Jon jerks off to a video tape of Aaron and Sebastian makin' whoopie. Jon is a great looking guy, with an exquisite cock (complete with a gigantic, bulging vein snaking up the side of it) who has no problems giving himself a little anal stimulation while jacking off. If it weren't for his enormous back tattoo, he'd be damn near perfect!

Jon's got plenty to jack off to, as Aaron and Sebastian are a true joy to watch. A lot of times when I'm watching porn, I'll check out the look on the bottom's face, trying to figure out what he's thinking. Usually it's something along the line of “Would you hurry up and come already so I can get paid??” Not so with Aaron. You can see in his eyes how much he needs that cock deep in his ass. He's in pure bliss the whole time. That's what I love to see in porn.

Scene Four
Starring: Evan Taylor, Lance Gear, Peter Raeg
Holy cow, where did this Evan guy come from? What a hunk! Peter's no slouch in the hottie department either! He's got one of the sexiest, furry holes I've seen in years! Eventually, Lance shows up, and kicks things into high “gear”. (hehe) Anyway, there's lots of oral here (I'd almost say there's too much, but these guys seem to enjoy themselves so much, I don't mind). Peter and Evan both get a chance to fuck Lance, before blowing their loads on his face and chest. Lance looks extra cute with big strands of cum stuck in his goatee! My only complaint with this scene, is I wish they would have focused on Evan more.

Audio/Visual Quality
The last Channel 1 Releasing DVD I've seen was Steele Ranger, which had horrible pixelation problems. I happy to report that Peep Show looks great! The audio track was nice as well, though there were some annoying breakups in scene 4.

Besides a Pop-Shot on Demand feature (which doesn't really work the way you'd expect) and previews for The Back Row, Pillage & Plunder, Steele Ranger and In Gear, there's also a truckload of extras for those lucky enough to own a DVD-ROM drive. Access the DVD via a computer, and you'll get access to a bunch of still images as well as a number of previews in MP4 format.

Final Word
Though a little on the short side, Peep Show contains everything I look for in porn: good looking guys having energetic sex, all wrapped up in a nice, slick production. There's a number of new guys here as well (new to me, at least), like Andy Hunter, Evan Taylor, and Peter Raeg, who I will definitely be looking for in the future. I only wish Chi Chi had done a director's commentary. That would have rocked!

Running Time: 77 minutes

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